「革命未明 (Silent Party)」 (Kakumei Mimei (Sairento Paati))
“Dawn of a Revolution (Silent Party)”

“The idealist says, everyone is born equal.
We are all of equal worth.
The sportsman screams, no effort goes unrewarded.
Work hard for your dreams.
It’s about how you play the game.”

And so the question remains: Is this true or not? Can hard work beat talent? Arguably one of the more touchy topics for many, it’s also a topic that doesn’t exactly have much in terms of right answers. Because ultimately, it’s been proven that in some cases, hard work can indeed eclipse talent. At the same time though, one can’t deny the fact that there are also natural born geniuses (savants are one such category) whose capabilities just can’t be matched by some even with hard work. Then there’s the notion that one possible to combine hard work and talent, the fact that one can also choose not to believe in such a thing as natural talent in the first place, the view that “above a certain point, extra IQ points don’t necessarily translate to any real world advantage” (Malcolm Gladwell)… and well, it’s no wonder that this has been a concept we’ve been grappling with for a while now.

Either way though, this week shows just exactly what view Aritomi holds, and we get what ends up being a somewhat reasonable explanation in regards to why he hates the “Esper Level System.” Nostalgia of Guilty Crown’s Void Ranking System aside, it’s actually quite interesting to note that esper levels are essentially determined mostly at birth. How the powers develop and the control one has of it aren’t though, but in the context of the “power hierarchy,” it’s pretty much a fact that the level you’re born into will determine a lot of what you end up doing and the places you go in Academy City. With that said however, that’s pretty much all he has going for him, as virtually everything else he ends up spouting just reeks of self-justification and a mind that’s gone off the deep end. Because when you justify what’s essentially terrorism by saying “new ideas are always taken as heretical to begin with, so we need to provide a live example,” there’s just no other association to label you with. And as much as I can see where he’s coming from in terms of his base motivations, those motivations have been twisted into something completely unrecognizable, and he’s officially turned into one of the most annoying villains I’ve seen in a while.

Still, despite this notion, I have to say that I quite enjoyed this episode (and am coming to like this arc) regardless. Because although this arc has been lacking somewhat in terms of the execution and overall strength compared to the Sister’s Arc, it’s clear the amount of effort they’re trying to put in to this one, as there’s a boatload of references to and continuations of things we got in the previous arc. Sure, some of them are a hit and miss, but generally it’s been nice to see how Misaka’s learning from her mistakes by deciding to ask her friends for help (TEE-HEE) and how she’s now teaching Shinobu those same lessons. Furthermore, it’s great to see how there’s a unifying theme linking both arcs in terms of the past coming back to haunt both Misaka and Shinobu, and how they’re clearly trying to distinguish the line between nobility and stupidity when it comes to taking responsibility for something from one’s past.

Ultimately, what we get is a set up for an ending that’s likely to send off the series with an impressive bang. Everyone’s getting into the party as the final confrontation arrives, and really, there are fewer fitting ways to send off a series like this than with a great show of friendship and solidarity in the face of 20,000 (IT’S OVER 9000!) powered suits. After all, as Misaka and Touma like to say:

It can’t be a happy end unless everyone is smiling when it’s all over.
It’s my dream to back home smiling without having lost anything.


ED6 Sequence

ED6: 「Infinia」by 三澤 紗千香 (Misawa Sachika)



  1. So STUDY have long resented that espers got the fame and recognition while intellectuals like Aritomi are ignored. And the trigger that made them proceed project Chemicaloid was none other than Gensei himself, who belittled STUDY’s ideas as a “Summer Science project”.

    With Anti-Skills unable to help them fight against STUDY’s mech army and their plan to show the world that science not birthright creates espers, Team Railgun must face them themselves as they also rescue Shinobu, Janie and get the neutralizer data.

    The finale is going to be action packed. And i hope Team ITEM gets involved since Team Railgun can’t fight all of those mechs themselves.

    1. why don’t they wait and See ALester Crowley and kihara kill squad for once , revolution in Academy city?lol “STUDY” too much is bad! Even Kihara Lifeline got mech with gun, and Touma definitely useless here, I wonder why Misaka don’t hire ITEM for fun .

  2. Finally, Mikoto drops the “idiot always going alone” ball. Bonus points for overcoming her drug-induced paralysis via ESP. Aritomi, you dont get to level 5 without some serious IQ and imagination… And it is you who has picked up the idiot ball – first by leaving Mikoto alive, and then by accepting Shinobu’s surrender saying that she has lost all hope and believes the STUDY will win. Have you done any basic research into pragmatic villainry?
    Anyway, finale looks like it will be action-packed. “Says in Nunotaba’s Engrish “Spectacularly!” “

    1. “the “idiot always going alone” ball”

      Because bringing them to defeat Accelerator would have turned out well? There is a reason non-combatants are normally not brought to the battlefield.

