「黒い凶事は笛の音と共に来るそうですよ?」 (Kuroi Kyouji wa Fue no Oto to Tomoni Kuru Sou Desu yo?)
“It Seems That a Great Disaster Will Come With the Playing of a Flute?”

So many new characters this week and you know what that means right? That’s right! More awesomeness! I’ve said it so many times but I’ll say it again: I really like the characters in Mondaiji. Not just the lead characters, but all of them – there’s always something cool about every single one of the characters introduced, even if they’re relatively minor and don’t serve any large purpose in the overall story.

This episode adds several of them to the roster on both sides of this larger conflict. We have the two who take on You in the games – the typically high-strung Ayesha (Tsumita Kayoko) and her companion Jack-O’-Lantern (Hayami Show). Of these two, the latter is easily my favourite on virtue of his completely contrasting personalities, going from terrifying murderous demon to a kindly old pumpkin in the blink of an eye. Then we have the four attackers, each named for something related to the tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin: Weser (Iwasawa Toshiki), Ratten (Nanri Yuuka), Strom (Hamazoe Shinya), and the adorable Black Percher (Saito Chiwa). At least I think her name is Black Percher. Or maybe it was Pest. So are these guys Rattenfänger as seems to be the most probable assumption? Or is Rattenfänger a completely different crew? They’re a pretty colourful bunch, that’s for sure, and I find myself particularly fond of Black Percher, especially her deadpan deliveries!

One thing I hoped for very early on in the series was varied gift games and the series has certainly delivered on that front! Combat, unsurprisingly, plays a part in most of these, but there’s always an interesting secondary aspect to these battles that gives them a lot more variety than mere gladiatorial matches. You’s choice to participate alone says a lot – she doesn’t seem to want to rely on the others and would prefer to fight alone, or perhaps doesn’t feel she can ask for assistance or that she has something to prove or isn’t entirely comfortable with their friendship yet. Alone in such an arena, she was clearly outmatched by the opposing duo and even the apparently kindly Jack-O’-Lantern notes that she seems to be lonely. Perhaps it’s time for the trio to think about actually working together rather than fighting separately as they mostly have so far. Now that would be a sight to see! Maybe sometime in the next two episodes?

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – A slew of new characters makes for another entertaining episode! #Mondaiji

Random thoughts:

  • Mondaiji really shines when it comes to being silly. That first scene in which Shiroyasha and Izayoi discuss imagination and mystery in reference to looking up skirts while magnificent music of enlightenment and wisdom plays in the background is brilliant!
  • It’s kind of sad to see You surrender, but I guess that match isn’t truly the focus right now. Asuka may be the one who seems to feel a little insecure, but it appears to be You who has suffered the larger defeats.
  • Izayoi is having so much fun!
  • Sandora in action is pretty badass!
  • OTP End Card?

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  1. I never expect Sandora to be key participant in this battle considering how she looks. But I forget even though she is a loli and just became the leader, she is still a floor master. And floor masters supposed to be badass. I just disappointed that Shiroyasha getting sideline in this episode. From all the hype about her power, I expect to see her having a showdown with the demon lord. Also have Leticia regained all her former power yet?

    1. I’m with you (posted as much). The reason I think it’s possible for Kurousagi to particpate in the battle is that this seems to be a “non-standard” Gift Game. More like a real war than a game as it was forced upon the players.

      Hmm… Now that I think about it, I seem to recall that players are not allowed to decline a game hosted by a demon lord. *sigh* Kurousagi may very well be stuck on the sidelines again :<.

      1. Actually I think that’s what will probably allow her in. ALL communities in the area are considered players, and no one is able to refuse. It sounds to me like Kurousagi has no choice but to be considered a player in this game.

    2. I’m still not entirely certain why Kurousagi can’t participate in games even though she has the Judge Master power it’s not like she judges or decides anything herself(note:episode 1, she said her eyes and ears are connected to the Little Garden central network and they/it makes the decisions – so impartiality wouldn’t be a problem for her to participate) and so far the rules of the Gift Games were pretty clear cut, even without a referee it’s obvious who wins and who loses.

      1. the difference a judge make is that with a judge, the game will be recorded in little garden’s archives through the judge (moon rabbit’s eyes and ears), and thus it becomes highly regarded…

        As to why she couldn’t join the game… moon rabbits are strong due to the gifts they are given both from their origin (Indra’s weapon, other stuff) and from judge master privilege, therefore they are somewhat considered as “game breaker” if they join games without restrictions. Once accepted as a judge, a person can’t participate in any games for 15 days unless host states otherwise…

      2. Thanks for the info but from what I’ve seen other groups/races seem to have gifts given to them from origin too(difference being the rabbits gifts are particularly strong?) and when you say ‘judge master’ it’s not just the connected to the central network thing?

