Alright. I admit it. I got trolled a bit. I suppose I should’ve expected it by now, but gosh darn, the fight between Kakashi and Obito wasn’t ever really a literal fight at all. Rather, it was just a genjutsu the entire time, and I really fell for that one. Either way though, Kakashi’s opening remarks (“Let’s not drag this out anymore”) end up being the driving force behind this week’s rather well done chapter… as it’s high time that things start moving along.

And move along it does. After a flurry of moves and some rather nice overlays of similar, past fights on top of the current fight, the fight is over, and Kakashi comes out as “the winner”. That is of course, the winner of only the fight though, as Obito tries to run one last time… only to be taken control of by Madara and forced to execute the Rinne Tensei that would let him become a true Jinchuuriki. Suffice to say, things change rather quickly for Obito… and in ways, it’s a tad bit surprising just how brutal of a death it would be if things turn out the way we expect it. In ways it’s fitting, but at the same time… part of me had always kind of figured it’d be at the hands of Kakashi, rather than dying from the force use of his Rinne Tensei technique (in the middle of nowhere, no less).

I guess though, the point is that it highlights just what kind of person Madara is, and it looks like we’re getting the formulation of what’s likely to be what RPG fans would call the “final form of the final boss.” Still… it’s interesting to note that if Madara actually succeeds in becoming the Jinchuuriki… it’d theoretically be over for the Ninja Alliance then and there because all he’d need to do is use his Mangekyo Sharingan technique. There was the initial assumption he’d wait for a bit and spar off with Hashirama for a bit, but it suddenly doesn’t look like that’s happening, and one wonders if the Kages from this generation will play a part in preventing him from either being reborn via the Rinne Tensei or prevent him from becoming a Jinchuuriki. Indeed, there’s quite a few ways the story can go from here, and it’s admittedly a tad bit surprising how things ended up here.

Generally though, I don’t know if it was just me, but this chapter ended up pretty good. The drawings seemed to be a tad bit more detailed/crisp this week, and the use of old images overlaid on the side of the present day fights was a pretty nice touch. I’ll be the first to admit that at this point, I just kind of wanted Obito to get his arse handed to him and be done with it, but those additions actually kind of inspired a bit of an adrenaline rush while reading the fight scenes. Though… I suppose the rush might just be from be finally finishing some assignments that’ve been bugging me all day, heh. Either way, much to look forward to next week!


  1. I dunno…the chapter felt more like a clip show more than anything, at least until the last couple pages.

    But it’ll be interesting (hopefully) to see how things go, given the Jubi is still incomplete. But even if Madara did somehow become the Jubi’s Jinchuriki, there’s still the fact that he’d be trading away his “immortality”, infinite chakra (even if the Jubi were whole, there’s still a limit. A very, very wide limit, but still there), and instant regeneration to do so, unless the (incomplete) Jubi makes him even MORE hax than he already was. Otherwise, as powerful as he would become, he’d still be mortal and more vulnerable to being killed.

    1. That’s the thing. I was thinking it was interesting he was giving up his immortality, but it’s highly possible that this just makes him more haxxor than ever before. Either that, or it’s a demonstration as to just how much we really believes in his Moon Eye Plan.

    2. You seemed to not gotten an idea of the kind of guy Madara is. He’s the epitome of narcissism. Immortality and infinite chakra are just neat tricks to him. He believes as the 10 tail’s jink he doesn’t need either to defeat any ninja on the field. In fact the only one he thinks who would even make him break a sweat is an immortal and infinitely chakra fueled Hashirama.

  2. not sure anymore if I should pity Obito or not…
    The chapter also shows the difference between Naruto and Kakashi’s decisions. When Naruto doesn’t give up on Sasuke, not matter how crazy he became, Kakashi during the war quickly overcome the memories and are able to gave up on Obito. I wonder which decision is better in the long term.

