The audience is stunned to see Laxus land a hit on Jura. Both magi are going all out in this battle, and they seem to be on par with each other. People are feeling the tension in the arena. It’s exhilarating and both Laxus and Jura are doing well. Makarov is surprised to see his grandson’s performance. Mavis tells him that today’s youth will only grow stronger and lead everyone into the next era.

Jura is enjoying his battle against Laxus. He says it has been years since he felt like this. Laxus copies Natsu by using his catchphrase. Jura tells Laxus to come at him. They will fight until only one of them is standing.

Meanwhile, Natsu’s team is still struggling against the royal guards. In another side of the arena, we’re taken to Erza who can barely stand on her injured leg. Yet, she won’t give up. Erza stands up for her friends that have been hurt by Minerva, only to end up falling again when she is attacked by her opponent. Minerva reveals that her magic allows her to manipulate anything within her field of vision. Erza suddenly launches an attack on Minerva and she doesn’t miss. She has seen through Minerva’s magic.

Erza tells Minerva that her rage isn’t just her own – it’s her guild’s rage too. She releases her second origin. Erza is seen wearing a completely new armour – Tengami’s Armour.

Moving on to Gray and Juvia’s battle against Lyon and Chelia. It seems like Gray and Juvia have taken a lot of hits but they still have their teamwork which their opponents don’t have. Gray takes Juvia’s hand to combine their magic. As they do this, Laxus is seen delivering a strong hit which lands on Jura. With that, Laxus defeats Jura who is smiling. FAIRY TAIL is now in the lead!

This chapter was so much better than the previous one. I like it when Mashima decides to stick to one thing. While there was a lot of jumping around in this chapter, none of it was too distracting. The Laxus VS. Jura battle was absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed seeing a fair and honest fight between two of the strongest magi from this series. Much like the characters themselves, I found myself smiling while reading it. I really love it when I’m able to feel what the characters in the story are feeling. That is something I always experience while reading shounen, and it is one of the many reasons why I love this category so much. (Yes, I read a lot of things aside from FAIRY TAIL)

I know there will be a lot of mixed opinions concerning the result of this battle. I know many people wanted to see Jura win. As for me, I always want FAIRY TAIL to win, but I wouldn’t mind if Jura would’ve won. I thought both these characters were great and did well. Anything could’ve happened really, but I’m glad things turned out the way they did. And I secretly squealed a bit when Laxus said he was fired up. There is just something really special about that phrase! Anyway, I thought Laxus totally deserved winning and I’m happy to see FAIRY TAIL in the lead. It was a glorious battle and the victory couldn’t have been more awesome. I loved seeing Jura fall with a smile. It made the battle seem so worth it.

So, if Laxus managed to defeat one of the ten saints, is he a part of them? Or how did you become one now again? My memory fails me. Or were there any certain qualifications needed to be one of the ten? Anyway, the battle was truly impressive. Now that Jura is down, the only strong “enemy” that remains on the field is Minerva. I really loved seeing Erza getting back up on her feet – in a new armour!

I am expecting Erza to win. Minerva has been playing king for way too long, but I know there are a lot of people who think it would be unrealistic if Erza won considering what kind of injury she has. But honestly, who would be better than Erza? To defeat Minerva that is. I can’t see anyone else being Minerva’s opponent, and this is the perfect opportunity to defeat her. I find it really cool that a new armour has been introduced for this battle. I really look forward to seeing what this new set is capable of doing. Erza can’t be anything but impressive so I expect some great action in the continuation of these two girls’ fight against each other. Well, technically it’s Minerva against the entirety of FAIRY TAIL’s rage so maybe not just “two girls”.

