「徘徊する亡霊」 (Haikai Suru Borei )
“The Wandering Apparition”

Starting things off this week on Zetsuen no Tempest, we get some flashbacks from the past—and it’s an interesting one. No, I’m not talking about it being interesting because of how ridiculous it was of Aika to tease/lure/test Yoshino with her “you may check if I’m wearing panties, if you’d like” sequence. I mean, that was interesting too, but yeah I mean more of intriguing due to the insight it gives into her personality.

See in some ways, Yoshino hits the nail right on the head when he says Aika’s personality is a terrible one. Indeed, one could easily consider as such. However, there’s just something about her that makes me think it’s just not that simple. I still can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but there’s… just something. It’s like she’s not human at all—like she lived life in “matter of fact” kind of way—like she knows everything and has the ability to twist you around and around her pinky at her will. And so it’s like she’s on another level compared to everyone else and gets misunderstood as a result.

Either way, I’m really beginning to seriously consider the chance she was indeed the Mage of Exodus in the past and passed it down to Megumi following her death (perhaps, willingly?). Because in the end, it’s not a stretch to say that the cause of everything—the focus of all the logic—may not be on Hakaze… but on Aika instead. Considering all the twists and what not in Zetsuen so far, I wouldn’t put it beyond the series to end up telling us that she intentionally killed herself or let herself die in order to set into motion a series of events that would change the world. Of course, it’s pure supposition at this moment and just a grain of salt, but yeah, things would fit nicely if it turns out to be true, as it also explains why Aika would still bother going out with Yoshino when she considers him the most dangerous person she knows.

Moving on though, this episode continues the trend of somewhat differently toned episodes since the start of the second season. We get some Hakaze x Yoshino shenanigans in the form of priceless Hakaze facial gestures and jokes by the Kusaribe clan, the continued suspicion of Yoshino as the Mage of Exodus, and the start of Samon and Co.’s worldwide debut of the Mage of Exodus. I’m still wondering a bit what the ultimate purpose of the latter is though.

Notably, there’s the “spy in the clan”, Sana, and “do you believe in ghost topics” to discuss, but I feel like they both ended up as pretty straight forward developments for the most part so I’d like to put those aside for now and leave the rest of this post into discussing Hamlet and The Tempest.

Having read Hamlet a while back, I was admittedly smacking myself a bit for not remembering the fact that in the story does indeed have the scenario where the a sister’s lover ends up fighting her brother after her death. It reasons that this symbolizes the inevitable clash between Yoshino and Mahiro, as they both fit the respective parts, but… I really find myself doubting that the series will be work out in such an obvious manner. I suppose that this is where The Tempest comes in though. Going back a few episodes, there was that discussion where it was said “the story doesn’t have to end in a tragedy,” and it seems like even if Yoshino and Mahiro end up fighting one another for whatever reason, it’s likely they’ll resolve it amongst themselves before facing whatever final scenario awaits them. With the discovery of a said key about how the Tree of Genesis and Zetsuen both came about though… there seems to be a scenario arising where it may be either possible or necessary to destroy both trees to preserve the world, or something that involves the trees are both part of one separated whole. Regardless, it seems more and more likely that both trees are not inherently bad… and it’ll be interesting to see how the series develops with the room it has left.

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  1. Isn’t this part already deviating from the manga or am I just forgetting something? I don’t seem to recall that scene (from the translations released so far that is..). It seems as if they will have to deviate to wrap it up in time.

    1. I think they’re just minor deviations, since in the previous episode, I saw that the show was rearranged in a different sequence( like how Hakaze was talking to Samon on phone, but in the manga, she was supposed to do that when Yoshino and herself were staying at somewhere)

  2. At this point, I’m 99% sure that Aika used to be the Mage of Exodus. It would make sense as to why the “person” who killed her wasn’t punished for going against logic. Aika was already dead and therefore couldn’t be punished. And then for some reason, her powers were given to Hanemura after her death a little over a year ago. She has so much influence over our main characters and her death really put everything into action. But again, this show is the master of twists and turns so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I would also love to see Yoshino finally tell Mahiro about Aika (whether or not Mahiro already knows) because that’s going to make quite the “battle scene” lol.

