Episode 21:

「血の褒賞」 (Chi no Houshou)
“Medal of Blood”

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Episode 22:

「完璧な世界」 (Kanpeki na Sekai)
“Perfect World”

In looking back at PSYCHO-PASS’ finale, my thoughts inevitably end up at the same conclusion—that this ending wasn’t something that appeals to everyone. When considering the grand scheme of things though, the fact remains that few series have endings that do. As such, the thing that I end up looking at is whether or not it ends up being satisfactory in the context of the story. Did it wrap up all the respective plot lines? Did it give us a proper conclusion? Was it something that made sense in the context of everything that’s happened until now? And when you consider all of these factors, I can’t help but think that PSYCHO-PASS’ finale ends up meeting all these requirements. It might not have been something that everybody liked/wanted, but in the end, it was something that provided a satisfactory conclusion and not only in the context that we got “some kind of proper ending.” No, I mean in the context that every plot line conclusion we get is a direct result of past developments.

For instance, the plot line regarding Ginoza and Masaoka. From the start, it was quite obvious that there was just no way that things were going to work out well for the two. Their different views and beliefs, their inability to act as a father/son normally would, and Ginoza’s rising coefficient… they were things that just made it so that given the “right push,” at least one of them would likely not make it out alive. As it turns out, Makishima would end up being that trigger—fitting, given his propensity for being the force that puts things in motion—forcing Masaoka to either save his son or let him die. We all know now the decision he made, and it’s just something that comes as a direct result of the above factors—as Masaoka seizes the one chance he has to be the father he was never was. Naturally, this leads to Ginoza’s acceptance of himself and his PSYCHO-PASS, resulting in his enforcer role toward the end of the last episode.

Shifting over to Makishima and Kougami, this was also one of those plot lines that wrapped up as a result of things set into motion from as early as the first episode. For better or for worse, you knew that there was just way that they would not end up meeting each other in one final confrontation. Because that’s how the story has been going about it all along, that these two were the only ones who could understand each other and thus, the only people that could be involved in either the capture or killing of one another. That was how things were going to be and that’s how it ended up. With that said, I’m going to go as far as saying that Makishima’s death was also something that was taken to its natural end. And I say this because his personality was one that revolved around solitude. His rejection of the Sibyl System’s offer a few episodes back is something that emphasizes this further, as well as the fact that while he may have been doing this to seek a place in society at some point, it ultimately developed into something way more. Towards the end, it wasn’t as much as trying to find a place in society as it was just trying to find hope in general—hope in humanity and in the individual potential. As such, his actions were a kind of test for humanity—a test to try and find someone out there could meet/exceed his expectations. Ultimately though, this was a route that makes his death a kind of self-fulfilling prophesy—which is what I mean by this being a natural end—as it can be said that the second he found someone who did, it’d likely result in his own downfall. Considering his triumphant smile as he was killed by Kougami, and well, I just can’t help but think he was not only expecting his death, but hoping for it—looking for someone who could free him from this life.

So as you can see, the really big developments here—at least, in my eyes—were things that met their natural end and things that made it so the story would come full circle for the most part. The final moments of the series just end up virtually identical to moments in the first episode—except for a few role changes among the personnel (although Ginoza being of the same family as Masaoka and having an injury to the same arm too, kind of made it like his father’s still there)—and things look like they haven’t changed at all. But as the old proverb goes, “never judge a book by its cover”—and it’s a notion that readily applies to this finale. Because despite the fact that everything looks quite similar to the way it was before and the fact the Sibyl System is still running things, it’s undeniable that significant changes have happened and will happen in the future. With Akane—and her ideal views (you’ll likely remember me discussing this a few weeks back)—now in charge and a new Inspector in Mika (who is likely going to be similar to Akane considering her prior run in with Oryou Rikako) as well, the people high up in the MWPSB chain are no longer the same as they were before, and it’s likely that they’re going to start gravitating toward a world where the Sibyl System will no longer be needed as a result.

Looking forward, what the future actually holds is still up in the air—as there’s definitely room for a sequel here, especially with Kougami still around—but let’s just say that at least this ending here felt exceptionally satisfying as a result of the aforementioned. Again, it might not have been what everyone wanted, but it gives the series the kind of conclusion it needed—arguably the only proper one given the developments up until now—and solidifies PSYCHO-PASS as a likely candidate to be one of the better series of 2013.

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Author’s Notes:

  • I know it’s likely too little, too late for this, but I’d like to apologize for the lateness of this post. Various circumstances just made it impossible to get the post out before now and I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  • Thanks to BakaMochi for providing the screenshots/FL for this post!
  • You’ll find the Final Impressions below the Epilogue/ED sequence screenshots.
  • Epilogue:


    ED2.55 Sequence

    ED2: 「All Alone With You」 by EGOIST

    Final Impressions:

    Going into the Fall 12′ season, PSYCHO-PASS was hyped as one of the best series the season had to offer. With Production I.G., UroGen, and a handful of esteemed female seiyuu all involved, it wasn’t hard to see why. The question is, did it manage to meet those exceptions? Looking back now, I have to say that it did.

    Because in the end, the series was something that not only offered a solid story, a nice cast of characters, and an intriguing world—it offered a lot of other things as well, things beyond just what you saw on the screen. Indeed, with things such as the Sibyl System, there were a lot of philosophical elements to the series as well. The definition of justice, the lengths you’d go to dispense it and preserve the law, the value of the individual self, the potential of humanity as a whole… all of these were concepts touched upon through out the series, and it’s something that makes PSYCHO-PASS above and beyond just your normal run of the mill series. What made it even better, was the fact that you could theoretically just watch it only for the action/sci-fi elements too—thus appealing to a wide variety of viewers.

