「5人の青レンジャー」 (Gonin no Ao Renjā)
“Five Blue Rangers”

Uchuu Kyoudai always seems to love its parallels. This week it seems to be in promises coming to fruition, whether it be Sharon’s husband, Kaneko Shinichi (Takemoto Kazumasa) and fulfilling his promise to name a star after her, or Mutta with the rapid approach of his opportunities to stand on the moon with Hibito and to work on the lunar telescope. I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if Mutta’s first mission to the moon ends up involving the lunar telescope in some fashion – it would fit the pattern nicely.

That’s not the only parallel either. ‘Size doesn’t matter.’ Obviously Sharon was referring to the differing sizes of Mutta and Hibito’s photos in her scrapbook (which I’m sure Mutta totally would mind!) but at the same time, it’s a mentality that undoubtedly extends to the asteroid her husband named for her. In the end, size doesn’t really matter – it’s the thought that counts, the feelings that went into the action as opposed to the action itself. As the last link to him, it’s no surprise that it would be Sharon’s true motive in building the lunar telescope.

The highlight of the episode came closer to the end. It’s been forty-five episodes, and we’ve reached a milestone. There was something rather emotional about seeing the cast finally arrayed in their brand new JAXA jumpsuits. We’ve come a long way to get here and it’s still only the first part of the journey, but it finally feels like they’ve made a huge leap forwards. I find myself quite looking forward to next week’s episode which is almost guaranteed to introduce many new characters as we enter the Uchuu Kyoudai equivalent of a battle arc! It should be quite entertaining to arrive back in Houston once again!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Promises coming to fruition and the start of a new battle arc! #SpaceBros

Random thoughts:

  • I see Tamura remains more worried about how Mutta will react to the differing photo sizes than anything else!
  • There’s something worrying about how nonchalant their mother was about the whole thing.
  • Some great reaction faces this week!
  • I’ve been watching quite a bit of Hunter x Hunter recently and it was the first thing that came to mind along with the silhouettes!

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    1. Not all that surprising, really. SpaceBros is an anomaly in the anime scene; it’s something of mature, straight up drama/comedy- not something that we get very often. Jarringly absent (Albeit pleasantly so to more jaded audiences such as ourselves) are the beloved/i.e. stale tropes that are the staple of most anime; no special powers, no over-the-top action, no ecchi and no moe either- and not even a high-school setting. In other words, this show is far removed from the comfort zones of most anime fans; they’re simply not used to watching shows of this sort within this medium- so they find it hard to enjoy…a shame, really; they’re missing out on an awesome show- but then again, I guess you can’t blame folks for not enjoying something that they’re unaccustomed to…

    2. Haven’t commented here in a while :p. This is still my favourite anime that I regularly recommend to others. Not that I don’t enjoy the typical tropes we see in other anime as well (I end up watching way too many anime for my own good every season XD), but this one is special :). Well, I can’t blame others for not watching what they don’t like, when I myself tend to end up avoiding most shoujo/otome material (I just can’t stand the kind of drama and character portrayal that tend to get used), many creepy/gruesome/psychological material (I prefer to avoid nighmares :p), time travel (pet peeve, can’t stand to not poke holes in the time travel theories OTL), and too repetitive lowbrow humour (after awhile it feels like it’s brainwashing ^^; ).

    3. I think it’s a matter of giving it a chance. Many times in the past I remember passing it up for newer anime, always telling myself I’d get to watching it later because It was being talked about in a very good light.

      So i guess hype made me watch the first episode, but from there I was hooked. People won’t understand the formula of this show or shows like these unless they take the first step….Also a bit of maturity in the individual/watcher helps 🙂

    4. It is a huge shame this show might not get the respect it deserves.

      It’s not moe-moe-kyun, it doesn’t have tits, but those are just two reasons why it’s great.

      If there was any justice, this would at the very least get nominated for a Hugo award even if it didn’t win, but i suspect it won’t even be nominated. It certainly deserves awards, as it’s by far the best near future hard SF anime I’ve ever seen.

