「魔王、己の職責を果たす」 (Maō, Onore no Shokuseki wo Hatasu)
“The Devil Fulfills His Duty”

Forget the broom, let’s do this thing shirtless.

You know, I think that even with all the great stuff this season, only Hataraku has managed to consistently occupy my top picks without budging place. I seriously love this show, and as we all know by now, for good reason. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the familiar, whatever we say about liking new things, but the familiar is even better when it’s done well, and that’s exactly what makes this series so great. We all knew that Maou was coming back to kick ass this week, and no one really thought James (or Sariel, whatever) was gonna win this, but in the end, who cares if our predictions were right on the mark? It was fun to watch regardless, and pretty damn epic to boot. But for me, the best parts, as always, are in timing and execution. Look at the way Emi reacts when Maou says he can see her boobs; instead of having a usual tsundere fit, she just has a great reaction, clearly embarrassed but not about to bitch at the guy who’s saving them all (and who had no part in making those boobs visible anyway). That’s really cool characterization right there, and one of the reasons why these characters are so entertaining to watch. Alsiel showing up ridiculously late, Sariel literally praying to God when Maou’s about to pummel him into the next century, Lucifer saying that heaven is in the life of a NEET; it’s all the little things that put a smile on your face when watching this, though it doesn’t hurt to have epic battles and badassery all over the place either.

I don’t think anyone doubted that Suzuno and Lucifer were bound to join or return to Maou’s side, but their doing so is no less satisfying. It’s also really amusing to note what a staunch defender of Sadao’s honor Emi’s turned out to be, but can you blame her? The guy really is the epitome of a nice and responsible guy, and he’s not about to let them all down. After all, no one knows you better than your stalker, a fact she’d probably begrudge someone for pointing out. Her assurances that Maou would show up for Chiho are spot on the money, and I think more than anything that his earnestness is what convinces Suzuno to switch sides. It’s best to decide for yourself what side you want to be on, after all, and clearly the Church isn’t what Suzuno wants to support anymore. As for Lucifer, who’d give up bumming around and the internet for angelic powers anyway?

I’m really sad to see this series end next week; it’s not every day you find a series this consistently entertaining and cool, and I’m actually pretty happy that we’re going out with a good ol’ slice of life ep instead of an epic battle of grand proportions like this week. There’s nothing like watching the Demon Lord and the Hero living out completely ordinary lives, and I’ll be sure to miss it greatly once it’s gone.




    1. To be honest, I think it was a miracle that Maou didn’t use his magic to fix that oven in episode 1. You can imagine he may unintentionally spike the food of his customers.

      On the side note, Maou stripping infront of his enemy was quite unexpected. I can’t imagine what will his minions, back in what is left of his demonic kingdom, will think. Emi’s thoughts ” Has the demon lord fallen so low, I can’t believe I traveled all the way to defeat this sort of demon lord.”

    2. And to think Maou and Urushihara didn’t bother telling poor Ashiya while he suffers. LOL

      They probably reckon it’s not that harmful as to really kill Ashiya right away, but still…

  1. Really surprised with how well wrapped up this immediate arch was with this episode. I honestly expected it to last till the end with maybe a brief glimpse as to what may away a possible future season.

    I’m kind of glad it didn’t end that way though, I’d much rather a series like this end on it’s highest notes (the social aspect) than on a battle (which were okay, but hardly great throughout the series).

  2. Nice to see Ashiya’s true form again, too bad that he was soooo late!
    It’s sad that only one episode left, I hope we will get a second season, but it depends on novel progression too, which isn’t that far probably…

    1. Ashiya’s worst excuse: I went back to get my mantle….

      BTW, the novel has only been adapted to volume 2 (out of 6) so if DVDs and Blurays sell… who knows right?

      1. From what I’ve heard, the history of Enta Isla characters like Emilia and Maou is further revealed in future LN volumes.

        The backstory of Ente Isla, its happenings and its people become more prominent in these volumes and serve as central plot arcs.

        If Season 2 is made, we can expect a more overarching plot to complement the comedy.