    That said, while I do believe the series ended up quite good, I do have to say that it’s not quite the masterpiece. After all, many of the elements were quite obviously borrowed from Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, The Minority Report, and other critically acclaimed science fiction/cyberpunk works. As such, the series takes a slight hit in terms of its originality and creativity, though it’s nothing that really makes or breaks the series—as PSYCHO-PASS does do enough to differentiate it from the aforementioned. Ultimately though, the basic thing is that I’ll definitely miss this series (especially the CAUSE I FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL OP). It certainly ended up being one of the better series of past seasons and it’s something I feel will be one of the better series this year has to offer—just… not the the best.


        1. This was heavily implied in episode 2 that they were ‘something’ together. Made official on this episode in that scene together.

          I’m all up for fanservice as much as the next person, but I actually like the fact that they didn’t focus on that whatsoever besides a flashback of Yayoi who seem to have feelings for that singer. They focus on the main story and not pry on orientation for either character, if anything the lack of focus makes it clear how little they actually care about it. Which is a very healthy output of ‘the norm’, versus other animes that actually spend many episodes dissecting a character because of it. Like “Yes, we know it, she’s a lesbian, move on with the plot!”

    1. Hmmm, in a way, I think the final scene in Psycho-Pass may be an indicator of how Urobochi/Akane feel the Sibyl System should be toppled; gradually, by changing how people view the world and their fellow humans.

      Mika’s first assignment, or at least the briefing part, has many similarities with what Akane got under Ginoza. The difference is in the way their seniors introduced the enforcers: wild beasts (Ginoza) vs fellow humans who can be trusted (with caution) but never to be underestimated (Akane).

      A Random Comment
      1. Finally. Someone that gets it. Ive seen far too many people say this needs a second season but i just dont think it would work. It goes against the ending to suggest there be a second season where someone actually takes down the system. The point is that right now in their world its a necessary evil and it would cause far more chaos if someone just exposed it and dismantled the system. Eventually like she said someone will find a better way and just wont need the system. It probably wont be in their lifetime though.

        1. and yet you contradict yourself right there , gradually lol that why we need another 22 episode to gradully rebuild this rotten word and find a better solution than let someone like Makishima go rampage again and murder many people

      2. I agree. I liked the ending, and I felt like it tied things up nicely. As you said, the difference between what Ginoza said in the first episode, and what Akane says in the last, was just enough to show you that no matter how little it seemed like, there was still hope. That, as you say, the system would be toppled ‘gradually’ rather than in one fell swoop.

        Although I’m a little sad about Akane and Kogami parting, I don’t need a second season to be pleased with how things turned out. I forgot that Mika had been in prior episodes, so I’m glad that was pointed out too.

        Also, am I the only one who cracked a smile when both Makishima and Kogami got caught off guard by Akane throwing down the stun/flash/helmet-disabling/can’trememberexactlywhatitdoes grenade? Just thought that was kind of funny.

      3. I have to say, I like the ending also, but it seems that they are willing to continue the story, if the series gets enough support from the fans.
        There was a Psycho-Pass Directors’ Panel at Sakura-Con a couple of days ago, and Naoyoshi Shiotani (director) said:
        ” The 22 episodes are just a drop in the bucket, so depending on the popularity, I would love to make more and more Psycho-Pass with the stories that go in between the episodes. “

      4. so you just don’t want to see Psycho pass 2nd gig hell i need s2 for the sake of cut throat and Kogami shinya come back as Makishima’s heritage, gotta love how he will make this show bigger , and Sybil continue hint that , there is no end in story whatever ! Gotta love yayoi being yuri all the way.

    2. After realizing how complex the themes explored in this series were, I can definitely say that Psycho-Pass, as a work of art, is on par with many classics of western literature and cinematography.

    3. It’s okay if it’s late that was a good post.
      I think the same as you about this ending, not that I am old and sage now, but I’m sure if the me from around 10 years ago would have watched it, he wouldn’t have been satisfied.
      Thanks for pointing out Mika was one of the girls involved with Rikako, it slipped past me.

    4. i’m still relevant about the fact that the show focused on kougami’s revenge on makishima and not on sybil system itself
      but deserved my 10/10, because the criticism on this one was really awesome(remember me so well of 1984)
      best anime of 2013? maybe
      let’s see gargantia and shingeki no kyouji first xD

    5. Matthew 13:24-25

      Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man which sowed good seed in his field:

      But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.

      This was the best anime in a long long time.

      Nice plot in the last episode, it was good they didn’t leave that question unanswered.

      Kurisu Vi Britannia
    6. The futures for Akane, Kogami, and the world are still up in the air, but at least two important things are confirmed. Yayoi is in fact a lesbian and Ginoza does not need glasses.

        1. Im fine with how they confirmed it (don’t get the wrong idea), because the scene actually confirmed what many had already speculated about Yayoi’s sexual orientation. As for Shion, I’m not really sure if this is a stereotype as I haven’t seen too many cases of specifically blonde nymphomania in anime. I thought that Shion’s promiscuity was rather unique to her character as a way of explaining her high crime coefficient. Feel free to list some other examples and prove me wrong though.

        2. I agree with Livevoid that it was all part of shion’s character. And having them have sex isn’t fanservice if they didn’t even show any of it, its more of a casual thing for them considering sex is casual for both Hetero and Homosexual couples. So what, when you were living with your parents or whoever in your past you would just go and barge in the room while they were having sex and yell “This is unneeded fanservice!!!!”

