「女型の巨人 ―第57回壁外調査①―」 (Onna Gata No Kyojin? ―Dai 57 Kai Kabe Gai Chosa (1)―)
“Female Titan ―57th Expedition Beyond the Walls―”

After a surprisingly “short” prelude, the 57th Expedition begins, and it’s every bit as star crossed as we expected it to be.

Generally, the episode starts off innocently enough with its great exposition of military tactics (the point is to avoid confrontation) and formations (that spectacular semi-circle)—giving a military buff such as myself quite the treat to say the least. It’s a pity that all of that goes down the drain in the blink of an eye though, as a female Titan arrives to crash the party along with dozens of her minions. And it just goes to show that even the best tactics and formations have a weakness, and that’s the inability to combat something that exceeds virtually all parameters of your anticipated plan.

Admittedly though, the plan itself (and it’s wonderfully designed system of alerting the formation of danger) likely saved a lot more lives than any other plan would’ve… but one wonders at this point if even Smith anticipated the threat that would come upon them this time around. Indeed, it can be argued that the attempt to hide Levi + Eren’s position in the formation via the spread of mis-information has failed spectacularly at this point, as the female Titan clearly knows exactly where Eren’s location in the group is. At the same time though, I can’t help but feel that Smith isn’t the kind of incompetent commander that would just underestimate the threat like this, and it makes me think that it’s entirely possible that at least part of this was planned all along.

See, judging from last week, it’s clear that he clearly anticipated some kind of internal threat or interruption to his expedition. The fact that no one knows exactly where Levi and Eren are in the formation is an obvious demonstration of this foresight, as was his cryptic comments to Eren about “who it is they’re really fighting,” and his decision to reveal the Survey Corps’ ultimate goal of going to Eren’s basement. With that said, one can’t help but believe that the use of this formation was thus either the best formation they could use given the circumstances (long distance reconnaissance with large amounts of flat ground) or intentional (or both). Considering that such a large scale formation requires a large amount of training to learn, it’s also possible that there are no alternative formations either. So what this essentially does is make the spread of misinformation the key to this equation, and it makes sense, given that it prevents any person from within the group from getting to Eren because they’ll realize that he’s not where they thought he’d be. At the same time though, it becomes quite obvious to an outsider with multiple sources of information that this is all a ruse, and arguably, it becomes obvious that the only real place to put Levi + Eren would be in the safest place in the formation.

As such, it kind of feels like Smith is pretty much painting a bulls eye on Eren at this point (and daring someone to go for him), all the while protecting him to their best ability, and also potentially limiting the amount of people who could’ve figured this information out. Of course, it’s all speculation, but it’s definitely an interesting perspective to look from, even if it turns out to be completely wrong. Just a note though, I have no interest in anyone telling me if I’m right or not (speculation is okay), so for those of you that have read ahead, please don’t go posting spoilers regarding this (or the identity of the Titan) in the comments, and note that the zero tolerance policy still applies.

In any case, the entirety of the episode was just a fabulous mixture of action, military awesomeness, and the suffering that Shingeki’s been known for. We’d already anticipated that the expedition was destined to lead to suffering before hand, but that doesn’t really do anything to lessen the impact regardless. Reiner almost biting the dust in particular made me go “whoa” in particular, and really, if this is how they’re starting the expedition off… gosh darn, it’s gonna be off the charts insanity in the coming weeks. And well, that’s about it really. This is one of those episodes where you gotta watch to get the full experience, and words can only go so far in describing the contents of this episode.

Author’s Notes:

  • Due to changes in regards to how some of my other shows get released, Shingeki posts may be released occasionally on Sunday from now on. It will still be around 24 hours post subs per my usual, but just slightly more than the few hours post subs you’ve come to expect.
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      1. I knew that he reminded me of him, not just the way they look but also from the way they act towards the protagonists. I never would’ve guessed that they shared the same VA. Thanks for that. A pleasant surprise.

    1. So, are there still people who really don’t know who the female titan is? I was just on a forum, and there were people speculating about what she is, it’s sooo obvious.

        1. Great work with your reviews my friend.

          And specially i want to thank you for doing what you can to put some control here with the comments with that people spoiling to the anime only viewers with they incredible needs for attention and to show “hey i read the manga i know what happens next!!! look im so cool!!”

          really thanks! 😀

      1. Doesn’t that female titan spot the same hairdo as “Krista” or “Christa”? The short blonde bob hair. There is no one else with that hairdo!

