「要塞港 横須賀」 (Yousaikou Yokosuka)
“Fortress Port of Yokosuka”

Our favorite submarine loli is back for its third episode, and while it ain’t as packed with as much action as the previous weeks, it’s still an equally superb episode. And why’s that? Because of the puns, of course!

Ahem* Terrible jokes aside, it was a pretty good episode—seriously—because while there was a general lack of naval combat, it was easily made up by the sheer amount of both plot and character development. Indeed, as Gunzou and the crew make it back to Yokosuka after two years, change is the name of the game, and things are really starting to get rolling in the background.

First and foremost? The obvious change in the Fog following their deployment of mental models—most of which have now developed individual personalities, and from there, evolved tactics and ways of thinking as well. And it’s something that’s both demonstrated via the unprecedented attack on an inland port by not one, but two battleships and by Takao’s decision to leave the fleet of her own free will in hopes of making Gunzou her captain (OH THE PUNS!). Furthermore, Iona’s obviously changing as well—asking of questions about the world by her own free will, showing interest in people other than her crew, and actually having an answer as to her purpose. Needless to say, Gunzou’s choice to board the 401 and his subsequent victories against the Fog over the last two years have definitely done enough to break the stagnant status quo. The problem? By breaking the status quo, he’s forcing things to move forward, and it’s a decision that might very well cause humanity’s destruction much sooner than expected.

With that said though, it was arguably the right choice considering the fact the humanity’s days were probably numbered either way, and it’s something that highlights Chihaya Gunzou’s awesomeness as a captain and as a human being in general. Because ultimately, one can say that he was the only one willing to make the tough choice (though I guess he was the only one given this choice), and it’s something that may just very well give humanity their only chance to successfully fight back. Combine that with his characteristics—he’s decisive, willing to take risks, skilled with naval combat, able to talk it up with the best of them (even the potential new Prime Minister), and takes responsibility for his decisions—and you arguably get the best humanity has to offer. And it’s just fitting, as there ain’t anyone better to fight off the Fog than he is at this point—especially since his designation as a “traitor to humanity” makes it so he doesn’t have any political allegiances or anything of the sort. Granted, that doesn’t mean he won’t end up getting caught in any political gamesmanship on the part of others that do have allegiances, but gosh darn, all that sets up are some awesome scenes of him and Iona just sticking big middle fingers at those people and not giving a rat’s ass.

But yeah, the aforementioned make this week essentially an episode that gives us a necessary and meaningful break from the action. And that’s without talking about the potential meanings behind Gunzou’s discussion on “illogical whims,” his mention of humans “seeking meaning in meaningless things,” or Kita Ryoukan’s remark about Iona being virtually indistinguishable from a real human. Looking forward, it just looks like it’s going to be darn awesome (pun-filled) ride, and it’s a ride that’ll be on RC from this point forward. In response to popular demand, both Zanibas (caps) and I (post itself) will be combining together to give Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova weekly coverage, and it really is as they say: two heads are better than one. You don’t have to take my word for it though, as the Fog obviously agree too—sending not one, but two battleships into the fray next week!

Author’s Note: Please refrain from spoilers beyond this point in the manga. If you must, please use spoiler tags.


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  1. I suddenly have a bad feeling about this. Among a few other things, I don’t know why they’re completely removing Yamato from everything. Maya and Kongo had the conversation that Kongo and Yamato were supposed to have, 400 and 402 didn’t mention their supreme flagship at all (they actually seem to be operating on their own), and worst of all, …
    (minor spoilers)
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Overall, a good episode, but I’m beginning to worry about some of the storyline changes that they seem to be setting up.

    1. I think they were more than just minor spoilers , Show Spoiler ▼

      . But still, the CG scenes are much more natural than before . But the storyline seems to be getting more and more divergent. Especially since the director of Devil Survivor 2 and Danganronpa is in charge of this…….I just hope they won’t butcher the ensuing epic fight , especially the next fight involving Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Regarding your first spoiler Show Spoiler ▼

      1. IDK why that would be a budget constraint. It’s not some huge flashy battle so I would think that type of scene would be less expensive compared to others. If anything, I can only see possible time constraints which is something I was a bit concerned about. We’re covering 1 manga volume every two episodes. That can be done, but it’s still a fairly fast past IMO.

        The real reason I suspect is Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Correction to my post above: Unless they add back a lot of material, it’s faster than 2 episodes per manga volume now. With all the cuts, EP 03 covered blew through all of manga volume 02 which ends Gunzou & crew boarding I-401 at Kita’s house (CH 11).