        1. 1.) The confirmation is an interesting characteristic about a main support character who had a miniscule role in the series.
          2.) She could be bi. But there was no evidence that Yayoi was straight and plenty that she was a lesbian (i.e. Episodes 2, 12, 22).

    7. Well, they spent a lot of time on the ethical/philosophical/moral quagmires the Sibyl System presented. With that in mind, the ending was as expected really. I actually liked it for being less about the characters (given how horribly Psycho-Pass handled all but its core cast) and more towards the general attitudes and points of view. Personally, I think it fits to have a “Life goes on” ending in dystopian works. Or at least, I feel it would make less sense for massive upheaval to be wrought in settings similar to these. So I have no complaints whatsoever about the ending even if it just to serve as a blatant sequel hook.

      The advent of Mika as an inspector is rather heartwarming too – despite the shit that can be thrown your way, you can defy expectations laid by those who may be removed from reality (humanity?) and exceed your potential.

      J Jay
    8. I guess BakaMochi is stuck in the oblivion for eternity, de-rank that author and forget about him. Good job at posting end of the psycho pass. Don’t take something on what you can’t finish BakaMochi.

      1. Well I too am angry about the late posting. It’s not just because it’s late. It’s because there were no updates or anything about it posted. There was nothing. Zip. Zero. I’m seeing plenty of updates about other shows.

        You know a little communication goes a long ways I’m just saying. Especially for a show like this. It makes it seem like this site doesn’t care about this type of show. You know what I mean?

    9. Definitely a decent series, nothing too amazing though. Felt like my interest dropped off a bit near the end of the show since they focused so much on Makishima and I didn’t find him to be a very compelling villain.

    10. Very happy with this show. This is the kind of show that got me started in anime in the first place. Other than entertainment, you take away a perspective and different way to judge.

      Firmly believe that this anime have just set a bar for other animes to come. Hope for season 2!

    11. The funniest thing about the ending in my opinion is that except for Ginzo everyone else in that division was a woman. Was the author trying to say some hidden message by doing that? :p

    12. Forgot to add this, but considering Ghost in the Shell and Psycho-pass were both done by Production I.G. having some similarities were bound to happen. Also, Production I.G. is making the upcoming Susei no Gargantia so it should be pretty good.

    13. This really was a great show. However frankly as it stands this is probably the Urobuchi show I’ve liked the least so far and about 3/4 of the way I thought I would end up liking it at least the same way I did F/Z.

    14. Regarding the ending, I have to say that my enjoyment level kind of depends on what they do from now on. As an ending teasing a sequel, I feel that it’s really good and sets up the foundation for the second season well. But if this is it, it almost feels like a non-ending. Granted, I do know that Urobuchi is known for his ‘not everything is sunshine and rainbows’ endings but just resetting everything back to the phase 1 is something I just can’t agree with if this is truly the end of Psycho-Pass.

      On another note, I both loved and hated the scene where Kougami kills Makishima Shogo. The sun setting while that chilling piano piece plays (not big on classical so if that’s another famous piece I wouldn’t know) as Shogo’s going through his monologue and then finally the music stops and there’s nothing but silence except for a gust of wind blowing through trees until Kougami pulls the trigger. I can honestly say that even though it felt like Makishima went down almost too easily, the direction of that scene made up for it.

      Anyways, here’s hoping for a season 2.

    15. I honestly really like the ending. It was just proper and justifiable. I didn’t expect for them to actually take down the system, but the subject was explored greatly throughout. If anything I like the ‘book ends’ type of endings. My imagination bewilder at the sigh of Akane being a full fledged inspector and when I witness the re-enactment of episode one here I knew in my heart that this was ‘it’. No sequels, no continuations, no nothing.

      But it all actually brought a warm feeling inside that it made me smile, and I will even admit that I freaken lost it the second the ED started, my eyes swelled up with tears. It was just lovely I suppose. Seeing the image of the ‘final 3’, stare back at the new comer was just great. I can’t get over how perfectly this was executed. To me P-P is definitely one of the best animes of 2012.

    16. What a happy ending!

      Show Spoiler ▼

      People die – finally a show with the main characters dying. Uh, no, it’s not like I wanted to kill ’em all, but it’s kinda rare these days, aye?

      Season 2? Not really, BUT there’s a great chance for a movie. At least I hope there is… 🙂

      Hmm, I can’t wait to obtain the whole OST [vol.2 when?!]. It kinda reminded me of Darker than Black, though as someone mentioned, Ghost in the Shell as well. Music was very good, but I still think Shinsekai Yori OST is the best among Fall/Winter shows.

      Oh 2012, oh 2012, finally a good show. After over half of the year with nothing interesting Show Spoiler ▼

      , we could enjoy Psycho-Pass and Shinsekai Yori or Maoyuu. Good job, Production I.G.!

    17. I didn’t even know that there were people that didn’t like the ending. Everything everyone did was so perfectly within their character, that i found myself just applauding (in my mind) all throughout the final two episodes. I really couldn’t have been more pleased with the ending.

      Ginoza’s facial expression was probably one of the most pained/confused/”please help me” looks I have seen in a character: https://randomc.net/image/PSYCHO-PASS/PSYCHO-PASS%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2029.jpg

      I loved that final moment between Makishima/Kougami, where Makishima found peace in death and Kougami only emptiness. These two men followed their “justice” to the inevitable conclusion.

      so very odd
    18. Thanks for the review, greatly appreciated ^_^

      Huh… am I the only one who thought that the Yayoi x Shion scene was… awkward? It felt… forced, like “Oh crap! We totally forgot about that aspect of their relationship! Quick! Add a scene here!” kind of forced.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      The series doesn’t need it as it has PLENTY of stuff to go with, but if you’re gonna go with something at the beginning, just don’t rush it down all at once at the very end. That needs to be evenly spaced.