Ignoring the stronger magi of the guild, let’s move on to my favourite part of the chapter – Gray and Juvia. I wish their moment would’ve been longer… I was totally not fangirl screaming or anything while seeing Gray take Juvia’s hand. Totally not. Okay fine, I did. But I’m so happy that we’ll get to see the two of them combine their magic. I expect a fantastic Unison Raid between the two of them. Not only will it be awesome for my fangirl heart, but also in terms of magic because their elements are related. It will be interesting to see how Lyon reacts on Gray’s “closeness” to Juvia… Ahh, love triangles are so much fun!

Having said that, next week’s chapter title doesn’t tell us much about what might happen. But hopefully we’ll see some more exhilarating action!

Moete kitazou!


  1. I always love when a foe is willing to acknowledge their defeat – to be able to admit they were bested and do so with no hard feelings. Jura definately went up a lot in my eyes after this chapter! I’d kind of like to see Laxus become one of the ten saints – it would be a great indication of just how powerful Fairy Tail is as a guild.

    Thanks for another awesome post <3

    1. I wonder if Jura admitted his defeat or let him win because he saw the things Laxus was fighting for. Jura didn’t even use his best spells (rumbling mt fuji, etc) and Laxus wasn’t even using dragon force in that fight. I’m pretty sure Laxus had a plot armor for this one since there’s still a fully healthy Sting to deal with.

      1. Or perhaps Jura just isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. Lets not forget Jellal almost beat him in the initial rounds too, it’s possible Fairy Tail surpassed him. Also I’m becoming very curious as to what Fairy Tail B’s training was as we still don’t know and they’re easly keeping up with the former Fairy Tail A and the Second Origin fighters. Then again its possible they got Second Origin too.

      2. But then what does that say about markov being one of the past ten wizard saints? Was markov weak enough to be 2-3 shot by laxus? He took on a dragon while being hurt and old.

      3. It was recently said that Jura was only the most powerful of the current human Ten Wizard Saints which didn’t include Makarov as he was taken out of the ranking following Tenrojima. Also based on what we know of the Saint’s and the known Saint powers general assumptions can be made.

        1) When Jura was first introduced he was the weakest Saint and implied the difference between his power and Makarov’s power was so great he couldn’t even compare the two.
        2) Makarov on another occasion defeated a Saint with EXTREME EASE that being former Saint Master Jose. Once again showing Markarov’s extreme power even among the most elite group known.
        3) Jellal was a former Saint himself as Seigrain which was only a fraction of his actual power. Jellal during the time of his “Sainthood” when he was at full power was quite a bit stronger then a weakened Erza. Later slightly weakened himself he was weaker then Natsu in Dragon Force.
        4) In the Fighting Festival Arc Laxus was shown to have access to the same Ultimate Magic as Makarov in Fairy Law, the same spell Makarov used to one hit a former Saint. The only reason Fairy Law didn’t work was Laxus’ heart wasn’t in it. This shows Laxus has at least the required power to use a magic spell that exceeds even Fairy Glitter which scored 9999 in the Grand Magic Games Pandimonium Part 2. Fairy Glitter lets not forget was a power that even Jura couldn’t match.

        So when all this information is taken into account. Its logical and plausible to assume Jura only rose so high (5th) in the ranks of the Saint’s due to the fact the strongest human Saint Makarov was not there anymore and many Saint Level Mages (Erza, Jellal, ect) were taken out of the running to be ranked. Beyond that Laxus pre-time skip had already shown himself a match or superior to other Saint Level mages such as Erza, Master Pherihito, and Mystogan so it’s logical to assume Laxus HIMSELF was a Saint Level mage by that time.

        With ALL THAT taken into account one could easily see Laxus was a Saint Level Mage who could easly take on Jura as nobody knew how powerful the main force from Fairy Tail actually was. Also we don’t know how much training Laxus did between the Fighting Festival Arc and Tenrojima Island Arc or the pre GMG training he did.

        As for Makarov he was boss then its possible he’s still boss now as Jura has shown himself to be at three separate times to be strong but not nearly as powerful as he was made out to be.