        One episode for a roughly 200 page manga volume!? >_<

    2. I’m more than a little worried at this point. I agree (and posted as much) with Radiosonde that those are more than just “minor” changes. Can’t even thing of where to start with leaving out Yamato. Given the “virtual tea room” conversation (FYI – also anime original), I have to assume Yamato won’t be making a surprise appearance later, though at this point I probably shouldn’t make any predictions.

      1. Very true – I used a lesser spoiler for my example, but that’s certainly true. FWIW, here’s some other things I noticed

        Show Spoiler ▼

    3. As much as I’m trying to enjoy the series, I am also very concerned at the apparent direction the animators are taking the material. They’ve taken a lot of material out and rewritten the storyline in several places. To be honest, the biggest gripe I have about the anime is that they’ve reduced Iona to a near-emotionless automaton, complete with near-monotone voice. She’s far more emotive and expressive in the manga which gives her a much better dynamic with Gunzou and the crew. The only conclusion I can draw is that this anime is intended to be a standalone series with no plans for a future continuation, so their using the manga as a ‘guide’ and working an original plotline that is bound within the series length.

      1. @Ascii78
        At this stage I’m just hoping it doesn’t end up like World War Z the movie. Please for god’s sake the worst case scenario could just be an anime original ending with Gunzou singlehandedly taking on Kongou who just so happens to be the “Supreme Battleship of the Fog Fleet’ and taking her out would annihilate the Fog fleet completely. Oh and Takao, Haruna and Kirishima join him in the ‘epic’ 4 vs 1 battle. And the vibration torpedo plot is conveniently discarded because ‘we have an unlimited supply of anti-fog weapons’ so screw the torpedo. We (Gunzou & gang) can save humanity by ourselves. That doesn’t sound so bad.

    4. At this stage, I’m reasonably certain that we’re headed for an anime original ending.

      On the one hand, I’m a little disappointed by this because the source material is so good; but, on the other hand, I think this is somewhat inevitable and to be expected – if the plan weren’t for an anime original ending, where exactly would you want to end things? It’s not like there’s a good stopping point at any point in the manga storyline; you either have to change things considerably or you have to end the anime with one hell of a cliffhanger.

      1. I can think of one place where they could break it (obviously, lots of manga spoilers)
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. (Up to date manga readers only.)
        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. I wasn’t making a prediction as to what they will do, just offering an idea of what they could have done in 12 eps to maintain continuity with the manga, and end it at a decent break point.

      4. FWIW, my initial guess was that the anime ends with volume 06 end. There really isn’t a good “true end” stopping point as the series is ongoing. IMO 12 episodes is barely enough to do a good, if less than ideal, job of covering the six manga volumes.

        After EP 03, I have to agree with you in terms of an anime only ending. With all the cuts made, barring a good chunk being added back later, I suspect there will also be a lot of anime only filler material. Maybe instead they will try to somehow work in material from manga chapters 37-48+. After EP 03, all bets are off in terms of content as far as I’m concerned.

  2. I know it’s been said plenty already, but the look of this show is just so amazing! I never would have expected that 3D rendering of this sort could pull off the anime look without being jarring (and that’s just for the humans. For the ships, it’s even better). They’ve really outdone themselves with the characters’ body language and facial expressions.
    Anyway, moving on…

    The question I will be looking to have answered following this episode is why the Fog had, initially, extremely sophisticated bodies, but equally unsophisticated minds. The notion that technology could arise without consciousness really contradicts the meaning of technology, and flies in the face of reason… meaning that the explanation will be really, really interesting when it arrives.

    Lastly: Ordinarily I would feel the urge to rant about the rational basis for human irrationality, because the “strawman logical robot” outlook can get pretty grating.. I was therefore pleasantly surprised at how well Gunzou handled the explanation. He’s quickly earned a lot of my respect.

  3. As much as I love the series so far, I just can’t get enough of Takao, lol.

    I did love how Chihaya just takes the (potential) Prime Minister’s words and throws them right back when he tries to use the old “real, experienced soldiers” excuse to make Chihaya hand over 401, about how such things made no difference all this time.

    In a way, it sort of parallels with Kongou’s talk with Maya in how the Fog have, at first, constantly just kept beating the human race with sheer brute force and “invincibility”, but no tactics, but now, after spending time “as humans”, they’re learning about tactics and strategy. So both Chihaya and Kongou, for their respective sides, are having to explain to others on how they have to learn, adapt, and evolve in order to keep pace with the other side and not simply follow the exact same, rigid patterns they’re used to or they’ll eventually lose.

  4. I’m surprised that the army still exists at this point . They should have the army go under the command of the navy instead, seeing as how their enemy operates on land . But I just hope this show won’t end up like DeSU2, since it’s the same director and the anime has begun to diverge quite a bit from the manga.

