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OP: 「境界の彼方」 (Kyoukai no Kanata) by 茅原実里 (Minori Chihara)

「カーマイン」 (Kaamain)

When I first heard that Kyoukai no Kanata was going to be a dark fantasy, I cheated a little and read the first chapter or so of the light novel. I’m pleased to say that the anime has adaptated the light novel fairly well so far – very well actually and any details left out of the novel are filled in with the animation. Given that the novel is supposedly very good and received honorable mentions in competitions, I’m expecting great things from this adaptation. Let’s hope that it continues that way until the end.

The overall plot of the story is fairly simplistic beginning with a boy meets girl type of prologue. Kuriyama Mirai (Taneda Risa) is a first year student, but she’s also the only remaining descendant from an strong ancient clan of Spirit World Warriors. Kanbara Akihito (Kenn) is seemingly more normal – if you consider being half youmu/half human normal. This makes Akihito an immortal being but also the target of Mirai’s violent attacks. Akihito’s friend, Nase Mitsuki (Chihara Minori) is also part of a powerful family of Spirit World Warriors but a much more prominent family in the area and they have their eyes on Mirai. Joining the 3 is Nase Hiroomi… however he hasn’t be thoroughly introduced yet so we’ll have to wait for him next episode.

So what are youmu? Youmu (妖夢) directly translates to “monster dream” (or dream monster would make much more sense). At first I thought they were demons, but they seem to be illusions that only the Spirit World Warriors can see (and Akihito since it’s half youmu). They’re highly dangerous as well but the extent of the damage that they do is unknown yet… especially their impact on humans. I can see the first arc or two dealing with the youmu as individual monsters (like Ninomiya Shizuku (Watanabe Akeno) has) while Mirai develops her ability to fight. The overarching story is likely the history behind the clans and the Spirit World Warriors because they probably exist to eliminate youmu (or can youmu be artifically created?). There are signs of the story getting darker and more grim with hints of Mirai’s past and her ability is stated as cursed. So far it’s been relatively light and introductory but I expect surprises along the way which is what makes this story so much fun.

Plots and stories aside, the characters are also quite unique and also very familiar to other Kyoto Animations. I’m drawn to Akihito and Mitsuki the most because as protagonists, they are not average people who stumble into something extraordinary. They are already abnormal “people” whose story happens to start now after Akihito meets Mirai. It’s as if the audience is thrown into the middle of a story that’s already years in the making which makes the setting very solid and events take place for a reason. Mirai also surprises me because while she’s quite clumsy and innocent, she’s also very determined and prideful. She’s not ashamed of who she is and she’s just trying to do her best with what she has and I can picture this becoming a “Coming of Age” story for her. The fantasy setting which the story takes place in, isn’t that unique in it of itself. The use of youmu and supernatural powers is not something that blows my mind – but I think it’s how these powers are going to be used that makes it different. An immortal guy like Akihito, isn’t really good for anything unless he can fight too so what’s his purpose in the story? I’m secretly hoping that his family history is actually intertwined with everyone else’s.

Even with all the hype that surrounds this series, I’d like to think that KyoAni has met my expectations in terms of a pilot episode for Kyoukai no Kanata. The story has been very well presented and it’s definitely captured my interest from the get go. The animation is top notch as I expected and while I love the OP, I love the ED even more because it ties in so well with the final scene. When done right, I think the ED can add to the emotional intensity of an ending scene (much like Kamisama no Iani Nichiyoubi) and it’d be lovely to see more of that in this series. There’s a streak of highly anticipated shows that I have for this fall and Kyoukai no Kanata has not let me down.

TL;DR – @RCCherrie: Great first episode of #kyo_kai =) True #kyoani animation and the story sticks true to the light novel. Very impressed ^^


ED Sequence




  1. What a fun first episode. What Mirai didn’t tell you is that she can you manipulate other peoples’ blood (through the nose, incidentally) by channeling her inner Yui-with-megane.

  2. Looking forward to your weekly posts Cherrie! The first episode was a very solid one indeed and I am only hoping it will meet our expectations. Mirai is kawaii enough but I got fond of Mitsuki as well! Also, totally agree with you on the ED part, including KamiNai in particular.

