The title says it all. Thanks to the handy dandy Fourth Hokage and his Flying Thunder God Technique (whose mark apparently stays on permanently), Madara’s attempt to genuinely revive himself fail… just to give Obito the chance he needed to become the Jinchuriki himself. And suffice to say, I didn’t see that coming. I actually thought for a moment that Madara succeeded anyway, but nope, it’s definitely Obito running around in there.

Coming off from last chapter (where a lot of people felt like Obito went down a tad bit too easily), it now it makes a bit of sense, because it seems like Obito was plotting to get maimed in the first place to free himself from Madara’s control—all to become the Jinchuriki himself. And again, while it’s an interesting twist in its own way, I’m definitely feeling a bit mixed in terms of my reactions to this. On one hand, interesting twists are always welcome… and in this way, it’s intriguing that Obito might be even more powerful than Madara at this point (a nice demonstration of his own determination compared to everyone else)… but on the other hand, it feels somewhat “meh” because there was this whole set up here to get Madara into the fight, and it looks like that’s suddenly not likely to happen for a while. I guess it all comes down to the feeling that while the next few chapters could be pretty exciting if it’s done right, it’s also possible that the ball could be dropped so to speak—and it’d just feel like the twist was just something to stall the main fight longer.

Either way, I guess we’ll see how it goes.


    1. I did find it fitting, for Minato to hear about Rin’s death, many years later, hear about the moon eye plan then later see Obito as the Uchiha that freed Kurama. Then say “I understand now.”

      I am more concerned how the 1st knows about the Rinnegan’s power to revive people.

      1. Well, Hashirama and Madara are both direct descendants of the 2 sons/successors of the Rikudo Sennin (presumably), so like how the Uchiha had the tablet that required the Rinnegan to fully decipher (the Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan only being able to read parts of it), chances are that the Senju Clan also continued to pass down the story or at least would know far more about some of the specifics of the Rinnegan than any other Clan along with the Uchiha, most of whom believed it was merely a myth and didn’t actually exist. And even then, those that believe it existed still had no clue about the existence of the Jubi.

  1. That grin Madara had when he failed indicates he saw this coming, though when they took down Obito and Sasuke got close I was prepared to see him take the Juubi and join Madara for world conquest but now it seems like we have two bad guys on odds and one just got a MAJOR power up.

    Bad guy 101: When something goes wrong in the bad guy’s plan yet he still looks confident it means he still has a few tricks left up his sleeve.

    Main question: When Obito hurled that gourd thing into Gedo Mazo to complete the Juubi those cloud people were in it too, does that mean they’re inside Obito now?

    1. The Jubi still isn’t fully complete. It only has the full power of Biju’s one through seven, but only has a small portion of eight and nine (Gyuki’s tentacle that Bee used as a henged/substitute to escape and the chakra that was absorbed by Kinkaku and Ginkaku).

  2. So what’s exactly happening on the end there? How is he suddenly the jinchuuriki? He didn’t do any hand seals or a ritual or anything. He’s just kinda lying there, the ten tails flies around, and then he’s the jinchuuriki?

    1. From what I saw, Madara was controlling him and forcing him to do the seals. Minato’s slashing of the Madara half made it so that the control would ultimately be broken, but it seems like it wasn’t fast enough to prevent the technique from activating, and since Obito regained control, he seems to have redirected the target of the technique to himself instead.

      Or something.

      1. The way that I took it, I thought that the seals that Madara was making Obito perform were for the Rinne Tensei, which made Obito’s hair go white, but Minato interrupted that jutsu so Obito regained control of himself.

        I’m also not sure how Obito became the jinchuuriki since like Bass.EXE said, it looks like he’s just laying on the ground and then it happens.

    2. What I never understood is why Madara needs Obito to revive if he also has the rinnegan plus infinite chakra at his disposal. Supposedly, Madara’s original plan was to make Obito revive him with Rinne tensei, meaning this jutsu doesn’t kill the user, otherwise Obito would have to suicide in order to bring him back, which seems highly unlikely as he wanted to take part in the Moon-eye plan. Moreover, Konan said that Nagato died because his chakra level was extremely low, not due to the jutsu. Therefore, now that Madara is already there thanks to the edo tensei, he shouldn’t need Obito at all, can’t he perform the seals, and how come a dying Obito perform a ultra high level jutsu better than Madara himself?

