If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that every hero needs a side kick, and every ruler needs a group of people he can trust. And this week, we start seeing the formation of what’s likely going to be that group of people for Naruto. That’s of course provided he actually ends up being Hokage (which is still up in the air considering there’s a possibility he might end up sacrificing himself), but yeah, we’re starting to get a glimpse of a possible future here, and it’s something that’s been in the making ever since the First Hokage took charge. Suffice to say, you can count me in as someone who has been pretty impressed with how Kishimoto’s been able to pick things up a bit in the past few chapters (while linking things together from hundreds of chapters back too)—even if it feels like this is probably the longest “15 minute countdown” you’ve ever seen.

But yeah, I mean the latter was pretty much expected considering the nature of the series, and at the very least we’re covering quite a bit within this time span. Kakashi back in action for one, Shikamaru is as well, and the five Kages are back in the party leading the Shinobi Army too. Interestingly enough though, it looks like it’s going to end up being a Naruto and Sasuke vs. Obito thing while the rest of the Shinobi army tries to take down the Infinite Tsukuyomi, and there’s admittedly quite a few paths the fight could take from this point forward, with Madara being once again the X-Factor messing around in the shadows with the First Hokage.

And really, that’s about it for the most part. The emotions we’re getting from people seeing Naruto’s past and the First Hokage’s… the reunion between Tsunade and the First… there’s just a lot we’re getting that some of us have undoubtedly looked forward to for a while, and it’s just a nice chapter overall. Here’s to the next chapter.


  1. That small message about the next chapter…I think Obito is about to get his due from Madara. Madara waited until all attention was diverted to Obito, Madara waited until people got softened up trying to stop the world from ending, now let’s see what he’s got up his sleeve; this trump card he’s been talking about.

  2. This chapter showed why Shikamaru has always been my favorite character. He doesn’t want fame or glory (too much hard work), he just wants to be at friend’s side. While everyone resolves to be Hokage, he wants to be a humble adviser. He knows that is where he belongs, and accepts that. Shikamaru’s character development really shined through this chapter.

  3. Hope there’s no more focus on Hinata’s role in Naruto’s future. Going to hazard and guess they do get together but Naruto harasses Sakura every now and then, much to Hinata’s chagrin but she’s too sweet to really show anger…but she has her ways of keeping him in line…and they have half a dozen kids so obviously she’s doing something right.

  4. I think I may be in the minority, but I have always hoped that Naruto’s actions, based off of the Old Toad’s prophecy, save the world by destroying it. If Naruto destroys the world as everyone knows it, destroys the need to ninja and creates a true peace he will succeed, However, if he does that, there would no longer be a need for a Hokage, or kage in general really. Really, Naruto got what he wanted after defeating Pein/Nagato, the acceptance of Konoha. I doubt Kishimoto will go this route but i would love that Naruto makes the position he’s dreamed of taking obsolete, but is wise enough to see that he already had what he really wanted.

  5. More unnecessary flashbacks, more shitty pacing, more characters promising to make a big deal out of themselves but we know they won’t (like hell Shikamaru’s ever gonna become that important), more artwork that looks like hogshit. It’s so painfully obvious that Kishimoto doesn’t even care about his own series anymore, especially after the release of his recent one-shot Mario, which came off like he was ACTUALLY trying. And people think Kubo’s stopped giving a fuck about Bleach? Kishimoto’s made Naruto a hell of a lot worse.

  6. I think I know what’s going to happen in the next 5 to 10 chapters of this arc and forgive me if I end up creating a spoiler. While every one in the shinobi alliance will try to cut down the life draining tree, Naruto and Sasuke will team up to take on Obito and succeed in defeating(not killing)Him and this will make the ten tails free itself from Obito and flee His body, once again being revived to cause chaos in the world. Naruto then realises that Madara plans to take control of the ten tails so that He would have an advantage and take control of the war so in order to protect everyone again and put a dent in Madara’s plans, He(Naruto) seals the ten tails inside of Him but two tailed beasts in one body will be too much for Him therefore putting His life on the line, so He must subconsciously join forces with Kurama and defeat the ten tails otherwise Madara will seize the opportunity to capture both the Nine tails and the Ten tails together.

    K C M
  7. Am I the only one who thinks the flashbacks are really cheesy? Out of the thousands of ninjas connected through Ino’s jutsu, why is it only the memories of the main characters that are transmitted? It all feels rather forced, unless there’s something about the jutsu that I’ve forgotten.

    Overall, the chapter was decent. They’ve finally brought Shikamaru back, and have now set the stage for the ultimate 15 minute showdown.

    1. I do feel it really feels like we’re getting Naruto shoved down our throats by this point. I mean, didn’t we already have like…what…2-3 or more “Naruto motivational chapters” not including this one JUST against the “reborn Obito” alone?


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