「宵待燕」 (Yoima Tsubame)
“Evening Swallow”

Well, you can’t say that this series only provides glamorous men, because Iva (Honna Youko) is about as glittery and fabulous as it gets. She certainly gives characters like Yogi a run for their money, and that’s saying something considering the first thing he does is hug and cuddle Gareki once Iva saves him from the clutches of a Bestial Varuga. Still, even without Iva’s showy presence, the series continues to be proudly over-the-top, and that element continues to remain entertaining, for the most part. It’s definitely amusing to see the group having a tea party/picnic after having been attacked by a hell-creature, and the adorable little critters add even more whimsicality to this already absurd escapade of a series.

However, not everything is candy and rainbows (unless we’re talking eye candy in the Niji forest, in which case both genders are covered) in the world of KARNEVAL this week. The investigation on Nai and Karoku’s past doesn’t yet reveal anything to us directly, though we do learn that the Niji-boy’s creator is only eighteen years of age and currently a resident of Erisyuka’s household ( petulance only proves you’re too young to be desired, Erisyuka). His goals are as shrouded in mystery as ever, but I can’t help but feel that there’s some connection to Gareki’s hometown and past, which Hirato gives the group permission to visit at Gareki’s request. There they run into a face from Gareki’s past, Tsubame, who confesses to murder though can’t seem to remember the incident in question.

Tsubame and her twin brother, Yotaka, are mysterious in more ways than one, however. Gareki explains that he was sold by his parents as a child and that it was Tsubame and Yotaka’s older sister, Tsubaki, who saved and took him in. However, Tsubaki died soon after she allowed her lover to try experimental drugs out on her siblings, and soon it becomes apparent that those drugs have somewhat altered the twins and made them into murderers, possibly having even had a hand in their sister’s death.

Though I’m all for the intrigue here, I can’t help but feel utterly disgusted with Tsubaki as a character, and I’m not all that sure that this is the emotion I’m supposed to have felt at Gareki’s narration. No matter how much you would trust a person, lover or otherwise, why would you let them test potentially dangerous drugs on your family members? Even if they were just “supplements” as this mysterious man claimed, the fact that they had to be tested should have raised some sort of alarm, but Tsubaki went through with it anyway and it cost her not only her life, but presumably her siblings’ humanity. Though Gareki seems to be implying that she was a fool, I feel that there’s something much more sinister behind the whole affair in terms of what it says about her, and I’m not exactly happy with what that message is.

Regardless of my personal distaste, however, it looks as if we may start learning more about Gareki (who seems to have taken the role of straight man amongst the wackiness of the setting) and how he fits into all of this. It’s likely that Tsubaki’s lover was a key figure in the creation of the Varuga, but somehow I feel that it’s too clean a fit; Gareki had also encountered strange effects with food while on board the ship when he was sold, so isn’t it a bit too much of a coincidence that the woman who rescued him had ties to similar events?

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  1. You would think they would start explaining more stuff now, but nope- still introducing more characters! And they get more pretty and fabulous too! Karneval is such a weird show, I really like it, but I really hope they start clearing more things up soon. This episode was a good start though, as I wasn’t as confused as I have been the past few weeks, and they ended it on a nice cliffhanger too. Judging by the fact that the twins are in the ending sequence, I doubt this will be the last we see of them, maybe they’ll join Circus for their own protection or something?
    I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but I’m definitely riding this train until the last stop though!

  2. The cuteness overload in this show is too much for my heart sometimes! It would appear as though Akari-sensei is going to keep that adorable bunny now so I can’t wait to see more of him. Besides cuteness, I really do enjoy how everything in this show is intentionally over the top. Even if this show is going in a darker direction at times, I still find myself laughing at characters like Yogi or Iva (especially when Gareki is just SO uncomfortable). I’m also growing more accustomed to Nai’s behavior but I’m hoping to see more action from him soon as he begins to understand the world better. In regards to Tsubaki, I have to say I agree with you Kairi. I definitely felt a knot in my stomach when she said, “If the drug is from the man I love, I’m sure it’s safe” while smiling the whole time. Maybe once we get more background, her actions will be better explained. Until then, I can’t trust her completely. On a lighter note, I can’t wait for the rest of the characters to show up so we can witness a FULL circus performance lol.

    1. The cuteness is definitely too much for my heart as well, it was near danger levels lol. The best part of this episode for me was definitely when Iva had to carry Gareki back to the others princess style!!! That was priceless. Loving the ride this show is taking me on.

  3. I’m still a bit tentative about this show even after 4 episodes. I like the character design and setting, but the plot and actual characterizations of these characters I find a bit…lacking. It’s piqued my interest enough for me to continue on for the moment though, so we’ll see where this goes.

    Also in the 3rd paragraph, I believe that “murders” should be “murderers”.

  4. Iva has the power of the Chaos Emeralds! That’s definitely the female Sonic in human form!

    I thought that bunny looking animal was a plushie last episode.

    Lol @ Gareki, he can’t see Nai as anything but that small creature.

    This episode only gives us more questions instead of some answers.Why is Karoku bleeding?What kind of drug did the Twins take? Is it Varuga related?

  5. As for Erisyuka, yes, Kairi, I agree w/ you she is too young to be desired. If you look at it closly, the young lady is a rich girl w/o any friends, the only people around her, so far, are adults who care more about their important business, sex (see ep2), drug (ep 4), experiments, etc,etc. So Karoku is likely the only person nice (?)/talk to her, who happen to be a boy. Erisyuka probably mistaken that “friendlyness” as love. Plus, she is kinda spoiled, this only-daughter of a rich old-man (if he is still one) is likely always get what she wanted, so this time is about a person’s feeling she want, and we know a person’s feeling is not something we can get like a toy or a jewelry, it takes TIME and it looks like she is not use to that, like we saw, she become obsessive about it, like “I want him to want me NOW!!”

    There is something else that interest me. She mentioned that Koroku could show some interest to her if she give him Gareki (like give a kid a gift/candy so he could like you better), and this is happen after Gareki and co got attacked. So does this mean she “ordered” (somehow, I mean they are doing monster experiments) the Beast Varuga to attack/bring Gareki to her? This could explain why these Beast Varuga do the sharp-trun around Nai and go stright to Gareki instead. This could also open the possability that Erisyuka also part of/ well at least KNOW about Varuga.

  6. The overall review – nicely done. I have to agree with you a bit regarding Tsubaki. Either she’s dumber than a bag of bricks or she willingly put her siblings in harm’s way.

    I’m personally sad there’s no full view image of Karoku when he was sprawled on the bed in weirdo-preserved-animal-land. ;_;

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