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They’re so adorable! I want one ~
If you thought last week’s episode was cute, this one will definitely unleash maximum overload in fangirl gushing and squealing. Or maybe that’s just me… Whereas Shinku and Suigintou used to fight a lot (literally!) and their relationship in the original Rozen Maiden was a dangerous one, their dynamics in this remake are definitely a lot more toned down and less serious. It’s obvious that the two don’t get along due to differences in priorities, but it’s still clear on some level that they’re going to fight fairly. I think the “quality” time that they spent also did them some good since a lot has happened since “Wound”-Jun met Suigintou and Shinku. I wasn’t expecting a hair-pulling, water-spraying catfight… but if there was any fanservice for me in this show – oh my god! it had to be seeing the dolls wrapped up in towels. Their facial expressions and hair and just overall tone of defeat (for now) was the highlight of the episode for me. Gotta love my odd obsession with Rozen Maiden. There’s just something about it that makes me look forward to it every week.

And for those people that probably aren’t quite as obsessed with naked dolls as me…
There’s some steady development in the love department between Jun and Saitou too. So much so that the store manager has noticed and is starting to creep me out to a large degree. I thought he was going to be a write-off character since he’s not even given so much as a name, but perhaps he’s going to play a bigger role that everyone gives him credit for. After all, he can read minds! Then there’s Saitou, who’s starting to become a bit bland to me. I think she’s a lovely character and her personality suits Jun very well and she’s even helped assimilate him into society (haha! I make him sound like a domestic animal). However, besides the creepy doll that oddly resembles Kirakishou, I don’t really know how much value she’s adding to the show. Romance was supposedly to be the sub-genre, but somehow I feel it surfacing more frequently now. Not that I’m complaining…

Speaking of Kirakishou, I figured that it was probably her sending Jun the additional doll kits. At first I was hoping that it would be a kit to complete Suiseiseki, but after finding out that two dolls can’t exist for only one Rosa Mystica, that doesn’t seem likely. The only logical explanation (and seeing as Kirakishou knows of Jun’s existence and “powers”) would be that the parts sent to Jun are to build Kirakishou. I would assume that her plan is to have Jun build her a body to exist in “some” world and then the “Unwound”-Jun’s world would take over as the actual timeline, thus probably eliminating the “Wound”-Jun’s world. Does that make sense? I’m not sure where that leaves all the Mediums that she’s locked up (including Megu). It’s likely that Kirakishou has bigger plans up her sleeves other than simply existing outside the N-Field. And what is up with that replica doll in the theater?

For some heart to heart, I actually feel bad for Jun and all the efforts that he’s put into caring for Shinku. She is not the easiest person doll to work with and it sucks more that she’s constantly reminding Jun of how he’s so unlike the “Wound”-Jun. Shinku can be a little inconsiderate that way… but I also understand how she feels – probably miserable because she can’t help her sisters/Medium and also a bit responsible for what’s happened so far. Shinku’s chat with Suigintou also pulled a few heartstrings because Suigintou was really trying to provoke her. It worked… but Shinku must’ve felt very torn taking Hinaichigo’s Rosa Mystica. She doesn’t want to fight to “win” against her sisters if it means taking away their life. Much like the original anime, I think Shinku wants to find her own way to win that doesn’t risk the lives of the dolls around her.

I was hoping to see more of Suiseiseki or the other dolls, but it seems like they’re all still trapped in the N-Field… but wait! I see hints of Kanaria in the next episode! That and the return of Nori! I think they’re likely going to jump back to the “Wound”-Jun’s timeline to explain what’s going on with him. Either that, or it’s a flashback – but I’m willing to bet on the former.

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  1. let the wild guessing begin:

    1. The new “Jun who wound” is a fake and is in fact Kirakishou and he’s encouraging adult Jun to make the new doll so that she can enter that world and go after Suigintou and Shinku…cause I mean come ON since when Jun could make living dolls like Rozen?

    2. The Shinku in the no wound world is a fake herself and she can only act and behave like the original because Kirakishou has her rosa mystica, this is wildest guess and this Shinku is in fact Kirakishou herself.

    3. A new anime original doll character will be made

    4. It might be either Souseiseki or Hina Ichigo?

    5. Considering the new books decorated with violet roses could it be…Barasuishou? If that’s the case could it be that this Jun might become Enju?

    Wild guessing end.

    Shinku and Suingintou really do look like squabbling sisters, man why can’t they be friends? They get along better than they think. They’re just so adorable together.
    That manager might look stupid and annoying but man he’s a lot sharper than I thought…he figured Jun inside out…damn I was waiting for Jun to punch in the face.

  2. I’m a bit confused on the significance of the storybook tale about the girl who received the doll from her uncle, interspersed between scenes in each ep so far. Is it supposed to represent some kind of theme?

  3. U aren’t the only one Cherrie. When they showed that scene of Suigintou and Shinku sitting like that while wrapped up in towels…. It was just too damn ADORABLE!!! I swear, if they made some kinda figurines of the 2 of them with that pose, I’d totally buy it 😀

  4. From this episode, I would highlight the work of Sawashiro Miyuki and Tanaka Rie. For example, the scene just before they start pulling each others hair was mainly a fight of words and the voice acting there was incredibly good in my opinion. I’m so glad the dolls have these amazing seiyuus.

  5. Im sorry but the previous 2 seasons have been much better than this, this season is just boring, the focus in Jun private life is just boring and annoying, its not either funny nor important, it got a bit better since Shinku and Suigintou arrived but im hoping to see more of the other dolls soon (specially Kanaria my favorite doll)

    1. I agree that I could care less about his love life. He might as well not be in the show at all, since it’s all about the dolls.
      While I liked the interaction between the two dolls, the story isn’t really moving forward though. Apart from counting down the days, Shinku isn’t doing anything. I’d like to see some real development soon.

    2. Kanaria will appear next episode so no worries. I don’t think Jun is very interesting right now… but I’m sure there’s a purpose to the play and Saitou. I also hope this doesn’t drag out anymore because he’s starting to come off as whiny and needy (in respect to not having his own doll and Shinku kind of ignoring him) >_>

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