  2. Ohohoho and Jura is beaten by someone he almost oneshotted last week, but admittedly it didn’t feel like a stupid ass pull powerup and the reason is Mashima managed to convey the feeling that Laxus was going all out despite being considered one of the strongest mages of Fairy Tail and that was enough to show that this victory did not come cheap.

    As for Minerva vs Erza…Midnight anyone? She made the huge mistake of playing around with Erza, and Erza has time and again proven that given the chance she can see through the workings of her opponents’ magic. Midnight’s magic seemed invincible until Erza saw its weaknesses and now Minerva feels Erza’s wrath because of that…karma is a bitch!

    Dagger Erza…full of awesome!

  3. The only thing I am concerned about it still Sting just sitting around waiting for a time to strike. I loved the fights this chapter but I’m still worried that all of FT will win their battles just for sting to pop up and play clean up with the already fatigued members and have sabertooth take the victory. But at least the next chapter is going to have a color cover and 32 pages! CLIMAX HOOOO!!!!!

  4. I’m happy Laxus is finally getting his shit together and showing he has Guild Master potential. Quite a turn around in character evolution from his days as a semi-villan with the Thunder Palace.

    1. Are you kidding? Laxus has become just another member of the herd. He was brainwashed by his grandfather and he is just as boring as everyone else in Fairy Tail now.

      He used to be cool. It’s a shame what Mashima has done to him.

      1. I never gave too much thought about Laxus but you’re indeed right about his character development. Blame Natsu’s nakama punch forcing his immature logic into people’s brains, making more FT zealots.

  5. I hope that Erza kicks the crap out of Minerva, just for Sting to step in. Sting hears Lector from under Milliana’s clothes, so Sting strips her gets Lector, punches Minerva and GTFO’s.

  6. haha what a fucking joke of a chapter. Does Mashima even know how to create fights with tension?

    I think the only chapter I’ve ever read that is worse is Cage of Eden’s ending.

    and when Erza beats Minerva and Gray/Juvia win, it will be all of Fairy Tail vs. Sting because Fairy Tail hasn’t lost a SINGLE MEMBER yet.

    I’m going to follow the spoilers and hope Sting takes them all out, but as of now, DROPPED.

    *braces for downvotes*

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s a joke since Mashima obviously has higher plans for Sting and FT. The only way to carry this out is let Laxus win over Jura and let Erza either tie or completely win over Minerva. It’s not a matter of fights with tension but rather fights used as plot points. Fights with tension will come later on in the chapter when the real antagonists are revealed.

      Think for a second, what would be the significance of Jura, Minerva, or Lyon winning? It wouldn’t contribute to the overarching plot of FT vs predicted atrocity.

      1. I do,to some extent, understand and accept that. However, that doesn’t mean the current arc has to suffer for the overreaching plot.

        We’ve got a tournament where all of the strongest mages gather. Sting and Rogue get hyped like no one else. Bacchus gets two chapters of hype. Minerva gets hyped to hell and back. Kagura is the second coming of Wonder Woman, etc. Huge rivalries are set up….and what?

        Every fight gets glossed over. I understand rushing through minor fights but why is Laxus vs. Jura (A 10 WIZARDS SAINT AND FUCKING LAXUS) a chapter and a half of slug-fest? Why is Kagura vs. Erza a chapter and a half of Erza getting stomped and gaining RESOLVE to one-shot Kagura? (granted, Erza pulls this stupid crap all the time) Why did Rogue and Sting get stomped by Base Natsu? Why is Bacchus getting stomped left and right everywhere? What the fuck was the point of Natsu and co. stomping the Hungry Wolves only for them to show and fight anyway?

