「純潔」 (Junketsu)

Just when you thought it couldn’t get more fabulous, Kill la Kill just ups the ante with more sparkles and action than any previous episode, and MY GALAXY IS SHINING TONIGHT. Really, this is entertainment at its finest—with almost 3/4th of the episode devoted to non-stop exhibitionist action—and gosh darn, I don’t know how I’m even going to sleep tonight having watched this. Just. Too. Darn. Fabulous. Especially this guy and these transformations.

And really, what more can you say? Kill la Kill’s just proven to be one of the more entertaining series this year by far—going at a break neck pace and going so over the top that it just defies description. With that in mind though, it has to be said that Kill la Kill’s also arguably one big satire on both past and current societal views, and a darn unique one at that. Because considering all the references to Hitler, the Nazis, and Fascism in general (as well as the ridiculously exaggerated sexualization of our main characters), I can’t fathom any other potential reasons for using the aforementioned—even though it’s entirely possible that there ain’t no extra meaning to it at all. Really, you just never know what you’re getting with this show to say the least, and I can’t believe I’m saying this considering my preferences, but I’ve never been more fine with it.

That said, it’s interesting to note how Matoi’s whole intent isn’t even to fight the system. Sure, she’s fighting someone who obviously represents Fascism and the class divide, but that’s just because Satsuki is standing in the way of her getting the answers she seeks. In this way, if you were to ask who the “bad guy” is in this context, it suddenly becomes less than obvious. Because while most of our modern days views paint Fascism in an extremely negative light, it did at least bring some kind of organization and order to the city around Honnoji Academy in this case. So essentially, what Matoi’s doing is taking down the system (and the order it brings) without caring for the potential chaos she could create (and already did create), and arguably it’s something that actually makes her more of a “bad guy” or “anti-hero” than anything—which is an extremely interesting notion to consider.

Of course, the above is just one way to look at it, and arguably, that’s part of the beauty of this show. A lot of things are left up to the imagination (both literally and figuratively), and there’s going to be as many different views of the show as there are people—something that emphasizes just how darn unique Kill la Kill is. At least though, there were some things that were no doubters however, and those were the revelation that Kamui uniforms are made completely of life fiber and the fact that there was some commentary on how being one with someone/something means baring it all. And suffice to say, when you consider the baring it all part included not being embarrassed or shameful about doing so, there’s a lot you could say about potential meanings behind this statement too—even if what we ended up getting on the screen was mostly a literal interpretation.

But yeah, at this point it’s safe to say that this was a series whose style and purpose were clearly crafted before hand, and it’s a show that knows exactly what it wants to be. What exactly that entails is still up for debate, but the fact is that Kill la Kill is extremely consistent—especially in the entertainment sense. Here’s looking forward to the next episode! Oh yeah, did I ever mention how surprised I am there are still students alive in that school considering how many are sent flying on a daily basis?

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    1. Step 1: Place FLCL in the pot till it simmers
      Step 2: Marinate Gurren Lagann and place it in the pot
      Step 3:Open the Star Driver and sprinkle Ginga Bishoujo all over the FLCL and Gurren Lagann
      Step 4:???
      Step 5:Kill la Kill is ready and serves up to an unlimited amount of viewers

    1. I think you can criticize the story and somehow crass attempts at humor as much as you want, but honestly, you have to be in awe of what Trigger is doing here from a technical perspective.

      I am not talking about animation, as their budget is limited and you can see it. I am talking about style, scene composition, cuts, etc. In other words, direction. I have been watching the medium for a long time, and at its heart, for me anime has always been about what you can achieve with limited animation. This has been one of the best executed fight episode EVER.

    2. Agree with Steelman. It’s ridiculous to criticize the sakuga in this show. There are very few that have done better, and especially not so consistently. Certainly it’s not as smooth as others, but if smooth was all it was about, then sakuga might as well just = disney. It makes great use of frame rate and screen space, which show high technical mastery on their own.

    1. It’s cool. Haters will hate. The series has a specific art style and story telling. This is it’s selling point. If you don’t like, its cool because wasn’t meant for you to begin with.

      1. Pff this is about hot blooded entertainment, GL did not have a great story either. I want this show to end with Matoi and Satskui doing a fusion dance while they fight an anthropomorphic planet Saturn in a black hole. More crazy = better.

      2. God I hate the term “hater”.

        >The series has a specific art style and story telling. This is it’s selling point.

        Pointless fanservice for dummies?