    2. As always the biggest laugh came because of Ashiya….
      Ashiya : My lord. I returned to the stronghold to retrieve the mantle…..LOL. I so wasn’t expecting Ashiya to make his grand entrance like that!

  3. Technically, Emi did have a fit I think. After all, Maou’s sporting a new slap print the next time you see his face.

    This show is just packed with little touches that make me love it. From Sadao and Urushihara’s tacitly letting Suzune poison Ashiya, to the very ordinary way in which Orba just handed over Emi’s bag.

    When all is said and done, this is probably my favorite show of the season. While it’s story and animation may not be as grand or meaningful like Gargantia’s, I think the humor gives it more immediate replay value because of it.

    1. I don’t think it was so much as them letting her poison him. They can eat certain amounts before their affected. Ashiya was trying to finish all of it before it spoiled, so he was eating gobs of it thinking he could handle it. He’s a miser, there’s no way he was going to let all that food go to waste.

      1. I still think on some level, they thought it would be funny to watch Ashiya give himself food poisoning, but on the other, I suppose it’s an equally likely interpretation that Ashiya figured “heck with it, it’s worth it.”

    2. I like how the slap occurred off-screen. Considering how Emi didn’t slap him right away, he probably made some comment about those Emi’s washboard which resulted in the slap. All the more tasteful and funny.

      And it’s hilarious how Ashiya always arrives late, even as far back as the 1st ep.

    3. Well, Lucifer is a “fallen Angel”. Kicked out of Heaven, because they rebelled against God (or wanted to kill him?). So as punishment they where thrown into the hell. So i dunno if they need “Demonic Powers” or still “Angel Powers” to refuel his Magic. Perhaps he is a hybrid. User of both types. That because he dont get any stomach hurting

      1. But the Archangel here was “overpriced”. Sure they are the “hammer of God”, but they wont go that long to involve innocents. Perhaps this here was walking the Wrong Path to achieve his goal with all means.

        Archangels are some kind of “Warriors/Generals” in Heaven. Just Wikipedia for it, and you get the Gist

  4. im sooo sad is gonna end x.x

    man this series sooo funny.. lol Chiho’s reaction, Alsiel going for his cape.. Licufer rather beeing a NEET than going back to heaven… Suzuno when she sees Sadou almost naked.. omg lol James actually praying to god.. haha best comedy this season imho!

  5. I don’t think you can afford fried chicken after getting two bags of IV.
    Funny stuff…just so funny. Especially that pose in boxers, his confidence shows. LOL

    random viewer
    1. It was the best damn adaptation EVER! Seriously, it was nearly verbatim to the LN except for one lousy minor scene that will probably be shown in the next episode. There were the fillers in most of episode 6 & all of 10 but they were extremely well done.

      I don’t understand why adaptations have to be ripped up so often when I see something as complete as this end up as awesome as this.

      1. I would assume it’s so that adapting it doesn’t take forever and it ends up as another Shakugan no Shana. If every show was adapted like this it would take forever to finish a series and sales would plummet as people move on to more popular shows.

  6. Anyone notice that maou actually uses the broom he brought along to beat the crap out of Sariel?

    Ah..Maou he’s so epic he could turn an ordinary broom into a bigass sword while barely dressed

      1. He got completely bombarded with insults from Emi & Chi-chan though 😛

        “-You disguisting,hopeless pig!
        -Twisted bastard!
        -Stinking peeper!
        -Panty sniffer!”

      2. There were some minor screw ups with the translation in this episode. Instead of “panty sniffer” it should have been “underwear thief” or “panty thief”.

        I’ll cut them some slack since the episode reeked with awesomeness & they probably were preoccupied by that.

  7. “Heaven is a six-tatami, one bedroom, second-floor apartment on Earth.”