        But she did join the scouting team and “supposed” to be running around somewhere. And Eren’s titan does “magically” grow his hair out after transforming from Eren.

    2. EDITED: Let’s not let give the trolls a venue to flood with spoilers now. 😛

      I think most people know this whether or not you mention it, but let’s just be on the safe side eh?

    3. i find it weird that the female titan didn’t try to kill Armin or Jean but potentially could have killed Reiner.

      EDITED: Speculation, but potential spoiler material within. Read at your own risk.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. EDITED: Speculation, but potential spoilers within. Read at your own risk.

        Note to Bass.EXE: I’ve let this comment stay, but please don’t go dragging in additional things from other places when it hasn’t been specifically mentioned/asked for (even if it is speculation):

        Show Spoiler ▼

        1. I didn’t realize screencaps from previous episodes are “additional things from other places.” My bad I guess? Like, we have to wait for a character in the show to mention how someone looks before discussing anything related to their appearance? It’s not like I picked out some minute detail. I don’t know if my theory is correct. It’s just a theory, and as such I posted evidence to back it up.

        2. You used a reference from a previous episode yes, but the specifics in your theory were never mentioned previously or in the first comment from leatherhead333 either. It’s a jump from what leatherhead333 said to what your theory was, so I felt it warranted a spoiler tag in case people didn’t catch onto the potential clue you noted (and didn’t want to find out via this way). You may have thought it seemingly obvious, but please understand that a fair amount of viewers may have missed some of the potential clues, and they do not want to find out as a result of an accidental read from the comments.

          In regards to the other part… the way you phrased your comment, it seems like you got the theory as a partial consequence of discussing it/reading it else where, so my reply and edit was done to pre-emptively note that things like that may hold more spoilers than you think they do, so it would be wiser not to bring it over to here unless someone explicitly stated the same theory as you did. Apologies in advance if you didn’t mean it that way though.

        3. Show Spoiler ▼

      2. My (non-spoiler) rationalization:
        Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Actually in my case it’s even worse, cause I read the wiki instead of the manga T^T

        btw, can anyone explain to me what Armin was saying to the female titan that got it distracted?

        Just A Random Guy
        1. He was implying Eren got killed along with the right recon flank, and was yelling to Jean to avenge the death of his best-friend.

          More or less he was probably fishing for whether or not the titan is after Eren.

        2. I think Armin tried to get the female Titan to believe Eren was already dead. Or, at least, he wanted to confuse her (it ?) in turning her intelligence against her. Titan!Eren was able to understand Armin in Trost, this female Titan seems in control enough to understand humans.

        3. Regarding what Vagrant and ael said, this would also imply Show Spoiler ▼

        4. My speculation (kind of) even if it’s not a spoiler 😀
          Show Spoiler ▼

      2. I gave in after some asshole had spoiled the female titan’s identity here in the comments. Titan Eren was also spoiled here. Just too much for poor Zephyr to keep up with all the spoilers posted here.

    4. Again I can’t believe how well the studio is handling this anime.

      Subtleties hidden in the episode (which I won’t point out) that could be treated as clues yet at the same time, can be refuted by plausible explanations.


      1. I actually feel the anime has been very blatant about everything, but this medium does come with its constraints, so good job to them.

        What has got me conflicted are all the opening expositions. While it feels like a cheap way to kill time and save the budget, its masterful delivery quickly reminds viewers of the series’ tones and prepares them for another round of SnK.

        1. I’ve been wondering about that myself. As a manga reader, some of the clues come off strongly to blatant.

          But you can also say that the medium allows you to “see more” as compared to the limited scope of manga panels… also the manga wasn’t exactly that good in… paneling/storyboarding(?) that some of the scenes come off as confusing and take time to actually click.

          That said, I am genuinely curious as to just how this episode did in getting the non-manga reading fanbase to speculate on possibilities… something a hard since you really can’t tell online who actually read the manga and who hasn’t and is just baiting/trolling.

        2. I’d say the overall consensus is that this episode did serve well in causing a lot of speculation in a lot of areas. It’s relatively calm here, but that’s mostly as a result of the excessive precautions we’re taking here to try and prevent spoilers.

          With that said though, I’m not quite sure what to feel about how the show seems to be inserting some pretty obvious hints in some places and kind of knocking out some of the suspense a bit as a result. I haven’t read the manga myself, so for me, there’s a lot of things here I feel like I’d rather be surprised by rather than pretty much getting something that all but confirms something via a not so subtle hint.