      1. I can totally understand where you’re coming from. I do. It is out of ‘nowhere’ that they display that scene out of any other scene that would ‘prove’ that they are officially a couple. They could had kissed, or be subtle about it with a look or a simple holding hands, but in sequence as the episode was covering the ‘main cast’ as Yayoi and Shion were as well, even if supporters they had to have a scene together. In ths case, literally speaking in its essence.
        The official statement about them being a ‘couple’ wasn’t force. It was canon since episode 2, and if you had paid any attention various times in the series. Allow me to explain: Episode 2 introduces Shion as a character but also a potential love interest to Yayoi base on their introductions. Episode 6 implies that they are in fact ‘physical’ when Shion states that Yayoi prefers ‘passionate’ things. Episode 8 reminds us that Yayoi is in the other team and when she confronts the School girl killer and implies that she knows what the girl is feeling. Episode 12 is all about a backstory to Yayoi and her lost love and even gives a scene of Shion giving her a glare that foreshadows the pairing. The last recent episode that I recall, (don’t recall which one) is of Shion making a funny suggestion about losing her chance to sleep with Kogami, and how he isn’t her type with Akane agreeing with her making it clear that Akane knows that Shion may be in a lesbian relationship with Yayoi. And finally this episode with that final scene. How obvious did you wanted it to be?

        I’m personally happy that they didn’t explore their orientation and relationship like some teenager girls in high school who are ‘experimenting’. If anything I applaud the route of being mature about and left it as it was. If you had one relationship you already know what it’s like. Regardless of gender, I don’t see what is there to explore about them. Knowing or seeing Shion and Yayoi in action wouldn’t contribute to the plot, it would just be a weird off topic reminder that ‘yeah.. they’re having sex again while the World is ending apparently, that makes more sense.’ For fan service purposes? I think it delivered the appropriate amount. The worst thing Psycho-Pass could have done is actually shift from the plot, show us their relationship more and explore how a ‘lesbian’ relationship works. Who knows, maybe if it had they could probably discover the way to actually take down Sybil once and for all, that would had been hilarious.

        1. “How obvious did you wanted it to be?”
          You really wanna know it? DO OU REALLY WANNA KNOW IT?!?

          Actually, just a kiss between the two would have worked for me. There is essentially no need to go the erotic route since that wasn’t the focus, and that’s basically it. I could see Shion teasing Yayoi while working and stealing a peck on her lips before leaving. (Let’s face it, she could do it) If you have Akane entering the office to meet either woman while they’re kissing, Akane would probably flip out and turn red. Just seeing Akane embarrassed like that would have made my day XD.

          Like you said, that wasn’t the purpose of the series, but a kiss would have made it obvious without feeling awkward. I’m not asking for much here… and a kiss pretty much seals the deal on many relationships, so…

      2. Become a doujin artist and solve all of your problems.

        I think we’re asking the wrong question here, why must it be implied? Your comment made it seem that no relationship is actually establish until there is a kiss in there. Which isn’t always the case. It’s like trying to explain why 2 characters are in love even if they never held hands. How can you justify that? And while all of those things have a billion answers, it doesn’t answer the first question. Why must it implied?

        To give you a foreshadow of what may come so you can come prepare with a helmet? Are lesbians really that scary? -Laughs- I kid of course. I personally saw the subtle hints, and the series did a great job at not making it the central focus of my attention, and that is quite a feat! I’m one of those people that would pry and stalk a possible ship that really raises my eyebrows and this one is no exception. After that scene in episode 2 I basically wanted more. But did the series delivered? Not in that fashion, but quietly it did. And the action pace was so fast that I didn’t even notice how those 2 characters weren’t the entire focus. I literally forgot that they were a pair that I didn’t even flench at seeing them in the same room together which is something I would normally do because I’m expecting more.

        I think if the series was slow pace or didn’t even make me think as much as it did, I would probably be in the BG wondering ‘hey whatever happen to those 2 girls. Are they still hooking up?’, and probably would become a doujin artist and that would had been my fate.

        1. “Why must it be implied?”
          Because it’s… hinted? I actually hate teases like that and prefer when they either outright tell us, in a respectful and civilied manner that is, that 2 people are together or that 2 people are not together, not “it’s left for your imagination”. I just hate when that happens, seriously. It’s like to hang a dangling carrot with a fishing rod.

          Still, they have used a bit more screen time…

        2. @JiCi
          Unless you don’t notice the little details, you may find it hard to actually notice that they have been a couple since episode 2. Which you apparently are. But I will agree that they could had use more screen time, but I’m also mix about that.

          See, if they had focus on them a bit more, then any screen time would had been just ‘fan service’, even if they only showed them being close or kissing to make the statement that you want, you would be expecting that each time you see them. Making Shion x Yayoi scenes only a plot device for fanservice. It would have been done in poor taste and even give a bad name to their relationship and give viewers the wrong idea that is all the things lesbians do, get hook up randomly in the BG. Which obviously isn’t the case.

          It would had been nice if did provided much more screen time of all ofthe cast members and their personal lives besides the big 3 just to even out the playing field and justify any ‘fan service’ between Yayoi and Shion, but I’ll take whatever they have already delivered.

    19. I would be quite angry and disappointed at Gen, if they decided to make a second season focusing on the Sybil System. The tension/issues from that have been resolved fully in terms of “How will this character evolve”. The rest (if they will slowly but surely change the system) is not important, because the show is not about whether a system is right or not, but about the process of choice. I like the ending, simply because it’s relatively rare to have a “hero” who is faced with an “ultimate evil” and chose to not destroy it for the sake of what is “good”.