      3. judge master privilege not only let moon rabbit connect with little garden… it is an ace card in terms of info gathering… once fully activated, rabbit will be able to monitor the entire game field from any location… so that is one overpowered ability in most games that doesn’t require only might. without being a judge, rabbit can still use that ability, but the range becomes only about 1 mile radius… (that is why Izayoi had to follow black rabbit so closely in their little game)

        as to the power from origin bit, since moon rabbit’s origin is closely tied to one of the main god (Indra) that built little garden in the first place, the gifts they have access to are really high level, thus typically considered overpowered by lower floor people (after all, most rabbits live on higher floors).

      4. actually, shiroyasha is the “game master” (player side’s leader) appointed by the host. the host is actually the demon lord, our loli percher/pest… so unless she agrees to let black rabbit participate, we won’t see rabbit in the game at all.

        also in the LN, the roll actually said “all players in the area” when stating participants. Since black rabbit was a judge and wasn’t participating in the game before demon lord showed up, she couldn’t participate in the demon lord’s game anyway.

      5. @jrj: Thanks for the explanations. *sigh* Looks like Kurousagi will once again be on the side lines. Still, given her actions during the initial attack (organizing evacuation rather than attacking), it’s not surprising.

        If I understand this correctly, demon lords can force any player/group/clan into a game with whatever unreasonable conditions they want (Ex. “Players have 15 minutes to present two identical snowflakes.”), impose choose whatever gift the players must forfeit upon losing(???), and the only way to win is to satisfy the challenge or defeat the demon lord in combat. No wonder demon lords are so feared.

      6. I get the in-game rules part but isn’t this game itself against the rules of the Little Garden?Shouldn’t that allow Kurousagi to participate or try to stop the game, either way?Or are the Demon Lords using something like taking advantage of a loophole in the system – which would explain why the game is still allowed on the Little Garden(since depending on the circumstances loopholes can be impossible to fix) but since it’s still wrong they have the Floor Masters stop the Demon Lords.

        p.s:I know, I ask too many questions, force of habit 😛

      7. @shadowalker, once a game has been established, it is assumed that players and host agree to the terms, and thus does not break any rules. However, being a demon lord (more precisely, people that abuses host master privileges) does not require consent from the player end to agree on any of the clear conditions. The only way a demon lord can be at fault is when the game has no “winnable condition”, not when no participant could win it.
        So for example if a demon lord asks Izayoi to fly by himself for 10 minutes or to steal black rabbit’s pantu (which are both currently impossible), little garden will still accept these games because they are “winnable” but Izayoi is just too weak to do so xD

  2. I loved the opening dialog between Izayoi and Shiroyasha, Ah…, the fine education of our youths <sic>,
    of course, at the expense of our beloved Moon Rabbit.

    I still get the feeling that Izayoi is holding back, pacing himself and getting the lay of the land with the baddies.
    I’m hoping we’ll see some serious action next week. We were already told that this game is unwinable, but I’m sure:
     ⇒ Izayoi didn’t hear it with his headphones;
     ⇒ doesn’t care;
     ⇒ accepts the challenge to prove them wrong; or
     ⇒ all of the above.

    The Jack-o-lantern was a surprise good-guy after the match offering advice to You.

    I can hardly wait ’till next week to see how it all works out. Too soon to say, but I’m hoping that
    this could lead to a second season….

    1. I thought it was possible (“worst case scenario”), but not absolutely certain that the game is “unwinnable.” That could be the case, but my instinct tells me that Izayoi ultimately will figure out the puzzle and win the game.

    2. Izayoi pretty much explains it in this episode, leaving not to much to figure out. It’s also apparent that he already figured it out. The unclear rules are the “unwinnable” part of this game. They don’t have to “beat” them in order to “win”, just satisfy the silly rules.

    3. actually there is still puzzle to be solved: Show Spoiler ▼

      and beating the demon lord Pest is also a clear condition…

      1. I was trying to say it w/o it being a spoiler, oh well. Of course they’ll have to “beat” them. But they’ll also have to establish their own “legend” by smashing the old one. So they literally need to find the truth. That should do it w/o it being a spoiler.

      2. they actually don’t have to do both. the game is cleared if participant fulfills one of the conditions… so they either have to solve the puzzle or beat the host leader (in this case Pest/Percher?) However, when more than one condition is fulfilled, there will typically be “extra” award for players…

        and really my point is that there is more to this puzzle than meets the eye, even though Izayoi seems to have a good grasp on the game, it is still a challenge for him and the group xD

      3. Yeah, they don’t have to do both, That makes what I said kinda spoiler-ish. But like you said, the puzzle is the more interesting part.