        3. Would it help that the current can of worms, handled poorly (or not) is nothing compared to things to come? XD

          So far the studio does try their best to hide some of the clues from the not so keen/clever observers. In a sense making it sorta a treat or easter egg hunt for the diligent or the manga readers.

          Can’t tell which is worse, waiting a week for the next ep, or waiting a month for a manga update. x_x

        4. Show Spoiler ▼

    5. Man Armin is pretty smart to try and distract the titan by making it believe that it might have stepped on his best friend (Eren), therefore killing him. In fact, this could be a clue: how does the titan know who his best friend is? (Note: I don’t actually know who it is, but like most, I have a pretty good hunch.)
      Armin might not be your everyday badass like Reiner, but he needs some credit too :’)

    6. Watching this after reading the manga has made me wonder. Where the heck is a good place to end this anime? The only place I could think of is at the end of this arc, but if that is how they would end it, would they not show the preview for the next arc and what about what they find at the end of the arc. As this one comment I read, this show/manga is like a black hole, they don’t give you time to catch your breath. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. They wouldn’t necessarily need to show a preview at all actually. Many series have employed the mere exposition that a second season is coming so… we’ll see.

        I am admittedly worried somewhat though, because the show seems to have hinted at some future elements within things like the new OP already, and it would be pretty bad if they spoiled things via the use of a preview for the second season.

      2. The studio can end this in a high note or a low note. The high note would be as you’ve speculated, while the low note will have the team riding off while the narrator gives several closing lines about how they never expected what happens next.

        Cue Season 2 announcement with no ETA!

      3. i feel that they’ll end this with only one major reveal, or conforntation regarding the major reveal… leaving others for the second season (come on, there has to be one).

        I wonder if they’ll go the FMA: Bortherhood route where the manga and anime end at almost the exact same time, or will they go with the earlier FMA or Claymore (ugh) approach where they split off from the source material.

      1. I’d say it has the wide-spread appeal (especially to casual watchers) and popularity to make that run yes.

        Personally though, a lot of the things here are quite reminiscent of Muv-Luv (of which it has been stated it borrows stuff from), so I’m a tad hesitant to say it’d be my pick for AOTY because of that, the slightly awkward pacing toward the middle of the first season, and a few other aspects.

        With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if it does end up being the Reader’s Pick at the end of the year though (and I wouldn’t have any real problem with it).

      2. Is there really an anime of the year award? Care for a link? All I saw on the net was ORICON BD tally of sales. Nisemonogatari was way beyond any other series on sale that year. 🙂 It wont be selling that many if others are better right? >:)

    7. Anyone else catch that Reiner’s head was steaming right after the cut to the scene with him carrying Armin? We saw Titan blood steam off the cloaks in an earlier episode, but there’s no blood shown on his head in that shot. I saw that he had blood on the other side of his face when he burst out of the hand, so maybe it’s that evaporating off and the animation wasn’t being consistent?


      It’s pretty obvious Annie is the female titan, and Reiner/Bertholdt are the other titans. The female titan looks like Annie, and Annie isn’t present here. Reiner looks like the Armored Titan, although Bertholdt doesn’t really look like the Colossal Titan and I have no idea why it’s so tall when Bertholdt isn’t that tall. I guess there’s a chance Bertholdt isn’t the Colossal titan, but seeing how those 3 are always pictured together in every scene, as if they’ve known each other for a long time (and we know Reiner/Bertholdt are brothers), it’s pretty damn apparent to me..

      The female titan taking off the other direction just after Reiner’s weird scene.. yea, it’s obvious he led her in the right direction toward Eren given Armin had previously disclosed his idea of Eren’s location.

      I really dislike all the censoring in this thread, when all we’re doing is SPECULATING the incredibly obvious plot elements being THROWN AT OUR FACES. Instead you are wrapping our post in spoiler tags, basically confirming our speculation is true because you probably read the manga.

        1. I think the thumb downs are more of how he’s “lashing out” rather than the speculations posted.

          At least that’s why I flagged it down.

          There’s one way to start a speculation discussion without pissing off other readers, and there’s that.

      1. Speculations are kept in spoiler tabs I think simply because until the reveals are made, they may or may not be spoilers. It’s just playing safe.

        And simply saying “I didn’t read the manga” doesn’t mean you didn’t.

        It’s the Interwebs, trolls and spoilers abound.

        That said, maybe we should come up with a speculation tab, or a rule that speculations be kept in spoiler tabs. Also I’ve known some reviewers of SnK to disable comments completely just to avoid all the drama. LOLz

        That said, interesting theories since Eren’s titan does resemble him somewhat. But there’s nothing to say that all the human titans follow this rule.