        Even though there’s some endgame, some bigger picture, it doesn’t excuse terrible fights. This arc has been full of nothing but terrible skirmishes and one-side stomp situations. Fairy Tail is running a gauntlent against eery other. guild ever. Ivan’s master plan and his elite got stomped in half a chapter. I get it, Mashima, I get it. Fairy Tail is Jesus. Fairy Tail is untouchable. I don’t need to see it over and over and over and over again. I want fights, damn it. I want Makarov to die because the old bastard has tripped like a dozen death flags. I want Jura and Laxus to pull off epic moments and have an epic fight befitting their reputations, I want Kagura and Erza to have a competitive swordfight, I want Sabertooth to not be a fucking joke and for Lissana to do something (why is she alive if she just acts as a cheerleader)and people to live up to their hype and for a tournament to have epic fights, not…this.

        Mashima, you want to show me that only dragons can be a threat to Fairy Tail? Okay, I get it. I got 20 chapters ago and 40 chapters ago and I’ve been getting it since Natsu first pulled off his first BS win. Get to the damn dragons already. This arc is bad, the fights are bad, the hype is bad, the 4 Gods of Ishval are going to lose to Erza, Natus, Gajeel and Gray the same arc they’re properly debuted and I need to stomp ranting.

        The only good things about this arc have been Crime Sorciere, Lucy/Flare, Chelia/Wendy and Bacchus/Elfman.

        ….k, I’m done <_<

    2. That’s true, I have been feeling like he’s been putting half-ass effort into his chapters. I personally found Erza vs Kagura and Laxus vs Jura REALLY anticlimactic. Not to mention Lyon isn’t showing any new moves as well.

  7. Feel totally different about the chapter than you do.

    I detested pretty much every development that you enjoyed.

    The Erza second origin thing was silly.

    Laxus has lost all of his edge since his dismissal from Fairy Tail.

    Mavis was talking nonsense for the entire chapter.

    Mashima continues to get worse as a writer every single week.

    I can just go on and on.

    Maybe the worst chapter in the series.

  8. Great chapter, it really felt like Laxus fought a hard-fought battle against Jura with no plot armor or cheap tricks. It really makes all the difference when both fighters are noble, fair combatants just looking to give it their all (unlike a certain Queen of Sabertooth that is about to be smacked down).

    I’m starting to worry about Sting and whatever he has planning because all 5 remaining members of Fairy Tail will be in pretty bad shape (except maybe Gajeel if he isn’t hurt from eating shadows). It is still really easy for ST to win mathematically if he goes to clean up the remaining FT members one by one.

    Random thought: I was under the impression that all of them had been using their second origin powers thus far as it was a general increase in their magic capacity but the way Erza releases it like a special move makes me wonder if the others have been using their second origin at all.

  9. I have 3 problems with the chapter

    1. Mavis claims that the next generation is growing stronger and lead to the future (very naruto right there), but if you compare the battles here with ones from previous arcs…are they really that much different? I see to visible proof that they are actually stronger, and that makes for really boring fights.

    2. How the does second origin really work? I mean with the revelation that you can just flip a switch and turn it on like Erza did kinda contradicts what happened with Natsu/Gajeel vs Sting/Rogue where they hyped up how much stronger the former got with second origin. The lack of explaination up to this point screams ass pull, especially coming from Ms. “doesn’t know the meaning of holding back”

    3.This continues the trend of hyped up fights ending extremely anti-climatically, if FT really wins this without losing a single member (5 bucks says Lector shows up and that causes sting to forfeit because feelings, while it proves that FT are Jesus, its also really BORING.

    K im done.

  10. I think Mashima wants to show us how do the protagonists overcome their obstacles they have in front of them, and that ever since the beginning of the series. This is almost like Dragonball Z, where Goku always tries to overcome his own limits to beat his opponents… except in Fairy Tail, it takes 10 times less time to do so XD

    Show Spoiler ▼

    But that’s the point. Beside, they already lost to stronger opponents prior to this arc. The point of this arc is that they have to break their limits, mainly due to the 7-year timeskip that they suffered. They have a lot of catching up to do, and right now, that’s what we’re witnessing. Finally, the plot isn’t really about what’s going on in the arena, but what’s going on OUTSIDE of it.

