「勇者、心の温かさに触れる」 (Yūsha, Kokoro no Atatakasa ni Fureru)
“The Hero Feels the Warmth of the Heart”

Is that little Emilia I see?! Awwwww…

Though this episode of Hataraku isn’t as funny as previous ones, it does go a long way in establishing just where it is that the series is planning to go from here on out. While we’ve had some sense of a larger plot building up in the background for the past few weeks, the main purpose of those introductory episodes was to familiarize us with the world and characters rather than to point out a clear objective, and though all the pieces have yet to be assembled, things are starting to fall into place beginning this week.

Though there’s been some discussion on why Emi is the way she is regarding Sadao and his unexpectedly nice-guy nature, it hasn’t been until now that we get a much clearer look into her thought process. Her confusion and perplexity at the Demon Lord’s actions arise from what she’s known him to be like her whole life; he was the one who ordered the razing of human settlements on Ente Isla and he thought little of human life and suffering when he was behind the death of her beloved father. This being the case, she can’t understand how that evil demon can be the same person who goes to the trouble of using his precious magic to save all the victims of the cave in. That resentment and hate toward him is what’s fueled her righteousness all those years, but her own innate sense of justice and goodness is now forcing her to hesitate once she’s witness to Maou’s other, more benign, side. Though it’s not anything new in the way of anime plots or character motivations, I do find that it does make her a bit easier to understand and adds another level to her behavior, which is always a good sign in the way of character building.

As to Sadao himself, I think that this whole conundrum brings to light a very interesting dilemma. Though he may be an upstanding guy while in the human world, this doesn’t exactly wipe his slate clean of all the horrible things he’s done as Satan. However, as Emi’s friend points out, no one is really all evil or all good, and sometimes decisions are based on the circumstances rather than on intent alone. I can’t help but think that this statement will become more relevant the more we learn about Maou himself, and his actions so far have shown that he’s likely far more complicated an individual than a solely evil demon searching to take over the world (though that element of self-gain hasn’t entirely been forgotten).

I think to some extent we should be asking the same question Sadao asks himself: just how much of this is really a coincidence? For one thing, Maou’s actions are what spurred the humans to finding Emilia for her angel blood and turning her into the Yuusha, and that in turn led to her chasing him relentlessly to the human world. Then there’s also Chi-chan (broken-hearted once again through misunderstanding), who was turned into a recipient for the Idea Link only after Maou’s own spell affected her father way back when he first arrived with Alsiel. If we add Lucifer (Hiro Shimono) into the mix, we also have to ask ourselves what his motives are and why he’s betrayed his lord. Is something much larger going on here than a rebellious general? Miki-T also seems to know more than she originally let on, but who is she and why does she know about all this? Things seem to be taking a distinctively plot-based turn in Hataraku Maou-sama!, and though the comedy is still here (i.e., Ashiya is still the clingy housewife and hilarious in every scene), we may be in for a different animal than we originally bargained for.

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  1. maybe mikity is the other general that “died.”

    my assumption is that after the generals perished (or instead of perishing) they were warped to japan. since lucifer was the first general to go, he might have had a greater amount of time to accumulate his magic back.

    1. Naah, if that were the case then I doubt Maou will fear her so much. My bet is that Miki-T is the arch angel that gave birth to Emi. That would explain where her mother has been all these years.

      “You’re the Demon Lord, why aren’t you acting like one.” was Yusa Emi’s main complaint. To be honest, it is rather confusing for the hero to actually see that Maou has such a nice nature. I am sure her allies would be flabbergasted that the Demon Lord is a part-time worker, and not to mention they can’t just kill him right off the bat. I mean, they will be arrested again by the Japanese police.

      My main interest is the two side-kicks, of Emi, that are coming to Japan. I feel worried that they are “preparing for battle” the moment they arrive in Japan. Like Emi, those two may get arrested for something like attacking Maou, or they can get arrested for possibly doing something stupid like pummeling a human who is cosplaying as a demon.

      I did fine Chi-chan’s misunderstanding to be reasonable. She sees Maou in rather light clothing that would be suitable for going to bed and the hero who is wearing her rather appealing uniform in a loose manner, one can see her chest a bit.

      My other main interest is wondering how dark this anime may touch. Though yes, Lucifer was the one that killed Emi’s father, but maybe it could be a conspiracy by the Church. In maoyuu maou yuusha, the Church was portrayed very negatively so it can be no different in this anime. For example, it is possible that they just baited and let Emi’s father die, giving the info about the Hero’s birthplace to the demons, as a crude way to blindly motivate Emi into believing Demons were evil. But that is just a hunch.