        Also we’ve established that Armin isn’t the only intelligent character in the series, there’s also Erwin and Pixis, who’s to say that the titans don’t have someone just as smart in their ranks. (assuming they’re organized)

      2. Even if it’s “obvious” to you and even many others, that doesn’t mean every single person will catch it and figure it out (immediately). Not everyone pays attention to every little detail of an anime nor has everyone else read the manga or even the wikipedia sites and other forums that would spoiler it, so it doesn’t mean, even if you say it’s merely “speculation”, that it makes it okay.

        As Zephyr had already said above previously…

        “…I felt it warranted a spoiler tag in case people didn’t catch onto the potential clue you noted (and didn’t want to find out via this way). You may have thought it seemingly obvious, but please understand that a fair amount of viewers may have missed some of the potential clues, and they do not want to find out as a result of an accidental read from the comments.”

        So expect your post to be edited into a spoiler tag if not deleted entirely.

        1. Isn’t the entire point of commenting on an anime blog post is to give your thoughts on the episode and speculate on what you saw? That’s the the only reason I read comments in blogs, to see what people thought about the episode they just watched and what they think will happen.

      3. Instead you are wrapping our post in spoiler tags, basically confirming our speculation is true because you probably read the manga.

        I’ve already mentioned about 30 times that I haven’t read the manga. The “censor” is a just in case, because it’s hard for the general readership to determine whether or not it’s a spoiler or not. As I also stated before, it’s basically done in an abundance of caution more than anything, as even if it’s speculation, it’s possible for trollers to intentionally add in actual spoilers and say it’s “speculation” when it really isn’t. Considering how this has already happened multiple times already (along with the opposite case of trollers saying fake things and trying to insinuate it’s a spoiler), I’m taking the extra-caution route now before it gets out of hand.

        The censors are neither a confirmation or denial, and most downvotes are there because people think it’s a spoiler (whether or not this is true), so keep that in mind.

        Basically, I’m censoring some comments before hand because they could be potentially problematic and because viewers may otherwise downvote it because they’re not sure if it’s a genuine spoiler or not. Compared to being downvoted to oblivion, I think a censor is a better alternative, no?

    9. I was ridiculously scared when that crawling Titan was going after Sasha. I was worried she wouldn’t make it!

      I have been liking Jean more and more as the episodes go on. He’s developed so much since the first episode he appeared in where he was this arrogant asshole who only wanted to go to the Military Police for pure safety in the inner city. Look what happened now. He’s in the riskiest group known as the Recon Corps, and says he doesn’t want more people he never met to die. Jean from trainee days would’ve never cared one bit. Might be becoming one of my favorite characters.

      I really love how smart Armin is. All his speculations are easy to follow and comprehensible, and it’s great he entered the Recon Corps since he’s such a tactician. I just hope that for that very reason of not being very athletic will not make him a casualty.

      Another gripping episode. Whole new experience watching the anime versus reading the manga. Both are fine works in their own ways, but anime and manga utilize different qualities and aspects. Loving every moment of both experiences.

    10. I think the female titan’s colour scheme looks weird. The colour is not organic enough, therefore it feels like its getting in the way of showing ‘the beauty of the female form’. The colour, as well as some details on the abs, makes her feel more mecha than organic. It doesnt feel weird on the armored titan though, maybe because of the stereotypical contrast of male and female form.

    11. I feel like a step in Armin’s thinking was omitted? Because “the female titan is intelligent”, he concluded that “the female titan is a human like the colossal and armored titans”. He doesn’t know that the colossal and armored titans are humans, and the only evidence he has for concluding that is Eren, who is essentially anecdotal evidence. Idk, something about his logic really bothered me, since he’s supposed to be level-headed… He’s probably right though.

      Also, while I suppose the titans are sometimes given silly faces or weird running patterns to make them more creepy, I can’t take them seriously sometimes. The aberrant one in this episode made me want to giggle at how silly its gait was.

      Great episode otherwise. Watching the recon squad maneuver on a flat expanse got my adrenaline pumping and the animation was especially spectacular this week. Seeing the formation diagrams composite-ed on the still shots of characters, and the whole transitional “camera” work between those frames, was refreshing and imo executed really well.

      1. The “intelligent” types that Armin has deduced, like Eren-Titan, Female Titan, etc, they just look more “human” than other regular Titans, with their creepish grins and the “sissy” way some of them walk.

