Jura is the boss!


Everyone is seen fighting. We’re taken to Erza and Minerva where the latter is clearly having an advantage. On the next page we find Juvia and Gray teaming up against Lyon and Chelia. Lyon is having a hard time going against his love so he lets Chelia deal with Juvia. The latter wonders how Lyon got so strong but Gray points out the fact that Lyon and Chelia aren’t working in unison so they have the upper hand.

On another side of the arena we find Laxus, Jura, and Orga. The God Slayer unleashes a strong attack towards Jura but is taken down by his target with one hit. Jura has apparently studied Orga and could therefore one-shot him easily. Lamia Scale earns a point for this. Now that only Laxus is standing in front of Jura, everyone thinks it’s time for FAIRY TAIL to give up. Jura is the most powerful human among the ten wizard saints (there are four stronger ones but they’re deities). Jura and Laxus go all out against each other. Jura lands the first hit, but Laxus rises again with a punch to his opponent’s face.

I wish Mashima would stop teasing us with chapters like this one. It’s quite hard to think of anything to write about this week. Personally I prefer chapters focusing on one battle instead of all of them. This was a bit too all over the place for me and quite uneventful. But still, there were some great moments in it, especially for Jura. I’m glad to see a character from another guild getting some of the limelight.

To me Jura has always been an impressive person. He is kind, caring, fair, and also strong. Most of the other guilds are strong but their members are usually just there for the sake of comedy somehow. So it’s nice to see someone different. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the “funny” characters can’t be cool either, or strong, because they totally can. But it’s quite nice to have a character that is serious as well.

Seeing how Jura took down Orga with one shot left me smiling. I really like seeing when characters who overestimate themselves are defeated. And this was just not a normal defeat, it was glorious! I’ve been enjoying seeing Sabertooth members fall, one by one. Now, it’s Minerva’s turn. Well, not really, but I wish. It’s a bit worrying to see her play around with Erza like that, however, seeing how Minerva has been victorious throughout this tournament, it would be quite natural to see someone finally defeat her. Hopefully soon! But what worries me more than Minerva is actually Sting. He has been quiet for too long and considering that his friend’s life is at risk here, I expect him to be a threat.

Someone I don’t expect to be a threat is Lyon. His and Chelia’s fight against Gray and Juvia is totally made for shipping! I am going to go into fangirl mode if I keep rambling about them so I won’t. But before I stop, I am definitely expecting an amazing Unison Raid between Gray and Juvia!

Anyway, enough about others. What we have ahead of us now is a battle between two fierce “gladiators”. I have no idea who is going to win, but I want to see Laxus as the winner in this, probably because I’m a biased FAIRY TAIL fan. But I wouldn’t mind seeing Jura win either because he is a respectable mage and a very strong one on top of that. Whatever happens, I’m sure it will be exhilarating and great! I’m really looking forward to next week’s chapter where we’ll most likely see the continuation of Jura and Laxus’ battle.

Moete kitazou!

Note: I think everyone should check out this awesome album that has been composed by my very beloved Moomba.


  1. When they say Jura is the fifth strongest Saint, they probably did not include Makarov in that count.

    Until only very recently, everyone thought that the main cast of Fairy Tail perished seven years ago. During that time, they probably appointed someone else to replace Makarov as one of the Ten Saints. So the ranking did not take him into consideration.

    No doubt Jura is now extremely powerful, but I still think Makarov has a hand over him, in both experience and power.

    1. I’d have to disagree. Makarov is long past his best, while Jura is at the peak of his powers. He may have experience on his side but as we’ve seen in past battles his body is no longer able to do what it was capable of in his youth.

    1. I wouldn’t go as for to drop it, but I definitely would be disappointed. What I want to see is Laxus putting up a good fight but still losing. Hell Jura is apparently the strongest human mage alive (not factoring in Markov). It would a mighty letdown and quite infuriating if all it took to beat someone like that was guts and determination.

  2. Typo Stereoman

    Gray points out the fact that Juvia and Chelia aren’t working in unison

    Didn’t you mean Lyon.

    Anyways super awesome post. Now we know that there are going to be more characters in the future with the Top 4 inhuman wizard saints.

  3. I think Mashima wants to show “Just because you’re the strongest it doesn’t mean you’re invincible” with Jura vs Laxus. And you know it just occurred to me, Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray and Wendy are all able to fight competitively in this tournament because Ultear upgraded them while the rest of the Fairy Tail went training to get this tough…if they too had received Ultear’s upgrade on top of their training…wow…I think for example Laxus would have eaten Jura alive here…
    Last Note: Laxus’s electrified Shoryuken!

