「はじめての手のひら」 (Hajimete no Tenohira)
“The First Hand”

This week episode was primarily focused on the school trip to Tokyo and Izumiko’s hunt to meet her mother. At first there was some hesitation to even see her mother since she’d have to leave her class behind to do so. However, with the help of Miyuki (and some teenage rebellion), she managed to journey around Tokyo looking for Suzuhara Yukariko. Followed by “dark shadows” and “something evil”, Izumiko spent most of the episode cowering away and scared. It’s a good thing that she had Miyuki to protect her then! *insert some crazy fangirl squeals here*

The majority of the episode focused on these evil shadows following Izumiko and Miyuki throughout her journey away from home. They’re pretty prominent since everyone seems to know they’re around except for Miyuki. I’m not sure what is causing them for the time being but as soon as Yukimasa appeared, they all faded away. This makes me question what kind of person he is – Miyuki definitely took notice and started becoming skeptical of his appearance. I always thought that Yukimasa would play the role of the pretty boy who was also a protector of Izumiko of sorts, but now I’m not too sure. Does he have a hidden agenda as well?

Near the end of the episode, the “spirit” within Izumiko finally appears. It’s revealed that Izumiko is a host to a long-living spirit (she is not a kami herself as I would’ve thought in the premiere) and the spirit doesn’t wish to continue living on after Izumiko passes away. This will be the last vessel that she possesses and I guess even spirits get tired of immortality. This is what makes Izumiko so “special” and thus why she has to be protected – as Yukimasa was getting to. I’m not sure how this all links back to her inability to operate electronics though; she states in this episode that she destroys them upon contact. Even Miyuki is surprised because she really is a decade behind times then – what kind of teenager (or even toddler) these days in a first world country hasn’t touched a computer (or tablet or cell phone)?

As far I’m concerned, RDG is still in the beginning stages of introductions and setting the story up. We still haven’t met Izumiko’s mother (whom I’m sure is going to be revealed soon – her seiyuu’s been) or her father in-person. Now that Izumiko’s “ready”, we’ll probably start to see more evil spirits trying to capture (devour? kill?) the spirit within her. There’s no indication of why, but I guess all divine spirits have a reason for being stalked and wanted; maybe they get her divinity. The next episode seems to be more focused on what Miyuki wants to do now that he’s no longer bonded to protect her. Clearly he still does, but it’s a matter of how and why. I’m sure he’s grown some sort of attachment to her but that development is what I like to see. All girls love to see a bad boy gone good.

Speaking of boys… what’s up with Wamiya Satoru (Kugimiya Rie)? As if his character isn’t suspicious enough, he seems to only pop up when Izumiko is alone. He didn’t even join them on their fieldtrip but chooses to watch them take off. Talk about creepy.

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    1. What’s more stupid is that you come in here just to say it is so. For me I’ll wait and see how it goes before judging it. Right now having watched up to the 4th episode it’s still drawing my interest on where it goes.

  1. First time I’ve actually seen Kugimiya Rie play a male character. I’m been so use to her loli characters. At the end of the episode look at Yukimasa trying to play reverse psychology on Miyuki. “Oh you don’t have to babysit no more.” “You can go transfer back to your old school.”

    1. Guess I’m old enough to remember that Kugimiya actually started off her career playing Alphonse first before going on to enjoy further success with her tsundere loli roles.

      Besides reprising as Alphonse in the FMA Brotherhood remake a while back, Hatsur is more on the “fanservicey” side due to him being a trap, so Wamiya would be the first “proper” male character she’s playing in a long time.

  2. Still having this show on trial episode 2 here but I’ll probably stick with it till the end since it caught my eye,unless it does something terribly stupid along the way…

    At any rate,amongs all the questions this show keeps raising,one of my main right now is about why wasn’t Miyuki informed of Izumiko’s situation,he’s supposed to be her protector after all.Which brings the other question of why was he chosen to be her protector since he didn’t seem to actually be friends with her from the previous episode and he doesn’t seem THAT qualified for the protecting job either and I’m sure they’d have specially trained monks or other personnel up for such an important task.

    These things will most likely be answered as we go but I’d guess that he has some bond with her or something since childhood,despite not being too friendly.That and the obvious: being around the same age,makings it easier for him to be near her most of the time by being in the same class & all.I also wonder if Izumiko has to be kept happy else the spirit within her would get angry.

    Ugh,I’m speculating too much,I’ll shut up now 😛

    1. I’m actually on the same boat! JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!? D8
      I asked all of those questions too!

      I think me and you are speculating too much. Er, Speculation party? 8D

    1. Episode 4 just came out on Niconico, which is not the general broadcast on TV. So there are being shown weekly from 2 different sources, ~2 episodes apart. I think there’s more discussion on the separate broadcasts on the First Impression post of RDG.

  3. I’m not following the Manga, nor Nico, but the broadcast, so I’m judging the series as it currently is so excuse my lack of knowledge if anything has been explained (especially within these two episodes), but this series seems to present itself in a cryptic way. I feel like things will fall into place as the story unfolds because I am still remotely clueless on what is happening. Not just with the story, but even the cast.

