「あざみのごとく棘あれば」 (Azami No Gotoku Toge Are Ba)
“If Only I Had Thorns Like A Thistle”

Here we go. Kill la Kill’s first episode is here, and we’re given a warm welcome to Honnouji Academy—a place where fear is freedom, subjugation is liberation, contradiction is truth, class lessons revolve around nothing but fascism in Germany, and the bodies of dead students are hung outside as warning messages by the Student Council. Sounds quite nuts doesn’t it? Well, because it is, and I loved every minute of it.

Indeed, Kill la Kill comes in to the fall season as one of the series I personally expected quite a lot from, and the first episode delivers in a fashion only Studio Trigger can pull off. Chock full of ridiculous, over the top action scenes and an animation style that does a bit of a throw back to an older era, it’s safe to say there ain’t any better word to describe the series other than “unique,” and it looks like things can only get better from here. After all, who doesn’t like ridiculous power-ups, dramatic fights, and a premise that’s essentially all about rowing and fighting the power—all while having a main heroine wearing this and fighting with a scissor shaped sword?

That was rhetorical by the way—because look, this ain’t going to be a series that appeals to everyone. Part of the thing about especially unique series is that they’re not going to do so, and the fact of the matter is that we probably won’t get much in terms of a complex or mind-blowing plot here with Kill la Kill. Sure, it’s entirely feasible they end up concocting some kind of crazy story that wows everyone at the end, but I’m more of the feeling it’s going to be about Matoi Ryuuko beating down everyone in her way in order to search for her father’s killer, and what Kill la Kill will likely end up being is a series that’s purely made with entertainment value in mind. The fact that it’s advertised as essentially a pure-action series just hammers this in, and the bottom line is this: whether this show ends up being down your alley or not is something you can determine with this episode alone, and if any of the aforementioned doesn’t appeal to you, then that’s something that likely won’t change as time goes on.

Obviously though, I’ll be sticking with this series, and why not? It’s not every day you see people stripping people naked when they’re defeated, your main character getting assaulted by a shirt, and important lessons about why you should go to school instead of mugging people on the streets to top things off. The only problem? The fact that I’m probably going to be pretty hard pressed to write much in regards to this series on a weekly basis. Because really, how exactly do you even begin to talk about a show as crazy as this? I mean, even the character introductions are just FABULOUS! Look at that FABULOUS red text! Anyway, don’t mind me. This is probably just my real life fever talking, so I guess it’s a good time as any to call it a post, and I’ll catch ya guys again next week. Just for the love of—if they have Ryuuko wear that every week… I don’t know how I’m going to survive to the end of the season without nosebleeding to death.

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Author’s Notes:

  • While I will always strive to release posts ASAP, Kill la Kill may occasionally be posted on Friday or Sat night (rare) EDT due to my ever changing real-life schedule.
  • Please note that due to New York Comic Con next week, episode 02 will likely be delayed a few days.

    OP Sequence

    OP: 「シリウス」 (Sirius) by 藍井 エイル (Aoi Eir)



    1. Kill la kill recipe:
      Use shaker
      Add 2 oz Tenge Toppa Gurren Lagann
      Add 2 oz Madoka Box
      Add 4 oz nitroglycerin
      Shake it!
      Add stolen half-eaten lemon for flavor
      Serves HOT!

      Seriously, I’m lost for words for this anime. Crazy? Awesome?! Badass?!! TOTALY UTTERLY MAD?!? If I mix them all together and add nitroglycerin then maybe I’ll get the right word to describe this episode.

      All I can say is, I can’t remember last time I’ve watched such a mindblowing pilot episode! (maybe because there isn’t one)

      1. You forgotten to add the “Wock” plate. “Take Bleach 2.0. Where Power can only be Beaten with more Power!” and Fry all of this to one Meal.

        Voila, you get the same Taste as “Fist of the North Star!”… Yeah i know, it is pretty Old.

        1. i would not be wondering, if this “living Armor” of her, can learn to become stronger. Fueled with her Blood, she surly make it to the 5 Star? Leader

          If she would be 5 Star Strong from the beginning, there would not be Good Fights, i am not right?