    1. Which is why I really like Kakashi(hell,he’s probably my favorite character in the series).He’s much more ‘human’,one can relate to him more and everything he’s achieved is by his own strength & skill,withouth any hax power-ups.Even if some might say that him receiving a sharingan from Obito was one such power-up,the way the mastered it’s ways despite not being an Uchiha is to be commended.

      1. Which is all the more reason I really want to see what he looks like under that damn mask. Seriously, so much fighting and his mask stayed where it was. Did he superglue it to his face?

  3. This has got to be one of the top 5 worst chapters in Naruto history. What a stupid way to kill off a character after building him for more than 300 chapters. By the way, if Obito can’t use his rinnegan, why did he transplant it? For show, for some silly tailed beast control?
    When he can’t even use the simplest rinnegan jutsu, how is he going to use Rinne tensei which is probably the hardest rinnegan jutsu?! This just doesn’t make sense to me. Nothing in this fight has made any sense to me.Obito is one of the last villians in the series, for him to get one chapter is an insult.

    1. I think the point is he can use it, but generally it’s something that’ll virtually KO him if he does. The initial implantation was there just so he’d Rinne Tensei Madara, which if I’m not mistaken, automatically means he’d die after using it.

      1. I’d guess it’s due to just how much power such a jutsu requires. After all, even beyond the (Eternal) Mangekyo Sharingan, it’s a jutsu that, unlike Edo Tensei, literally resurrects a person(s) from the dead and the only other technique before then was the one Chiyo used to revive Gaara, but costing the user their life in exchange. Even without such an automatic downside, it must require a huge amount of chakra to revive just one person much less what must’ve been hundreds if not thousands of people of Konoha killed by Nagato (and that being AFTER he expended tons of chakra up to that point in which Konan had been worrying over).

        Though, the ONE problem I have with the Rinne Tensei being used is that I could’ve sworn it was said that the dead person(s) you’re using it on had to have died “recently” and, based on what we’ve seen, it seems to have been several YEARS since Madara died (and that explanation also being why Jiraiya was never revived using it along with the others of Konoha when Nagato used it; too much time passed).

    2. He came into the story suddenly and left just as suddenly.

      They should’ve just had him be the actual Madara, but being kept immortal by the Zetsu bodies. Then we wouldn’t have to suffer through this arbitrary Kakashi subplot that didn’t add anything.

    1. Kakashi has an advantage in that Obito’s Kamui won’t work on him. Kamui was Obito’s trump card and the only reason he was strong,

      And calm down. Seriously. It’s just a comic book.

    2. Tobi was never on the same league as Madara and Hashirama. The guy could barely hold against Konan (he even sacrificed an arm and an eye over their fight just to win), lost to Minato, and was practically being overwhelmed by Naruto, Bee, Kakashi, and Guy even with the power of the Rinnegan and the Tailed Beasts at his disposal.

      If anything, Kishi did right putting Tobi in his place as he’s nowhere near the same league as Hashirama and Madara. Tobi may have acted on behalf of Madara, but he’s not as powerful as Madara himself.

    3. Where did you get the ridiculous idea that Obito was stronger than Kakashi or even on the same level as Hashirama or Madara don’t be fooled just because He has the Rinnegan, something He stole from Nagato’s dead body anyway.

      PS. Admin get this guy’s name of this page, this is a no racial stereotype zone.

      K C M
  4. The fight between Obito and Kakashi surely was exciting, some old school ninja techniques to say the least, especially in the midst of a long fight involving godly/overpowered jutsus, a.k.a Madara and juubi vs the ninja army, it was good to see things done the old fashion way.

    However, Madara had to intervene to kinda ruin all, with his usual deus ex amchina jutsus. There has to be some kind of catch regarding “resurrection”, because anyone seems to be able to revive the dead just by knowing the freaking hand seals. Moreover, how can he revive if he has no body, as I recall nagato revived Konoha’s villagers because their bodies where still there, he just needed to put the souls back and heal the bodies. Anyway, I’d like to see futher explanation regarding all this, as every time Madara intervenes there seems to be a totally unknown fact that only he knows, and takes advantage of it.