      I’d be more than happy if they continue on at a different tangent though.

      Out of the Gen anime, this one has the best pacing, the characters I identify with the most, and the one with the most hope for humanity. I remember reading something Gen wrote ages ago about how he has given up on humanity as they spirals downwards towards oblivion (and how Kinoko Nasu of TM fame rescued him, que Yaoi pairing). The fact that he can create a character like Akane makes me smile slightly.

      1. I couldn’t agree more, Akane really surprise me and I really admire her more and more as the episodes went on. She is truly badass. To know UroGen can create such an amazing character makes me feel like there is hope for humanity left. I wouldn’t be surprise if Akane gets at least an honorable mention for best character of 2012/2013.

    20. Wonder what will happen many years down the road.

      Will the Sibyl system evolve to a cult that controls the city through religion?
      How will Sibyl reveal itself to the people?

      Will the people be more prepared to take back their freedom?
      Or they will remain ‘hypnotized’ by the lifes Sibyl planned for them?

      Reminds me of Fractale.

        1. It’ll be easier if they don’t try to be overly complicated like this one was. Plus the design is a lot more colorful and bright, like Madoka and a good portion of F/Z was, so maybe the connection is in the overall drabness of P-P.

      1. “Will the people be more prepared to take back their freedom?
        Or they will remain ‘hypnotized’ by the lifes Sibyl planned for them?”

        I’m pretty biased towards the 2nd option here.Akane has too much faith in the common joe that’s easily brainwashed by a constantly evolving Sibyl.

    21. Shougo kind of let me down, as if that psycho-babble about how he was an outcast who was never acknowledged (loved) by Sibyl turned out to explain him pretty fully. Makishima the idealist turned out kind of like a high school loner craving acceptance from the cool kid. It felt like he just wanted to be loved, and Kougami was the one to give it to him. Alls I’m saying is that the Shougo that confronted Akane in ep.12 was a much more compelling and interesting guy than what we saw of him at the end of the series. >:/ Don’t know how to feel about that.

    22. The ending although acceptable, feels fairly anticlimactic. It’s not bad, but it’s not as great as I thought it might have been. It didn’t need to have twists or shock factors, but I just feel like it could have delivered more.

    23. Overall, really heavy-handed, predictable, and didn’t know how to handle its theming or characters well, but it was stable and consistent. Better luck next show, Gen!

    24. Overall, liked the series but some of the most exciting episodes Show Spoiler ▼

      set up extremely high expectations for a huge finale. The last ep gave closure and in many ways did so better than a big pyrotechnic/blow up Sibyl/smash the system ending would have. But I didn’t know this was really all there was. When you’re left saying, “wait, is that it?” then that’s kind of a bad thing. Like a fireworks show when you’re waiting for the finale and then a few minutes later, you’re like, I guess they’re done.

      Great series, good closure, but the expectation for something more left me feeling kind of let down.

      Akane was my favorite part of the show.

    25. I’m not seeing much change nor hope for the future.Even in terms of Akane’s team,I find it hard to see Kougami & Masaoka being replaced anytime soon as they were probably the best in the team with only Akane recently reaching their levels(which might not be the case even now).But that’s only a small issue in a single team,especially when looking at the big picture.

      I feel that Makishima(yes the means were terrible but not getting into that now)was their biggest chance to overthrow Sybil and another won’t be coming anytime soon.The longer they take to act,the more time Sybil has to prepare itself and since the ending is so open ended,leaving us to believe that “things will change for the better slow & steady” there’s no reason to think that Sybil hasn’t learned anything from this whole ordeal,preparing itself even better the next time something like this occurs.

      Furthermore,I doubt society would steadily improve and they would no longer need Sybil and overthrow it like voting against some political figure today as Sybil has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy too much control over said society to let things go that way.They can’t possibly be telling us that Akane’s voice > Sybil’s because that might be good only as a joke.She also lacks the resolve of Makishima & probably even Kougami to pull off anything major so that’s definitely out of the picture.

      Now,don’t get me wrong here,my ranting clearly stating how I found the ending unsatisfying,fitting…but unsatisfying nonetheless,Psycho-Pass will definitely reach my top 2012 list,maybe even more than that.Just the discussions each ep brought were proof to that.The action was awesome,the animation was good,the plot was great & the characters could’ve been used more backstory to them but they were interesting nonetheless (Makishima was definitely the most interesting character for me that I can’t help but wish him & Kougami would’ve worked together to take down Sybil).

      I’d definitely welcome a 2nd season that focuses more on taking down Sybil than having an antagonist like Makishima(despite how much I liked the guy)but I do hope he’d get some mentions in it.Maybe he could be something like the Aika of Psycho-Pass for Kougami & Akane 🙂

    26. Oh well, so many nice little touches to this ending…
      Mika who was involved in the Rikako incident gets to be Inspector…
      Kougami apparently gets on the ship and off the country – possibly with data about the real form of the Sybil…
      Confirmation of a little Yuri ship in the background…
      Best in season, for me. 5/5
      Thanks for coverage, RC crew!

    27. and a handful of esteemed female seiyuu all involved
      What, no love for Tomokazu Seki, Takahiro Sakurai and Akira Ishida?

      I love how this show feels like a piece of literature, even with all the cinematic flair that it’s not afraid of using. And it somehow turned out to be one of the more optimistic of Gen’s shows. Certainly looking forward to the second season, if there’s going to be one.