    1. Thank you! =) I look forward to reading everyone’s comments and thoughts as well haha! I actually like Mitsuki more than Mirai so far… she has this deep “misunderstood” vibe going on and I’m somehow always attracted to those girls >_>

  3. I’m on the fence of KyoAni doing a “dark” fantasy because they are continuing to stretch into new territory and I’m apprehensive about this flopping. Not to mention I don’t know what “dark” entails exactly. So far the story looks like basically any other supernatural anime I seen and I’m not sure I will follow this or not.

      1. So, it has supernatural elements in it, and therefore is an anime of the supernatural genre, a characteristic similar to other animes of the supernatural genre, correct? Is that an inherently bad thing?

    1. To be honest, I wasn’t too sure what “dark fantasy” meant either – especially in this type of anime that looks so fun and slice-of-life-ish. Personally, I think it’s meant to be a supernatural story (you’re right) with some mystery/psychological thriller elements in it. It’s not going to be as straight forward as some people think and what makes it “dark” is likely the depth which they explore the characters and their past. Not really a spoiler since I don’t know much about the novel beyond this point =X just speculation.

    1. Well, The first episode deserves an A in my opinion, I love the way the viewer is thrown into the story as if everything is normal, but they need to make a good introduction to this world in following episodes so the plot doesn´t get messed up.

      1. Example: You are walking down a tree lined street. The setting sun creates shadows across the pavement. As you turn the corner, you hear a faint sobbing sound; behind a tree sits a little girl with tears in her eyes that are half covered by her brown hair. Your friend runs up from behind you, glances at her and says, “hey she’s crying”.

  4. LOL the ED is so colorful and beautiful but you chose the scenes with the least colors in them XD

    Anyway, nice episode, even though for some reason the beautiful OP and ED was more memorable to me than the actual episode. But like FREE! I have the feeling it will all connect in episode 2.

    I just wish the main girl wasn’t a typical clumsy, ditzy, eats-a-lot girl though but I have high hopes she will develop later in the episodes.

    Thank you for blogging 🙂 Looking forward for it next week.

    1. HA! Funny that you mention Free…
      Anyway, thanks for reading =) would love to read your comments next week as well. I’m usually very annoyed at characters that are so clumsy and absent-minded, but Mirai has this charm about her that makes her more tolerable to watch. Hoping that she’ll turn out to be a strong female protag because she has all the potential to be.

  5. I certainly love all the jokes and the vibrant atmosphere that this show uphold, and now I can’t wait what’s going to happen next. Plus, just a random thought, but when she kept tripping over, it made me thought of Sideshow Bob and his misfortunes with garden rakes.

    1. When I read in the season preview that Full Metal Panic! was the last action series Kyoto Animation animated I couldn´t belive, it felt as it was yesterday that I saw that show but now I realize it has been years! God I feel old but I´m only 25!.

  6. One of the things i missed from the original pv released for the light novel was the very Euphoric color-scheme that was used. Colors were very….surreal and other-worldly and it just gave off a very artful and beautifully world. While it was said to see it go, kyo ani still more than made up for it. The color-scheme uses this nice bright-light/shadow affects (love the pink used with the yellow sunbeams and the shadows during Mirai and Akihito’s talk near the cherry blossoms), and its almost as if the scenery and characters are constantly glowing ; it looks very nice so kudos to the show for doing that. Im mostly looking forward to the character growth and character arcs these characters are headed for; there are some dark times ahead. While the anime deviated from the LN a bit, i much rather prefer this deviation.

  7. It seems like the story is awfully similar to Korean zombie desk car or Monogatari series.

    Not to mention the director of KnK is a huge Shaftfag and he tried to replicate their directing in a lot of scenes, specially in all those close-ups.

  8. it was good start for the fall season and in particular for KNK.
    we saw really good dynamic between the characters with elements of comedy and fantasy of the world. obviously it’s only a glimpse in terms of story and world, but for a pilot episode it was solid and did the job to drag us in with interest.

    animation was also very very good. detailed and good background. movements were smooth and it was lovely to see the ability to control blood.
    I am a bit upset about character’s design. nothing really “changed” in that manner in comparison to chuunibyou or hyouka.
    still, I love the characters, and it seemed there’s much more about them. they were funny and we could also see their everyday routine as much as possible.
    voice-actors did good job too in the manner of the characters. though it was a surprise to hear Risa (saki from shinsekai yori) as Mirai, I couldn’t believe it was her.
    Ost was good. I love the OP and the ED. especially the ED.

    for the first time KyoAni are going into the real bussiness of fantasy (no. chuunibyou doesn’t count). so I’m really looking forward to that.

    great review Cherrie, it seems that from now on I’ll read your covers (onegaishimasu!)