      1. The moment I saw the whole involvement with the church and priests, it did immediately make me think there was more going on behind the scenes.

        I mean, her father is suddenly killed shortly after she’s taken away to be “raised” as the hero. It makes me wonder if Lucifer really did do it or if it’s the church merely SAYING it was him (and possibly even being the ones to do it) just to build up hatred in Emi to brainwash her to get rid of Maou and the demons while simultaneously taking away everything she had to return to if she did somehow manage to kill Maou, leaving her nowhere to turn to BUT the church, like their personal weapon/enforcer or something.

        Of course, all the ideas that could’ve been planted in her head as she was raised are quickly eroding as she spends more time around Maou and seeing him being not nearly the evil being she was constantly lead to believe him as. This doesn’t go to cover ALL the Demons, obviously as Lucifer is coming off more as the type of the Maou type Emi always heard of would be nor does it mean the entirety of the church is corrupt either.

      2. @HalfDemonInuyasha
        It’s good to know that I am not the only one thinking about that. TO be honest, if that is the case, then I will wonder if we will have another “Sasuke Uchiha” who will be hell bent in destroying the Church. At this point,

        Well..no one says there is a rule about how people in a magical world would look like when they enter earth. Take Maou for example, he was once a BUFF guy and then turned into a scrawny looking teen.

        So maybe Miki-T, who was once an angel, was onetime a hot looking g-cup woman with a really well endowed hourglass figure. After coming to earth she…..became something SO scary that can easily scare her husband if they were to ever meet again.

      3. Without spoiling much, she’s something else completely different that’s not all that central to the plot if they are staying faithful to the light novel. Judging by the pacing, this season is only going to cover vol 1 and 2. There are 8 volumes out in Japan right now and peeking ahead, probably at most 2 more to come before it ends.

      4. It would really be a cliche if we learned that the Church and some group of demons were behind every bad thing that’s happened. Let normal people be bad for once, it’s truer to reality.

  2. This show continues to impress. It does quite a good job balancing out comedy and drama- the transitions between the two are pretty well timed and it doesn’t seem forced either. My main concern now is about those two characters trying to make it to earth, the show might run into some problems if it tries to bring in so many characters at once…
    But hopefully they don’t appear for another couple of episodes so we can develop our newly introduced character Lucifer. (Remember what we talked about last week Kairi? Now this is a role I can take Shimono seriously in! Looking forward to a classic freak out moment from him in the next episode, it’s inevitable)
    And It’s only a matter of time before Emi falls for Sadao isn’t it? I’m looking forward to it, as more dere Emi is always a good thing. ^^

    1. I agree. A lot of comedies end up going downhill when they get to the serious stuff, but this show is doing a good job of integrating it. Hell, I would’ve thought it weird had they glossed over the whole ‘Maou was an evil tyrant back in his world’ angle. It may not be the most original plot ever, but execution is what really matters here, and they’ve been doing well so far.

      Not like the shows has forgotten to be funny either, Ashiya despairing made me laugh out loud. Looking forward to the next episode, anyway.

      1. The character interactions are the bread & meat of this show.They’ve just been hilarious & highly enjoyable to watch so far and this ep’s shown us that they can take a more serious aproach withouth being too generic or melodramatic,revert to their comedic nature,pick up the serious tone again and be quite fluid while doing so.Some good execution right there.

        As long as the anime won’t forget to keep this quality in interactions I’m sure it’ll continue to deliver,even if the plot will end up somewhat generic.

        This & Crime Edge were 2 shows that I wasn’t even planning on watching this spring since let’s face it,the synopsises these had weren’t actually engaging from the get-go and I’m sure they brought some reactions such as “What?But that’s just silly…”.Even after their 1st episodes aired,I wasn’t set of whether they’ll be more than mere time killers.Now both of them are 2 of my favorite shows this season.

  3. Since everyone who has ended up on Earth seems to have retained their basic personality, and
    I’m guessing that Sadao has kept his. Ashiya would have noticed something out of the ordinary,
    and I don’t remember that coming up. And certainly Emi is the same person.

    The thing that struck me was Sadao’s detachment about hearing about the loss of Emi’s father;
    it wasn’t apathy, IMHO, so it confused me somewhat. But I wonder if Lucifer’s really the evil
    one and maybe the manipulator of the Demon Lord to do the things he did; it has my interest.

    I thought the back story was well done – not korny, but believable. Looking to the next episode!

  4. Really loved this episode, even though I have definitely loved Maou from the beginning, it definitely forces us to remember all the evil he has done back in his world. I really felt bad for her when she was trying to come to terms with the new demon lord before her. And I can understand her anger when he threw that lousy “sorry” at her. I’m still seething, I can’t even imagine someone saying that to me.