        Normal Titans snap their jaws towards their prey like sharks, and only swing their arms about to grab said prey when necessary. They basically ignore the slinging 3D devices even when it means it exposes their neck. Not the Female Titan, who swatted away any threat coming towards her way like flies, much like a human would do, and instinctively protect her weakness, much like a human would do.

        That must also form a basis for Armin’s deduction.

        1. If you remember when Eren attacked the Colossal Titan, it vanished as soon as it’s neck was targeted. Whilst I have a guess on who the Female Titan is, I’m not able to piece together why lol. Epic episode.

        2. Mhm, I understand how their intelligence is on another level from, what I guess you could call, “normal” titans, but I meant that he doesn’t really know if that intelligence is always equatable to being a human inside a titan. I’m just being anal- I took a class on arguments and reasoning this past year @___@;.

      2. Armin also concluded that their intelligent because they don’t eat people. They attack a specific point and leave. The only other titan they’ve seen in a century not eat people is Eren. So he jumps to the assumption that they must be like Eren.

      3. Simply put there is no known evidence of there being intelligent titans until the arrival of Eren. All the research, or what little they had, pointed to this.

        So after seeing a fast moving, intelligent, killing machine titan, it’s easier to relate it to something you do know exists (Eren) then to speculate that there are intelligent non-human titans around.

        If there’s something you can’t explain you usually go to experience to come up with an explanation before seeking other possible alternatives. And in the thick of the action, I don’t think he had enough time to think about the possibilities of a non-human intelligent titan and all that it might bring to the table.

    12. “I love this series so I don’t want to read any spoilers… Oh look spoiler tags… Maybe one little peak… … … … Dang it!”
      In other words I keep telling myself not to read the comments but I always do. Curiosity kills the cat but in my case the suspense and awesome feeling that comes from the anime revealing something big gets killed. Why don’t I ever learn?

        1. that explanation works only before Reined grabbed Armin, at 21:32 he clearly got no blood on his anymore, yet at 21:46 when he is running with Armin in one hand there’s still smoke coming off his entire head, explain that to me now.

        2. It could just be animation inconsistency ya know.

          In any case, just note that you’re just asking to be spoiled with the whole “explain that to me now” bit, Eidos, whether or not the aforementioned speculation is true or not. I’m not sure if you want to be or something, but aside from outright spoiling you (by either telling you you’re incorrect and why or that you’re correct and why), there’s no real way for anyone to explain anything ya know?

      1. Yes don’t, but the risk of getting spoiled gets lessened significantly after a few days with Zephyr and the gang doing the Dark Knight work, deleting or editing such spoilers and getting spoiled themselves whilst doing so.

    13. That Reiner scene made every vein in my body fidget, boil, and evaporate. I couldn’t really do anything about it, he was dead, Reiner, so fast. Every now and then I looked at the people that were dead and made sure none of them was, and I am used to being tortured by this anime, so I stood still, staring into my pc, and when he just got out of his hand, I literly jumped, OH GOD THANK YOU FOR SAVIGN REINER! lol Like Jean, we forgot that Reiner wasn’t far off from Mikasa’s strength, after all, he was second in ranking.

      I think we could recognize the titan from its eyes, but if it is so, I don’t get it. Who ever it is, I need a perfect explanation for its existence, let alone, whether the collasal titan and the other bigger one are of the same species, after all Erin did say, “it is intelligent, it knew exactly where the (thingies that through bombs) were and attacked it.” but even then, I would like to think that way, that person was appaulled and scared by the titans in precious episodes, so I still don’t want to assume its that person. I can’t wait to be ready to be shocked by next week’s episode. (NOTE: THIS IS JUST A SPECULATION, SO PLEASE DON’T GO AHEAD SPOILING IT WITH YOUR COMMENTS), tyvm. Cheers Zephyr, excellent review! M.

    14. Finally caught-up on SNK, and pretty much enjoying this current arc, compared to the horrendous last arc. So what’s up with Eren, his colleagues and their bloody mothers transforming to a stupid-ass titans.

    15. The animation quality of this episode was breathtaking. Really enjoyed it. And it’s so good to see that things now actually happen and don’t drag unlike the end of the previous arc.

    16. One thing that makes me wonder is, if the Corps know titans become less active at night, why they didn’t travel at that time? After all they want to avoid contact with the enemy, and traveling by night shouldn’t be that hard by keeping the wall at their side all the time.