    1. Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing your thoughts as well ^^
      I think the character design for KyoAni has always been fairly consistent in my mind…(given or take a few anime) which is probably why so many people are reminded of Mio lol. While I do like it, it would help with character distinction if they changed it up a bit.

      1. I totally got the Mio vibe – it’s really hard to shake.

        Also, Cherrie, totally look forward to reading this every week. I’m the only person I know who watches anime, so it’s nice to hear and different opinion, whether I agree or not. I’ve only just started with RandomC this spring, and only with anime at all a year ago, but I plan on speaking up some more. The internet can be a pretty intimidating place, you know? No quarter.

        Totally unrelated, but has pupa gotten a release date? (I don’t know where to ask random questions like that. Is there a random question drop box on the site?)

        Atalla Wanderer
      2. @Atalla Wanderer:
        Well welcome to RC and the world of anime =) Yes, the Internet is quite intimidating… I’ve been visiting RC for almost 10 years and it’s not until I started blogging here that I actually commented =X I was a very silent reader so I understand how you feel. Looking forward to reading your comments though ^^

        No, pupa has no official date yet from what I can see >_< All I know is that it's going to be a Niconico stream and that's all the new news out =(

  9. Hmm, very Kyoani, it makes me miss Hyouka :)))) well, this got potential so let’s see how it’s executed. Though the main protagonist is not as energy saving type like Oreki 😀

  10. I just have to say Nase Mitsuki is really cute. Just putting it out there. This was an unexpected surprise for me to say the least. It had a complete different tone than what I expected it to be. I feel that there may be an underlying even that seems grim and dark, but, either way, it was unexpectedly quite enjoyable. Based of this first episode, I feel that this series is going to have some good character progression. Cherrie did say this is a coming of age story, and I suspect we will be able to see how Mirai transforms into being a cute badass spirit warrior. Though I find the new main male lead has been done many times before, I’m under the impression that he may have his own charm that my set him apart. I may just be wrong and he falls under the “Here are all the male lead cliches” department. The last thing I have to say is that… I’m really hoping for an awesome love triangle in this series

    1. I am hoping for a love triangle too but if that happens, we all know who will be destined to win. I just think I am gonna like Mitsuki too much in the process, so that seeing her losing to Mirai will not be pleasant to me! I know that I am gonna like Mitsuki more with every episode when I was all “kyaa!” when she teased Akihito about the whole confessing thing!

    2. YA! Love triangles! I always cheer for the underdog (or the third-wheel), which in this case would be Mitsuki =) Love her! Don’t know how much actual romance we’ll see, but they did hint at the fact that there might be some unrequited crush between Mitsuki and Akihito 😉

      1. The thing is that Mitsuki proclaimed herself Akihito’s osananajimi (the translation said “childhood friend”). If that’s really the case, it will be the good old osananajimi unrequited crush/love cliche…, which is not all bad but it gets pretty standard nowadays. And I can say that childhood friends’ rate of success is pretty low lately – I am looking at you Chihuahua-chan, Mochizou and Yozora! Oh, and don’t let me start on Plain Girl!

      2. It always seems that the underdog girl is the one the girl you can’t help, but love. Sakurasou’s Nanami, Infinite Stratos’ Charlotte, and Clannad’s Kyou are some examples.

      3. With “Plain girl” whom are you referring Tassadar? A character so nicknamed or any female character type Plain?
        I do not remember this nickname, possibly in a series that I did not see, or I did not know the nickname the fans use.

  11. Ok, Kyoto Animation is back to being my favorite anime studio once again! First Free! and now this show, and I’m really happy to see them expanding their horizons while still retaining that unique “Kyoani” feel to their series. The animation was beyond stellar, and the characters interesting from the get go, especially Mirai. The previews lead me to believe that she would be like Rikka from Chuuninbyou, with her cutesy clumsiness, but her streak of pride and the fact that she can summon a freakin’ blade out of her own blood really made her a character which I am forced to pay attention to. This opening episode was just beyond epic, and I really hope the series follows through with the level of quality displayed here. I wonder, though, just how far Kyoto Animation is willing to go with heavy material such as this…I mean, they did it with Full Metal Panic (minus Fumoffu, and definitely with the Second Raid), and Clannad After Story, but after so many series which were notably lighter in tone, I really am hoping they’ll flex their dramatic muscles again and really push the envelope. Overall fantastic, and I think I’ll re-watch this episode a few more times to marvel at the animation quality!