    1. I know right?We actually saw ninjas using actual knives again,something that seem’s to be pretty rare in Naruto these days.Imagine the blasphemy of actual NINJAS using SHARP WEAPONS 😛

  5. Well, that was underwhelming. I expected Obito to put up more of a fight than that. The end was interesting, but now it looks like this will turn into Madara vs. every single shinobi in existance… not so sure how that will turn out.

  6. Was anyone really expecting some other kind of fate for Obito? The guy has been Madara’s puppet since he was saved, and it only makes sense that Madara would be the one to use and discard of him when the time was right.

    Kakashi vs Obito wasn’t about power, it was about beliefs. Obito was doomed to lose by virtue of the fact that he is bitter and hung up about the past.

  7. I really sympathized with Obito and some how I was hoping that He comes to His senses and stop His darth vader personality and be reformed from the dark side but I guess things need to progress and move on after all Jiraya couldn’t stop Orochimaru from going over to the dark side likewise Hashirama and Madara but let’s hope that where they all failed Naruto will succeed and make Sasuke leave the dark side and come back to the light.

    K C M
      1. Are you sure that He is completely reformed? why don’t you read from that chapter and skim all through to the current one and tell me that you don’t think Sasuke is up to something, better yet read last chapter and then you’ll see what Naruto, Shikamaru, Hashirama and Sai are seeing.

        K C M
  8. According to how this week’s chapter ended, I’m guessing that next week Obito will revive Madara Uchiha and He would proceed to be the ten tails jinchuuriki or plan to stay alive for the next ten years to cause more chaos in the ninja world.

    K C M
    1. Probably just for now, assuming he’s low on chakra. Otherwise, he can just as easily escape as Obito did as they have the same Mangekyo and able to warp and all.

  9. Called it. I’m glad that Kakashi made the decision to just be done with Obito as it bests suits Obito’s downfall as an antagonist. That clean-cut fighting was exactly how I wanted it and I’m glad that Kishi went straight into it. The only real fault is how hilariously underused the Rinnegan was to the point that Obito might as well have not had the power to begin with. Having recently watched all of Nagato’s fights again (good lord he’s such a beast), it just goes to show the difference in knowledge and experience of using that kind of power with such magnitude. The only saving grace behind such an oversight is the fact that Obito doesn’t have “enough chakra” to actually use an ounce of power from the Rinnegan (which is pretty damn funny on its own right) so I can forgive Kishi in that regard. Still, the overall idea and outcome of the matchup is fitting and I’m glad that Kishi went against people’s expectations and actually axed his character without any overt sympathy from Kakashi. Now I’m curious how this will all pan out with Madara essentially serving as the main player left (at least in terms of the Moon’s Eye Plan anyway). I mean think about it, it’s essentially becoming Madara vs. the whole friggin’ ninja world at this point.

    1. Just for reference in regards to what I said a few chapters back:

      “Personally with that mentality, I wouldn’t want to see this guy redeemed simply because it seems so fitting, hell even he admits that there’s nothing else left in him for Kakashi to feel guilty about.
      As it stands with what’s currently happening, I hope that with Obito’s constant defiance and delusional attitude that Kishi sticks with that sort of given role and mentality for him. Given that Kakashi seems to recognize how low Obito has fallen, I really hope that we won’t get some sort of full-on redemption arc for him since everything seems to fall into place much better than how the flashback initially set up the idea behind Rin’s death.”

    2. It also keeps Kakashi’s character consistent.

      Unlike Naruto, he is NOT a naive idealist. He is a hardened shinobi who has fought in a war, killing who knows how many people throughout his life, and ended up losing those closest to him in what seems like a pretty short period of time, probably just a few years from looks of it (Sakumo, his father, due to his suicide, Obito during the war, to his knowledge at the time anyway, Rin in between, and Minato, ironically, because of Obito and using Kurama to attack Konoha).

