「君に捧げる香り(パルファム)」 (Kimi ni Sasageru Parufamu)
“The Perfume Dedicated To You”

After last week’s terrible events, it was quite nice to see something different. Ichiya has never really been an interesting character to me but I’ve always found myself laughing while seeing him and today wasn’t an exception. This battle was probably not very exhilarating, but it was certainly enjoyable. I could almost smell the fun, okay, no, that was weird, never mind. I shall stop pretending to be funny.

Perfumes aside, the bunny’s identity did not really come as a surprise to me, and it’s not because I’ve read the manga. I guess I simply wasn’t interested enough in what character might be hiding under that blue costume. It was quite nice to see the other Exceeds from the Edolas arc again. I believe the flashback scene was quite dragged out in this episode compared to the manga, but I don’t mind at all. In fact, I found the bromance quite hilarious. Not as hilarious as some of the reaction faces of this episode though, because they were the best!

I think this episode was quite good. We all know that Ichiya is there for the sake of comedy but people tend to forget how powerful he truly is. Even though this was just another random episode for the sake of entertainment, it made me realise that there are magi outside FAIRY TAIL who also are insanely strong. I really love it when side characters are given some time to shine, although, I secretly wish they would’ve chosen someone else… That smooch face was… Yeah, I’m just going to bang my head against a concrete wall until I’ve erased it from my memory.

I wonder if Ichiya would’ve been able to take down Bacchus without that face. Hmm, I don’t think he would. But that’s a scary weapon he has there. I believe even Gildarts would be surprised if he saw that! I mean, he made poor Erza faint (well, technically he didn’t this time, but you get my point, I hope). A fun experiment would be to put Ichiya doing that face in front of Minerva. Oh, I’d love to see that. But unfortunately, that doesn’t seem likely to happen. Next week we have two battles; one between Mermaid Heel and Lamia Scale, and another one between FAIRY TAIL and Sabertooth. It’s finally time to see a battle between four Dragon Slayers. I can’t wait!

Moete kitazou!

Full-length shots: 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 18, 21, 35, 36

Note: I have some sad news to share with you. As you may or may not be aware of, FAIRY TAIL, the anime, is ending at the end of this month. I guess this is good because the manga and the anime are very close to each other right now, but at the same time, I feel really sad because this is a show I absolutely love. I am glad that the manga is far from over, but still, it doesn’t feel right that this is my last month blogging this anime. Anyway, that’s how it is, but hopefully this won’t be the last we’ll see of this franchise animated.




  1. Some good news on the anime ending front. Hiro Mashima recently tweeted “the anime is not over”. It seems FT is getting a rerun in its old Tuesday timeslot entitled Fairy Tail Best. This is good news as generally speaking canceled anime ie: Bleach don’t tend to get reruns. Let alone reruns in a superior timeslot. Mashima also retweeted the “wait for good news” from last week. So it’s looking more like the anime will be off for two to three cours then come back ala Gintama then the Bleach scenario.

    1. I know for a fact that Fairy Tail as well as Bleach will return someday. These are ones of the best Shounen Mangas/Animes and the only reason why they are temporarily cancelled or on hiatus is because, the fillers are outnumbering the original story(in Bleach’s case) and that tends to throw the plot of the story off track, so that is probably one of the reasons why they are taking a break. My guess is that Fairy Tail will return in 2014 and Bleach in 2015, I could be wrong about the time but I’m not wrong about the Animes.

      K C M
      1. Actually, They are ones of the best according to critics and viewers alike, you may not like these shows but you and others that don’t are outnumbered by millions all over the world that do.

        PS. if Gintama ad Hunter X Hunter can return what makes you think that Fairy Tail and Bleach wouldn’t return.

        K C M
      2. First off let’s not say millions…. Second read the shounen manga rankings and see if you see fairy tail at the top of any of them. Third you can’t say “They are one of the best” ..because if you say they your referring to more than one. Hold up almost done.Lastly I never read hunter x hunter so I can’t speak on it’s return but I do read gintama…and its actually funny and somewhat interesting unlike fairy tail.