    Damn, I am going to miss this shit. Easily the coolest episode of the season. Like someone said earlier, it’s the little things that makes this anime great. Suzuno being embarrassed after stripping Maou even further than his intentions, Orba awkwardly handing over the bag to Lucifer, Emi buttoning her shirt immediately but in a slow and awkward fashion in response to Maou pointing out her revealed chest dully, and finally Ashiya’s grand yet utterly late entrance to Maou’s battle were just a few of the most hilarious scenes I can recall from this spectacular episode. The humor doesn’t feel awkward when meshing with the violent and meaningful scenes. Everything about this show was such a pleasure to watch (except for that beach episode with Chiho’s hideous swimsuit designed to look like burgers) and it will definitely be missed. Hope to see a second season come out of it as I really enjoyed how this series was able to be so fun to watch as well as have enough plot and characterization to keep me interested.

    1. It makes you realize that the little things in life shouldn’t be worried over, and instead, cherished. Comedies like these should skew your point of view in new ways.

  8. lol Maou taking off his clothes so he doesn’t have to pay for the uniform. Maou telling emi that he can see her chest and her silent reaction to it while covering.

  9. This episode = Awesome

    Chiho’s disappointed expression, Maou’s bike being destroyed, Lucifer betraying Orba, the unholy sword, the taking off of the MgRonalds Uniform. Who can ask for more??

    Just kidding!! More, more, more!

  10. Lucifer love of the NEET life is hilarious. I’m guessing that heaven doesn’t have pictures of hot nude women. Screw eternal paradise indeed!!

    Is there any anime that can claim to have a protagonist who beat the s*** out of a semi-godlike entity in his underwear? Just asking.

  11. For the main heroine, Emi did surprisingly little, due to how she was tied up for the majority of the episode.

    I wished that really WAS Chiho clubbing him upside the chin!

    1. To think that he values his bike more than his life XD. For some strange reason, there’s something endearing about Maou whenever he whines/squeals/throws a tantrum in a high pitched voice. I’ve got to give big points to his seiyuu here. And that’s saying a lot, coming from me who’s not a big fan of Japanese voice actors(they all sound samey to me).

    1. & you have our hopes too.

      On a side note, maybe it’ll be announced at the end of Ep.13 next week? =)
      *Noticed that one series that premiered during this spring season & had a season 2 announced directly at the end of its last episode was Date A Live.

    2. Regardless of whether a series is popular or not to warrant a second season, it is not common practice for studios to announce a second series right away.

      It takes a studio three months to release a BD/DVD containing the first 2-3 episodes nearly three months after its first airing, and then from then on, one BD/DVD release each month with 2-3 episodes.

      Take this series for example, the first BD/DVD release containing episode 1-2 will be out on July 3rd. Assuming the 2-3 episodes per disc format, it won’t be till December before all episodes are out on BD format, nearly 6 months after the end of its TV airing and 9 months after its 1st episode.

      Only then can the studio assess, from how profitable the total BD/DVD sales are, that they would decide whether its worth making a second season. In other words, don’t expect to hear from White Fox until December earliest.

      Though of course, if a series is very popular that BD/DVD sales broke even before all volumes are out, that could compel studios to announce the decision earlier, like Chuunibyou no Koi ga Shitai, where Kyo-Ani announced the making of a second series on late March, after only half of their BD volumes were released.

      tl;dr If you want a second season, fastest way to let the studio know is to support them and buy the BD/DVD releases.

      1. Amen to that! That’s how I tell Japan – Good Job.

        Basically, I believe the purchase is financing the
        next season, or at the least to produce more like
        the series.

        But for their prices, the series has to be (virtually)
        flawless (to my viewing taste).

        Right now, the decision is Funmation or cdjapan, few
        series’ make the latter…

  12. Oh boy, Where do I even begin?:

    1.-What did I tell you? The broom was the ultimate triump card!

    2.-Maou is a millon times clever thatn the people give him credit for.


    4.-Alsiel what the hell is the matter with your cape dude!?

    5.-Lucifer is the King of NEETs, he just throw Heaven out the window for a life of NEET.

    6.-Emilia and Maou are such cute couple.

    7.-I don´t think even ash was left after Maou was over with James.

