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There seems to be a lot of debate over Rozen Maiden in terms of its focus on Jun versus the dolls. I’ve read a lot of comments here and there that like the focus on Jun’s personal life (and his job and his “girlfriend”) and it’s what makes the series feel more like a slice-of-life. I’ve also read a lot of comments that prefer to see more Shinku/Suiseiseki/Suigintou etc. and the Alice Game because well… quite frankly Jun’s life isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. For those of you that fall into the latter category (myself included), what you have to remember is that the main protagonist of the story is Jun. He’s the star of the show and this story is about how the dolls help him grow and develop and change as person as a result of being thrown into the Alice game. In the previous series, there was a strong focus on the dolls and although it was more light-hearted, it was a “slice-of-life” as a Rozen Maiden doll, not so much Jun. A lot of people liked that because we got to see a lot of moe action and Kun-kun shows and it really pushed Jun aside. So much so that he feels like a side character or an accomplice to Shinku rather than the other way around. As bland and dull as Jun can be, the primary focus of the show should be on him. The rest of the dolls should be used to flesh out his character.

Now I never said that Jun didn’t have his faults. I find him rather boring to watch because he’s kind of a boring person in general. He doesn’t socialize (much) and he doesn’t feel the need to focus on school either (like other students should be in university). Worst of all, I get a vibe that he feels like he’s different so he doesn’t have to go through all these trials that normal adults-to-be have to go through. When in fact, all teens and preteens go through the same bumps along the road to adulthood. Everyone gets bullied and made fun of, and everyone handles it differently. Jun just happened to get publicly humiliated (although in hindsight, I’m sure a lot of people would be proud to have such an artistic talent) and took it rather badly. I think a lot of your character is also built upon how you respond to these issues and how deeply you let it impact you. Growing up, everything seemed like it was a big deal to me – from failing tests to getting rejected and all the gossip (dam*… so much gossip). Everything was equally as important and I treated everything like it was a BIG fu*king deal. Well newsflash to Jun – it’s not that bad. You grow up, and you learn that you’re always going to have issues to deal with and it’s how you react to them that helps you become a better (or worse) person. I think he’s starting to slowly realize that and the flashback is supposed to indicate that he does feel like he should’ve done differently. Too bad you can’t change the past Jun – creating a new doll is not going to change anything in the past. It will however, change your future (and possibly everyone else’s) so beware. If Jun was my brother, and I’m talking to you, Nori (Rikimaru Noriko), I would take it as my responsibility to help him back on his feet.

That’s why despite a lot of the lower points in the series, I still find myself very glad that Jun has Shinku (and Suigintou) to stand alongside him. It’s the dolls that make the show for me so when Jun purchased a book for Shinku, I felt so glad that he made an attempt to connect with her. I felt that her method of unwrapping was a little awkward (you tear from the edges sweetie, not the middle) but the look on her face actually showed some appreciation for Jun. Now the mysteries behind the random chunks of story are solved! I always thought it was Shinku’s background story that Rozen gave her or somehow it’d be a giant metaphor for the show… but you never know. Suigintou and Jun also had a heart-to-heart conversion this week. Not nearly as emotional as the prior scene, but it was Jun’s way to show that he was willing to play along with Suigintou if she lowered her guard a little. The Wound-Jun was always a big advocate of getting along (he didn’t like the idea of killing another doll), so it’s nice to see that part of him still exists. If you haven’t seen the original series (or read the manga), this scene was very reminiscent for me and reminded me of Suiseiseki’s contract with Wound-Jun. Jun is shown to hold a lot of energy to become a medium for two dolls and it’s quite unusual since most mediums are drained with just one. There’s a lot of speculation as to why and how but I don’t think there was ever a concrete answer.

The latter half of the episode brought back Wound-Jun and Kanaria (Shimura Yumi) locked inside the N-Field with nothing but a computer (how convenient!). The only person that Jun is able to communicate with is Kusabue Mitsu (Kawase Akiko), Kanaria’s medium and he seems to be having a one-way conversion with Unwound-Jun. This solves the mystery as to the who is sending Unwound-Jun text messages. Although it was never explicitly stated, the animation indicates that Kirakishou has Jun wrapped around her thorns tightly. That means that the doll that he’s making is likely going to be a body for her. Wound-Jun isn’t aware of this, but he’s a smart cookie… he can tell that there’s something wrong with Unwound-Jun and his theories are spot on. Now the question is, what is he going to do about it?

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  1. Im sooo glad Rozen Maiden is back in the light. Rozen Maiden was 1 of my first 10 animes I watched back in 2008 :P. The manga adaption is amazing in an ‘artsy’ way. Will be getting the Blu-ray release the pic & effects will be awsome 😛

  2. Ah finally someone in this series pointed out Suigintou’s true nature; she just ACTS evil but there’s nothing evil about her. I laughed when Adult Jun so casually remarked on Suigintou’s behavior without even batting an eye. But on the new doll matter; the other Jun wonders if Laplace no Ma is one sending Adult Jun parts and if it’s him I can’t say 100% that the new doll is going to be Kirakishou herself.

    This week we had a weeeee bit of fourth wall breaking; Laplace no Ma actually spoke to us regarding the N-Field and all the doors it contains.
    Highlight; Suingintou eating pokey…MOE! And then being told off and getting flustered; Tsundere! But were the Rozen Maidens this tiny? I mean look at the size of that pokey compared to Suigintou I don’t think they were this tiny in the old series.

