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The princess tells Arcadios that there could be a lot of people from the future. She says that both Lucy and Rogue want to save the future. Having said that, she prepares herself to open the gate. Meanwhile, we see the Crime Sorcière heading towards the castle.

Rogue tells Natsu’s team that he is back to open the gate. He also tells them that there is another way to use Eclipse. Aside from the time travelling, you can also use it as a cannon. This is what Rogue intends to use it for so he can attack the dragons. He adds that he comes from a future seven years from now where less than 10% of the human population survives. Eclipse from that time doesn’t hold much power. Rogue says that the gates were supposed to be opened earlier but someone stopped that. Rogue travelled back in time to eliminate that person. And that person is Lucy.

Rogue launches himself towards Lucy but the future version of her jumps in front of the present one and gets stabbed instead. She tells everyone that she never closed the gates and that she is happy to be with everyone again. She says that she is not from this time so it doesn’t matter if she dies but Happy cries and says that it’s still Lucy, their friend. The future Lucy asks the current one about the guild mark. That’s when everyone notices that the future Lucy is missing the arm with the guild mark. The last words of the future Lucy is that she wanted to protect the future. Having said that, she closes her eyes and leaves everyone in tears.

Rogue says that even if Lucy says she won’t close the gate, fate has decided that she will, and that as long as she lives, only despair awaits them. He prepares himself to kill Lucy but Natsu gets in the way. He punches Rogue who manages to block the attack. A crying Natsu promises that he won’t let anyone take away Lucy’s future.

I don’t even know where to start, just wow. I’m glad I wasn’t wrong when I suspected that Rogue might be evil. Well, that might be debatable but I think that he did a horrible thing. I know he was probably desperate considering what kind of future he comes from, but I don’t know why he tried to kill someone who is obviously weaker than him. He could simply just restrain her or keep an eye on her. But then again, going against Lucy if she were to stand in his way would mean going against FAIRY TAIL… I don’t know really, but I just can’t stand the fact that someone would kill someone because of “fate”.

I can’t even imagine Lucy going against saving the world from such a horrifying future. I’m trying to figure out what reasons she might have to do so. Is it the fact that Fiore will be wiped out? Which reminds me, what year did Lucy come from again? Is the future Lucy from the same time as Rogue? Did they sacrifice the worlds they lived in by going back in time? Ahh, this is so confusing.

Anyway, I can’t see anyone getting in the way of Eclipse. I wonder if Rogue lost Frosch in that future? He seemed so desperate. I still don’t see why FAIRY TAIL winning the Grand Magic Games makes any difference for what’s about to happen. I guess I should stop speculating and just write about the actual content of this chapter before I end up frying my brain.

Watching Lucy die was truly painful. Even if she wasn’t the actual Lucy, I just can’t stand seeing one of the characters I love dying. She wasn’t even able to defend herself. I felt so sad. And seeing her last moments nearly made me cry. Her being happy about having her loved ones nearby was truly heartbreaking and made me wonder what happened to everyone in the future. Who died? Who lived? What really made me sad was the panel where we saw Natsu looking back at the moment when Lucy got her guild mark. This was truly a sad chapter, but in a way, I loved it because it made things so intriguing.

A lot of people say that characters don’t die in this series, and I don’t know if this death is enough to prove them wrong. For me, characters not dying or losing has never been an issue. I don’t even see why you’re reading this manga if you feel bothered by the lack of character deaths. This is, and always will be, a series about friendship and overcoming hardships together. Perhaps this was a very random thing to bring up, but I’ve been surprised to see so many complaints about this issue. Oh well, some people love to hate and I assume that’s just something I have to accept. As for me, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop loving this series. I find the characters of FAIRY TAIL so respectable and I hate seeing them suffer. Seeing Lucy die was more than enough; I hope I won’t have to see that happen again (to another character I love). Anyway, I look forward to seeing how Natsu will fight Rogue. I assume the person in front of him is much stronger than the one he defeated in the arena. But then again, I doubt anyone is able to stop Natsu when he is that angry.

Moete kitazou!

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      1. to natsu,

        sick and tired of reading your troll posts every time i browse through the comments on the various anime and manga random c publish. do you not have many friends, or perhaps just angry at the world. if the material you read or watch dissatisfies you, you should really just stop watching altogether. i can only infer that you must be some sort of masochist to keep going back to stuff that displeases you. nobody is paying you to read or watch anything. please do everyone a favor and just stop coming to this site from now on. or do you not have anything better to do with your life?