      1. For this show, probably mostly non-traditional audiences like an older demographic that grew up with the classics and are a little too mature now for the usual offerings- and even perhaps a few non-anime fans who’re into TV dramas. There should be a substantial number of people like that, I’d imagine. But mature folks aren’t really the type to go all fanatical about things so they don’t tend to buy Blu-rays. Meh, I’m just speculating- since you actually live in Japan, I’m certain that you have a far better idea than I do about what kind of demographic SpaceBros attracts…I’m kinda curious, really…

      2. You have to remember, Space Bros was also a monster-hit live action, and is an ongoing monster-hit manga. You can’t lump any non blu-ray buying audience in as “old” – there are plenty of younger fans of anime, manga and films who just don’t spend their cash on $100 BDs. Manga has a broad demographic reach, broader than anime, though many manga fans are also non-BD buying anime viewers.

        I think H x H and Uchuu have, rather than an older demographic, a diverse one. H x H draws fans from the kids who read SJ, adults who’ve loved Togashi for 20 years, and everyone in between. That’s why series like H x H and SB can be successful in terms of TV ratings, manga sales and theatrical films and don’t need to really on collectors buying DVDs in order to be profitable. We need to get out of this box of thinking the only anime making money are the ones selling a ton of Blu-rays to otaku and DVDs to otome – that’s only one part of the equation.

      3. i was just thinking
        why you guys are comparing HxH with Uchuu Kyoudai?
        it’s like…i really don’t how to say it but HxH is a shonen manga
        Uchuu kyoudai is a seinen one
        they don’t even have similarities, right?
        ….i’m thinking too much lol
        those two are awesome anyways xD

    5. My question exactly. I find this anime so refreshing, and emotional that I can relate to it. Having been a TOS (star trek original series) fan, this appeals to me (off topic, JJ Abrams may have revived the franchise, but looking at my DVD collection of the original series movies, the new movie lacked substance – all flair and fluff, good for a popcorn flick but leaves a saccharine aftertaste – nevertheless, I bought it for my collection sake).

      And basically, again, it’s so off the standard anime of high school harems, moe characters, and romance stuff and the characters are not your typical cute and pretty characters (case in point Serika looks plain, but I still love her, and Sarah too) that for me, it deserves my attention.

  1. Shit. This episode made me tear up. Sharon’s story is so very beautiful. Her husband promises her to name a star after her, but her husband died before that. However, her husband had found a small asteroid in a faraway galaxy. Her dreams are not crushed as she plans to build a lunar telescope to see it up closely but couldn’t get the funds to it. Now two unrelated boys wanted to keep her dreams alive. Really really touching.

    Mutta’s mother… haha! Both of the Namba parents are really hilarious… NYANBO!

    1. Don’t know how to answer that…did you drop it because you didn’t like it or because you were busy?

      if you didn’t like it or where it was going then I’m afraid this show isn’t for you. It has a different formula from other anime and you need a certain type of patience and maturity to keep up with it.

      if you were busy, then YES big mistake lol. No seriously get back into it if you had other things holding you up. There’s no penalties, it’s still one heck of a ride and I’m never disappointed by the episodes..except i wish they were longer sometimes haha.

    2. I think I made a huge mistake persisting past the launch; seriously nothing has happened since then – the series has just become slower and even more tedious.
      I’m incredibly stubborn and don’t like dropping series I’ve started; but if I have to watch another Hibito reaction shot, or the parents inane humour once more I think I’ll completely crack 😉

      no mistake
  2. Could someone tell me something? Who is this woman who is living with Aunt Sharon? I don’t mean her name, I mean why is she living with Sharon?

    Because frankly until this episode explained that Sharon was once married, I assumed she was Sharon’s “life partner”.

    1. I believe they are in a sort of Sensei/apprentice relationship. I think in Japan they have this live-in apprenticeship; whereas the student have to take care of the daily chores of the teacher like preparing meals (making coffee in this episode), in exchange of mastering an art form.


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