        >If you don’t like, its cool because wasn’t meant for you to begin with.

        Right. It was meant for dummies who like ‘splosions and bewbs.

      3. God I hate the term “dummies”. No seriously, who even says that outside of childrens cartoons?

        Anyway, after watching enough anime, you kind of stop caring about fanservice. Maybe when you first start out, you’re all like “omg ewww bewbies!”, but at some point it doesn’t really bother you anymore. Even if you ignore the fanservice, there are many other things to enjoy in KLK.

      4. @introverte

        I was trying to be nice about it. Fine. How about idiots? Dumbasses? Stupid people? Morons? The Michael Baye fans.

        > Maybe when you first start out, you’re all like “omg ewww bewbies!”, but at some point it doesn’t really bother you anymore.

        Because they mix it up with crotch and ass shots of a 17 year old girl.

        >Even if you ignore the fanservice, there are many other things to enjoy in KLK.

        Like what? The janky animation? The hundreds of smear frames? The trope characters? It’s RWBY with T + A.

      5. @anon

        I was trying to be nice about it. Fine. How about idiots? Dumbasses? Stupid people? Morons? The Michael Baye fans.

        Much better.

        Because they mix it up with crotch and ass shots of a 17 year old girl.

        Sounds like your generic high-school fanservice harem anime that the industry consists of, so why does it bother you so much? Though KLK is missing the generic and harem parts.

        Like what?

        Like all the random shit Trigger is throwing into the frames that you miss unless you watch the episode several times (just using the preview as an example, I don’t have the screenshots of them atm), and all of the glorious gifs/etc it is generating. And also Mako.

      6. Wow, can’t even spell Michael BAY right.

        And really, RWBY was the first example you thought of? What similarities could you possibly find to link this to RWBY? They go to a battle school and they’re girls. Those are probably the broadest generalizations in all of anime. And RWBY’s not even anime.

        Also in case you’re unaware, EVERY STORY USES TROPES.

    2. @ SortedeVaras

      GL’s story is something I’ll remember till I grow old. Hot-blooded/fast paced action/adrenaline rushed moments are definitely worth looking back at for. It just needs to be memorable to be good.

    3. No show is perfect anyway. If you don’t like it due to its fan service overdose, then you won’t like it. If you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. If you don’t watch it, then you have nothing to complain about how crappy a show is since you didn’t watch it (it’s already the 3rd episode and don’t tell me you’ll tolerate those boobplosions until the end?).

      We get it – too much fan service is unnecessary Period. Still, I’ll watch KLK since it busts my boredom out of this world.

    4. A little fan service really can’t hurt and I don’t even consider the boob scenes in KLK a fan service, I mean it’s not used to get guys off at least, as far as I can see.

      To be honest, I almost dropped this anime when Ryuko first put Senketsu on, when she’s all shy and shit. Satsuki on the other hand wore Junketsu like a boss. She was just so full of grace even in that very revealing outfit. Like what they always say “It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it.”

      It also makes a lot of sense after Ryuko figured out how to “Put on” Senketsu properly. You can even consider this allegorical to the idea that you should always hold your head up high no matter how embarrassing a situation gets and to never let other people’s opinion of you dictate your actions.

      In my opinion, this anime have just been great so far and is probably one of the most interesting and enjoyable anime to watch in a while.

    5. comment your opinion isn’t obligatory, when you don’t like this anime , you don’t have to put any effort into comment , ok?! ,it’s worthless and useless ,you waste your time doing so ,cuz nothing will change , you convince no one here ,only one you will convince is yourself!
      I love KILL LA KILL, that’s all!
      ps. if you REALLY hate this anime ?!, I expect you would drop this anime, and stop posting any comment relating this anime in next episode review and so on just GTFO( get real man , if you hate it and still watching and still comment on it! what a stupid man you are , you waste time DL it, watching it, go to randomc or MAl, comment on it ,checking up on your comment, dislike those who like this anime.XD Congratulation , YOU ARE Retard.)

    6. Regardless of what people think about boobs and butts, I will admit that the half-scissor is one of the most sexiest weapons I have ever seen. Just check dem curves it packs.

      Goodwill Wright
  1. If i were one of those club leaders i would be scared shit less to go up against Ryuuko after seeing her go toe to toe with Satsuki. Maybe the three star uniform can stand up against Ryuuko but there’s no hope for the one and two stars.


    Kill La Kill is now the anime that I most look forward to watching every week.