  4. I knew that Jura is super strong, well Laxus is super strong too but I just don’t see Him beating Jura at all and if HM( the author ) wants to make Laxus the winner He’ll have to do something better than using the power of feelings because HM cannot tell us that Fairy Tail is the only guild that cares more about it’s members in fact Sabertooth is the only guild with that concept so that means that looking at this in an unbiased way. I still believe that Lamia Scale will win First place in this tournament and Fairy Tail will take second place and Sabertooth third, Mermaid Heel fourth, Blue Pegasus fifth and Quatro Cerberus sixth. As much as I love Fairy Tail I believe this should be the final result.

    PS, we should also expect that we may never get the final results due to the attack of the 10 000 dragons.

    K C M
  5. It made sense how Jura just karate chopped Orga in one hit due to the fact that Jura scored easily over twice of Orga’s score in the previous manga chapters. But what makes me wonder the most is the fact that Jura is considered by Jura’s guild master as the strongest human among the magic council, then that only remains to who are the strongest members on the council and what makes them inhuman? 0_0

  6. As far as I remember, Jura admitted that Makarov was stronger than him, preTenrou days. Purehito pawned Makarov during their fight. Laxus retaliated and was powerful enough to defeat him, if not for the ‘heart’ in the ship powering him up.

    So Jura<Makarov<Purehito<LAXUS!!! 😀

  7. I have to be honest, if Laxus doesn’t beat Jura, nobody will. In my opinion he and Jura are the strongest fighters in the competition (I feel more so than Minerva) and one one can top the other. I hope Laxus wins, mainly because I like to think of him as the strongest member Fairy Tail has and someone who never loses when in situations such as this.

    I agree with Stereoman here, I’m interested in what Sting is planning, as after the battles are over, he will be the last Sabertooth member left standing (of course, providing Minerva loses). One thing to remember is that as Lecter’s fate is in her hands, I wonder whether he will allow her to lose at all? Either way, this fight should be intense…and it seems that Erza’s anger isn’t enough to compensate for her injury against Minerva. It will be interesting to see who actually wins this battle.

  8. I feel like Sting will wipe out Fairy Tail but Fairy will still win because if they take out Minerva and Jura alone that’s 10 points + 2 (Lyon, Chelia) but Sting beating FT is only 9 points so yea it’s a crazy win because FT has no members standing but still wins

    Aquarian DragonSlayer
  9. Juvia and Gray…

    Well With Juvia’s help. Gray can make many Ice Spells. Because She is “Water”.
    She can “warp” her Body in Water form around him for an Ice Armor… There are many Possibilities. Only important point is, that Gray dont freeze Juvia to “Death”. Water dont like it to stay to much in Freeze state. (Body Cells)

  10. No offence but Anybody okay with Erza in a injured state beating Minerva but Have a problem with the strongest mage in Fairy tail (Besides Gildarts and Makarov) beating Jura is stupid. Maybe because Laxus is my favourite Fairy Tail character but if Any fairytail character is gonna lose in this tournament,I just hope its not him. Maybe Gray and Juvia can lose since they are not really fighting villians and Sting can take out Gajeel. Anyway this is the fight IO have been waiting for (Plus Erza vs Kagura which ended anticlimatic for me) Seeing that this is the fight time though that Laxus looked nervous and even Makarov have given up,I hope he doesnt use Erza’s one hit wonder after taking a beating through out the fight to win. I hope he busts out some lightening moves and even secret Dragon Slayer art moves to win this fight and get the 5 points for his team because am sure he and Jura are the team captains for their teams. Ranting Over…lol

    1. Erza shouldn’t beat Minerva either.

      The outcome of that fight already seems pretty obvious to me. Erza’s leg is in horrific shape. She has no shot. Someone else will have to beat Minerva.

  11. Guys we’ve got to watch out, I think Sting sitting out and remaining silent might be a strategy, what if for instance Minerva uses Sting’s feelings for Lector as a trump card for Sabertooth. What I’m saying is that Minerva might lose to Erza and when she falls, she might yell out something like ” Sting, remember Lector’s life is in my hands or Sting Lector is dead and I lied” which will make Sting an enraged psychopath and He will unleash an astonishing power one strong enough to knock out the top Dogs such as Jura, Laxus and Erza but then again Gajeel will show the results of His training and fight ferosiously with Sting and defeat Him making Fairy Tail the winner.

    K C M

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