        They really did spend a great deal of time slowing down the pace of this episode. It wasn’t all that apparent though because of all the switching between sences. Clearly it’s an attempt to stretch the material. They really didn’t have to though. All they had to do was include the kurosagi tidbits. They’ll still have to stretch the material to get 2 more episodes out of it.

        But Show Spoiler ▼

      4. @jrj: Thanks for clarifying. Question: I guess I had the wrong idea about gift games so I would appreciate your comments/corrections. Is it correct to say that the only hosts can lose gifts, or does it depend upon the game conditions? Reason I ask was that for a split second, I thought You might lose her gift when she surrendered.


        OT: Looks like we might get a translator for the LN after all if things keep going as they are. 😀

      5. @daikama, it really depends on the game and clear condition. a lot of things can be used as chips in the game, but based on my knowledge of the LN so far, I haven’t seen the mondaiji group gamble with their gifts yet… this makes sense because their existence in this world depends on their gift after all. At least for the first 4 volumes of LN, the mondaiji group typically use their pride/life as chips .

  3. @Moomba

    Mondaiji really shines when it comes to being silly. That first scene in which Shiroyasha and Izayoi discuss imagination and mystery in reference to looking up skirts while magnificent music of enlightenment and wisdom plays in the background is brilliant!

    >Damn right, Moomba!

  4. It’s really starting to get good. This how how Maou(s) can just wipe out a community, black geass rolls, confusion, & blitzkrieg – too bad these guys aren’t the smartest on the Little Garden. Don’t these guys analyze the complete situation b4 attacking. Ain’t no way in hell I would attack a community with Izayoi in it . . .

  5. Damn… another week, another episode better than the last – at least IMO. The show may have started out a bit slow, but as far as I’m concerned, Mondaiji-tachi is firing on all cylinders now. I remain impressed by its great mix of comedy, action, characters along with the interesting story – especially considering the reduced number of episodes. Sorry to repeat myself, but I think it’s worth saying again that the director and staff have done an excellent job so far.

    Izayoi and Shiroyasha continue their reign as the ultimate ecchi comedy duo. The introduction scene was hilarious. Totally LOL at the sight of those two bringing out binoculars. Too bad Shiroyasha is incapacitated and Izayoi busy toying with Weser. I’m sure the two would have a very enlightening (and funny!) discussion on Ratten’s “battle” outfit. Looks like Ratten took the “battle clothes” cliché literally – not that I’m complaining XD. Still, it’s a good thing for Kurousagi that those two are preoccupied. If not, I think it’s quite likely Ratten’s outfit would be the duo’s next choice for Kurousagi’s new referee uniform. 😀

    Speaking of Kurousagi, one good thing about this “forced gift game” (not sure how else to describe it) is that she’s not a judge/referee. AFAIK, there was no specific limitation placed on her. Looking forward to her taking out her frustrations on the Black Percher and her minions. As things stand, the no-name clan could use all the help it can get. Fortunately, Sandora looks able to provide some serious firepower – more so than an incomplete Leticia who was easily pawned (physically and verbally) by a dead-pan Black Percher. I also was surprised at Sandora’s strength. I guess her being a floor master isn’t just for show.

    Watching this episode reminded me of the earlier discussion of whether the trio was overpowered or not. I think that concern can be laid to rest. While I still doubt Izayoi will struggle much at unless facing the strongest of opponents, You and certainly poor Asuka have quite a ways to go before becoming dominating Gift Game players. One thing I noticed was that Asuka’s power of Authority was able to affect Ratten and her mind controlled minions this time. Granted Ratten broke free soon after, but even so, I was a little surprised there was any effect at all given that Asuka was completely powerless against Ratten’s mind controlled rats.

    I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode. I’m certain the fairy (once again safely ensconced in Asuka’s chest LOL) has a role to play, but I can’t quite figure out exactly what it is. Lastly, if anyone is interested in reading the translated LN and hasn’t voted on the potential translator’s website, please check my comment for last episode. For those who did already, thank you. I’ll miss this show when the season’s over, and reading the LN would be a very nice way to pass the time while waiting for Season 2.