          So Bleach 2.0

        2. Your comparison would better be served with Saint Seiya when it comes to “cloth”! As for “Power can only be beaten with more Power” that is a common theme in all anime. Instead of searching for the parallels everyone can see for themselves. How about looking at it as an Evolution. What are you saying you would have preferred that Ford never made another model after The Model T? I don’t think so. This is Awesome Anime! Watched this episode 3 times already & still not bored! But if your dissatisfied and want something you can’t compare to [although i’m sure you’ll squeeze out something] just look out for Space Dandy! Now if you excuse me I’m going to set up my laptop and watch it a 4th time! *****

        3. Well, she get assaulted from some Strange “Sailor Costume”. And next thing we see, is that she Complete Trust it, and “Master” his usage.. She even dont move in the Ring. Why she got so confident she can take him full force? That, is what the Hole i see here..

          Just, got a Armor. Now i am Super strong!, not really working in 2013.. Okay if your a “retro” fan

          But i see, to enjoy this Anime. You has to shut of the “Reason” section in the Brain

      2. What the…? Who the…? How the…? sorry for mumbling but I needed to collect my jaw from the floor.
        Over the top doesnt even begin to start describing this show. I havent seen something like this since I dont know,maybe FLCL?
        It is entertaining to see mentions of Nazis rise to power and Orwell quotes as it shows that there is deeper story behind that flashy action. Theme of abuse of power is definitely there…
        Oh, and scissors beat uniform. Just saying.

      1. Thing is, Gurren Lagann’s first episode focused on characters we immediately had a reason to follow, grow to love, and make the show awesome. This episode focuses more on the premise and action sequences instead, which kind of irks me, but I WILL keep following this show to see what they develop.

        1. I think the sheer insanity of this first episode was their bait, and I’m hooked! Can’t wait to see what other shenigans (and hopefully plot development) happens afterwards!

          To be honest, I actually expected quite a bit from Studio Trigger. If you didn’t know, they produced a pretty successful short anime, “Little Witch Academia”. (Google it and you’ll find it pretty easily!) They produced it with funds from Anime Mirai 2013. (TL;DR: really cool project/event to train new animators and produce awesome anime at the same time, see link for details!) So many people asked for a sequel that they created a Kickstarter, which obviously was a smashing success!

          Studio Trigger knows how to write a good story (or at least in such a short timeframe), and they definitely have a passion for art, as you can see with their distinct style. I have high hopes for this series, and am looking forwards to seeing what they’re bringing to the table in the next 24 episodes!

    2. This is going to be fun! That was totally not what I was expecting, and I was grinning the whole time I watched it. The fact that it’s a two-cour also eases my doubts about the story being rushed. Should be one of the more entertaining shows this season. ^^

      1. After watching the 1st episode I think this series is a piece of shit. Like high school kids in the anime club made it to show to middle school kids. This is a one and done for me. Thank god there are other series to watch. Coppelion seems like its gonna be a great series to watch on Thursdays.

        1. This is the anime from ex-Gainax Staff after all? What did you expect? Flowers of Evil? I’d rather series just pander and impress than pretends to be sophisticated. Honestly FOE was a bad example but I digress. I thought it was a pretty good show, visually impressive from the technical standpoint but from the narrative, it’s much too early to jump to conclusion.

    3. this episode started off immaculate but much of its awesomeness was undercut by the second half, with the needless sexualization of the heroine and… really? that uniform rape scene? for me it really detracted from an otherwise well-directed, high octane, greatly stylized introduction.

      1. i dont think of sexualization as inherently bad simply that for me, it took away from my viewing experience. but sure, i guess i’m just some moralfag who can’t take a joke or appreciate a nice set of tits, yeah it must be that. sorry to ruin your fun.

        and… as for the rape scene (which it was to whatever idiot above me doesn’t get that violating a women’s body against her will is in fact rape)… yeah, i guess since it’s not a fellow person then whatever i can get off to it! go me!

      2. I am convinced that the uniform is progressive.
        It starts off bare, but the more it consumes, the fuller the uniform fills out.
        You’re not the first one to be oversensitive towards this show, nor will you be the last.
        Relax, the season just started. You’ll have plenty of chances to rage later on in the year.
        Not that I would, but whatever =P

    4. This show….

      I swear this was the first time I’ve ever watched an anime and after finishing the first episode had a reaction like:

      “I have no friggin’ clue what just happened…. but holy f*ck was that awesome”

      Thursdays are officially the best day of the week. Such a good lineup.