    1. I don’t see the problem with Natsu’s behavior. He just was explaining how his life is terribly dull and depressing. He had nothing important to say until he found Fairy Tail and still has nothing worthwhile to contribute. And what’s wrong with him laughing to his own jokes. It’s not like its depressing he has no friends on here or real life for that matter. I am proud to have met such a fine young man.

  1. I thought it’d be logical for Natsu to be the one to stop Eclipse rather than Lucy as he could have a reason for that, saving Igneel perhaps? At this point it’s all mysterious as Future Lucy said it wasn’t her and the Princess even claims there may be more people from future…

    Anyway, about the death matter. There are people who say that deaths bring character development for those who survive while it makes the story more thrilling. So you’re asking “Will they survive?” rather than “How will they survive?” while reading the story.

    Though I also think that it’s not what Fairy Tail is about. Characters dying left and right is not really what we’d like to see in this story, right?

    Anyway, thanks for your post :3 I’ll be looking forward to the anime one, even if delayed. Both you and Moomba away at the same time.. together? *smirks*

    1. Maybe it’s more like Lucy is the “reason” the gates close, even if she’s not necessarily the person to do it. So maybe someone will close the gate “for her sake” regardless of whether she lives or dies.

      Or, how about this little thread of reasoning: the gates closed because Future Lucy used the Eclipse to go back in time in the first place. This used up the Eclipse’s magic and closed it without Future Lucy noticing, and thus the Eclipse Cannon couldn’t be used. And remember, it took seven years for the Eclipse to absorb enough magic to operate. In seven years time the Eclipse became usable again, but the Cannon just wasn’t strong enough, so Future Rogue used it to go back in time, and ended up killing Future Lucy.

      Of course, lots of things happened that Future Lucy didn’t see coming, which means all of this is subject to change instead of becoming a tragic, story-breaking time loop. Which means if they don’t want Future Lucy’s death to be in vain (and suffer that very death), Lucy and co. had better use that Eclipse wisely.

  2. so what im thinking is that the one who closed the gate is actually yukino. I believe that she has wants zeref dead and using the eclipse cannon is this way will not allow her to kill zeref so she stops the cannon.

  3. May well have some hate coming my way for this, but ah well…

    To me, this whole chapter felt very rushed. And while I’m sure Future Lucy’s death was sad for some, I feel vindicated in my belief that she was, for better or worse, just a disposable plot device.

    In fact, I’m hard pressed not to believe that the fact that it was Lucy herself that came from the future was a means to an end of having readers feel sorry for her inevitable demise.

    Now, having said all that, don’t get me wrong. I like Lucy as a character. I really do, but I feel she got treated pretty poorly here.

    Ryan Ashlight
  4. As far as death scenes go, that was sad. Cheapening future Lucy’s value by calling her a “disposable plot device” doesn’t seem right when that was the girl we’ve seen struggle and grow as a person for over 300 chapters, only for her to be broken down into a sad shell of her former self by the loss of her friends, the mark her guild, her arm, and then, finally, her life! It’s more rage worthy than anything else that has ever been done to her, and I wish I could get in there and raise a little hell myself. Knowing Natsu, he’s going to do just fine on his own, though.
    One more thing, if Lucy lost her arm, that very much means Natsu is dead or worse in her timeline. He’d never let anything like that happen to her if he could help it.

    1. With all due respect, you’re proving my point for me.

      Yes, we’ve been with Lucy from the start and watched her story unfold from beginning to end. No question nor argument there. But, you see, that is exactly what is taken advantage of by having Future Lucy come and dying the way she did.

      To be clear, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be upset about it. But you’ve gotta admit that the whole scenario comes off as a bit shallow as it feels like the story is trying to extort the emotional impact of watching Lucy die without her actually dying.

      I mean… come on. I’m sorry, but it just weakens the overarching story as a whole when you start extorting deus ex machina loopholes to kill a character and not keep them dead.

      Ryan Ashlight
      1. One thing Hiro is good at is time loop stories (If anyone who has read Rave they’d understand, in particular a certain character).
        So this seems like a very long arc, since we might witness some time travelling here 😀
        Clearly 7 is a number we need to keep referring back to.
        aka. 7th july – dragons disappear, eclipse project starts, end of the world (rogue wanting to kill lucy) and lucy making a move to prevent the end from happening.

        dunno bout you but this chapter sure sets the scene for more entertainment to come *U*

    1. Except Natsu has never had a guildmate die right in front of him. The closest thing to this was last time Jellal killed Simon and we know what happened there. Now take this up to 11, I wouldn’t be surprised if Natsu somehow just eats the magic from Eclipse and well…. become a one man army… or maybe a one dragon army.