    1. I think the only ones who are punished by the Tree of Genesis for killing, are Kusaribe clan members.Aika not being one, would get her off the hook either way.
      Other than that I also think Aika is/was probably the Mage of Exodus.

    2. I’m trying to recall the details of the original attack but didn’t their parents also die at the same time? Why is there no discussion at all as to the role of the parents in the death? If Aika is the Mage of Exodus that would also meant she killed her own parents.

      1. Maybe I’m forgetting something here, but I don’t recall Mahiro’s parents being mentioned other than in episode 4 when they described how Yoshino and Mahiro became friends.
        I think it was just Aika who was killed.

      2. My mind is kind of foggy but I think they mentioned or at least implied, in the anime, that Mahiro’s parents are dead(and if my memory serves me right, I think someone asks Mahiro why he is trying to get revenge for Aika and not for his parents, at which then he replies that she was too young to die)

    3. If I have to speculate about Aika’s background and her death and since the murderer isn’t from the Kusaribe clan, IMO there are two viable options to consider. One is that Junichiro must have killed Aika for Hakase’s sake. Remember they said Junichiro isn’t a part of Kusaribe. And the second is, Mage of Exodus must’ve killed her so that Aika’s death will result in current occurrences.
      I think given his actions Junichro didn’t have a hand in Aika’s death. So we can cross that possibility. So it’s safe to asume that Aika’s murderer is MoE. But current MoE is possibly innocent.
      Earlier I came across an interesting idea. passing down the MoE’s power to a succesor. If you consider Aika’s behavior, it almost seems like she knew this would happen. and all those quotes from Shakespear she told Yoshino. It’s like she was preparing Yoshino for the inevitable. Not to mention Mahiro.
      So It’s safe to think that Aika infact was the previous MoE and passed down her status to the current one after her death. If then who killed her?
      To quote from SH, “If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” So I think the answer must have crossed many of your minds but you just didn’t want to consider it. Show Spoiler ▼

      . So just like you said she’s making everyone dance in the palm of her hand.
      I know I have many holes in this “theory”. But it does explain Aska’s death and her behaviour to a certain degree.

      1. I don’t see how Junichiro is aware of Aika. Secondly how does he associate Aika’s death with Hakaze. Unless he has some special divining power; I can’t see any normal person grasping Mahiro’s actions and luck at finding the talisman.

      2. He also said:
        “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”

        I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but for the sake of argument, the most obvious flaw of that theory is the unfounded assumption that Aika knew what was going to happen or at least predicted it.Even if I consider Aika as the MoE and was aware of Kusaribe clan members,their internal struggle and the fact Hakaze was stranded on a island, somehow, what are the odds of someone predicting the doll talisman Hakaze threw onto the sea would reach Mahiro, of all the people it could go to – even if it was influenced by the Tree of Genesis I find it hard to believe that Mahiro was the only suitable candidate in the world for that role.
        I get that between the quotes,her behavior and her influence in all this Aika gives off the impression of someone who knew all this before hand or at least knew many things, but that’s only a impression not a solid fact.

    4. How much has been discussed about the principles behind the trees?

      Genesis: stands for logic, sacrifice technology for magic, princess can control the world’s logic, rebirth?

      Exodus: ???

      Hanemura seems pretty flaky, but he doesn’t have to sacrifice anything for magic. Perhaps they do not need to sacrifice because their spells are for destruction or perhaps they consume life energy. If they require life energy, I think it would be foreshadow Aika being involved with Exodus.

    5. I agree that Aika is a Mage of Exodus. I am also suspicious of Hanemura’s ex-girlfriend Yu-cchan. He only nicknamed her that because she looks like snow or something.

      Another radical hypothesis of mine is that Aika may not even be dead. Maybe Exodus magic can fake death. Maybe Yu-cchan is Aika.