    I still don’t know what type of power she possess, I don’t really understand her relationship with her parents, why they are all apart, why does she happen to have her mothers email but refuses to call her to ask her a billion questions, (unless email and phone is different in Japan), I don’t even understand the relationship between the son and father. It feels like I’m thrown in the middle of a story and I have to figure it out. While the journey to discovery can be rewarding, in this case it’s more frustrating. And because I feel like I miss something important, I’m not enjoying this series as much as I should be.

    Save me from the darkness that is unknown, and provide some type of feedback, SPOILER FREE, so I can get back into this.

    1. I wish I could provide more answers for you but I try to save myself from spoilers as well =X
      I think her parents must know that she’s a special vessel and that’s why she’s left alone in the shrine, but that doesn’t explain why her parents are divorced? (separated in Tokyo? Je ne sais pas…) Her mom might also be a powerful person but I’m still not sure exactly what she does…

    2. Like Cherrie and other people here, I follow the TV release, so I will try to answer the best I can from what has been shown from 2 episodes (ie. I will be answering this based on speculations and might, and probably will, be wrong.)

      >> “I still don’t know what type of power she possess”

      A vessel for a spiritual being. Considering how Yukimasa reacted, a very special one, maybe a goddess. Perhaps maybe even Amaterasu (obviously I’m influenced by the recently finished Sasami.)

      >> “I don’t really understand her relationship with her parents, why they are all apart,”

      Her mother has to hide because everyone wants their power. Yukimasa mentioned this, as did the RDG text during the OP.

      >> “why does she happen to have her mothers email but refuses to call her to ask her a billion questions, (unless email and phone is different in Japan)”

      She breaks electronic stuff when she uses it. We saw when she used the PC at her school and implied when she said to her friends that she broke her cell phone again. Also her mom is in hiding.

      >> “I don’t even understand the relationship between the son and father”

      If you’re asking about Yukiasa and Miyuki, the answer is pretty simple. Yukimasa is a dick and beats the shit out of Miyuki if he doesn’t do what he(Yukimasa) says.

      1. Well those are pretty straight forward answers xD But I have some questions that will counter it. I think most of the viewers can tell that she doesn’t do well with electronics, but she even went to Miyuki for aid, and he can handle cells fine. He even GPS her mothers location. Which counters two of your answers. Miyuki can deal with electronics, and is apparently her body guard so he can handle calls and apparently her mother isn’t doing that well of a hiding to just give out her address last minute and was pin pointed quickly. So whoever or whatever is after her that she must hide, it was a stupid move.

        I guess the son and father thing was pretty obvious, he has lack of respect, so yeah that was stupid on my part. But granted, this is an anime, and they don’t always make sense. But I guess some clarification about why things occur the way they have would be nice. Cause apparently it’s not just me who is speculation and trying to figure things out. I’m conflicted, it’s either a masterful way of story telling to keep you guess always (but not done in a good way) or it’s poor planning on their part. It is just 2 episodes so I don’t want to be quick to judge it, it is just getting started, maybe it’ll be better by next week. <:

        Thank you for your answers though.

  4. Ok…I’m just incredibly dopey , but I’ve just realised all the episode titles are “firsts. ” For example “first hand ” (this episode’s title ) , and I can’t remember the title of the other 3 eps , but they were all “firsts”…I wonder , are these meant to represent Izumiko’s “firsts” , considering her somewhat sheltered life…

      1. That’d be so spoilerish, though. If I were a director, I’d probably name an episode with a first kiss in it something more ambiguous like “First Love” in order to keep the actual landmark events of the episode obfuscated while also hinting at the possibilities just enough to make the fans fidget in anticipation. I dunno, just seems like a better business decision this way; the suspense should get more folks psyched for the episode…

  5. So she’s just someone fit to be possessed by the Goddess or is she her descendant? Still unclear.

    Anyway I can feel this show is trying to pair her with Miyuki(*insert irritation squee of fangirls who dig this type of romance*) but really, the guy is an asshole. Well, I suppose that’s how many girls are: loves good-looking assholes.

    The Moondoggie
    1. Yeah , Miyuki is a complete asshole , however , it isn’t completely unjustified.Not sure if this counts as a spoiler , but :
      Show Spoiler ▼

      (( if the spoiler tag thing didn’t work , its cos I’ve never used the spoiler tag HTML tag before. ))

  6. I thought the second episode was better for the first and overall pretty good. So far I find the pacing just right, and like the fact that a lot remains unknown this early on in the story. Makes for better mystery IMO.

    Wamiya Satoru definitely seemed more creepy (stalker) this ep, but for some odd reason I’m not ready to put him in the hostile category yet. Not sure I can say the same for Yukimasa. I agree with Cherrie that Yukimasa also seems suspicious, very suspicious. Definitely thing there’s an alternative motive here. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.


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