    This episode just kept on delivering highs after highs.

    Dat implosion scene!

    1. You mean “Delivering Thighs after Thighs.”, Am I right?
      That was an amazing fight, I can only imagine how the final will look. I cant see any other student posing a threat to our heroine, not even a 5-star.
      Yes, the fanservice is distracting. But for some reason I can tolerate it a way lot more than other shows that show less skin and bounce(if that makes any sense.) Must be its style.
      Anyway, next episode seems to slow down but it’s needed.

      Now if you excuse me. Oppai, OPPAI,…OH, PIE!!! Cherry flavored! 😉

    1. If he will be allowed to talk in the first place. The differences between Ryuko’s and Satsuki’s world is already mentioned by other people (which I agree with, the way the show sneaks this in under the over the top hot-bloodedness makes it meatier than the show appears at first), and I think this difference holds true to the way both girls treat their uniforms, and effectively the people around them. Satsuki’s world is all about peace and order by making the strong useful and the weak perish (thus Junketsu getting treated like a mere tool in her ambitions, and bows to Satsuki’s will with no individuality), while Ryuko’s world may be chaos and vulgarity, but the people in it are allowed to have their individuality and are equal no matter who they are or what they’re capable of, thus Senketsu is treated like an equal brother in arms by Ryuko. Granted, Junketsu may talk in future episodes, but the way Satsuki mastered his use doesn’t make me sure about Junketsu’s freedom of speech, unless Satsuki makes an exception with him simply because he proves to be the most useful tool in the shed.

  3. Finally, this is what I’ve been waiting for; a no holds barred, fist full of awesome action series that casts reason to the curb and just goes with it. That spirit that made Gurren Lagann so damn awesome, it just makes you want to shout to the world.

    You had me worried there for a while, Trigger. Try not to make a habit out of it, k? ;D

  4. Did anyone notice that Ryuko and Satsuki in the camera pan arounds are CG models?? Even in that fight shot in the school hallway! And they blend perfectly with the hand drawings!!!

  5. Someone on the TV-Trope forums commented that they saw this show as a big Aristocrats-like joke. That, yes, it it completely exhibitionist and fanservicey, but the point is that it is so over-the-top about doing so all you can do is laugh at it. It is so hard to take this show seriously and I love that.

    Also, Mako is awesome. I like how on /a/ some are theorizing she will be final boss. I would laugh my butt off if it were true.


    NOW THAT was an EPISODE!

    The action sequence, the revelations… THE COMEDY! THE OOOOOOOPPAIIIIII! Wahahahaha!

    Officially my most awaited show this season :3

  7. Went back and rewatched the other other two episodes. Maybe it’s me, but whenever Ryuko gets into her skimpy outfit, I see ALL of the students not wearing a Goku uniform start blushing and get gushing nosebleeds, but none of the characters wearing a Goku uniform do that. The one-stars seem to always be dead-pan. Even in the first episode, the boxing club captain seems more surprised than pervy. Basically, the normal students are acting like “male pigs”, and Ryuko is understandably embarrassed.

    Now, if you go through them again, there are a lot of references made by Satsuki to the lower-class being pigs in human clothing. It’s also said that the uniform you wear determines social status. The show oozes style and energy, and the social commentary regarding the school and Nazis is pretty blatant. But, if you slow down a bit and look, you see it’s more subtle too. The non-fight scenes involving the uniform-wearers are normally calm and slower paced than the super-in-your-face-crazy-non-stop-action scenes in the slums. Satsuki is always seen to be calmly enjoying tea, while in episode 2 the Mankanshoku family is scarfing down “unidentifiable stuff”, like pigs.

    Granted, we’re only 3 episodes in. Maybe I’m just grasping at straws, but aside from being awesome and full of win, the show appears to have some discreet social commentary if you stop and look. I enjoy the mindless fun, so the symbolism is just a bonus to an already entertaining show.

  8. The amount and use fanservice is a huge turnoff. I liked Gurren Lagann so much because aside from Yoko – and this was only occasionally – the series didn’t rely on fanservice to deliver. Here, there just isn’t enough substance to keep me interested. It’s crazy, but it’s not my cup of tea.

  9. I had my complaints in the previous two episodes, but I’m a believer now. There are actually some underlying ideas revolving around purity and how different the two main characters are which makes me happy that they’re not just going over the top without any substance. Other than that, I think I’m a lot more used to the pacing of the show and the lengthy, impressive fight in this episode certainly help. Definitely looking forward to more.