    8.-That underwear was indeed resistant.

  13. satan’s loyal sidekick still hospital recover til got gut punch by bald bad priest while satan on bike broom to rescue cause fallen sfc/james got emi & chiho as hostage.

    so send suzuno attack satan give boom goes bike & change to his underwear to save uniform give talk with suzuno about good time while seeing satan, emi, chiho, etc yet make suzuno let satan go get emi & chiho.

    neet luc got visit from bald bad priest while satan go battle fallen sfc/james give being power-up by moon til moon got big by bald bad priest which uh-oh but twist got satan power-up due to people going what going on moon?

    oh suzuno came in protect & sorry to chiho while satan catch emi to all fine with neet luc giving uppercut on bald bad priest cause it better a bum neet.

    & satan going attack on fallen sfc/james with bigger sword slash & boom all fine everything is save & relax.

  14. LOL this whole episode made me laugh XD Oh Maou, so you can fight in your underwear but Emi can’t show her boobs? XDDD

    I’m sad this anime is finishing. But at the same time I am hopeful there will be season2.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  15. This episode was EPIC! I love how they finally showed Maou fighting scenes a lot more when than last time with Orba and Lucifer where he defeated Orba in one stare and Lucifer in one punch.

    At least this one was so amazing, Maou showing different applications of his power, hell I loved it when he fooled Sariel into thinking he could use Chiho as a hostage. Man were you guys surprised when Chiho all of a sudden beat the crap out of Sariel? Man I sure was!

  16. This episode is so golden, I rewatched it 3 times consecutively. Just some of the classic scenes which everyone mentioned, they were so kickass. Man. And when that background music swells up. Fwoah. Maou, you have more than a fangirl in Chiho. You definitely have more femmes out here thinking you’re awesome. XD

    I’m really hoping someday, I get to see the FULL extent of how Satan, Alsiel and Lucifer fight in true Ente-Isla forms – back when they were in their natural elements. It would be pretty awesome, I’m sure. 🙂

  17. Great action, a lot of comedy, but they still left us with the biggest cliffhanger of this anime season:

    Maou left in the middle of his shift, and took company property with him. What will happen? Will he be reprimanded, time off without pay, or even . . . gasp . . . fired?

    Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Not only that, for this Ep OP, they added Emi’s colleague & James.
      Rewatch it carefully.
      There was also a correction of Emi’s eye color when she transformed to her Holy Powered mode, but I’m not sure from which Ep OP.

  18. Man, there’s way too many quotable gold in this episode.

    “Dullahan! NOOOOO!!!! You’re SO friggin gonna compensate for that!”

    “In what world would a girl just move in on her own and started taking care of a whole bunch of guys living next door as if it was her duty?” <— The most genry savvy quote ever.

    "This food reeks of sacred power, but oh well." <— Urushihara doesn't give a damn on poor Ashiya's suffering. XD

    James: "Pervert? I don't even like ladies who are modestly endowed."
    Emi: "WTF?! I'm so friggin gonna kill you!!!" <— Hikasa Youko at her hysterical best whenever she's doing flat-chested characters, being a well-known flat-chest herself.

    Maou: "How dare you scare Chi-chan like that?!"
    Chi-chan: "Maou-san! <3"
    Maou: "As her shift supervisor, I'm responsible for her safety."
    Chi-chan: "Figures… T__T"

    Suzuno: "Rein in your magic! Do you want to kill Chiho-chan?!"
    Maou: "Oops, my bad." (spoken in a goofy way unfitting for a Dark Lord)

    Emi: "You intend to fight like that?!"
    Maou: "Don't worry, these boxers are made of the newest fabric that won't break easily." (Easily a wonderful product placement for Uni*lo. LOL)

    Urushihara: "Can I have Emilia's bag back?"
    Orba: "Sure, but why do you need it?"
    Urushihara: "If I don't give it back, she'll kill me."
    Orba: "WTF, you tricked me!"