    Speaking of which we’re already at episode 7, if this is going to be 12 episodes I think the pacing might be a bit too slow to make an impactful ending. unless like the old series there would be a season 1 and 2.

    1. It’s true, in the original anime the dolls are closer to the size of a toddler. It’s funny because I actually remember while I was watching the first series that for dolls they were kind of big. Their new size seems to better reflect the fact that they’re living dolls not children. I also like how Suigintou’s current personality follows the manga better.
      Also, like Cherrie said, as of yet there’s only been speculation as to why Jun is able to pull off what he does. I think they’ve hinted at similarities between Jun and Rozen, but even so they may have only been referring to his abilities.
      I’ve always wondered what kind of person Rozen was, considering the series has his name in it, at this point he’s still completely shrouded in mystery.

      1. I think the previous anime hinted that Jun was a reincarnation of Rozen because of his unique abilities to sew really well (and he could bring dolls back to life). I don’t believe this is the same case in this remake. The previous anime had a lot of original material so it’s possible that it was an anime-only fact.

        I think it’d be pretty cool if Jun was related to Rozen somehow or perhaps knew him in a previous life or something. Laplace is probably a hint as to what makes Jun so special… although that rabbit only speaks in riddles! >=(

  3. So basically, this show got it right this time round by focusing on the actual main protagonist and not some moe-blob doll, and people are complaining? Go figure….

    Having said that, this gives me sufficient reason to actually check this series out now. The previous iterations were crap in my opinion, so if the fanboys are complaining about the lack of otaku-pandering in this, then it HAS to be somewhat good.

    1. I don’t think people are complaining, but it does have a different focus than the older series. I’m not one that watches moe all the time but I still enjoyed the older one. On the other hand, I like how this one is different and it’s more “realistic” and haunting in a way – does that make sense? lol =S I think this series sticks truer to the second manga series so at least people can appreciate that ^^

      1. It’s true, both series give off a different feel. I’m a fan of both actually. I enjoyed the lighthearted atmosphere and vibrant color palette of the first season. But, I also enjoy the darker feel and more subdued palette of the new season. Although there are times I miss the comedic elements that were more prevalent in the original, I really do love the new visual style of this one. The use of browns, deep reds, and forest green tones…definitely give off that ‘antique’, slightly German, and Gothic feel.
        I do appreciate the focus on Jun though, since in the original series he always felt a bit more like a side character rather than the protagonist. It’s kind of impressive actually that you can have two series with the same name, subtitles excluded of course, and still have such different impressions of both. IMHO anyway.

  4. It’s quite obvious that Unwound-Jun is making Kirakishou’s new body. I wonder why, when Kirakishou already stole another doll’s body, since she is the 7th Rozen Maiden, and just an astral idea, at that. Shinku stated that Unwound-Jun could only make a temporary vessel for her, compared to Rozen. I guess we’ll see what sort of head the new doll gets…missing an eye, perhaps?

    1. I think Kirakishou might need a body of her own that exists outside the N-Field. Kind of like how Shinku escaped the N-Field by placing a Rosa Mystica in her new body. I don’t think Kirakishou can just take Hinaichigo’s because once her Rosa Mystica disappeared, so did her body? Or maybe that was just Shinku’s dream and it didn’t really happen =(

  5. I really liked how you talked about Jun being a bit boring and thinking hes better than everyone, you touch some good points that i didnt realized, i complained about Jun last week and oh boy i got downvoted so much (The hate makes me STRONGER), but i guess ultimately you are right, Jun is the main protagonist, its just that this season is so different from the last two it just feels like a slice of life anime like you pointed out, but i really liked this episode, Jun is starting to feel less annoying, the plot moved even if just a bit, Kirakishou evil plan is revealed and Kanaria finally appeared yay, hope next episode is as good as this one.

    1. LOL! Don’t take the downvotes seriously 😛 but don’t worry, I’m sure people like myself also rather see more dolls – my favorite is Shinku =3
      I like the younger Jun more than the older one though so I’m glad that they showed him a bit… even if it was brief lol

    1. Which universe do you come from? o_o Bullying isn’t just physical abuse anymore, cyber bullying is a pretty big issue these days (trolls do it all the time online). It’s not just kids either that suffer from bullying. Adults suffering from it at work and being a target of racist/sexist comments etc. I know that there are variations of how extensive the bullying is, but it still IS bullying, so how can you say that not everyone’s been bullied sometime in their life?

      1. ” I know that there are variations of how extensive the bullying is, but it still IS bullying, so how can you say that not everyone’s been bullied sometime in their life?”

        And scale makes a huge difference,it’s not just a detail.I really don’t like like using the same word for what I went through (was made fun of by a group of 3-4 kids for being a foreigner) as for what someone like Amanda Todd went through.

      2. I’m glad that someone can relate then =) well… not glad, quite upsetting actually T_T I got bullied a lot when I was in middle school – especially cyber bullying because the Internet just exploded and all the kids were using it. It sucks and I agree that the impact that it has sticks with you for life. Amanda Todd was a really sad example and I think it goes to show just how serious and extensive it can get. The video is so heartbreaking =(

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