  3. @Zephyr
    Perhaps what you can’t pinpoint about Aika is how distant or how detached she is? Just a thought.

    like she lived life in “manner of fact” kind of way

    Should that be ‘matter of fact’ or am I just interpreting this wrong?

    1. Hmmm. Detached might be getting closer to the heart of things yes. But I’m not sure if she’s quite detached per se… like she kind of seems that way, but at the same time it seems like she knows so much, so is anything but detached from the situation you know?

      And yeah, my bad, keep switching the terms matter of fact for manner. -_-

  4. @Zephyr: definitely cannot argue against Aika’s role in all this. All the logic seems to be bent around her.

    At the same time, all the accusation are conveniently pointed at Yoshino. Yet Mahiro are conveniently regarded as innocent just because he cannot use magic. I find Mahiro far more suspicious, as he is very intelligent, apathetic to everything except for his own desires (Aika, Yoshino, and Aika’s revenge). Other speculations include how well he can evades Hanemura’s attack, and compliment his short comings. It feels to me that the destined battle will go down the path of Yoshino (as Hakaza/Genesis’ champion) vs Mahiro (Aika/Exodus’ champion).

    1. I am in general agreement. Samon’s goons are so intent on pointing the blame on Yoshino that it would actually be impossible for him to ever be proven innocent to them. “Oh he didn’t fall to a horrible death, he must be the Mage!” By their own logic of Exodus making everything work for the Mage they would never be able to suspect the correct person anyways because the Tree would just give them false leads.

  5. Its also curious how the protagonists don’t believe in irrational things such as ghosts but yet have no trouble with all of these destiny-controlling trees, flying mages and object sacrifices 🙂

  6. I remember when this show was about 2 boys trying to save the world and finding out the killer of Aika in the process.

    .. All this, is way– too much for me to compromise.

    I just wanna know who the killer is!

    1. Actually it was one boy trying to save world and find out the killer of Aika in the process.And the other one trying to find out Aika’s killer and saving the world in the process.There’s a difference.

  7. And here I thought no one would be able to match Samon’s overly expressive facial gestures. While Hakaze’s doesn’t surpass his, her’s is surely close to it, except that her gestures are more adorable than lol-worthy =03.

  8. I love how everyone starts teasing Hakaze XD. Next episode should be where the translated chapter of the manga is. And my favorite chapter in terms of Hakaze and Yoshino. At least I think.

  9. It feels like Aika “foreshadows” events far too much to be a coincidence. “All the world’s a stage,
    and all the men and women merely players…” comes to mind when you hear her wax on about Hamlet and Tempest. Take into her almost detached interactions with the world and her romanticism; its almost like she would like to reeenact Shakespeare.

    It almost feels like Aika has to be the princess of Exodus.

    On a side note, Hakaze almost seems the polar opposite of Aika in terms of personality.

    Would the world hang on the balance of whether Yoshino chooses Aika (Hamlet?) or Hakaze (Tempest?)?

  10. Tone is still different, but it seems to flow more with the story than before. Or maybe I’m just getting used to it. Either way, I didn’t think the hilarity detracted all from the mystery or the drama. Less Megumi might have helped a bit with that perhaps.

  11. I don’t think Aika was allied with Exodus. I think she was working for the Tree of Beginnings.

    I mean, just think about it. As she told Yoshino, “everything happens for a reason.” That may as well be the slogan of the Tree of Genesis. Aika’s death motivates Yoshino to help Hakaze right before the Tree takes big action, action that causes her to lose faith in it. If the Mage of Exodus lacks the heart of a true Mage of Exodus, Hakaze currently shares the same problem — except, in her case, she’s motivated to listen to Yoshino, who is working in Aika’s stead. “Everything happens for a reason.” Now the Tree has the best of both worlds: It gets to start reshaping the world while Yoshino keeps Hakaze under control.