    5. The uniforms were certainly a bit more revealing than those in Little Witches Academy. A little too much on the trashy side honestly. Ryuko ends up looking like she just got off a shift at a strip club. Sometimes it is actually sexier to leave a little more to the imagination. That is a fairly minor gripe though and I can tolerate a little gratuitous fanservice from time to time (I watched High School of Dead after all). The hyperkinetic style of the animation is reason enough to keep me watching. You could enjoy the show without even comprehending the plot.

      1. I think they’re trying to do the “Everything must be over the top!” theme, from action sequences to VA yelling. So over the top sexy uniforms doesn’t seem to far off ^_-

    6. Is it just me or I hear Yui from K-ON? I hope we get a male protagonist that will save Ryuko whenever she’s in trouble and a possible love interest(Simon or Kamina-type). Great first episode! Looking forward for next week’s episode!

    7. I hadn’t read a single thing or watched a single promo before watching this episode. I have to say this is the most awesome shit I’ve seen in a while!!! Thursdays were already great but now they are epic!

    8. The combat was good, but the fanservice was so over the top as to become uncomfortable, to the point it actually subverted some good characters by playing them for sex appeal. I also found the out-of-combat interactions to be too cartoony.

      That’s okay though, because I think I’m going to start watching this show on Fridays after I’ve been drinking. I think this show will work a lot better with a buzz, lol

      1. Fanservice? where? that single pseudo pantyshot neat the end or the half bossoms exposed?
        standards hath fallen low.. I was used to full pantyshots and nippleless full exposed boobs. :3

        Helvetica Standard
    9. I knew Kill La Kill was going to be one of the better shows of the season but I didn’t think I was going to like it as much as do. I loved everything about the 1st episode, including her sailor uniform. I can’t wait to see Matoi Ryuuko kick more student council ass next week.

    10. Getting a quite a bit of a FLCL vibe which isn’t that surprising given the studio’s roots. Like FLCL, this isn’t a show for everyone – it has a very over-the-top, exaggerated style, and things may not always make sense. But like FLCL, I think if you give the show some leeway about such things, you’ll be in for a hell of a ride and a lot of crazy fun.

      I really like the MC (Matoi Ryuuko) and I’m a big FLCL fan as well so this is a very easy decision – I’m in.

    11. I had a huge migraine before watching this show…it went away when i finished watching it…odd. I have to say I didn’t expect enjoy this show but I pretty much loved every minute of it. There was no need for me to skip forward as I was hooked during all of it.

    12. Kinda liked it, kinda didn’t. Honestly, I leaned more towards the first half more so than the second, and for a couple of reasons.

      Fair or not, we all know the comparison to Gurren Lagann is inevitable, and the first half gave me that nostalgic, hot-blooded impression I remember so fondly. A fast-paced, engaging plot with likable characters that just makes you want to watch more and more. Ryuko and Satsuki in particular were just awesome, and I liked them from the moment I saw them.

      . . . And then came the second half. I won’t mince words here, I really didn’t like Ryuko’s new look. It felt really forced and overdone, so much so that I just couldn’t take her fight seriously at all. Compared to what I thought was a great intro, it really left me wanting quite a bit.

      And to those that might try and draw a comparison between Ryuko and Yoko, I must respectfully disagree. Yoko’s dress always complimented her character, always. Confident and strong, she was always comfortable in her own skin, whereas Ryuko was so obviously flustered and embarrassed that you had honestly had to wonder what kind of a reaction Kill la Kill was trying to get from you.

      I want to like this series. Really, I do, and there’s never been any doubt that Studio Trigger has what it takes to get the job done, and so I hope they scale back on what I think is an overarching flaw that detracts from an otherwise fun, engaging ride.

    13. This is really fun
      Over the top fast-paced action with great ost
      I like the protagonist and the story seems interesting
      But I don’t personally think the episode was that good and feel annoyed when people say “anime is saved” or something along that line

    14. Was so good I watched it twice! Whether or not people like it. I’m glad high-paced frenetic series like this are being produced. And of course it’s by Trigger, the spiritual successors of Gainax.

      Really cool to hear the voice actor for Haruko (FLCL) again!

    15. common sense: off
      logic: off
      alright! I’m ready to enjoy this series! 😀

      on a serious note though, this anime from the creators of TTGL really met my expectations!
      over the top-crazy-epic-cool-as-F**K-MIND-BLOWING ACTION!
      this is going to be a wild ride!