      1. I think part of the thing is you can’t Rinne Tensei yourself eh. And if you think about it, it’d be pretty odd if you could “revive” yourself, you know? Because then you’d be both the person using the technique and connecting yourself to a live body… which kinda seems… illogical.

        Either that, or it’s possible that part of the pre-req is that it’s guaranteed to either kill you (regardless of chakra supply) or that it might take the Rinnegan eye with it at least.

  3. Have to admit, since Minato’s revival, I had been looking forward to the possibility that he and Obito would be able to exchange more than a couple words and parting shots. If anything though, this chapter does give me hope that maybe there’s more to be said between the teacher and student and with Kakashi still alive too…Well the next couple of chapters could be something.

    P.S. Obito as the Juubi’s Jinchuuriki? No idea how it wound up happening in the end but he’s looking pretty awesome.

  4. That’s why i love Naruto. It’s like a roller coaster. One chapter you get the feeling Obito was defeated, the next he is bigger and stronger then ever. I am impatiently awaiting Madara’s reaction.

  5. I’m kind of curious. Which is the worse situation: Having Obito become the Ten Tail’s Jinchuriki or have Madara become the Ten Tail’s Jinchuriki? Both suck, but I’m going for obito since he’s all powerful and Madara is for all intents and purposes immortal. Though there’s also Orochimaru. I’m sure a scientist like him has some solution to stop both of them regardless of their power. Don’t underestimate scientists.

  6. Then again, if Madara did become the Ten Tail’s Jinchuriki, Obito would’ve been dead, and if Kakashi returns and has enough Chakra, all he’d have to do is use Kamui to warp away Madara as the Jinchuriki. Problem solved.

    1. The Rinnegan and whatever powers the (incomplete) Jubi has would most likely be able to bring him back somehow in some hax way, if Kamui even would affect him at all at such a point.

  7. I am completely lost right now on how Obito could become the Jubi’s Jinchuriki not only because of the matter of just…how in general because it just seemed to happen out of nowhere…but also in the “how” in when you consider, despite being incomplete, the Jubi is still MASSIVELY more powerful, dark, etc than any individual Biju ever was, so how could a grown man like Obito possibly be able to house such a thing without dying instantly (again)?

    And another thing that I don’t recall ever being brought up again since it was first talked about is whatever happened to the Jubi’s body being sealed in the moon? We go from that to suddenly having it like the Gedo Statue IS the body somehow.

    Kishi really has a lot of explaining to do in the next few chapters.

  8. I wouldnt mind obito being the final boss if it was to head that way; after all, a lot of obito’s conflicts represents what is wrong with the ninja system and how the pain and loss brought from it can affect someone (kinda like Nagato in a way). A final battle between him and Naruto’s gang (yup im calling them that) would represent the main conflicts within this series and would arguably be a good place for the story to head.

  9. Guys, could it be that Obito is being manipulated Madara all along and is still at this point being corrupted because I find it odd that Obito would still bear a grudge against Kakashi His old friend and someone He would clearly die for, it’s true that Kakashi failed to protect Rin and Obito has known the truth all along that Rin chose to impale herself in Kakashi’s Raikiri jutsu so that She will not unleash the three tails within Her to destroy the village(read chapter 629)at least He could have understand that no all of it is Kakashi’s fault(He even admitted that Himself) so why is He going psycho. I suspect that the chakra or the DNA from Hashirama Senju that Madara Uchiha used to heal up Tobi’s wounds were contaminated with His(Madara’s) Hatred and that’s why Obito has lost it. Just like when Madara said to Obito “you’ll come back here and then you’ll thank me sincerely”(Chapter 604). I believe He knew that Obito would be infected with His Hatred when He sees His loved ones killed and I think Obito is not His real self right now and that might explain why the black zetsu has taken over the right side of His body. Remember that Zetsu’s existence is the product of both Hashirama and Madara with the white zetsu Hashirama’s part and black zetsu Madara’s part

    K C M
  10. Wow, Fourth Hokage is OP. The seal never leaves? So he can mark u, disappear and then come back later to take ur life whenever he wants. Ofc, I guess ppl can undo the marking if they knew, but still, it’s oppppp.

  11. The very panel where the 4th marked Obito back in the flashback, I think was very much implied that Obito would be marked forever.

    I figured that Naruto would be the one to make use of the mark, but when the 4th returned, I was wondering how they would do it.

    Props to kishi… the outcome and chills from Minato when realizing that it was Obito all along was perfect!


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