  10. After this fight, displaying Ryuuko and Satsuki fighting on equal level, I wonder how will they keep fights interesting against the three stars. Unless they do something diferent in the following episodes, I think they just broke an important battle anime rule.

  11. My favourite show this season! (I said it again)

    I like how the Ryuko and Satsuki has a contrast in design, which is why I like design of characters that are rivals with each other. Also there is some reference to Gundam 00 with the outfits, in that Senketsu has the “GN Drive” on her back, while Junketsu’s ones are on both her shoulders.

    Also that is a great fighting scene. Though I hope that doesn’t downplay the other fighting scenes with the other clubs, Even though their fights are a bit one sided to begin with.

    There may be some other hidden meaning in the context but I am too dumb to interpret them =p
    I watch this for entertainment, not for using my brain. My brain is for work time.

  12. I think this is the beauty about shows like Kill la Kill. Logic to the curb, to hell with restrictions, just do what they want… It’s exactly because of this that they could throw in every freaking idea into the pot and make the usually mundane into something freaking awesome (I never thought using half a pair of scissors could get me so impressed) =3

    Random Comment
  13. KLK 3rd episode has shouted out loud that “epicness has just begun”. a great and crazy episode. progress in terms of story and characters, it was interesting what we saw in the beginning with satsuki.
    I loved the way they combined between the uniform and the fanservice, i.e that ryouku should accept her herself and body in order to really become one with senketsu.

    can’t wait for next week!
    Row Row fight the power!

  14. In the words of ‘The Rock’



    That’s it, anime of the year contender. So much epic in one episode I’m crying man tears.

    Jason Isenberg
  15. Quite a bit of satire and juxtaposition if you dig into this. The beginning talk about Hitler’s ascension to the Chancellery is easily linked to Satsuki’s wearing of Junketsu: she has become absolute, devoid of weakness, a virtual god(dess). Her attacks (even after Matoi accepts her uniform completely) still crush Matoi while sparkling; she always ascends or descends into a white light, a sense of absolute purity unaffected by the actions of Matoi (after all, she appears unharmed at the end of the fight).

    The discussion about Matoi having to beat all remaining clubs is also interesting, as you can link this back to totalitarianism. The leader cannot be challenged until the masses are beat because the leader IS the masses. Satsuki made special mention of this fact, stating how she embraces the masses in accepting Junketsu and is not embarrassed by being physically revealed. Effectively Statsuki has made Matoi’s quest appear entirely selfish, a peregrination against the will of the people which they themselves will strike down. No better illustration of this than her initial refusal to fully accept her uniform as she did not want the embarrassment.

    It’s why I liken Kill la Kill to Western comics. It’s over the top in all ways with a very pulp feel to its artwork, yet invites critical thinking of the underlying satirical messages. Something for everyone, the American way 😛

  16. only person I kind of have a laugh when he shows up is the creepy professor xD everytime he swishes his hair and becomes this supposedly ‘sexy’ entity I laugh. Though perhaps it reminds me of that episode of bleach at the end of the first season, when Aizen takes of his glasses, and moves his hair back, suddenly becoming to look like something else xD but yeah overall the teacher is one of my favorite charecters.

    Cheers for your review, M.

  17. Out of curiosity, I have heard people use ‘over-the-top’ to describe Kill la Kill, a same word used to describe Valvrave.

    What then, is the difference in the execution and style of both Kill la Kill vs. Valvrave?

    1. I don’t know, last season, Valvrave was doing so well until one episode which made it completely crap in my eyes, but both Valvrave and this anime are quite different, Valvrave tackles a whole story based on emotions… while this one, if you die its ok. I don’t why people would compare the two animes, there’s nothing in common xd

      1. The main difference is that Valvrave is over the top but tries to take itself seriously, even during its majorly over the top moments, while Kill la Kill clearly doesn’t take itself seriously at all, and likes to have fun with it.

  18. What I would expect from a finale I got in the 3RD EPISODE?!! This show is insane & I love it for that! There is no way that the 4th is going to be as good as the past 3 it will definitely slow down only to pick back up. But then again “Predictability” isn’t this shows strong suit. As for fan service.. This is how you do it right. Often I’m not into these weak whimpering girls that get felt up and/or voyeur’d on. These are strong, independent female characters who don’t need men, (who just happen to be half-naked) and accept the power of that comes with the female form. Best Fall Show of 2013 hands down!