    It’s doubly interesting that Mahiro shows more of the temperment of Exodus than anyone else in the series, and the Mage of Exodus is now closer to him than anyone else. And it’s also interesting that Yoshino is avoiding Mahiro because of Aika — specifically, because he can’t reveal who Aika’s boyfriend was. And while he’s avoiding them, that group is starting to take action against the Tree.

    Watch Yoshino carefully. Right now, he’s acting as Aika’s proxy. His actions tell us, more than anything else, exactly what who she was working for. When Yoshino acts, who benefits? And right now, all indications are it’s the Tree of Beginnings.

  12. I dunno if this has been mentioned before in the past, but I’m noticing an awful lot of duality to this show. Everything seems to have two sides to it. Tree of Exodus and Genesis, Aika and Hakaze, Yoshino and Mahiro, The Tempest and Hamlet. But it’s not the numbers that intrigue me, but rather Yoshino himself.

    He was described in the beginning of the show as possessive a kind, soft face, but yet he could kill someone easily and without care if he thought they should die. Aika in this episode said he was “the scariest person she knew”. Mahiro, Samon and Hakaze have all made references to Mahiro being more than meets the eye, and the current method of thought among Samon & co. is that Yoshino possesses the “Heart of Exodus” – stating he’s dangerous and plays for the other team (not in the fun way) even if he doesn’t realize it.

    Basically, Yoshino is the most described, mentally, of all the characters in the show, yet his thought process and internal ideas are rarely vocalized. All we see is what he shows. Samon and Co. could very well be right that he’s purposefully manipulating events to make Hakaze do specific things. I was actually surprised that they showed Yoshino narrating his thoughts while sliding down the rope on the chain.

    However, the only time we’ve ever seen Yoshino actually do something two-faced was when he started working with the army. He didn’t even seem to care when Mahiro was attacked and, I believe, smacked in the head with a gun and knocked down. (This was a while ago.) However, I believe that this show is too well-thought out for that to be an unrelated occurance.

    Basically, Yoshino is definitely the pivotal character here. His structure and description is the most mysterious. He could be anything between a complete psychopath to a normal, happy and healthy guy, and it would ALL still fit the show’s narration so far. This show has huge plans for him, and if he’s not tied in with Exodus intimately, at least unconsciously, I will be greatly surprised.

  13. what do you guys think about what the mage of exodus said to Hakaze ?
    its seems like an interessting point because the mage of exodus doesn’t sound so innocent anymore. ( a moment of manipulation)

  14. The title of the next episode is “Marine Snow”. In case anyone doesn’t know, that term is used to reference the decaying matter of different organisms in oceans that continuously fall the to the ocean bottom, where it becomes nutrition for those living things that don’t receive enough sunlight. It kind of looks like snow when it falls, hence the name.

    I don’t know what that implies for the story, but it doesn’t sound too good.

  15. I just have to say that Hakaze’s facial expressions (and Death Note style inner-monologues) where hilarious .. specially the part where she spontaneously starts knocking on her own head .. that was just so cute.

    Few things i’m looking forward to
    -Hakaze confessing to Yoshino her emotions.
    -Yoshino revealing that Aika was his girlfriend to either Mahiro or Hakaze.
    -The nature of the new talismen Frau Yamamoto found.
    -The current mage of Exodus snapping and going on rampage (his psyche is fragile, IMO with the right circumstances and enough pressure he could easily snap)

  16. This thought has been bothering me for awhile-
    but why assume Megumi is the only one that can use the power of Exodus?
    After all, a whole entire clan uses the magic of Genesis via sacrifices!
    Which is why Megumi could be so powerful but not be THE mage, Exodus doesn’t need (immediately obvious) sacrifice- removing a sort of “cap” on his ability.

  17. Aika’ death and Megumu starting to get his powers at the same time is certainly no coincidence – not in this show where coincidences just dont happen, and Aika herself repeating that everythings happens for a reason…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    all this aside, embarassed lovestruck Hakaze is priceless…

  18. the reference to shakespeare could more subtle ! some of them are totally random some other jusr show you how the plot is a plain rip off of the two revenge plays mentioned, this show has done a good job at seeming what it is not: a good show

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