This week on Naruto, the Infinite Tsukuyomi countdown has finally been activated, and the the final form of the Ten-Tails (Shinju) reveals itself. Interestingly enough, the reveal of this final form also gives us some other answers as well—the most important of which was what was written on the Uchiha tablet. And I gotta say, I didn’t expect this answer to come at this juncture, but it’s a pleasant surprise if I’ve ever seen one.

As it turns out, the tablet basically describes the creation of Shinobi and how the concept of chakra essentially came forth from mankind seeking a greater power. This power itself came from the consumption of a forbidden fruit of sorts—which was consumed by the mother of the person who would become the Sage of Six Paths—Ootsutsuki Kaguya. With that said, it suddenly becomes quite interesting to note that Kimimaro from a little while back was part of the Kaguya clan too… and the whole story ends up actually somewhat nice in terms of how it links to war and conflict repeating over time. Basically, the weapons change but the act of fighting amongst each other hasn’t, and it’s arguably something that can be applied readily to real life too.

Still, despite the interesting nature of the revelation, I can’t help but feel like it’s a bit of a hit and miss as well. For one, the large amount of references to other sources (Adam and Eve anyone?) makes it lose some of its novelty. Furthermore, the concept it brings up regarding fighting across history as a human thing isn’t exactly new either, and the fact it has been used or mentioned in many other previous works also takes away somewhat from the overall enjoyment. And while I personally did find this chapter a pleasant surprise, I reckon a fair amount of you out there probably didn’t feel the same, just because the revelations may or may not have had the same impact on you depending on who you are.

Either way, that’s about it I guess… and well, let’s just say time’s really ticking now that the “final countdown” is on. Admittedly, I’m wondering what exactly Madara’s going to try doing though, as his assertion that he’ll be the person to complete the Tsukiyomi could give us a very interesting twist in the future (perhaps he’ll end up taking down Obito himself somehow?). Guess we’ll see how that goes.


  1. Third Hokage finally do something!

    And I love how the Jyuubi’s tentacles that are supposedly sapping chakras out of the shinobi army make them turn into dry plums. I was under the impressing that chakra isnt really your life energy, and was more like chi or ki, or whatever you wanna call it. Basically energy used for techniques. Its like everyone got all the water in their body drained.

  2. Now this was more like it! Plot progression, relevant backstory, and a real sense of danger were all present in this chapter. The important players all got a bit of the limelight, and the fodder did something useful even if it was just dying. I’m quite happy with the backstory, it explains how people were able to survive when the Juubi was free and I found the biblical/mythological themes enjoyable. Side note, Ootsutsuki is the princess’ family name, not Kaguya. It really helped explain Madara’s actions; if two demigods couldn’t make a peaceful world, what chance did he and Hashirama have? However, his first change of heart when he was a kid is still confusing to me. It also ties in nicely to Hashirama’s powers; Kish really has a thing for trees.

    Things finally seem to be moving, and considering that next week is a 21 page with color I’m really looking forward to it! I’m pretty sure everyone’s wondering if we’ll get to see the infinite tsukiyomi, and if someone will eat another fruit…

    1. I’m only a bit confused on just WHEN Madara was able to learn all this.

      I mean, by his own words, he only achieved the Rinnegan shortly before his death (whether he means his “death” against Hashirama or whenever he actually died after finding Obito, I dunno), and it was said that one required the Rinnegan to be able to fully decipher the tablet while the Sharingan and (Eternal) Mangekyo Sharingan could only decipher a portion of it. And considering he was only recently revived by Kabuto, there doesn’t seem to be any point in time where he would’ve had time to be able to read it (since it was said to be at the Uchiha Clan’s secret hideout), so I can only guess that he must’ve had his own copy or something.

      1. Well he already had the Rinnegan as when he found Obito during the flashback he mention already transplanted his eyes to Nagato, so we can asume it was after his supposed death when he fought Harashima

  3. OK so the Juubi turned into a massive rampaging monster because someone ate one of its fruits? Damn talk about overreacting. I feel bad for Obito though because most likely the moment he thinks he has succeeded it probably won’t be Naruto or one of the good guys who says nope…it would be Madara himself with the final punchline; “This was my plan kid, I worked for it for half a century now be a good boy and go die in a ditch somewhere.”

    I do wonder which one of the two will end up topping the other; either Madara’s trump card will work and he will take control of the Juubi, kill Obito and become its new Jinchuriki or Obito will obliterate Madara when he tries to take over. I think Madara will come in top and Obito will likely die regretfully with Kakashi at his side to hear his last words.

    1. OK so the Juubi turned into a massive rampaging monster because someone ate one of its fruits? Damn talk about overreacting.

      Well the same could be said of the Abrahamic god as well. He’s so pissed off that he requires baptism to wipe out the “original sin.”

  4. While the reveal itself may give us answers, it also opens a can of worms with the whole chakra thing.
    If the chakra powers came from the fruit, the line of that sage should’ve been the only ones being capable of using chakra, in turn restricting it to a single blood line.
    But instead, after the sage was born and became the jinchuuriki for that ten-tails, everyone was suddenly capable of using chakra with the lessons of the sage?

      1. Sakura is pretty much that example. She comes from a civilian family line and, like a civilian, started out with very small chakra stores because of that, but with training, was able still utilize her chakra and make her own stores grow.

    1. It could simply be that the sage lived long enough ago that a good percentage of people are descended from him. Heck, look at how many people are descended from Ghenghis Khan. It would also explain the organization of shinobi into clans before villages, and why the majority of people (including the feudal lords) don’t use chakra at all.

    1. Oh believe,I would too but I’m not holding my breath on that as I honestly don’t see what he could do at this point.Too many overpowered individuals on the field,and while he used to be one too,he really doesn’t feel like one compared to these guys.

    1. It’s definitely possible he’s not related at all, but I figured I should mention it at the very least, considering the fact that many times up until now, when you’ve heard a similar name, it has tended to be related eh.

  5. This turn out to be worst… Really.
    I don’t expect Naruto originated from some “Magical Land” far far away.


    feels like playing some old SNES RPG… Mana tree… lack of originality.

  6. oh whatever, I think the only chakra that is missing for naruto to become the sage of six paths is shukaku’s, probably Gara will give Naruto some of its chakra. Besides, my opinion is that greatest villain will be Orochimaru after he takes Sasuke’s body over

  7. Hmm, am I the only one that thought of the Tree of Might from DBZ when the whole giant tree with a fruit that gives great power came along? I’m confused as how the hell that small ass tablet has all that information written on it as well. Curious as to why only the Uchiha has this relevant information about the Sage while the Senju seem to have jack yet still be descendants of him. Guess the author truly does love the Uchihas more. Still waiting to see Sasuke die though I know it’s not likely.

  8. What really bothers me is that we’re currently seeing the final form of the ten tails, but both the 8 and 9 tails are still with their respective hosts, wtf?! This may come into play though, the 10 tails might not have enough chakra or is not able to fully utilize it’s powers due to not being truly complete.

  9. If anyone watches the anime shouldn’t one of Naruto’s classmates be dead by now?

    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. What is it with these manga Artists and fruits, really I would have expected a little creativity here because this is where it’s getting freaking ridiculous, EO’s(One Piece) devil fruits and now MK’s(Naruto) chakra fruits I sure hope that HM(Fairy Tail)doesn’t use fruits to explain why Mages have Magic abilities. However I still think all the above Shounen Mangas and Animes rock.

    K C M
  11. There’s probably no connection between Kimimaro and Kaguya. It seems that Kaguya is of the Ootsutsuki clan, and Kaguya is the given name, rather than Kaguya being the Family/Clan name.


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