  11. Beside, let’s say that Erza, Gray and Juvia win their matches… Sting is gonna stomp them all because they’re all tired. Watch it as Sting literally takes on all 5 FT members and brutally beating them one by one due for him to be still in one piece and desperate to win to get Lector’s freedom… which BTW hasn’t been debunked as a rumor. Let’s say Sting witness Minerva’s defeat by Erza’s hands and then getting berserk to the point of defeating Erza seconds after before going after Gajeel for beating Rogue.

    Your hatred for “weak scenarios” isn’t that justified since it can all culmulate to one surprising event that can change everything. You really need to see the bigger picture here and what will all fights leading us to.

  12. Finally, if it was “that predictable” then explain me this then:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    By your logic, FT should have won every match and challenge… which they didn’t.

  13. Am I the only one that continued to flip thru the pages screaming “WHAT??!!!!!” in shear b.s.ed amazement after Erza said “Second Origin.” I mean if this is how Laxus wins I’ll accept it, cause finally Laxus joins the other DragonSlayers with Secret Techniques. Just wished he went into Dragon Force Mode first. Gray and Juvia finally gets their scene together, that’s a plus. And Erza pulling out a new armor should’ve been expected, still waiting for her to grab Kagura’s sword.

    And I agree with JiCi, Sting will wipe the floor with Fairy Tail
    ………………….Unless Gajeel becomes the Holy Metal Shadow Dragon but even Hiro wouldn’t go that far right?…………………right?

    Aquarian DragonSlayer
  14. The excitement never drops on Fairy Tail, but this chapter made me realize something very important. If Fairy Tail manages to defeat their remaining opponents, then where does that leave Sting? I mean, what role will he play once he’s the only enemy left standing? It makes me a little worried about how the Grand Magic Games will end.

  15. I’m just surprised the arc is ending next week…

    I mean we have all of the current fights right now going on plus Sting on stand by in the background waiting to spring into action. Also one thing I think people are forgetting are the raid of dragons coming to the arena to rain hell down and own everyone. Even if the arc has 36 pages I’m not sure if it’s going to be enough to come up with a satisfactory conclusion to this arc

    1. i know the FT haters are having fun with their field day responding here, but let’s not get carried away.
      its pretty hard to not be better than Kawahara, and no this chapter and Mashima gets nowhere close to Kawahara’s lazy writing.

      at least we always knew Laxus was a fairly powerful mage.
      we know Jura wasn’t some unbeatable peerless supermage (in the past or the present).
      people have been talking about the Second Origin hanging in the background of these fights since the tournament began, and now that its finally referenced you guys are going to act like it was pulled from left field? not very well transitioned into, sure. left field? hardly.

      which is pretty much how one would honestly describe this whole chapter and most of the events some of you are complaining about.
      poorly transitioned? oh most definitely. Mashima’s sense of pacing has long been one of his weakest points as a writer
      but as left field as some of you are acting? only if you weren’t paying attention.

      as for Kawahara, SAO literally had its main character die, then un-die, and then one-shot the immortal final boss literally because the main character decided he could.
      THAT’S left field.

  16. I hope Jura lost on purpose, otherwise this series has dug it’s own grave. Jellal should’ve been a reasonable match for Jura in their first fight seeing as he was one of the Saints, but he lets Laxus win with this much ease? Mashima is treading deeper and deeper into territory he shouldn’t tread in to.