      1. this exactly what I thought while watching it ! it feels like a literary work, I felt like I was reading a book and a very amazing one too, I think this effect comes from the fact that the show is allegorical and it opens the space for a wide range and differing interpretation. you might say that it is a very rare case of a “readerly” anime, and I actually think that is the most distintive feature of urobuchi’s texts.

    28. I think this show was the best and as for the originality issue it is important no to forget that the show has an important metafictional theme that is one of it’s most appealing aspects, urobuchi directly gives the audience his inspirations or rather the references that the show departs from in it’s reflection on dystopian fiction.
      but the most important thing: makishima’s death scene is simply SUBLIME ! i’m surprised not to see much recognition of that aspect. also I think the bloody hand trace makishima leaves is a very important symbol in interpreting the motivations of all his actions until now. i liked this show very much because as much as there are clear direct refrences to books and quotes there is a great deal of symbolism that leaves the interpretation quite open and continuous. the circular structure confirms that this is a story that cannot have a definite ending, things are far from being resolved with makishima’s death. I don’t know much about cyber punk, but I think psycho pass should be “read” as a postmodernist work and an allegorical commentary on the current Japanese society ( and probably also many other developped countries)

    29. For me I thought the ending was perfect for the theme of the show, but as someone who liked this show because of the characters, it was pretty unsatisfying. I guess I’m just used to seeing anime where characters react more towards their teammates death (Kagari… nuuu).

      By the way is it true if this show was popular enough they promised a 2nd season? If so really looking forward to it.

    30. “The definition of justice, the lengths you’d go to dispense it and preserve the law, the value of the individual self, the potential of humanity as a whole…”
      -IMO these concepts can come down to one theme surrounding Kougami and Akane – ‘one’s choice’ between social justice (ethics) and self-justice (morals). You can say their actions portrayed that theme by which Akane’s duty to ethically uphold peace & order and Kougami’s sense of self (being at stake) to live with his moral values being tested. At first, I thought Kougami wanted vendetta but I saw how his character was beyond that. I guess he was seeking compensation for his friend and he wanted a place for that detective he was before to enforce his sense of justice. Unfortunately, he is limited to what he can do as an enforcer in the society run by the Sibyl system (that is “single-minded” to do any good for its global acceptance and their fairness is not shared unless you are “one of them”). Regardless, this was a good (as in great) anime and I think others would enjoy this if it was their preference for that genre.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      random viewer
    31. The ending wasn’t only fitting, but actually *perfect* for a dystopian sci-fi series. I wouldn’t object to a sequel, but Urobutchi would have to tread VERY carefully not to make it a disappointment, or ruin the dystopian and thought-provoking aspects.

      Also enjoyed the little yuri at the end, and I’m glad the writers didn’t make it a big deal, but instead kept it mature. My yuri fanboy side is disappointed we didn’t get to see more (Yayoi x Shion is awesome), but I feel that if there had been, it wouldn’t have done the series any favors.

      Otherwise, not much else to say that hasn’t already been posted. Thanks for finally reviewing the end.

      1. This. A billion times this. I been saying that many times in various comments about the Yayoi and Shion relationship, that it was done ‘maturely’ and tastefully that it wasn’t just fanservice for the viewers.

        See, if they had focus on them a bit more, then any screen time would had been just ‘fan service’, even if they only showed them being close or kissing to make the statement that you want, you would be expecting that each time you see them. Making Shion x Yayoi scenes only a plot device for fanservice. It would have been done in poor taste and even give a bad name to their relationship and give viewers the wrong idea that is all the things lesbians do, get hook up randomly in the BG. Which obviously isn’t the case.

        It would had been nice if did provided much more screen time of all ofthe cast members and their personal lives besides the big 3 just to even out the playing field and justify any ‘fan service’ between Yayoi and Shion, but I’ll take whatever they have already delivered.

        At least I got the same vibe you did when I saw all of the series. I will also agree that if UroGen ever tried to continue, he’ll have to be very careful on it.

        1. You know what would’ve been nice? Yayoi and Shion and their relationship being a part of the story as opposed to irrelevant scenery. THAT would’ve been a mature handling of it. Aside from Yayoi’s backstory episode which didn’t really explain anything about her character, she’s basically just “the stoic one”. Shion is just “the flirtatious doctor”. Just hooking them up for the hell of it isn’t very mature at all.

        2. @Da5id
          Focusing on their relationship would had been wasted since it doesn’t contribute to the main plot whatsoever besides fanservice purposes. I highly doubt that if they showed more scenes of how Yayoi turned down Shion for late night good times, Shion grew utterly upset or ‘anxious’ that she may have turned into a super bitch that just couldn’t function at work and because of that she fail to track down Makishima, then YES I would give a damn about it. Cause that would affect the main plot somehow. It would turn into some utter ridiculous subtext of how we need functioning lesbians at work to track down bad guys and bring down Sybil once and for all. Hilarious.

        3. But why was it there in the first place then? Certainly wasn’t to add characterization, because it didn’t do that for either of them. It was just THERE, which pretty much describes Yayoi and Shion as characters too. If you take it all out, the plot doesn’t change at all.

        4. @ Da5id
          Clearly to piss you off.

          Not everything has to have a reason or a purpose. Especially for side characters. Having them together or not having them together doesn’t affect the plot, like you stated, but it was done regardless. My bet? Fan service perhaps? Maybe UroGen wanted to tell a futuristic World where we can have lesbian/gay characters that aren’t question at all like we are doing it now. Which is only further proof that he has a better Healthier vision about it then we do now. I kid of course, maybe.