  19. Woah! Does anyone else think Satsuki looks a lot like Hajime (Gatchaman Crowds) when she was a kid? :<

    That aside it's not very often where you have the main villain and heroine fighting it out in such an epic battle of absurd proportions so early into a series.

    I imagine their final battle will be on DBZ level at LEAST =).

  20. Great review , totally agree with you and for me that probably the best show I’m watching for many years. Just want to add that I’m not sure why so many people hate this show because of the little ”echi” scene, you see her nude? So what? you are so young that you cant stand a litle nudity? you think nudity = young and you are so ”mature” that it degrade the show? You dislike a show because you see a naked girl? What about the 10 show with harem, Yuri, yaoi you watch yeah season, you are okay with them, I’m close to 30 year old, got a job, wife and everything else so I’m guessing I’m what you call ”a normal person”, I’m still enjoying anime but that usually come at 3 or 4 show each year, all the time they are not realy loved for some reason: shin sekai yori was a realy good show but at some point you see a litle yaoi then everyone droped this serie….most serie with a litle more hard that usual story to follow go to niche market everytime too….

    but hey we are totaly okay with the harem loli with retarded story numbers 5020…..

  21. Holy crap i thought this kind of a fight would be reserved for Mid Season or the final episode but Imaishi just didn’t hold anything back. Trolling well-done man.

    I wondr if the rest of Satsuki’s henchmen will get a powerboost though at this point Matoi is gonna make a massacre out of them.

  22. Even that teacher is agreeing with me , what did Satsuki thinks? She should have insta kill Matoi with her minion, but she give her a chance to get away and become more powerful by throw a bunch of club leader at her(fiber) and it seem that Matoi catch Satsuki curiosity , I hope to see Satsuki parents soon, but I guess they are all dead (killed by Blue scissors’ killer), and Satsuki is trying to be the top and drawing the murderer out but she find Matoi instead who also seek revenge on the murderer and since that teacher is kind of suspicious , I will keep an eye on him!

  23. When I seeing that epic fight from beginning to end I actually thought they were gonna end the show this quickly. But thank goodness I’m wrong. ….. 🙂

    Also is it just me or was Satsuki trying to make a valid statement about “skimpy” clothing while out in public doesn’t mean shit as long as it gets the job done.

    Ken James
  24. When you aim at the world dominance, you should wear stylish uniforms. Nazis had extremely sexy uniforms (see most world war 2 films – for those who dont remember Battle of the Bulge or Into Eagles nest, or A Bridge too far – Inglorious Bastards must suffice as evidence). Too bad a ragtag band of communist Slavs, decadent Brits with colonial troops and mongrel US melting pot products in their badly sewn uniforms has ground them into dust. Satsuki will fall exactly because she has world dominance in mind. Her own ambition will be her downfall.

    I am fully expecting her last episode to be parody of Downfall bunker scene…

    All except 3 stars and above leave!

  25. For people hating the Over Fan-servicing of this show all I can say is that there is way much more to the show than that, and not being able to appreciate what’s in front of you is surely their lost, This anime is amazing as Heck, a total gem to be remembered for ages like its predecessor TTGL,those are suppose to just for the over the top aspect of the show, and overthinking while watching it surely will ruin watching this or any anime. So what I can say is just sit back relax enjoy, and laugh your asses off. xD

  26. My Friend asks: WTF did i just watch
    Me answers: an epic battle scene.
    My Friend replies: Indeed it was

    It goes to show you that sense, a large animation budget and properly dressed highschool girls are not necessary to make an epic anime

  27. I fucking love this show. That’s pretty much all I had to say by the end of this episode and I damn well mean it.

    And I will never get over the hilarity of Monotaros being a sailor fuku (+1 to you if you know what I mean).

  28. Wow, this anime answers the questions pretty fast.
    Life Fibers.
    Now where do they come from?

    Kamui activation and bonding reminds me of Marvel’s Symbiotes.
    Do these count as Mahou Shoujou?

    Junketsu doesn’t seem to talk, why?
    Is Senketsu special?
    And the seiyuu…ORE SANJOU!!
    Don’t tell me Junketsu is the stupid tortoise? 😛

    With Ryouko’s awakening, the start of her battle with the club captains and 4 kings begin!

    Wonder what will be after the Honnouji Academy arc?
    The Kiryujin family arc?
    Will they bring the fight to epic galactic scale again?


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