    16. I wasn’t really that hyped for this series when it was originally announced (although I did remain optimistic about it), but now that I’ve seen the first episode, Kill la Kill is already my favorite show of the season. It’s just too fucking awesome for words to properly describe it.

    17. Sooo…

      Rossiu is a female dictator…

      Arc Gurren Lagaan is a real boy…

      Kamina and Simon had a love child thru the power of Spiral Energy…

      Boota has boobs…

      And now, you WEAR the GANMEN.

      Just this list alone is worth all the awesome.

    18. This show left me babbling like an idiot and wanting more. Some tastelessness? Weak story? WTFOMGBBQ Action scenes? Only the first episode? THIS IS FOR ME. I need one of these shows every couple of years!!

    19. it was really great episode.
      ryouko is an optimal protagonist – a bit badass but good when needed, has a goal and power. when it’s necessary she charge in but she also know to withdraw.
      we could really her burden.
      what I like in KLK is the dynamic. everything that going on is planned, whether it’s first scene with the teacher and talks about the Nazi and the scene where ryouku enters the school when someone was hung in the air.

      lots of jokes, texts and so on really merge well into “one piece” episode.

      well it’s from the creator of TTGL, but obviously it’s not it. TTGL had its own speciality and we can clearly see that studio Trigger isn’t willing to make TTGL2. cause KLK has it’s own niche and for first episode it was established well.
      though I can say it has TTGL spirit, and it’s a good thing.
      can’t be helped, but I still need some sort of punch line like in TTGL – who the hell do you think I am?
      I guess and hope we’ll see that later on the series.

    20. They sure go for gender equality on this one. Few times have I seen a female being beaten to this degree by a member of the opposite sex. I don’t know if I’m nuts for actually liking it though.

      An enjoyable show with plenty of fanservice.


      1. Hopefully females won’t take offense when 2 males are stripped completely naked for every female that’s shown wearing close to nothing.

        But after reading a few comments here, it still seems like people zoom in particularly on unfair treatment of females still. Makes little sense to me especially since everyone regardless of gender is going to get stripped in this series when they lose a fight.

        Giorno Giovanna
    21. Had flare, but not much soul. Didn’t quite do it for me like Gurren Lagaan did in it’s first episode. Then again, GL had Kamina, who was unbeatable in terms of over-the-top cool.

    22. This was pretty amazing just like Gurren Laggan and Fooly Cooly but i just couldn’t get pumped despite all the action going on. Mostly because of the females MC totally ruining the action scenes for me. I mean fan service is nice and all but when it starts to disrupt the action and GAR mood it’s really upsetting. I mean what if kamina was fighting his last battle and started wearing a gigolo thong out of nowhere. Nice tits by the way though.

    23. Holy Shit!
      Holy Shit!!
      Holy Shit!!!

      I was grinning like crazying from start to finish.

      I was expecting quite a bit from this anime too given how we know about who made it. But holy shit……….. awesomely epic coolness.

      I will not compare this to TTGL. This anime may be cut from the same cloth — haha pardon the pun there — but from the way the first episode was presented, I would say it is gonna be one crazy ass episode every week.

      Gotta love the classicy feel of the anime. Ye old 80s artwork but mixed in with too much awe-inspiring coolness that only the TTGL people can produce. I for one will put my brain on neutral and let the anime pull me into this rollicking RED-filled fun that is Kill la Kill.

      BTW: Anyone notice how Lady Satsuki looks a lot like a feminized Roshu… lolz.

    24. Just like GL, this show is overvalued. The first half left me, and i quote The Great One “What in the blue hell is this?”. But the second was the cherry on top, with the most shounen-esque, scene I’ve seen in the last times, and that’s not precisely good. This series is like 50 years later, but even though it should feel like old school, it just feel ancient. The power leveling galore in this one is strong, expect a few deus ex-machina and at the end, like GL, you’ll say that all this really SUCKS!

      Full action wihtout substance is as bad as full moe

      1. Well.. I guess we now know this show isn’t for you.

        Please don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

        To forestall any possible future complaint from you…..I presume to guess we will not be hearing from you again. Because if you show up on episode 2 complaining about the same shit… I will ask why you are even bothering to watch episode 2 if episode 1 made you so unhappy.