          If you think about it, P-P is a pretty much an ‘adult’ story, where the entire cast are all adults and they are doing dangerous jobs that requires for them to think on their feet. And in an adult world, most people are mature about certain things especially in that work field were humor isn’t very common. I think the cast was respectful of it, which could easily be taken as a diplomated way of saying “they didn’t have a fuck and left it out”, base on perspective. Like yours. It seems ‘rush, out of nowhere, immature, etc’. <:

        5. I’M SO PISSED OFF BRO.

          Actually, in a story, it does need to have a point, especially when the character is stiff and wooden as a board and has no character defining moments other than one scene at the end showing that she’s a lesbian. If anything from her backstory episode had come into play during any part of the series, that would be a different story, but none of it did. When a character has no place or contribution to a story, you gut the character. And I don’t mean kill them off, I mean remove them from the final draft with someone with a personality beyond being a stoic lesbian. I’m not asking her to be butch as all hell (although you could argue that she already is) and make that her only trait, but she kind of already did that by making that her only trait. That’s not adult or mature, that’s filler and padding.

        6. @Da5id

          She wasn’t a main character to be that great of importance to even impact the plot. The only plot point that episode had of Yayoi’s flashback is to explain how she got here in the force. Seems unfair how they took time to explore that character and not the others which makes you wonder her importance; but that too can be debated.

          First of all, I take offense that you call Yayoi a ‘stoic’ lesbian, she had so much emotion in her backstory that proves otherwise. Granted, being in the force made her stronger that she portrays a stoic persona. But just because she can look it, doesn’t mean she is. Yayoi wasn’t hiding nor stating that she was a lesbian, and episode 22 wasn’t the “SPOILER ALERT” many take it as. It was clear the moment she set into the story. It was so obvious: STEP one: met the girl. Step two: she’s a lesbian, she just had a fling with that hot blondie in the BG. Step three, fuck it, we just showed the blondie, introduce her too. It’s 3 kills with one stone! Its obvious to anyone that they are something of a couple, it’s obvious across the series that they are together to the viewer.

          So what if you get a nude scene of them after sex for the Hell of it in the final episode, take your yuri fanboy hateful ass and be happy that they showed anything at all. Better late than never, right?

        7. I actually read somewhere (/a/)that the earlier draft has more story for Yayoi and Shion, but unfortunately cut out at the final draft…
          Left only character and role without enough substance which we see now…

          Well, don’t know if it’s true or not…
          But the fact that the other writer beside Gen actually write Young Gun Carnival is enough to make me believe…

        8. @MarkS00N
          Well that explains a lot and makes more sense. The beauty thing about Doujin artists, is that they don’t care if there was a plot, backstory, future plot etc, as long as you present the characters, they take off and WILL finish/replace/alter/etc that needs to be just for the sole purpose of self gratification.

          I’m tellin’ you, Doujin artists are the unsung heroes of anime.


          I never said it was a huge surprise that she was lesbian, in fact I saw it coming from the second episode, but just that it’s not something you can make an entire character out of. I don’t give a crap what a character’s orientation is as long as it’s used to give the character depth and meaning within the story, not just used as a scene to show two women naked. And yes, I would’ve loved for her to get just as much focus as the only real 3D characters of the entire story, Akane, Kougami, and Makishima. Ghost in The Shell at least gave their characters focus episodes, or showed their backstory with a good framing device, not cram it in with no rhyme or reason and then never reference any of it ever again, like they did here with Yayoi’s backstory episode, which is why I don’t think it counts. Motoko Kusanagi had implied bisexual scenes, but she had more character than that. And the fact that Yayoi wasn’t the main-main character isn’t an excuse for her not getting any development because even characters like Yakashima and Pazu who weren’t part of the immediate plot of GiTS got character moments. That’s what an ensemble cast is about, giving everyone their fair share of the spotlight outside of flashbacks, and out of all the team members in Psycho Pass, the only ones to not get ANY are Yayoi and Shion, which makes MarkS00n’s theory pretty credible.

        10. @Da5id
          Except GitS wasn’t subject or limited to just 22 episodes. There is an entire world out there of GitS that includes comics, novels, films even, and various series with that franchise. With that many shows with the same title, I would expect nothing more to have fully explore characters. I think in the light novels of P-P, it may explore their relationship more, many turn to the LN and mangas for it when the anime seems to rush it. So it’s a likeable chance that MarkSooN is on to something.

        11. GiTS: Stand Alone Complex is its own continuity from the rest of the franchise. And even if it has 4 less episodes in GiTS’ first season, Psycho Pass has a smaller main cast, so there’s no excuse for it to not have more focus on them within its own first season, other than poor pacing.

          But can we at least agree that Yayoi and Shion (and Kagari for that matter) were incredibly underutilized as characters?

      2. @ Da5id
        That’s a ground I can agree with. And many can too, the death of Kagari was very upsetting (and we didn’t even know much about the guy!) but I can see why it had to happen. His death was a nice ‘push’ to set everything into motion. He was a very lively character, too lively for a dark theme series that maybe UroGen had to put a stop to that crap for personal hateful reasons. Or maybe he was being merciful by sparing us the joy of actually liking him more that he had to put a stop to it before it got worst. Like we could had shed manly tears had he died late in the series damnit. But P-P is over, who knows what the future may hold. I’m rating it as the current series that just air and presented itself, while it may not be perfect, I very much liked it regardless of what shown and what wasn’t.

        1. Yeah, but usually martyrs are killed off quickly, thus giving us a reason we never got to know them. 16 episodes in and not knowing anything about him just makes it hard to care about him dying because weren’t given a chance to care. For me at least. Usually the deaths in a GenUro anime are more meaningful that that, like in Madoka and F/Z. Weirdly enough, the two big noitaminA shows were attempted three-peats for certain patterns. (C;H-S;G-R;N, PMMM-F/Z-PP)

          And it’s fine that you liked it, I just happened to think the flaws outweighed the good points because it tried too hard.