      Of course, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t TRY to change things if he believes he is able to (like trying to convince Sasuke to let go of his anger and thirst for vengeance right before Sasuke defected), but he won’t keep endlessly persisting in it if it’s clear that it doesn’t/hasn’t worked. He clearly sees the Obito he once knew and considered a friend is long gone and there’s no getting him back, leaving nothing but a shell that is an obvious threat to everyone else that he cares about, much like how Naruto had finally seen that with Sasuke with Naruto’s double-death declaration.

      1. Exactly, and it’s not like he didn’t try with Obito, rather he can simply recognize that Obito’s too far gone for him to even try and convince him at this point (especially considering how stubborn Obito remains about it while still trying to off other people left, right and center). So yeah, I don’t mind how this panned out. Personally though, I find that not every single battle has to have that huge scale fighting (that already happened before when Obito was wearing the mask anyway) and if Obito’s fight ends here, I’m content enough to say that I’m already satisfied with what’s been done with his character.

  10. Guys let us not count Obito out yet because He might still die and come back to life again and here is my theory. Remember Obito still has a Sharingan in His right eye so He could revive Madara Uchiha with His left eyed Rinnegan and use His right eyed Sharingan to apply izanagi to revive himself and of course, He’s going to lose His right eye after using that technique which means no more Kamui. I don’t know for sure if He is going to lose the Rinnegan too if He applies the rinne tensei technique but I doubt that because that is the same eye that Nagato used to perform the same technique on Konoha citizens so my guess is that after performing Izanagi He will come back with the Rinnegan but lose his Sharingan and retreat to one of His hideouts where He stock piled a lot of Sharingans and easily replace his right eye with one of them. So what do you guys think about that.

    K C M
    1. It will largely depend on if Obito even would have the chakra to do such a thing. As mentioned, he says he doesn’t have enough chakra to perform the Rinnegan techniques (hence why he used an imitation of the Six Paths with the Edo Tensei’ed Jinchuriki), so using one of the most powerful Rinnegan techniques could kill him in of itself due to sapping all of his chakra, and that’s on top of the chakra he’s used up thus far from repeated use of Kamui and fighting Naruto/Kakashi.

      Danzo also said/Karin noticed that Izanagi takes a large amount of chakra to use, so even if Obito has the chakra to use Izanagi alone, I dunno if he’d have the juice to if he somehow survives have the Rinne Tensei forcefully used.

      1. I guess you’re right, that’s what I love about you. We can always have these friendly debates, well let’s see what happens next week.

        P.S The current anime is now doing a lot of fillers to extend the current manga chapters which is somewhat of a drag but I guess it’s okay in order to prevent the anime from catching up to the manga at least the war filler episodes are better than the chikara(power) filler episodes.

        K C M
      2. Yeah, I haven’t really watched the anime all that much lately aside from the more major battles. Also haven’t kept up with filler stuff since…I think it was after the third filler with Guren and the Sanbi. Those earlier fillers were actually more generally relevant to the story in some way, so it kept me more interested.

        The first filler expanding a bit on Asuma’s background and his relationship with Hiruzen and setting us up for his death against Hidan thus making his death a bit more emotional and meaningful when, in the manga, it didn’t really mean much to me other than being a motivator for Team Ten (primarily Shikamaru). The second filler being more on the master-student relationship with Utakata and Hotaru which also emphasized the relationship between Naruto and Jiraiya, making Naruto receiving the news of Jiraiya’s death at Nagato’s hands a bit more emotional. The third filler giving us more of a clue on how the Sanbi was just sitting out in the middle of that lake to be captured by Deidara and “Tobi” and showcasing Team 8 (who, manga-wise, have done VERY little throughout Shippuden up to now).

        But then they went back to being the more dragging fillers that we don’t really care all that much about…

  11. Actually this could work for to the Ninja Alliance’s favor since
    A)Madara will be mortal again and they don’t have to contend with an already strong fighter constantly regenerating while also having an unlimited chakra supply.
    B) Because Madara would be mortal he would have a finite amount of chakra, an unknown, but presumably large, amount of said chakra going into sealing the ten tails into himself so he will presumably be weakened by the event.


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