      1. They could have made some useful advice, and at least talking to them would have eased her mind considerably… preventing her despair and suicidal plans.
        This time fortunately, enemy is not on the scale of Accelerator backed up by someone VERY HIGH in the city hierarchy (I suspect entire lvl 6 shift project got the approval of the board of directors at the very least, considering access to the orbital supercomputer and manipulation of surveillance cameras).
        I am expecting to see some surprising moves since everyone used their family/friends/connections – that can influence the upcoming battle more than abilities of our team Railgun members themselves (save of course for Mikoto, and maybe Kuroko/Kongou who are both lvl4 if I remember right)

    2. Misaka isn’t dumb , she is lost without Touma and well if you call touma to fight esper or Megicain it’s almost 80% win rate , but calling touma to Mech fight, he can’t beat mech.
      It’s about fighting together , the reason misaka have to go all out alone is , she is fight against the city itself and Accel. But now against the obvious bad guy is much more easier(transparent) anyway!

    3. I read another comment of you , and I understand that they all pull their super connection like that but seriously , it’s really a different matter , while study and co. is only kinda wannabe darkness , lv 6 shift project is no joke (at all) the project which violate the accord of cloning , experiment in back alley , deployment of ITEM , ACCELerator , Kihara involvement , one lab destroy bam 10 pop back up, Kihara’s family (except 2)are the most powerful darkness after Alester Crowley , of course she can talk to other people but that’s all about it , she can’t drag anybody in to that , it’s the fight against Academy’s city top brasses ,if i remember correctly after touma beat accel, he even had to get out of the town(AngelFell event),Misaka decision is correct , your friend can give you tips and all but not in that case , she can’t tell her mother either ,they would be murder (ex:GROUP Index 2) the only person she could consult is Touma and Heaven conciliar (but she didn’t know who?!). The sister event is crucial and one of the hardest arc to resolve ever (cuz she can’t do it by herself and can’t get anybody involve) the experiment cost like more than 10000 of life already if we add 10 person hell just like when Styl and kanzaki conversation dragon breath night! “I have call the top brass , we can make him disappear , without any problem at all.” lol Don’t mess with the Kihara’s ! (In Railgun 1 Misaka kick , that bitch’s ass with frog doctor support and manage to lock her away , Anti-skill , judgement can’t do shit! in this arc it’s normal corruption , not abuse of power by kihara . and you know even if Misaka doesn’t do anything next week ep. those study would disappear (revolution,really lol) Academy city have everything empty powersuit with no gun lol Kihara lifeline mech is more op

      1. While I assume fully mobilized Academy City would easily exterminated the animated droids of the STUDY (heck they have won the Show Spoiler ▼

        !) , they would be doing a lot of damage before going down – as in, at least hundreds of dead people if set to “kill anything that moves” order. And thats exactly why Misaka and co. are intervening – oh and to save a pair of lolis. And Shinobu.

    1. no clue how to read this when put together this way. but generally 高飛車 means ojou-sama characters that talk down on others. She may started out that way, but you realize she’s just trying to cover up her weaknesses and her genuine and pure intent really comes out.

      she made her way into one of my favorite railgun girl since season 1.

      1. just take it the good way. I don’t look at “Ojou-sama”in anime as someone who smack talk a lot but as one form of tsudere (I really want to call aradere~) and Mitsuko is basically ojou-sama for her fortune and all and i realize perfectly well that she is just hinding her weakness and all but don’t get it wrong , I have only good opinion about her. She is the best kind of ojou-sama (have real friend , think before she speak , don’t hesitate to go into trouble, love snake and don’t disgust dead animal , don’t act all mighty and when laughing use a fan to hid her mouth-that’s good manner)== CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!over 9000

  3. i am just Happy, that my Speculations are not all “fail shoots”. Until now, my “bullet” with Shinobu was not that false. Or some peoples comes here to get some inspiration 🙂

    Well, it is a win win situation. We inspire them, and they give us the Anime

  4. While I think there are legitimate complaints about this arc, this episode improved my opinion of it significantly.

    I was worried that Aritomi’s talk of talent vs hard work would spill the beans early about Show Spoiler ▼

    but it looks like my worries were unneeded.

    1. True it’s probably not gonna happen anytime within this year or next, but to be fair to Arcad, he’s only saying he’s looking forward to the day it does happen, which is not totally impossible in the further future. So I don’t see why he deserves to be downvoted for that.

  5. For some odd reason, I want Nunotaba Shinobu to die at the end; like a final penance but she’s content with it. I don’t hate her, I love her but I would want a dramatic end for her like a sacrifice to save Febri and Janie! I get the feeling though we’re just going to get a happy ending for all! She just needs to kill all the STUDY members with a grenade!