        2. @Da5id
          Understandable. It wasn’t perfect, it had its flaws, but the fact the matter is that it’s over with no possibilities of a sequels, perhaps a movie to close the loose ends if possible. But the ending was done a sense that things won’t easily change regardless. So rambling on about what it could had, or didn’t have, is pointless. You can either take it or leave it. I’m decided to take it and just run with it. Just making the best of it.

    32. My one issue with the way this ended was what I felt was a “lack” of a big final confrontation. I think the previous arc with the helmets had a “final boss” feel to it, but the showdown between Kogami and Makishima lacked it in my eyes. Also I felt that Akane really didn’t do much in the final arc.

      There is definitely room for a second season. The only thing which can trump Kogami vs Makishima is possibly Akane vs The Sybil System, though I am not sure how they will pull it off. Towards the end, it felt like the Sybil System was the main villain of the series, and for it to survive unharmed definitely paves the way for extra to come.

    33. Psycho-Pass’ 22nd episode is the epitome of Gen’s incapability when it comes to pulling the curtains whilst conclusively answering all the questions he had thought of. In consequence, he resorted into rewinding everything into another cycle of the same sort, and perhaps intended to leave the resolution to each of the viewers’ perspective. Notwithstanding, the series as a whole persists to be potently profound.

      Retrospectively, there’s essentially no other ways left for Gen to end Psycho-Pass. I’m pretty sure that everyone would’ve also seen themselves at the impasse of Gen’s thoughts if they had been tasked with the writing.

      Also, a second season will only be a repetition of all the events we’ve witnessed before (failed attempts to abolish the Sibyl System and dilemmas for the enforcers; if not, then their opposites in which the Sibyl System gets eradicated from the face of the society and all of the citizens are consumed by insanity as they kill one another mindlessly due to lawlessness). Surely, its existence will definitely prompt the degradation of the first season’s timbre.

    34. I thought the ending left me wanting for more even though Urobuchi has resolved most of the major themes he had intended to resolve – particularly Kougami vs Makishima and Akane’s growth.

      But the part with Yayoi’s past was left unresolved. As she was the one who consoled Mika after the plastination affair, we could hopefully get some much needed development for Yayoi, with her being the Kougami to Mika’s Akane.

      The other unresolved plot thread would be the female Enforcer from Division 2 who decided to escape and go rogue thanks to the chaos Makishima had created.

      And finally there’s the biggest elephant of them all: the Sybil System is STILL online despite we all learning of its sinister nature.

      That said, I’m still gonna give this a 10/10, though I would very much welcome a second season, preferably with Urobuchi continuing his role as screenwriter.

    35. Before I start commenting, thought you all might like this – http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/trending-now/technological-breakthrough-allows-scientists-read-mind-183724270.html

      Psycho-Pass Beta Version… it’s happening people XD

      On the last two episodes – I probably woke up the whole neighbourhood with my scream of “Nooooo!” when Masaoka took that bomb to the face.
      His death scene… I think Ginoza and I had the same expression at that point – https://randomc.net/image/PSYCHO-PASS/PSYCHO-PASS%20-%2021%20-%20Large%2029.jpg
      Curse you Gen Urobuchi, and your killing of lovable characters! DX

      Hmm, I wonder if you could call this the end, or rather just another chapter… after all, we started with a fresh Rookie, a Detective whose Senior became an Enforcer, and the clever and will-full criminal they were after, and now we end with a fresh Rookie, a Detective whose Senior became an Enforcer, and the clever and will-full criminal they (or rather Sybil) are after.

      Ha! So if they did make a second series, does that mean we’d end up with Ginoza vs. Kogami, Akane becoming an Enforcer, and Mika falling for/ trying to save Ginoza? ^^

      Speaking of a second run, I wouldn’t mind seeing one. I mean, yes, the ending was perfect and left stuff unfinished, but I found Psycho-Pass to be a rather good show. The characters were memorable, the plot had as all a-wonder, action + conspiracy + human tragedy = pretty damn good script… eh, screw the fan-boying, gimme-a second season :3

      And lastly, to end it off with a laugh – Makishima’s true form-! http://postimg.org/image/vqze0gdqf/

    36. Yes the ending is very suitable for a dystopian story, but the way that it is portrayed makes it feel like there is more to the story. The way akane talks in the end makes it feel like we just finished volume 1-2 of a series.

      They used the makishima and kougami conflict to bring out the world view which is fine, in my opinion, but they had to end with the conspiracy behind the sybil system. If they had stuck with the makishima and kougami conflict, sybil can remain acting like a background. That in itself would be a complete story, it just so happened to happen in a society governed by sybil. But once the conspiracy is brought into focus, the makishima and kougami conflict becomes a intro to the conspiracy. I feel like there much more to the story, there’s a lot more that can be discussed.

      TBH I wouldn’t mind several more seasons in this format: major conflict as a tool for revealing the world piece by piece.

    37. I was enjoying this show up until the end. Masaoka was the only interesting character besides character besides Akane. Every other character didn’t really develop, especially Kougami. He has the weakest reasons to chase Masaoka and goes through no change. He is the main character and remains static the whole time. This is the first anime that I’ve hated the protagonist and loved the antagonist. Then ending was just a punch in the face. We go through all this fucking shit to to end up at basically episode 1 again. It was a great anime and i hope for a 2 season. But still… I’m left dissapointed. <3 Masaoka


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