      1. The thing is titans have varying sensitivity to the lack of light, as pointed out by Hanji in episode 15.
        Firstly, what time should the Corps move out then? Is 4 am at night a safe timing? What if there are still titans that are still moving even at 4am?
        Secondly, how are they going to illuminate properly at night without waking up the titans? Thirdly, how are they going to carry out the long distance formation properly then? Note that there’s no form of lighting other than the ‘traditional’ lighting, such as the use of kerosene lamp. The illumination provided by such lamps is barely enough for them to see whats directly ahead of them. This means that their long distance formation will shrink into a short distance formation, barely giving them enough warning if a titan were to strike them.

    17. apparently we’re downvoting the hell outta everyone who dares to make a speculation except the op…hahahaha..nice going

      i’m a lil freaked out by how smart and quick armin is…lil dude’s been making all the right calls since the very beginning…he’s the first to recognize eren’s strategic significance…came out with a legit plan to retake the city…figured out where to stab to get a hold of the delirious eren…asserted the female titan’s intelligence in a whim…deduced the eren’s location…and noticed her immediate behavioral change following reiner’s little stunt…he’s been able to make logical assumptions in a timely and astonishingly accurate manner under considerable duress…this kid’s a godsend…the top brasses are too blind to see the potential here…having him in command may drastically improve the survival rates of everyone on the team…hope he makes the rank soon…i’m rooting for the kid

      ohh and obligatory dat ass comment by reiner was pretty funny…

    18. I’m beyond glad to finally see the budget to this show return after what felt like 8 episodes of a slideshow, with just sprinkles of good animation thrown in every once in a while.

    19. Dear Staff of randomc, I personally think you should just disable comments for Attack on Titan. It’s pretty obvious trolls are going to come in to spoil it for everyone, it’s also an obvious to expect from public boards such as this but still.

      I also noticed a note about spoilers at the end of the article but maybe a HUGE banner (or screencap like this https://randomc.net/image/Shingeki%20no%20Kyojin/Shingeki%20no%20Kyojin%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2015.jpg) before the comments would stand out more for those unknowing (that is if you decided to keep the comments enabled)

      Just a suggestion, I’m sure a lot of people would appreciate it ~!

      1. Well how about just not reading the comments? I presume folks like you come to RC to read the writer’s take more than anything. Sure, reading/posting comments are a part of the reasons for visiting the website, too, but I’d argue that it’s the blog more than anything.

        So on that note, not condoning folks who take pleasure of spoiling for everyone else (they can’t hurt me; no amount of innuendos and spoiling can hurt me, but that’s just me :P) , but you CAN just stop scrolling after the last sentence of Zephyr’s blog, you know. I understand that you’re frustrated, but it seems rather silly to ask to disable/ban the entire comment section when you or anyone else, who wish to do so, can just stop scrolling down and read it.

        1. I actually like looking at other peoples responses to the episodes which is why I come to sites like RandomC as well as the writers comments just as you mentioned.

          I already read ahead back when Episode 2 aired (I couldn’t resist the wait) so spoilers are really no concern to me I’m speaking for those who haven’t read ahead and have the potential to get caught off guard by the one troll who’ll slip into the comments when moderation currently isn’t happening.

      2. I partly agree. Even though, I would probably not disable them completely (its part of the blog): But before being made public every comment should be checked by someone. I know that it would be reaaaaaaaally fun for this certain someone;) but this way, it would already take away even the intention to write spoilers, or “speculations” how it is called nowadays :S

    20. anyone else absolutely stoked about how awesome this anime is?
      animation quality, style, story, etc.
      the most top notch I can recall except for an OVA like gundam unicorn.

    21. Finally! Someone (Erwin) with real tactical ability! An actual plan to attempt to bypass the Titans using recon and commo. His troops even have some idea of how to fight them (take them down and then go for the kill). Not easy to do, but better than just being Titan Chow like the Stationary Guard.

      The only logical explanation for the troops not having been told the actual location of Levi and Eren is that there must be a security leak that Erwin suspects. It looks like the female Titan is as perceptive as Armin about where Eren might be.

    22. It’s a good thing I rarely read past the author’s impression, whatever is going in the comment section is a chronic problem for any show that comes from an already popular source-material. I rarely read manga and I’m sure as hell will probably never even try reading SnK’s source material, because from my little experience from reading the source-material then watching the adaptation, I’m always disappointed to the adaptation, so I decided that which ever comes first to me, I’ll stick with it.

      I feel that I will lose my interest on this show once they start revealing things, its tense and exciting to watch now because there is “mystery” in it, I have my own speculations hence I’m excited, I just hope whatever they will reveal lives up to its popularity.

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