  6. so before you’s match izayoi ask shiro-kuroko about bunny girl’s skirt as usual just imagine & oh you’s match she battle a pumpkin jack & wander spirit in a maze tree.

    so chase is give doing it alone yet seem could have but pumpkin jack too much with ring of fire throw in the towel match over for you.

    give pumpkin ask why did you want do it alone well after that uh-oh we have a city attack alert.

    izayoi battle a command suit with a stick trick cement appear, vampire girl & dragon girl vs dark little girl with white giant.

    oh we got flute female who just hi-jack giant lizards & citizen into “walkers” to make total anarchy on the city while beating up asuka, you & jin on the run also shiro-kuroko locked in barrier.

  7. hmm… a build up episode… the beginning was totally entertaining… though I wish the anime includes the maniac black rabbit fans that was described in the LN in the first scene, it would have been even better… (it is still solid comedy)

    I wonder why the anime decided to call our pest loli percher (she is referred as Pest in the LN), but that is only a minor detail xD While the anime has given quite a bit of subtle hint at how this game is going to be solved, I still think it will be a very entertaining and challenging puzzle to solve (of course if the game is winnable at all)… Darn, anything I say related to the game at this point will be spoiler 🙁 I will make sure anything I say plot related will be in spoiler tags…

    ps. Jack Lantern sort of become a regular character after this volume… he pretty much appears in next 3 volumes as well. Asuka should be really happy!
    pps. preview is totally a spoiler… and Izayoi, don’t tell me you are a lolicon too xD

  8. Hah, practically hit Shiroyasha’s rationale behind Kurousagi’s skirt dead on two weeks ago.

    Seeing a girls panties in an anime is an every day occurrence. But Kurousagi’s panties? They they are the unclaimable, the unattainable… the ultimate panties…

  9. So are these guys Rattenfänger as seems to be the most probable assumption?

    That seems even less likely the more we learn about them. How could a group of demons, formed from the concept of curses and death in the legend of the pied piper, have the engineering capability to create that golem Asuka saw in the display hall?

    I’d say that Ratten just has an attitude problem about anyone with a name like hers, and tried to kill off the fairy because of it. Given that she fits the pied piper imagery, it’s quite likely her full name is Rattenfanger, and she’s an egotistical bitch who won’t stand for anyone else using her name.

    1. to many, the legend/origin they are based off is the source of their power (example, black rabbit’s power from moon rabbit, Perseus’s power from legend, etc). therefore if some random person decides to take on another person’s legend, it is considered an insult and could even lead to severe consequences (also a reason why all communities care for their names and flags)… so I don’t see why Ratten’s attitude was too out of the line… (although she sure is cocky)

      1. Arguably two reasons:
        1: The Rattenfänger community the fairy is involved with (assuming I am correct and they are not the same as this demon group) does not seem to actually be drawing on the Pied Piper legend in any way. Judging from the design and creation of Dean, their focus is completely different. As such, it could be said that they do not actually diminish the legend.

        2: The international community (which this anime is aimed at, being Japanese, not German) knows the story as The Pied Piper of Hamelin, not Rattenfänger von Hameln. Izayoi was the only person who made the connection between the name Rattenfänger and the Pied Piper legend. So again, the mere fact that a group calls itself Rattenfänger doesn’t actually cause people to associate it with the Pied Piper, and thus doesn’t in any way diminish the strength of the Pied Piper’s legend.

        Frankly, aside from Izayoi, Ratten herself was probably the only person who even noticed.

      2. whether it is pied piper or rattenfanger, the legend is the same isn’t it? then the question that should be asked is that how could two seemingly unrelated group be logically named after the same legend/origin? the keyword here is perspective… think about the story in the legend again, but try in a different perspective…

        although I do want to say more, but if the preview is any indication, the answer to this question might just be explained next episode xD

      3. Just speculation, but just to be safe…
        Show Spoiler ▼

      4. I won’t tell you how to solve it but I will point you in the direction of the legend of Rattenfänger – it’s based off a true event (but what is the truth). Think about the Maou’s gift, & Rattenfänger him/herself. It gets real easy after that.

      5. @Megas: The way you phrase that suggests that the Pied Piper legend is the false legend, while the truth is that the children of Hamelin died in a plague, but I don’t see that as being particularly obvious from evidence. No one knows what happened to the children of Hamelin. They simply disappeared. That’s why it’s a legend. And given that this anime is set in a multiverse where the supernatural really does exist, the idea of someone with a gift of control charming the children and taking them away is just as likely as any of the other possibilities represented by the various demons. I don’t see that we have enough evidence to form a conclusion at this point.


        then the question that should be asked is that how could two seemingly unrelated group be logically named after the same legend/origin?