    25. Guys, you’re taking the uniform at face value, arn’t mentioning some points/givens, and assume it will be constant. When it put itself on her, we were shown a plethora of twinkling stars. When the boxer was defeated, it absorbed a glowing red string. From these we can draw a partial conclusion regarding backstory and prediction, with some (speculation).

      An unknown assailant, for one reason or another, took/left half a scissor because their other hand was filled with a swath of material cut from a cognizent, mobile, semi-shapeshifting piece of clothing. That person (possibly the stuco president’s mother) made generic self-adapting power up uniforms using the original’s threads as a core (and gave them to her daughter to distribute for fun / furthur a dastardly plan). The original uniform will slowly reconstruct itself as it comes into proximity of more separated fibers, but for now its meager adaptive material is streatched thin.

      Promo pic – https://randomc.net/image/Miscellaneous/Fall%202013%20Preview/killlakill.jpg

      1. Rather than the mother of the student council president forcibly stealing the uniforms from Matoi’s father, I speculate that Matoi’s father indeed developed the Goku uniforms, but was working with the school for some greater purpose. However, since Satsuki said that the scissors were made specifically for fighting against the uniforms, someone with an agenda against the school developed the giant scissors and killed the father.

        I think that the student council president isn’t the actual final end antagonist, and that she’s actually fighting against the original owner of the scissors, of whom Ryuko is trying to find. Of course, I could be completely wrong with how things will go, but I am confident that Ryuko’s father had some relation to the creation of the Goku uniforms.

        I also wonder if the guys from Kobe are going to play a role at all in things…

    26. Copied the file in my usb drive, and had to watched it in my tv set to experience this hot-blooded anime in it’s full glory….

      Kamina/Simon was reborn as a girl… A girl with gar attributes… will excitingly wait the episodes of this show.

      My scissors will pierce the heaven XD…

    27. The fight start of like a member of Organization XIII (Kingdom Hearts) gonna fight the Box Club Capt but turns out to be some S&M queen, i love Gurren Laggan so ill definitely love this and hopefully this will turn out to be one of the best this season if not the best… still more new series coming and we’re already starting with this fun awesome series

    28. As much as I tried to hold back my excitement to prevent dissapointment, I have to admit that this was a really, really good start for a series like this. Sure, the pacing was rather fast right off the bat and I needed a few minutes to get used to it, but it was a smooth sailing after that, especially because it actually fits the series’s overall attitude that seems to be a blend of FLCL and TTGL. Not only that, but the visual portion is a fine job as well: I love the way the show mixes current day quality and excellent cinematography with a style reminiscent of shows from the ’90s, and I like how it’s jam-packed with minute details that not only enhance the show’s non-serious and over the top attitude in general, but also gives the characters personality as a whole.

      The only thing I’m concerned is the possibility of Trigger running out of ideas and thus making the show exhausted way before it finishes, but for now, I eagerly look forward what things this show will bring to the table. Even more so considering this show seems to have enough self-awareness to even integrate Ryuko’s “slightly” ridicilous outfit in the way it’s supposed to be: yes, it looks ridicilous and fanservicey as hell, but the show is fully aware of it (as opposed to shows that take even the most ridicilous and blatant attempts at fanservice seriously), to the point of poking fun at it by making Fukuroda attempt to strip, and it being topped with the lip-licking.

      In regards of Ryuko: I hoped she won’t gonna be one of those “badass, edgy” female characters who practically traded her emotions for thoughness, and while the three minutes long trailer made me optimistic, it’s good to see that Ryuko turned out to be a likeable MC who has the attitude and self-confidence of a fighter, but still a good-natured kid. It’s a minor thing compared to she being genuinenly surprised by the weirdness of the town, but I like the way she “stole” the scooter: not only she immidiately came back to put down the delivery but also returned the scooter with an apologetic message left on it, I think this was a nice touch in characterisation even if the scooter-stealing scene was more of an amusingly random way to intentionally steer away from the “too serious” attitude the viewer might feel from Ryuko getting beaten up (just like how it steered away from the over the topness of Ryuko finishing off Fukuruda with stopping the music, then changing it to a serious one when his blood hits Satsuki’s face).

    29. I know the sexual stuff isn’t for everyone, but this show being wild both actionwise and sexiness wise is just too fun. There are a huge number (the majority really) anime this season that is not sexual at all and there is great variety in anime pretty much all the time.

