Next week is the finale of the Urara arc? Wait… there was an Urara arc? And here I’d thought we were in a single large arc that dealt with Jupiter in some way. Either way, it does seem like a rather abrupt conclusion might be on the horizon for Urara’s ‘arc’, but hopefully that will mean we can finally get back to the mystery behind Dokurou and the various questions that continue to need answers on that front!

So it seems like Kayoko was actually the daughter in law, having married into the Shiratori household. Like Urara, she felt loneliness, being isolated from others amidst a large and powerful family and ending up possessed by a devil. Is there a distinction here? Devil, rather than runaway spirit? Is there significance in the sudden departure from the usual term? At the very least, this is probably the first time we’ve seen a ‘runaway spirit’ or equivalent take human form and speak.

I guess the question this week is in what Keima has suddenly realised – why did Urara want to grow up quickly and how is that connected to her loneliness? I’m not entirely sure myself, but I would speculate that perhaps she believes her grandfather would pay more attention to her if she could become an adequate replacement for her deceased mother who he seems to long for so greatly. It would fit with her desire to quickly become an adult and wanting to use her mother’s makeup at the very least!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Some answers, more questions, and an endless paradise! #TWGOK


  1. I have never seen Dokurou so level headed, but I am sort of glad that the Urara arc is coming to a close, even if it is a tad abrupt. I’d rather focus on what the hell the orbs are for and who Dokurou really is.

    You’re line of thinking for Urara wanting to grow up is exactly like mine, so glad we are in agreement on that.

  2. Given the finale is next week I’d say the simple answer will hold and Urara just wants her grandfather’s attention.

    As for the terminology difference, it’s probably a level of semantics mostly coming from the fact that ‘the great escape’ hasn’t happened yet. Without there being a giant runaway, you can’t really call something a runaway spirit.

    But the ability to speak is most likely a simple matter of this ‘devil’ not having been sealed away with the rest of the Weiss. Remember that runaway spirits were weakened from the sealing and that’s why they could only exhibit minor control over the girls they invaded until they sapped enough energy to start becoming level 3/4 spirits. This devil is probably closer to a reflection of their normal power before being sealed away.

  3. I would speculate that the way to fill the gap in Urara’s heart will be for her grandfather to acknowledge her. She wants to be an adult, because she thinks that her grandfather only talks to “adults”.

  4. …..Ironic, a devil saved Urara’s mother, though it was a bit violent, she was “saved” in a sense by that devil. Strangely, Urara…….could it be that she is the “offspring” of the devil? I did recall Haque mentioning that but it never reached to that point.


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