        You want me to guess? My current theory, then, is that the Rattenfänger community is made of little fairies: spirits, like Asuka’s tiny friend. That they are, in fact, the lost children of Hamelin. I cannot say what has happened to them in the time since they were gone, but somewhere in there they chose to name their group after the person who took them away. Since then they have of course diverged wildly from anything relating to the Pied Piper, because they have nothing in common with it. But they still hold the name.

        That would be my current guess. Just a guess: I have no inside information.

      6. @Wanderer: Ugh, that’s why I said it was easy. Don’t try to give it away by stating the obvious. When I said what is the “truth” I meant what can be proven, how did this version of Rattenfänger form it’s legend – not what really happened because no one really knows what really happened. . .

        There’s not too much more information to be given besides Show Spoiler ▼

        , but that would be giving it all away.

    1. That’s an interesting observation though I thought the Black Plague “only” wiped out 1/3 of the European population. W/e – nasty stuff either way. BTW – which groups sub did you watch?

      When you say “how this might relate to the Pied Piper and Black Percher/Pest/Death/”, do you mean something like this?

      Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Indeed a true work of art.

    So the problem with Black Geass Rolls is that you can’t reject them or just surrender, leaving the only two options to end the Game being winning or losing, with losing being not a pretty picture.Not exactly sure why You chose to enter the game alone I’m guessing future episodes will shed some light on it.
    On a side note it must be Christmas for Izayoi.

    1. @Shadowalker: I think the reason that You chose to go alone is that she’s not used to having human friends. Remember that calico cat said “Congratulations – you made a human friend.” As a result, she’s unfamiliar with how friends in difficult situations true friends rely upon each other for help.

      On a side note it must be Christmas for Izayoi.

      LOL – so true, but he better not play around with (Weser) for too long if he wants to have some fun with Ratten and finally Black P. (really need to get her name settled). No need to fill up on appetizers before the main course.

      1. Combined with the facts she’s rather quite and they didn’t give us a peek into her thoughts(like with Asuka) and that she didn’t seem to have any issues before(probably because she wasn’t in this position before), I must have missed it.But since you pointed it out that does make sense, if they are her first (human) friends her actions are understandable(I even find it relatable to a extent).

        Btw, true, Izayoi would probably be upset if he didn’t get the chance to fight with the main Demon Lord.

    1. Quite possible if you consider this series as a harem genre, especially cuz she’s closest to him compared to the other girls, but Asuka’s catching up.

      I want one really unique one: Izayoi x Shiroyasha! Now that’s really close to impossible that one can only wish for, it’s cause it’s fun to watch how they get along in sexually harassing kurousagi

      1. This show isn’t a harem genre it’s only put under fantasy and supernatural genres.And I don’t see it becoming a harem either(a good thing IMO).
        Btw, pretty sure it’s called teasing not harassing.

  11. I cant help but love the combi of Izayoi and Shiroyasha! They are just fun together! So hilarious how they can get along so well in teasing Kurousagi, and making dirty jokes.

    Shiroyasha is one hell of a badass bishoujo loli that would really be awesome if she joins Izayoi’s harem lol. For once I really want to see a harem with a girl like Shiroyasha, whom is really unique character that gets along with the male lead.

    1. Haha, yeah, watching those two hit it off like that never gets old. It helps that Kurousagi is so fun to tease.

      I think Shiroyasha is a bit too old for Izayoi though, she may look like a loli but she’s acting like a female version of the perverted old man.

      Anyway, awesome episode as always. Seeing all these snippets of character development in You and Asuka really does make me curious to seeing it unfold though, as well as the nature of Izayoi’s powers….so I hope novels or manga get translated at some point (or the anime getting a second season, maybe).

  12. In the preview, I notice Asuka sending Dean to attack Izayoi or Kurousagi. I sense jealousy? Man, I wish this doesn’t turn to harem like what happened to Dog Days (which wasn’t much harem in the beginning).

  13. It seems from the preview that the next episode will have Asuka being able to command gifts a little better; well at least enough to be able to summon that golem from the opening sequence. It doesn’t seem apparent now but Asuka’s ability has so much potential to be one of the strongest abilities in the show. The ability to control other gifts; with a world that runs on gifts as a big part of its infrastructure, Asuka will be able to dominate her enemies. She can also strengthen gifts, which, given the possibilty, could mean that she could potentially use these gifts to grant herself insane abilities and possibly bend objects to her will. The irony is that she thinks that she is so much more inferior to Izayoi and Yo and out of all the female characters, she is my favorite one if not for the fact that personality-wise, background wise (she’s right after world war II, or was it during?), and ability-wise, she is far more interesing. I see the appeal of kurousagi and i admit she’s a cool cat (well…bunny) but to me is not as interesting; Yo is more interesting than her and she barely speaks.


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