  12. Loved the first episode. The quality of the animation was very high. I watched the opening and ending thrice (simply adored the train scene in the op). As expected of Kyoani!! ^ ^

  13. Mmh. The first few minutes didn’t work for me. The delivery felt awkward, and lacked impact.

    The rest of the episode did more or less work, though, although I can already tell there will be criticisms that it’s trying too hard to be cute again.

    Reserving judgment for now.

  14. So many chliches! The bucket on the head was not cute, it was just dumb and absolutely horribly written. The girl is the running stereotype. Im already dropping it after one episode.

  15. The dialogue from the protagonist was off-putting. I guess I prefer my anime male characters “dense” like Sadao Mao or Kamijou Touma and not some witty or snarky high schooler.

    1. You don’t like the narration from the protag? =O I thought it was rather refreshing actually to hear his thoughts. That depends on the type of male lead you’d like to see though – I prefer the more sarcastic/smart(?) ones like Okazaki Tomoya from Clannad. It’s also very similar to the LN because it’s written from Akihito’s POV and his thoughts are pretty much word for word (from what I remember). Sorry that you’re not a fan at the moment T_T maybe he’ll grow on you.

  16. If the Studio wanted to Explore New Worlds (Dark Fantasy). Why they still stuck to their old Roots? Really, when i see the Chars Draw Style. I forced remembered on K-On. When we are not Looking, they hush around a corner and begin to play their Instruments…

  17. I probably will have no problems with the original material (since it’s kinda interesting), the animation is okay, but goddamn, why do I feel that this studio copy-pastes character looks and traits from their shows to this one? I’m not exactly this studio’s biggest fan, but I’ve seen enough of their shows to see what they reused.

    1. I agree that their character designs are very copy&paste-like… it’s just that KyoAni trademark that comes along with its reputation. However, the personalities of the characters aren’t always the same… they might be, but hey! you can say the same thing across all anime not just KyoAni. I’m hoping KyoKai will prove us wrong by bringing in more unique characters… I always pictured Mirai to be more kick-ass in my mind while reading the LN o_o

      1. I guess it stems to my beef with Kyoto Animation and their knack for moe-fication. I can’t deny the quality of animation they dish out, but if they can move outside their comfort zone, I wouldn’t have that much problem. I don’t hate the studio, but to some of its “fans” who salivate at everything this studio dishes out as the best anime they’ve seen.

        I don’t know, I just have to get over this beef of mine when watching this show. This could be a good one, if anything.

  18. OP- Awesome
    ED- Awesome
    Animation- Loved it
    First episode impression? This was a clinic on how to make a very good first impression with the audience. I haven’t felt this hooked into a story from the introduction since the likes of Fate/Zero, Zetsuen no Tempest, and Madoka. A good introduction is like a seductive tease. It doesn’t coerce you into seeing what’s next, it makes you extremely curious as to what’s coming next. Kyoukai no Kanata passed its first test with flying colors. The animation, characters, world. I’m extremely curious as to what is coming next in this story.

  19. The animation so far is gorgeous. Glad that Kyoto Animation is using their talent on something that doesn’t just revolve around cute girls doing cute things. I always knew that they had a lot of un-utilized potential. The story is pretty solid so far. Not the most creative story but it’s what they do with it that really matters. Not to mention I like how self-aware this show is and how it makes fun of cliches frequently seen in anime.

  20. KyoAni finally does another action anime. This time it’s a highschool fantasy. First impressions? You don’t need that when it’s KyoAni: The trademark art is enough to give this series, or anything KyoAni does, a good feel.

    While the trope of Boy-meets-BattleGirl is nothing new, I expect great things from this show, since KyoAni exceeded all my expectations with Hyouka, Tamako Market and Free!