    "Being a NEET rocks!" <— Spoken like a true NEET. Who needs heaven when you get to freeload to your heart's content? LMAO

    "Hey Emi, your front's wide open." (Receives a hard slap to the face. )

    Maou: "Cut me some slack, you washboard."
    Emi: "O_O!!! WTF!!!"
    Suzuno: "More importantly, Emilia……"
    Emi: "WHAT COULD BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT?! It's a matter of life and death!" <— See above for Hikasa Youko's flat-chest complex.

    Ashiya: "Maou-sama, I have come!"
    Maou: "YOU'RE FRIGGIN LATE! Why'd you even bother coming?!"
    Ashiya: ORZ

  19. Maou: You may be invincible against those who use sacred powers, but against me–
    Emi: Just put me down already.
    Maou: You may be invincible against those who use sacred powers…

    LOL, one does not simply interrupt Maou with his speech!

  20. Suzuno is joining Maou’s harem. How could she not? He flatters her by calling her a yamato nadeshiko at around 7:24. Also, she begs someone to save her and who does but Maou?

  21. This anime rocks!!!!!!!! Good job White Fox!!!!!!!!This definitely needs a 2nd ss (or 3rd, or 4th…… :)) )
    Iirc, last year White Fox’s Jormungand had a 2nd ss announced instantly right after ss1 ended, so i’m keeping my fingers crossed :))

  22. Looks like the writers went all, “okay, we knew you all missed Maou, so this episode we’re giving you….Maou-service!” Not that I’m complaining, though. I’m glad that they know how to please all demographics by providing equal opportunity fanservice treatment for characters of both genders. Near-naked human Maou don’t look half bad–save for the weirdly detailed nipples–and even more so in his extra beefcake demonic form. Which comes complete with a hilarious Unislo ad placement.

    I’m relieved that it’s Maou in disguise and not Chiho who whoop-assed Sariel James, though. For a moment there, I thought mu suspicions of the writers pushing her as best girl at Emi’s expense were proven right. Glad I was wrong! BTW, even if Emi was the damsel in distress of this scenario, I like how her dignity as a hero shone through in the face of Creepo James’ sadistic torture treatment. And was I the only one who noticed how Maou openly comments about Emi’s washboard chest, but avoids any mention of Chiho’s udders? 😛

    And I have to hand it over to the author for actually having Maou needing someone’s help instead of relying on ass-pulls, and for it to come from the person that I least expected: Lucifer, who pulled a magnificent gambit on Cueball and had proven more than enough that he deserves to be in the main cast.

    The only low point in this ep is Ashiya being utterly useless as usual. The writers/authors should have figured out by now that the “went home to get my mantle” joke has gotten old.

    Sigh, only one more episode to go. Will be missing this only anime that actually got me commenting here on RC.

  23. I can’t get enough of the facial expressions of this show. It was pretty hilarious when Maou called Emi washboard at the end of the episode and Emi goes through a fit, only to have Suzuno brush over the issue and have Emi claim that there’s nothing more important than her breast size.

  24. Poor Chi-chan. Her catchphrase is starting to become “Desu yo ne~…” every time her expectations of Maou’s feelings toward her are shattered when he relegates her to subordinate and colleague.

  25. voice actors did a wonderful job in this series, this is the first show that not just the graphics make you have fun but the voice actors do such a great job, its hard to describe how good it is!!!!

  26. That was great… When the disguised Maou punched James I thought it was Chiho for a minute and was O_o?!? This show just continues to deliver, definitely one to re-watch.

  27. Being a NEET is awesome LOL. I need to see some punishment thrown Suzuno’s way for killing Dullahan. Maou, I do believe that it is time to bring out that picture of mass destruction. I demand real justice!

    Everyone let’s be honest for a second, we all thought it was actually Chi-Chan that shoryuken’d the crap out of Sariel lol. I wanted it to be true, but it was too good to be it ;p.

    Even though I can’t stand the way she stalks the crap out of our boys you can’t help, but grow to love Emi. This scene was just hilarious, I like how she just covers herself like nothing happened and later you see the slap mark on Maou’s face XD.


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