    Micheal Ford
  6. Sure, some of them are a hit and miss, but generally it’s been nice to see how Misaka’s learning from her mistakes by deciding to ask her friends for help (TEE-HEE) and how she’s now teaching Shinobu those same lessons.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Gaze of Providence
      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        Gaze of Providence
    1. Mikoto didnt ask anyone for help in the remmnant arc for the simple reason that 1.that is a situation i believe Mikoto wants to keep her friends out of and 2. the existence of the clones along with the level 6 shift project is not suppose to be public news. All this arc is showing is that Mikoto is learning how to ask for help; its not guaranteeing that she’ll do that every single time, but that she is slowly learning how to rely on others. Besides, there is no point in the raildex narrative that specifically says “this is the point in time where Mikoto learns to ask for help” (as in her asking for help has never been made out to be a plot-defining moment for her character like this arc has done) so if this original arc wants to develop Mikoto’s character further, as character development is something Kamachi does a piss-poor job at, I say all the power to them. And Show Spoiler ▼

      . I have yet to see any contradictions to Mikoto’s character

    2. I think because the remnant arc is related to the level 6 shift project which exposes one of the dark side of the city. that’s why mikoto did not ask them for help. it involves going against academy city

  7. I wish Touma could really come back from his ‘holiday’ to give Aritomi a good beating, while preaching the unlimited potential of Level 0s. Either that or Saten should give Aritomi a good home run beating.

    1. Touma wouldn’t be able to help even if he wants to. He’s out of town by the beachside with his family (in order to keep him from harm’s way now that he’s got the uneviable title of “The One Who Defeated Accelerator”).

      Though as Kuroko right now still doesn’t yet have Obama’s body, it’s safe to assume that the Angel Fall spell has yet to be activated. 🙂

      1. 1. I’ve been counting the passing of days and the date is currently August 29. It has already activated.
        2. Angel Fall is unnoticeable to the world except those who were immune to it(Touma) and the ones who noticed and barely countered its effects(Tsuchimikado and Kanzaki). The world proceeded as if nothing happened, as seen by Touma’s family and Index.
        3. That was just a joke time by JC Staff. The president of the US isn’t Obama but Show Spoiler ▼

  8. Janie Search Team: Mikoto (Lv 5) + Febri (Janie’s sister)

    Gate 1 Defense: Kuroko (Lv 4)

    Gate 2 Defense: Konori-sempai (Lv 3)

    Gate 3 Defense: Kongou Mitsuko (Lv 4) + Wannai (Lv 3) + Awatsuki (Lv 3)

    Gate 4 Defense: Uiharu (Lv 1) + Saten-san (Lv 0) with baseball bat + Battalion of guard robos

    Standby: 9969 Sisters

    Wildcard(?): ITEM

    Just who on earth is in charge with the team members for each gate defense anyway?! The strength distribution is way too unbalanced!

    Gate 4 is way too weak, even with Saten-san’s baseball bat. Unless you’re counting on Uiharu’s skillz as Academy City’s Legendary Hacker. (Frenda after all is a Lv 0 and that didn’t stop her from being an explosives expert)

    Surely as Lv3s, Wannai + Awatsuki could have handled it themselves well on Gate 3, while either Kongou or Konori-sempai could be sent to assist Uiharu and Saten on Gate 4.

      1. Why do I get the feeling you’re treating my posts a bit too seriously? First the “not Obama” correction and now this. :3

        Perhaps I ought to put a few emoticons and disclaimers to emphasize that it was a tongue-in-cheek statement concerning the utilizing of 9000+ Sisters.

    1. Just imagined Aritomi taking hostage – Febri or Janie, puts a gun to her head…
      Mikoto hesitates to act, then ITEM sweeps in, cue Aritomi getting multiply perforated “around” the silhouette of the hostage by beams from Meltdowner.

  9. I’m looking forward to what the remaining sisters will do to help their Onee-sama. This reminds of Railgun season 1 of their battle with Therestina. And Shinobu is just like Kiyama – working to save Febri and Janie.


    by the way, I should’ve realized this before but I tend not to read the back pages of a manga, but since I did, I should let you guys know the news.

    Aside from index and the ongoing railgun manga, volume 9 of railgun’s ads in the back said there’s a new manga series coming out called “a certain scientific accelerator” (roughly translating what it says)

    So apparently we’re having an Accelerator manga next month too, which may eventually lead to an anime.

    1. Old news is old. This was the big announcement last month for the Toaru series(people were expecting Index III here). The timestamp on ANN even says August 26.
      It won’t be out until Decemeber. The first 25 pages of the manga is up for preview on Dengeki’s site though.

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