  21. What a great first episode, and a fantastic way to kick off the season.

    Somehow the show feels cute enough (even the main male character) but manages not to push it so far that it becomes the show itself. And that action, oh my god! I have hopes that this show will take a seat along side Full Metal Panic as one of my favorites.

  22. Is it just me? But does Nase Mitsuki not look like almost an exact replica of Akiyama Mio from K-On! aside from it’s eye colour? I mean I know they’re both from Kyoani, but to reuse character designs from before…not that I mind (^_^);

  23. Not a bad first episode, though I hope they make Akihito more interesting than he is now soon. I wouldn’t say that Mirai has piqued my interest, though I see the potential, and Mitsuki is already a delight. Akihito though is pretty generic so far, though. That’s not a death knell on episode 1, but it’ll be a problem if it’s not fixed 3-4 episodes from now.

    1. I’m curious as to why Mirai hasn’t interested you. You have an interesting take and a good point. I don’t think the intro, though, was trying to introduce you to characters. I think it took a route where it did basic world building and gave you a tease of the story. I thought it did its job well. I think this was the best intro episode I’ve seen this whole year-cycle yet*

      *Kyoukai no Kanata is the only show I’ve seen this season yet… Been very busy.

      1. As far as Akihito goes, I’m worried less about how he’s not interesting yet so much as that he’ll never get there. They had to do world building, exposition, and introduce all these characters all in one ep, which is a lot to do and they deserve some time to do it – and I’ll give that to them. I’m just worried that a character whose only attributes so far are “can’t die”, “likes glasses”, “gets pushed around by girls”, and “helps girls for…reasons” isn’t going to get more interesting. I have a feeling they may assume our empathy for him rather than earn it.

        As for Mirai, that’s purely subjective. She didn’t immediately incite my interest, but neither did she bore me or turn me off (as a character, you perverts). I’m still just largely neutral on her. That’s less a signifier of quality and more just my impression.

    1. Not really. Blood as weapons aren’t common, but they do come up sometimes. It’s considered as one of the greatest superpowers since ALMOST every living thing that is part of the Kingdom Animalia has blood(example: Humans).

      Some anime that used this include Deadman Wonderland, Rekka no Hono and D-Gray Man.

  24. Usually the male lead is supposed to be someone whom we can relate to but most shows fail in.

    But KnK is actually able to pull it off.

    Just confess to the glasses wearing girl (you met 10 seconds ago) you love glasses.

  25. This certainly met my mediocre expectations that I had after watching the PV & reading the synopsis.KyoAni seems to be going for their usual formula for the characters although none of them left much of an impression on me for now,compared to some of their other shows.Excellent animation as expected so it definitely has the eye candy part checked.Hoping that the characters will receive more depth,preferably as soon as possible otherwise it’s hard to become attached.As for the plot,gonna have to wait & see where it goes.

    At any rate the characters are my biggest worry for now.Mirai,in particulary,had better be or become more than just a classic moe klutz stereotype with no personality of her own.

  26. why are some people saying Mirai annoying? yeah she’s a nice person but that doesn’t mean she’s perfect, a character can be nice and kind but what makes them interesting is when we see their vulnerabilities and flaws. From what I can tell Mirai has some flaws

  27. Very good 1st episode, things came together well for the end-of-episode cliff-hanger.

    So, her real reasons were revealed for using him as a pin-cushion – to build up courage
    to face the monster in her apartment!

    Obviously, they’re going to be a team. There seems to be a lot they’ll have to overcome
    that’s already been mentioned – her past for one.

    This could be a very watch-able series.

  28. My expectations are lowered a bit but I thought it was cute and I’m excited to see how it’ll all turn out. Chihara Minori’s voice struck a chord with me for whatever reason and I found myself intrigued by it a whole lot! It reminded me of Kuroko and Index who are some of my favorite characters from the Raildex series and nothing like the silent librarian-type Nagato Yuki who she actually voices.

    The main character is stock self-insert observer with witty comebacks or spontaneous outbursts who watches pretty girls around him do super cool things and the story seems to be cookie-cutterish as well, but I don’t really see the problem with it. Sure, this anime isn’t extraordinary, but it seems fun and I’m already in love with the characters. Well, the girls anyway, the main char as mentioned before is a little too generic for my tastes.