  5. I like Lucy as a main character as much as the next person, but that has to be one of the least emotional deaths I have ever seen. Fairy Tail has some good emotional scenes, but that definitely wasn’t one of them.

    It might have been a different story if we had some emotional investment in future Lucy, but we seriously knew nothing about her outside of her being a future version of Lucy in a destroyed world, if we would of gotten a backstory along the lines of say Lisanna when she first returned to the FT world from Edolas I imagine there would of been much more emotion to it, but I honestly felt nothing towards her death, as she was a second Lucy we knew nothing about and a few chapters prior we were informed she might not even be real/lying.

  6. This is how I look at the current situation.

    Regarding Rogue:

    He did come back from a dragon induced post-apocalyptic future where seemingly everyone he knows and loves is dead and in fact the world itself is in shambles. He then finds out that the reason why the dragons weren’t defeated are because of one person shutting the gate. Imagine that for a second, millions if not billions of people are dead because of one person, would you not be consumed by rage? Its a future so bleak that one can’t simply ease around it by “watching” or “restraining”.

    Kill one person, save a billion. Moral conundrum only for those that haven’t seen the destruction of their world. I know that’s a little philosophy but I feel that’s what we’re suppose to feel.

    Regarding the impeding Lucy-Gate drama:

    We know that Lucy would not willingly close a gate that would involve saving the world, that much is certain. But one must certainly wonder, WHERE’S THE CATCH WITH ECLIPSE? A weapon strong enough to kill a thousand dragons is certainly strong enough to control the world and topple nations. Or conversely, what is the catch? While yes the concept of a slow charging mega weapon is awesome, it must certainly have a downside.

    Now given what we know of Lucy, could you not see her having a moral dilemma if using the gate meant say, the destruction of all magic? Or the deaths of all things dragon-esque including dragon slayers, i.e Natsu and crew? Lucy would not be able to pull that sort of trigger and would instead insist on trying to find another solution. And in Rogue’s future there was no other solution and Lucy’s bleeding heart lead to damnation of the entire world.

    1. I must admit that that’s a particularly interesting way to put it. However, the problem with your Raging Rogue(TM)theory is that Rogue seemed pretty calm throughout until he sent that attack at Lucy. His actions seem a bit too calculated to be out of pure hate, at least to me.

      Having said that, I do think Mashima should’ve had Rogue just burst in and murder Lucy out of rage. It’d definitely make more sense than his “fate” rambling.

      1. The guy came back from a future where everyone is dead and it’s Lucy’s fault. It’s not hard to see why he would be calm with Natsu and then flip out at someone he believes is the cause of millions of deaths.

        Once again, its not so much that WE believe that Lucy is capable of it, but the fact that he clearly thinks it is. Seriously its not that uncommon of a reaction.

        Reminds me of when Bishop came back back from the future in X-men and went H.A.M the second he say Gambit.

  7. Lucy is my favorite character of the series so this one hit a little hard; I expected future Lucy to just fade away once the timeline was restored or something so this was a bit of a (good, only from a dramatic perspective) surprise.

    The only reason I could think of that Lucy would close the gates is that it would somehow harm the celestial spirit world. The gate is opened with the 12 keys so it wouldn’t be a complete shock if the gate draws power from the celestial world. No matter what, Lucy would never sacrifice her friends in the celestial world to protect the ones in Earthland, nor would the other members of FT let her. Can’t wait to see why she changes her mind (because she most certainly will).

  8. I wonder how he wanted to avoid the gate opening if he killed Lucy, as he would be lacking the keys and ability to open it in first place…

    Future Lucy was killed in a cheap way (that makes the plot a lot easier for the author) and I wondered when Natsu said he would protect Lucy’s future if he realised her future was already dead besides him… It felt a bit stupid but I know he meant he would change her destiny. Anyways, the future is not definitive and I am expecting a lot of twists in next episodes. Everything is possible now.

  9. I just wanna throw this out there…

    But I think the only reason why Lucy would stop the Eclipse would be because it was gonna be use to hurt someone she loves, and putting that together with the dragon invasion and the Dragon King ritual thing mentioned in previous chapters, maybe something like this happens: Natsu becomes the Dragon King somehow but that transforms him into a dragon but unable to control himself starts killing everyone, since the only way to kill him would be using Eclipse, Lucy stops it to protect him.

    And yes, I am a Natsu x Lucy fan.

  10. @Stereoman
    Not sure if you know, but the 4th OST has been released a few days ago. It’s completely awesome. Here is the list of tracks:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Ibram Gaunt
  11. Its not that a character died in a series that normally doesn’t kill protagonists, its that I feel it’s relatively random, at least compared to say One Piece, which had a huge myth arc surrounding it. Here its just like its made for a short one-time sad event that is attached for that in itself, rather than for a bigger plan. But perhaps I’ve just been too spoiled by OP….

