Oh hey, another present time chapter. A short one too. Not really a great deal that can be said in these situations. But poor Yui, managing a breakthrough with Keima only to find that he thinks she’s a guy. It’s kind of ironic that Yui has been inspired to become a better woman by Keima yet he somehow turned her into a tomboy which brought us to this outcome. Yui had the right idea in using games though, but sadly her execution was a little off – dating sims were always going to be a terrible idea for getting him interested in her. I half wonder if Keima’s interest in virtual girls comes partially from what the girls are currently putting him through… On the plus side, he at least appears to possess some of the positive aspects from his present self, even at such a young age. It’s actually kind of fun to see even if these chapters are relatively irksome in their break from the main story and its potential revelations!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Another present time chapter, this time with Yui as the focus. Yay! #TWGOK

Random aside: I released an awesome eight track sci-fi electronic video-game-inspired album! You should listen to it, buy it, and spread the word or something!


    1. ………I feel this was why when our dear god had a desire to play video games where he had to conquer guys during the Yui arc.

      Ha ha ha, BRO, so even Yui’s cross dressing had fooled “god.” Shame though the Goddess of War couldn’t get rid of those people so that Yui can properly explain.


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