General Show Floor + Cosplay:

Abbreviated Impressions: They say time flies when you’re having fun, and this year’s NYCC was no different. There were some minor disappointments throughout—including Square Enix’s having no demo for Lightning Returns, the general lack of game demos in general, less poster SWAG than the last few years, and missing out on GSC’s poster giveaway by a few minutes—but they were countered somewhat by the increased space (due to construction at Javits finishing) and the decreased foot traffic (no doubt due to the new embedded chips to fight off counterfeiters). Generally not as strong as an NYCC compared to the last few years in terms of show floor and panel offerings—especially in regards to a large anime/Japan Foundation presence (these were mostly scattered throughout)—but still enough there by far to make the trip worth it.

Good Smile Company:

Good Smile was back again this year as well, and in place of their epic nendoroid display from last year were a bunch of figures from a variety of series. To say the least, they really expanded their sales inventory this year, and went as far as including artbooks and animation cels from Kara no Kyoukai. You’ll find a picture of those cels (I snagged a set) and their corresponding scenes from the second Kara no Kyoukai movie in the last three screenshots above. Overall, a truly impressive showing by GSC this time around, and they were arguably one of the biggest highlights for me this time around. Oh yeah, also, these guys always make the best tote bags.


Basically, I spent way more than I ever expected, but that just goes to show the large amount of exclusives/unique things for sale this time.

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And that’s about it I guess. Nice and quick. Pictures tell a thousand words after all. Like last year though, feel free to leave comments/questions on things you want elaborated upon, as I’ll gladly supplement this post with extra commentary if requested


    1. Yeah, there were a lot of them. Seems like all (or most) just bought the mass-produced ones by Cospa(?) and just wore that. Most also didn’t even have the Jump Units. I was disappointed. 🙁

  1. oooh, I take it from IA x Jin poster-like thing that Kagerou Project is going to be a definite must watch for you?

    Quite the nice haul you got there though (Outside of the Yankees cards. The evil empire and me just don’t mix, lol). How much was all that, like $200?

    Also, I can’t wait for this.

    January (assuming no delays) can’t come soon enough. Just a magnificent figure.

      1. It depends, do you know which company was in charge of her booth? If it was 1st PLACE it’s because they developed her and she’s currently their only vocaloid. Also Lia’s voice is amazing so IA has a bit of an edge quality wise since she’s voiced by an actual professional singer.

      2. Oh yeah, I see it there in the 21st pic. They must be trying to see if they can market to North America since Crypton’s done pretty well so far. Apparently when English Miku got released, Crypton’s servers got overloaded by activation requests.

    1. I honestly didn’t hear of IA myself prior to this con actually, but I’ll likely keep an eye out now following this visit to their booth. They had some pretty impressive 3D projection tech and some nice clear folders there as well. Memorable at the very least.

      As for the Miku, yeah, it’s quite nice. I ended up passing due to the price and because the eyes struck me as a tad strange, but yeah, ultimately it’s quite nice/unique (and quite big in size too).

      As for total cost of the loot… I’d… rather not say. -_-

      1. lol, I read ya boss. Some things are better left unknown…

        I do agree that the eyes are pretty screwy if you go by the general Miku design. It’s based off her design from a game called 7th Dragon 2020 and the eyes are pretty darn accurate to her in-game character design. That’s pretty much the only reason I’m not bothered by it.

  2. it seems the venue itself is huge, and large range of hobbies displayed there, from videogames, cosplayers, figures to anything related

    i wonder how many SnK cosplayers did you meet there? in our country recently hobbies event, I found about ten cosplayers of SnK

  3. Looks like you had a great time. I’m really jealous, one of my co-workers got to go as well as a few of my friends.

    A lot of nice stuff. Cool picture of Lola, for non-anime stuff. Those Madoka figures looked great, and that is a cute one of our goddess in a yukata you got there.

    Glad to hear you had a fun time. Maybe next year…

    1. Just one of those unique events ya know? Wasn’t as fun as the last two years, but really breaks the daily routine to say the least.

      Sadly the Madoka figure’s only temporary in my collection. Picked it up for a friend, so it’ll be shipped off soon. =/ I’ll have to be satisfied with Ultimate Madoka eh.

      And yeah, hopefully ya can go next year. 😀

  4. looks like someone had a blast =D , I want to buy something from good company, sometime down the line ^^ hmm.. oh damn..i should watch world children.. i heard it was a very lovely beautiful life movie to enjoy ^^

  5. NYCC continues to cease being the place to get anime stuff every year, as they have dwindled its presence in favor of American stuff. How DARE a comic convention be about COMICS! 😉

  6. Had I known you were there I would have dropped you a message. Unfortunately I missed the opportunity to pick up a 3 day pass this year. Hopefully I’ll make it up by getting a 4 day next year.

    1. Ah, apologies. I wasn’t exactly sure which days I was going till like Wed night (had to schedule around classes and all that fun stuff), so I didn’t do any big announcements before hand.

      I’ll probably pick up a 4 day next year too, but sadly I’ll probably be working by then, so ugh, might only be there for a few hours on a day or two. -_-

  7. Still very upset that the fact NYAF merged with NYCC… I was on line for the Attack on Titan hoodie, and the last one was sold before me! D:

    But, overall, still a great experience!! Were you there for all 3 days?

    1. Wait what, where’d they have those hoodies? O_o Didn’t even notice they had any for sale! Must’ve sold out before I crossed by. Lol.

      I was there Thurs/Fri/Sun for a few hours each. Skipped out on Sat just to take a break and get some stuff done.

      1. Um, I forgot the booth exactly but it was around the 2700-2800 aisle. They sold Iwatobi Swim Shirts and Attack on Titan hoodies/shirts. But there main products were K-Pop stuff LOL

        And ohh, the only day I went was Saturday sadly. :/

    1. I was mad surprised they had it. First time I went to GSC and saw it, me and like a dozen other guys were surrounding it and just drooling. Everyone was saying like damn, it’s my favorite movie and they really wanted it, but the price was pretty steep so they just walked away to avoid getting it.

      I eventually caved and got it Friday, and by then there were only 3 sets of the cheaper one left, so seems like other people caved too, haha.

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