    Perhaps the biggest complaint I’d have is that, given logic, she’d fade away anyway if the future is changed, but that is rarely looked at, so its like a fake death, or one that doesn’t matter in the end, since everyone else in the future will cease to exist too, but I doubt they’ll get as much drama out of it as Future Lucy’s own. Perhaps they’ll go the “Alternate Future” route though, where it still exists, like in DBZ.

  12. OH MY GOD why does HM(the author) always like to make Lucy suffer so much, there is nothing more terrifing than seeing your future self get murdered, I bet everyone of you will be horrified if your future selves came from the future and got murdered right in front of your eyes.

    K C M
  13. It’d be nice if Lucy decided to have a berserk button. Natsu seems to get pissed off at every little thing that isnt even related to him. I was expecting Lucy to go into revenge mode; but in comes Natsu…. being overpowered again. Lucy’s been a punching bag throughout the entire arc.

    Really Tired of Natsu
  14. I wouldnt just go label Rogue as “evil” just because he killed future Lucy. We already know his reason for doing so, ensuring that Eclipse isnt stopped so the post-apocalyptic future doesnt happen. If you could prevent the end of the world by killing only one person which is the logical route? You tell me. The answer is obvious.

    With that said, Future Lucy mentioned that she did NOT in fact close the door to Eclipse, and I dont think she is lying either. So something is wrong here. Either Rogue is lying (which I dont think he is), Future Lucy is lying (I dont think she is either), or theres a third variable involved here that we dont know yet.

    As far as future Lucy’s death goes, well, let’s be real, there was no way she would stick around. We can’t have 2 Lucy’s in the main plot, she had to be gotten rid of sometime. I feel like her dying now is a bit too soon though, as she’s barely just been introduced. I actually thought she would make a self-sacrifice during the dragon invasion for her FT friends, but thats no longer possible now.

    Either way, we still need more answers. I dont think Rogue is evil, more like there’s a disparacy of information somewhere. He believes Lucy was responsible for the end of the world, and Lucy said she wasnt. We’ll have to see what the real deal is.

  15. Throughout the latter half of this chapter I was waiting for Natsu to punch Rogue. He and Lucy have been together since day 1 of Fairy Tail and watching her die was bound to enrage him. I have to say, this feels like it’s going to be an epic battle. Rogue must have become much stronger since their last fight…can’t wait for it. Fire vs Shadow!

  16. If it was a surprise attack from behind then I could understand future Lucy begin the only one able to react in time because she got lucky and just happened to notice. But Rogue’s attack was done in front of all of their faces as he gave a murderous “you” statement and the only one with a good enough reaction time was future Lucy? I don’t know but that seems weird to me.

  17. Disappointed I am. Dragon Ball and Back to the Future did a good job of presenting time travel. However most series/movies/manga/anime/etc don’t care about the intelligence of their audience regarding time travel and instead ignore it completely. Terminator and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya are two examples of how NOT to do it. Already in fairy tail we are presented with 3 timelines. ONE the original time which are not told yet what really happened. TWO future lucy coming to the present and changing the future. and THREE future rogue coming to the present from a most distant future but after the result of “future lucy coming to the present”. Therefore future rogue should have known about future lucy because that already happened a long time ago. The only way for me to fix the mess already done is
    that in the original timeline many people die in the dragon attack including everyone that has seen future lucy. And that future lucy actions were useless meaning her coming back changed nothing meaning everything happened in the same way as if she never came from the future. And because everyone that saw future lucy conveniently died then nobody in the future will know that future lucy ever existed so that it will make sense that future rogue did not know of future lucy’s existance.
    This is the only way that I can see so that the story makes sense.
    There cannot be a future without the present occurring first. What they did in Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is so lame. It is like saying: let me put a bullet in your head, don’t worry your future self will come and save you before I kill you. If you are dead, there is no future self. You have to survive somehow so that your future self exists. And if you survive then your future self does not need to come to save you. The fact that your future self comes; it already means that you survived through other means and therefore your future self can only change how you were saved because maybe it was uncool how you survived but it was an unneeded action.

  18. Don’t be fooled my friends,The future
    Lucy could be still a fake(Even thought she died already) She could be still Layla she could have lied about everything.And in couple of chapter Lucy found future Lucy diary(Like when did future Lucy have time to wright a diary?)Maybe it is Layla and she left a diary for her daughter,to explain what happene with the dragons.

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