    1. Hating is easy, forgiveness is difficult. Making a mistake is easy but hard to fix, but not impossible.

      Admit mistakes and forgiving are characteristic of strong people, but still have to work hard.

  5. I find it hard to express how great this episode was. Now began to know the dramas and history of the characters, and introduce us to the serious tone of the anime. oh yea XD

    I hope next week we get the story of Sadao and his generals, but perhaps that is only fully revealed during the rest of the season. I am not a reader of novels, so I do not know what will come in addition to this.

    Poor Chi-chan, her face was so cute despite being crying.

    Awww … Emilia was a tiny little angel (literally, lol XD)

  6. when Maou says ‘sorry’ and Emi grits her teeth, I have no idea if she found his apology too easy for her shredded past, or she wanted to cry, either way, what does ‘sorry’ change I guess. I’m madly looking forward to next episode. It is not that the humour is gone, but I did not expect the direction of the anime to go this way but by next week we will have Emi’s allies enter into the anime, going to be intersting. Thanks for your review, can’t wait!

  7. So Hitler…I mean Maou commits mass-murder/genocide and says “sorry” and that he didn’t understand humans…LOL. War criminals all over the world are watching this show and signing up to part-time jobs at fast food restaurants to escape capture.

    I suppose Japan’s celebration/excusing of war crimes (government visits to Yasukuni Shrine, for example) has something to do with the show writer’s perspective.

      1. If I had committed genocide, I’d rather cloak my identity by some indoor activity (i.e. masturbating to Jewelpet) instead of working at a fast food restaurant outdoors.

    1. What do you want him to say? Let’s be honest here, he’s a demon who probably grew up in a total survival of the strongest and strongest rules culture. Now that’s he spent time as a human he’s probably realized how damn crazy all that was.

      1. It’s not about what he should say, but what Emilia the supposed hero should do

        Imagine if instead of stopping Hitler we listened to his excuses, and then went tsundere on him

      2. The fact that you’re using Hitler as an example is laughable but it has nothing to do with that. She’s confused, the one thing she was sure of for the last few years of her life has been cut out from under her, that Maou was a completely evil monster. I’m sure she’ll bounce back but right now she really needs time to think and reflect more.

      3. “The fact that you’re using Hitler as an example is laughable but it has nothing to do with that”

        Hitler– massacred countless Jews (and others) because of them being inferior
        Maou—- massacred countless humans because of them being inferior

        Both additionally were advocates of Lebensraum, and invaded areas based on this.

        “She’s confused, the one thing she was sure of for the last few years of her life has been cut out from under her, that Maou was a completely evil monster”

        I’m sure some people who met Hitler thought he was a nice guy. You’re right though that she is a confused woman…she should have killed him the moment she met him.

      4. Did you forget that she tried that and got arrested? Also you’re making too many comparisons to our world, Demons are entirely different kinds of beings than humans are so it’s really not fair to compare him to a human. Also we have no idea why he invaded the rest of the world, so saying he did it just because humans were inferior is a little premature.

      5. From what has been told so far, the Demons and humans seems to have always been at war. We don’t know who started it either. Genocide is stretching it. The humans have armies and were fighting back, they just needed someone with angel blood to turn the tide. We’ll find out more once they have Maou tell his side. He already said that he’s a lot older than he looks. Kind of disappointed that Lucifer really was a traitor, just a little predictable.

    2. Funny how people try to link a ANIME with REAL WORLD EVENTS. Really? We all should know by now that anime or rather fictions are to be taken in with little to no link with real world events. And the Hitler story? It is like 68 years ago. Learn to let it go.

      1. Learn to let it go…

        IMHO —

        “When the situation was manageable it was neglected, and now that
        it is thoroughly out of hand we apply too late the remedies which then
        might have effected a cure. There is nothing new in the story. It is as old
        as the sibylline books. It falls into that long, dismal catalogue of the
        fruitlessness of experience and the confirmed unteachability of mankind.
        Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective,
        lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes,
        until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong–these are the features which
        constitute the endless repetition of history.”
                    — Churchill, House of Commons, 2 May 1935

        For some of the things happening today, he could have said this yesterday…

    3. Okay, no. People, you need to learn that EVER bringing Hitler into a discussion that does not involve the Soviet Union, Germany, revolutions or World War II is NOT a good idea.

  8. Will Lucy’s appearance break the status quo? Or will the citizens do it the Sunnydale way and be amnesiac about the black-winged man?