      I don’t understand why people are quick to judge sexy anime as trashy as I feel sex is demonized way too much for no good reason. If the former Gainax guys have to cover up their characters, it is the same thing as stifling their freedom of expression. We are not talking about real life people dressing this way though judging real people for dreasing a certain way isn’t the kindest thing to do either.

      1. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m certainly not against an anime giving its viewers their fair share of delectable eye candy. I just want it done well is all.

        Yoko from Gurren Lagann? Beautiful.

        Kuro Usagi from Mondaijitachi? Stunning.

        Mashiro from Sakurasou? C’mon

        And in each and every one of those examples, their appeal was so apparent because it didn’t clash with their character. That’s what made them successful, and that’s precisely what frustrates me – and I imagine a good number of my fellow commentators – when I have to look at Ryuko when she’s forced, quite literally, into something that clashes with her character so much.

        This has nothing to do with freedom of expression or anything of the sort. Ryuko herself so obviously hates having to wear that skimpy excuse of a uniform; why should we be expected to find it attractive when the character herself doesn’t even like it?

        1. Yeah but it is just for comedic purposes. The story is not about victimizing her, end of story. Anime often makes fun of male characters wearing outrageous clothing as well. Including Is This a Zombie where a dude wears magical girl outfits, panties and all. I’m not saying you are wrong to have your opinion. Just that I think there is a lot of kneejerk reaction against it.

          Can it be seen as a bit cheesy and somewhat exploitative? Sure. But the other hand is that they are showing how she deals with it. And for me personally, fanservice like this is just for light laughs. It is nothing like some full blown rape scene or anything like that in Mnemosyne or Shigurui. Even something like those deserve to be made and to be watched or not be watched depending on viewer.

        2. You do know Kuro Usagi was practically forced into the outfit she normally wears as much as Ryoko is?

          Not to mention the swimsuit episode of TTGL where the men complained that Yoko’s normal outfit exposes more skin?

          The examples you’re using are still filled with aspects of being forced or coerced into outfits that are more revealing against the character’s will, and you addressed it as beautiful and stunning all the same. Kudos.

          Giorno Giovanna
      2. that’s my problem. real person or not, while she’s wearing it to boost her power she clearly does not like the fact that she has to wear something so sexual. it just feels really weird, forced, and creepy especially considering how much of the fanservice, which i generally don’t have a problem with, was given to her being uncomfortable in such a revealing outfit.

    30. I get the feeling the school uniform is actually the progenitor of all those super powered uniforms. That would explain why our poor embarrassed heroine’s forced to show off so much skin; its gotta get all those threads back!

    31. It’s a mix between TTGL and P&S, except it tries to portray the plot seriously despite the utterly nonsensical setting. The result; it isn’t as fun as P&S, and it isn’t as engaging as TTGL. Additionally, it feels like it has all been done before.

      The visuals are impressive, but it feels like this show is just an attempt at establishing Trigger as the successor to the GAINAX of old, rather than a show by its own merit.

    32. I’m disappointed. Not a lot. But I am.
      I was not super hyped for the show, but knowing that Guren Laggan guy (which I have never seen but I’ve heard great things of) and Trigger were working on it, I was a little eager for it.

      The animation is different and fun, and I like it. I like the character designs and the red letters.
      I was digging the story too, but then…

      She finds a secret passage in her own house that has a costume that gives her the strength needed to defeat the enemy? It was just such an obvious poorly written plot device, it completely pulled me out of the experience/story. Making things worse they then use it to sexualize the MC in a horrible manner which made me think “WHY?!”. I mean she was kind of cool/badass with her previous clothes/jacket, kind of looked a little like a biker girl, now she’s just another over sexualized heroine. I mean the art style is not even appropriate for doing this, so why even do it?

      And then it became worse, I realized this could become like Bleach, the whole show could be MC defeating progressively strong and higher rank enemies ’til she fights the final boss. If the next episode is just her fighting another lvl 2 or lvl 3, I might drop this.

      I like stories, I don’t think this is going to deliver a story that I’ll like.

      1. “I’ve never seen Gurren Laggann”
        I won’t say watching another anime prior would be essential to a viewing experience, but you can clearly see how many people mentioned TTGL here.

        “She finds a secret passage in her own house that has a costume that gives her the strength needed to defeat the enemy?”

        She didn’t find the secret passage by chance, another character had a hand in guiding her there.