  29. In my own opinion this was a fun episode. The characters are interesting and funny, I can not wait to know them more deeply. Have interesting topics, have a good start, interesting and easy. I have no problem with the character design, they are typical of Kyoani, are cute. So far they have a good color palette.

    The theme of spiritual powers is always fun. The action was brilliantly animated. The comedy between Mirai and Akihito is hilarious. He is a very funny and enjoyable. I died laughing when I realized they were in a Mexican restaurant, has long time I didn’t see some of my country in anime. I find it funny every time some writer decides to include a character or something from Mexico in a manga or anime, because most of the time in the anime there are few countries besides Japan, USA, European countries and China for example.

    I had fun reading your post Cherrie-sama \(^o^)/. I hope to read you next week.

  30. As i am a real Tensai Otaku i can smell Kyoto animation´s animes even with closed eyes T_T.
    Kyoto animation is always in my top list priorities P_P
    今一度唱えよう!爆ぜろリアル! 弾けろシナプス! Vanishment This World! ^^

    Tensai Otaku
  31. Not exactly belonging to the top tier introductory episode KyoAni has ever made but it was decently done so I’m having hopes for the rest of the episode. As someone who read some of the translated parts of the novel, I gotta say I enjoyed it more in the novels. They really changed some stuff here which made it a little iffy to me. KyoAni has done changes which are ok to me(Chuunibyou) but this is not quite the best I was hoping for.


    -Almost great intro(first few minutes of the episode)
    -Ishidate having great tastes with OP and ED. Probably my most favorite sequence since Nichijou.
    -Ishidate influencing some cuts in the OP(Most likely the action parts)
    -Ishidate being almost on par with Takemoto’s storyboarding
    -Almost if not the same same level of visuals as Hyouka
    -Minori Chihara role!
    -KENN’s voice seemingly promising for serious tones for this show
    -Transition to the ED song


    -Somewhat rushed episode. Could have used a little more fleshing out for better familiarity. Basically pacing issues.
    -Some dialogue is a little iffy
    -Sound effects could have been better(Or maybe it’s just me and my player screwing up the sounds). At times it just doesn’t sound crisp.
    -KENN’s voice work not really great at delivering comic relief. It could change though when Hiroomi adds into the mix.

    Right now. I’m eager to see how this progresses. A part of me is kinda scared with Jukki Hanada handling the script. After the scenarios he came up for Chuunibyou, I’m kinda on the fence. He did deliver on the comic relief but on the serious tones of the shows, he messed up quite a lot when mixing light and heavy parts of the episode. Though blaming him solely for that would be a sin since the director tightly watches the whole process.

    Time for looping of the ED!

    1. Jukki Hanada is a pretty competent script writer if not a good one. My hope is that this series truly delivers on the character-focused narrative both Jukki and Ishidate promised in their interview.

  32. “So what are youmu? Youmu (妖夢) directly translates to “monster dream” (or dream monster would make much more sense). At first I thought they were demons, but they seem to be illusions that only the Spirit World Warriors Chuunibyo can see”

    Fixed! hehehehe

  33. Kyoani Kyoani Kyoani Kyoani.. ok ok I get it. Overall I think the first episode of ‘this’ anime very intersting! It is on my list for must-watch this season randomly based on episode 1!

    Thanks for your review, appreciated.

    1. You might have noticed but with this studio fanboys tend to like to comment more on the fact that they are doing a show and how it’s basically great by default in their minds as opposed to actually just focusing on stuff that happened in the damn show. It gets old after a while doesn’t it?

      Kaioshin Sama
  34. Anime of the year, anime of the year, anime of the year, anime of the year, anime of the year, anime of the year

    Did I just see Dark Flame Master in that OP?!?!?!

    So many similar characteristics of different anime/manga characters and plot elements exist in this anime. Like Mirai’s obvious Deadman powers and how Akihito is immortal just like our favorite friendly neighborhood loli punting.

  35. I personally thought this was painful to watch. Two interesting characters and both spend most of their time angsting about the very thing that makes them interesting. Any action in this series is downplayed as a stylistic choice, and appears dull because of it. KyoAni should stick to their fuwafuwa slice of life – they’ve forgotten how to do action.

  36. The writing in this episode was pretty bad. They’re trying too hard to make the exposition seem like its a natural part of the story and it comes out as incredibly contrived. Otherwise, I thought the premise was interesting and the art is fantastic.


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