        Natsu (according to stereoman I-Have-Herpes)
      3. What… that’s insulting the entire genre as Fairy Tail is the fifth highest selling Manga series in Japan. Here is the numbers.
        In case you don’t look it shows Fairy Tail at #5 besting great titles like Bakuman, Magi, Hunter X Hunter, Bleach, Gintama, Toriko, Ao no Exorcist and it goes on… Sure its no One Piece but even Dragonball didn’t do One Piece numbers…

        Honestly all you trolls are getting old. Its the same thing over and over with you… Fairy Tail sucks, “worst manga ever”, ect except you never really back it up, why? Because you can’t, the numbers don’t agree with you.

        Beyond that if you don’t like it so much why don’t you just stop wasting your time by writing these tired comments. Oh wait its because you’re trolls nothing more. Also I do realize the irony of responding to a troll in essence giving it exactly what they want.

        PS: Rukia if you’re so smart why don’t you try creating something that sells millions of dollars worth of product a month… if kids are so dumb they’ll buy anything…

      4. @Moridin and Da5id and Starss.

        Let us not waste our time with the naysayers, we have the facts and the numbers to back up our claims and they don’t so I don’t know if they are just pretending to hate the show or if they spend their time blasting and bashing great shows(it’s funny how they continue to read the Manga and watch the Anime but still log on to post the same crap) whether one likes Fairy Tail or not It has become one of the greatest Shounen Mangas/Animes and that is an Indisputable fact. There is a saying that goes like this and I quote “Greater men never critisizes the lesser men because the lesser men are the ones that critisizes the lesser men”.
        Even Naruto, Dragonball, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemists etc had it’s naysayers too.

        K C M
  2. Ichiya is a terrifying foe. Beware the parfum…

    But it was nice to have some focus on others and he did help alleviate the mood after the last episode. Now can look forward to a good showdown.

    Is a shame the series will stop, but like Moridin said the reruns are a good sign. Will get the series back in a better timeslot and keep it visible while that gap is created between manga and anime.

    Will be a shame to not have a new episode to watch each week, but long as it is coming back can be comfortable with the decision.

  3. That was so gay, I mean the ichiya and nichiya moment although ichiya would fall for Erza but this is downright ridiculous. I hope next week arrives so that we would be getting closer to Natsu’s and Gajeel’s fight.

    K C M
  4. Ewwwwww… Not only it was already disgusting enough in manga, the anime had to add a flashback with flowers spinning around and… and… weird things happening. It was so….. disgusting. For a second I was afraid that they’d kiss <____<

    That aside *erases part of his memory*, seems like we'll get to see Kagura and Lyon fighting, not just the result like in manga. Yay.

  5. I have a question
    I never followed this mango or anime but it seems very interesting.
    Should I look at it from the start ( ep 1) or can someone suggest me a episode to begin with.

    Thanks in advance

    1. I was just like you back then when I heard about Fairy Tail and out of curiosity I decided to check it out and I found it to be lovable, if you’re really asking I would say start from Season 1, episode 1 and follow up to it’s current season and episode, Whether you’ll come to love the Anime or the Manga like I do is entirely up to you.

      K C M
    1. Feeling a sense of accomplishment for the first time in your life?
      You and that Rukia guy should go get a room and dwelve into your hater faggotry together since you both have nothing better to do.

      1. I apologize If I don’t stoop down to a level low enough to describe others activities with words like faggotry and attempt to demean them.Nor would I change their names as a recourse. I only reveal the truth ,and attempt to show you the light. Also were not the same person Rukia just seems to be the only other intelligent being on this site so of course you would think I am Him/Her

        Natsu (according to stereoman I-Have-Herpes
  6. This must be one of the funniest episodes, the Double Ikemen attaku had me laughing, but Nichiya’s failed attempt at a block made me litteraly roll on the floor laughing. (nothing will beat episode 9 though; those mushrooms. God, I still remember that after so many years!)

    Can’t wait for the battle of the dragonslayers!

  7. random viewer

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