        “I mean she was kind of cool/badass with her previous clothes/jacket, kind of looked a little like a biker girl, now she’s just another over sexualized heroine.”

        So basically, the moment a strong female character dons an outfit which is more revealing, she loses all her worth as an individual? If you honestly think that a woman’s personality can be affected to the extent you claim by a simple outfit change, you either didn’t place much stock in her strong character to begin with.

        Art style isn’t appropriate for over the top sexualization? HAHAHA. Oh man. This is comedy gold.

        Oh no, Kill La Kill is going to become like Bleach!? You could have picked a better more outlandish example like Star Driver. Not all shows with a weekly 1 on 1 fight are as trashy as you say.

        Giorno Giovanna
      2. Girl says Gurren Lagann art style doesn’t work with fanservice.
        Less skin shown = Stronger personality of character? Is that what you really think?
        More skin shown means she’s just another overly sexualised useless female?
        I personally don’t think her worth as a character can be easily decided over something as insignificant as this.

        Unless you genuinely believe that the amount of feminine sexual appeal is inversely related to a strong personality. Would you consider Gasai Yuno to be a character with a weak personality since she bases all her actions around her love without a care for herself? I personally still consider that a strength of devotion, doesn’t matter about how much or how little she wears. To say nothing about some scenes of the other female characters in the show.

        “A STRONG BIKER GIRL CHARACTER! SO COOL! Fuck. She took almost all her clothes off. I hate this show, crappy writing. This show had potential if she had just kept all of her clothes on.”

        I can’t tell if you’re saying like Bleach is a good or bad thing. If you are saying its a bad thing, then why would drop it if similar level opponents appear next week, unlike Bleach having stronger enemies each fight?

        You say the condition for you to drop the show is that if she fights “another lvl 2 or lvl 3” next episode. The ranks only go from lvl 1 – lvl 3 in Kill La Kill, so I assume that the tennis club captain next episode being lvl 2 means you’re 100% going to drop this show.

        It’s an action show and you don’t want to see her fighting next episode? I understand perfectly… eh?
        Also, is your opinion based on the thought that the male characters in this show are self inserts for viewers, that they are ogling her heavily during the fight?

      3. And then it became worse, I realized this could become like Bleach, the whole show could be MC defeating progressively strong and higher rank enemies ’til she fights the final boss.

        That is literally the entirety of TTGL, yet people loved it anyways. Also, it’s kind of where they wanted to go originally with this anyway. In an interview with Nakashima and Imaishi from several months back, they wanted something like the traditional and stereotypical shonen “battle manga”, with all the old tropes and plot devices and stuff I guess. However, they say it ended up as a “character drama … where regular characters’ development/drama will be thoroughly explored”, which will probably occur further on in the series. If you aren’t interested in that kind of stuff, then that’s fine I guess, people are entitled to their personal tastes and preferences…

        Admittedly, I found the costume a bit off putting, but it’s not going to ruin the entire series for me. From what I’ve seen, it also seems that she’s going to be fighting in that throughout the series, though I don’t know that for sure so don’t quote me on that. If I let the skimpy clothing get to me, KLK ends up being very good, and someone asks me why I don’t like it, I don’t really want to say “There was underboob in one of the heroine’s costumes, I can’t enjoy this shit”.

      4. To be honest the whole fighting progressively stronger enemies trope is less of a bother to me. As TTGL was to mecha shows, Kill la Kill feels like a tribute to the shounen fighting genre, warts and all, which made the “cheap” nature of her victory really work for me in the context of the show.

        Concerning the skimpy outfit, I wasn’t bothered by what she was wearing, but rather the rather dodgy scene where it came into her possession. I also thought her old school uniform looked a lot cooler too.

    33. Crazy wacky fast-paced detailed animation.

      Mysteries galore.
      What is the origins of the Goku uniform?

      What is Senketsu?
      A protoype Goku uniform?

      Why is Ryouko’s father murdered?

      The male teacher and the stuco prez know something.
      Got the feeling that Satsuki is not the bad guy.
      She might be an ally later on.

      Thus starts the 1st arc, the Honnouji Academy arc!
      I guess 😛

      1. Ya, the Scissors Blade.
        Who created it?
        The murderer?

        If comparing to Gurren Lagann, could Goku(Kiryuin?) be like Anti-Spiral and Senkatsu be like Spirals?

        My brain churns speculations but it better to just start watching episode 2 😛


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