  17. If anyway goes back to the last chapter,YOu will see my rant on why I think Laxus should beat Jura but DAAAAAAAAMN! This wasnt what I had in mind. I liked the chapter from beginning to the where Jura said “Lets fight till one of us fall” and the rest just pissed me off. Why would a fight between two of the strongest human wizards be a chapter and a half? Why couldnt the whole chapter be dedicated to Laxus vs Jura? The fight was just too anti-climatic for me. I expected a fight where laxus would win but would be able to stand again (Not Erza’s one hit wonder),Just Imagine if the fight between Madara and 1st Hokage was underwhelming with no new move done at all after all the hype. I even imagined a fight where Laxus would summon a dragon lightening from the sky and jura using his rock kindgom as a defense (Okay maybe That was strictly for sasuke vs itachi)but all the hype for Jura wasnt justified here in my opinion. And I hope Laxus doesnt become just another member of fairytail. I love badass characters in animes Madara,Itachi,Sasuke(Naruto) Zoro(One Piece) Laxus(Fairytail) and Even though I just started watching Bleach (Kenpachi so far) Well I guess I could have shortened what I had to say by saying the I was underwhelmed by this chapter and fight but I feel I would be more annoyed with the next chapter,Erza(Who shouldnt be able to work)and her power of nakama will defeat Minerva now all of a sudden.If the power of Nakama is so powerful,I should be able to beat up BROCK LESNAR with one hit and couldn’t they atleast let Lyonn and Sherie beat Juvia and Gray? Its not like its Heroes vs Villians there. Well the positive thing I can take out from this chapter was that Laxus won and maybe he can challenge Gildarts at some point,Atleast they would treat that better than this fight.
    Rant Over…lol

  18. The hate on FT and Mashima – too damn high. Please, just stop whining if you didn’t like it. I mean, seriously – FT is about nakama and emotional strength (since forever), much like for the purpose of telling the readers that you can do things better in life if you have something to fight for, knowing that you’re not alone in doing it. If you can’t put up with that, stop reading it. Tip: because hating hastens your aging process, and aging eventually kicks you out of youth, just enjoy it; otherwise, I repeat, stop reading it.

    Hitagi Fan
    1. I just hope you know who’s Yoshihiro Togashi at least.

      “what are your beliefs as mangaka?”

      Togashi: “Even though it’s the protagonist, but I cannot relax.” I will always think that way. Even though it’s an important character, but because I want to kill the character here, I will kill the character (laugh). This is what my first editor told me as well, “If it has impact, and the readers can accept it, then it is fine.” The important thing is not abiding by the rules, but to break the current sense of security, that’s how it is.

  19. we’re not forgetting Sabertooth’s (potential) leader in this game right? It’s too suspicious that our main foe has just been sitting on his butt the entire time, he definitely has a hidden trump card. I’m willing to bet that he is the actual leader of Sabertooth.

  20. This chapter was just so epic! This is the fight I wanted to see between Laxus and Jura (I posted last week that I was concerned it would be over in a few blows) and I can’t wait to see this animated as well, it will be super-awesome! I was so happy to finally have some of the Erza/Minerva fight shown as well, now I just hope that it plays out for a bit longer before a winner is decided.

    In regards to the story, I still think the tournament will be interrupted with potentially no decided winner, however it will be interesting to see how Sting plays his part now as I believe the thing shown on Milliana’s back (under the cape) is Lector, which would make sense if Minerva sent them both to the same place with her magic. With Lector back from beyond, Sting might throw in the towel, or even do something drastic before he finds out, if this is true that is. Bring on the next chapter!

  21. Honestly… I think alot of people that watch these shows are far to concerned with so called “Power Levels”. Why can’t Laxus just win one because he was better that day? Doesn’t mean Jura can’t be Laxus another day.

  22. My only complaint is that it all happened too quick. Why couldn’t they clash for a bit longer? Show off new awesome moves? Try to figure out each weakness? Not just *hit* *clash* *DRAGON SLAYER SECRET ART* /end

    A lot of matches have been like this lately and that sort of disappoints me. I’m not even upset with Laxus beating Jura, but the WAY it happened. See, Erza pulled a new armor and managed to see through Minerva’s magic, that’s better, despite her injuries.

  23. I personally feel like Jura didnt go all out while Laxus was clearly putting more effort. The chapters for their fight was way too short and seems to be rushed so its hard to say.

    What concerns me about this chapter is Mavis’s speech on the growth of every Fairy Tail member in their fight, it worries me because it feels like she’s gona disappear soon or something. I really hope that dont happen.


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