    I actually hoped that they will go with the latter. I love the current situation where the daily life part and the Ente Isla affairs were separate and secret…

    1. I think a mass amnesia-spell is in order. We don’t really know the limits of Hataraku’s magic apart from it being based on ambient emotions. If this episode is anything to go by, Maou gets his magic through despair (or fear) while Emi gets hers through…er, kindness/happiness?

  9. Picked up a few bits on the TVtropes page that may explain

    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Good thing Chi barged in the room. Emi looked ready to go apes*** on Maou. I know I would if someone told me “Sorry about the genocide”.

    It does make their relationship more interesting though. I wonder how someone would react if I said that the Evil Murderous Tyrant and his arch-nemesis, the Paragon of good and justice would make a cute couple?

  11. Lol Ashiya and Maoh calling the bicycle a Dullahan…

    I think Chi-chan is definitely necessary to the series, but I was pretty frustrated when she and Ashiya walked in on Emi and Maoh’s talk… it was getting pretty interesting because it looked like Emi was ready for a smackdown lol. She was gritting those teeth pretty hard.

    Looking forward to Lucifer’s appearance next week.

  12. No, it wasn’t as entertaining at the previous few episodes, but I do like the introspection into Emilia’s character, about how her sense of justice was formed, her convictions and reasons for killing Maou, stemming from more than just being an immovable hero of justice hating on the absolute evil Maou supposedly portrayed.

    I have the feeling that circumstances surrounding Maou are no less complicated. As a viewer, I really want to know about his past and his convictions in conquering the world, since Emilia’s role as a hero breaks the silly stereotype of heroes simply fighting for the sake of ‘justice and the lives of everyone’. The part where Emi complained about Maou not acting like a Maou was funny, yes, but it got me thinking that it isn’t all there is to it.

    On the lighter side of things…Ashiya, oh Ashiya…Can you be anything more than comedic relief? XD

    Good stuff happening next week.

  13. I don’t know about you but Miki-T still looks like that Witch of the Waste in Howl’s Moving Castle…with all this world traveling I wouldn’t be surprised if she is the Witch of the Waste xD

    Also, I’m surprise Emilia didn’t break a leg…arm…neck or back after falling those many steps o.o

      1. You forgot this is on heels. Normal shoes is hard to break a bone unless you’re lacking in some vitamin but this is heels AND she’s stomping. That’s extra strength right there!

  14. ..Somebody please explain what is going on with Emi’s hair color? :C
    In the flashback of her going through the portal it was white-
    but this flashback to her childhood it’s pink
    and in our world it is pink.
    Does it have something to do with her having and knowing how to use magic? ono

    1. I think when Emi has her powers available, she has the white/silver hair colour. But when she is unable to use her powers, her hair turns back to its original red colour. Since she was unable to use her powers as a kid, she had red hair. Same thing in the human world, she’s unable to use her powers so her hair is red, not white/silver.

  15. Hataraku Maou-sama really exceeded my expectation. First it was funnier than expected, next the character development goes deeper than I originally thought it would. Learning about Emi’s story kind of made me hate Maou for a second. And then I understood the reason behind Emi’s contradictory behavior at times in the past few episodes. I never planned to watch this in the first place but I am glad I did. It easily became one that I look forward to every week.

  16. Calling it now, all the demon generals and the hero’s team will be trapped on Earth along with their leaders and continue this magical SOL skit. LOL.

    Also: Fat Lady is Emi’s mom….

    The Moondoggie
  17. so after seeing maou saving the people it make emi why he is saving them cue flashback of her child years as a farmer’s daughter normal life til priest come take as chosen one to defeat the demons.

    & afterward showing her farm land got burned cue forward wonder why compare maou from being demon ruler to nice guy in japan while wonder even hanging around her call pals friend give she had prob with quake in kobe.

    yet emi wonder about everything from before to now & news going of mugging with maou & sidekick heard about from cops (give maou found chiho got daddy cops which twist reveal got chiho to hear voices since maou did magic on her dad).

    emi visit maou some blah & fell then some talk give wonder calling out why are you nice guy in japan while back in esta isla you burn everything include my farm’s daddy.

    then awkward chiho appear then run cue landlady appear mention of something yet mention “sonar” & “etc” while emi’s comrade coming to japan & chiho wonder cue guy mention “things” cue rumble.

    & this person got black wings with reveal one of maou’s generals aka lucifer.

  18. Seeing how Hataraku Maou Sama is spread across light novels, a manga & its spinoff, & now an anime adaptation, I wonder if it’s still too early to hope for more on the events of Ente Isla? =)
    Could be a future side story, or unlikely but not impossible, a video game adaptation of the Demon Wars.


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