  5. Glad you decided to pick this one up 😉

    I found it amusing Iona lifted her shirt, in addition to revealing the supergravity cannon, when she was asked by Iori to ‘open up her belly’ for maintenance. Plus, I thought Iona’s reaction to being scanned was cute as heck. In fact, I find nearly every action Iona takes to be fairly cute.

    Takao is still my favorite though. The scene where she reads the book describing a captain’s job pretty much sealed the deal for me.

    …also, Takao would like Gunzou to take control of her bridge. :3

    Unlucky Star
  6. I’m impressed with the quick posting, thanks so much.

    I’ve noticed another change in Iona since her early days: she blinks. If you look at the first episode, and then the parts that take place two years ago, she never really blinks. Compare it with this episode and you’ll find she does seem to blink normally, and even her eyes aren’t quite as wide. Basically she seems more human and is rising out of the uncanny valley from episode 1.

    I was wondering how they would adapt the plot from the manga when they only have two episodes left, I knew they would have to go with an anime original plot, but I didn’t know to what extent or what changes they made. I believe this is the first episode that deviates from the manga plot, so things start changing from here on out.

    It’s unfortunate, but necessary since I’m assuming this show to be one cour, though I will miss those other plot elements that add so much to the greatness of the manga.

    I won’t get into the plot changes because there are so many here who know it much better than I, but I can’t help but think that the next ep might end up being somewhat lacking for manga readers, for reasons outlined in spoilers already. Still I’m looking forward to it.

    On to more pleasant things, I find it amusing when Iona showed lifted her shirt to “show her belly”. I love little touches like that, they can add a great deal to the feel of a scene, and add up to improve the show in the long haul.

    Speaking of which, all the little things that the animators have been adding in the background are impressive. The way a dock worker adjusts his hat, the way characters not the main focus of the shot move, the little ways that the characters themselves move, and all they’ve done to make this look as much like “traditional” anime as possible, help make this a spectacular visual treat.

    Speaking of which, Kirishima, is the first character (as far as I can tell) who looks noticeably different than she did in the manga

    The little girl also does a bit, but not to such an extent. Also it might have just been the clothes.

    A few other things, Iona’s adorable little shiver, the way she locked lasers on everyone, Haruna having the same voice I imagined her having? Also I-400 and I-402 being there (in the manga they surfaced right behind Takao shortly after she surfaced) and I’m looking forward to the next ep. A bit disappointed that it would be like the manga, but at least they’re doing the material fair justice given the limitations.

    1. Speaking of which, Kirishima, is the first character (as far as I can tell) who looks noticeably different than she did in the manga.

      Really almost all the characters got an design “upgrade” to some degree in the anime IMO. Even Takoa <3 looks better in the anime. Kirishima by far is the most noticeable, but I also see a noticeable difference with Gunzou as well.

  7. Wow… not at all what I expected. They really gutted the source material. :< The name's been already thrown out a lot so not like it's a spoiler anymore, but IMO taking out Yamato and all the associated plot lines with her is like making a WWII documentary and leaving out Japan or the Soviet Union. It's a big deal. There are a lot of other things as well, a couple of them mentioned in Shiden's spoiler though I wouldn't call those two "minor".

    The anime seems to be focusing primarily on Iona and Gunzou – Iona in particular is getting a bigger role/anime only scenes than in the source material. Obviously she's a main character in the manga so it's not like she doesn't get a lot of "screen time" as it is. It wouldn't be a a real issue if it didn't come at the expense of other characters/plots/etc. Personally, I think the anime changes her character a bit as well, but that's relatively minor compared to the other changes. Even some "small things" are being changed (with no apparent reason) which give a different perception of the relationships between the various parties. For example:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I’m honestly at a loss as to why so much has been cut/altered. Just to be clear, I could add at least a half-dozen other material changes to the above. Does this make the anime bad? IMO, no. But is that really the appropriate standard here, or for any anime for that matter? In another review, Stilts’ wrote (paraphrasing) “If you’re going to make a [certain type] of anime, you should make it the best [type of anime] you can.” I enthusiastically endorse this sentiment.

    Opinions will vary, but for me, I can’t see how any of the cuts/changes made by the anime to the source material’s story & characters are for the better. It’s really a shame b/c I love the anime character designs along with the OP/ED. Personally I have no issues at all with the animation or CGI. This show was at the very top of my list this season. Sorry if my post seems too negative, but I’d be lying if I wrote anything other than I’m disappointed. If you like the anime and haven’t read the manga, my advice is to read the manga – AFTER the season’s over.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I agree with what you wrote, but that isn’t the issue.
        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. @ Daikama that analogy is too extreme. The closest I can think of is making a documentary where its just the US against the entire Axis nations and that the other Allies, USSR and UK don’t exist at all. And that the US singlehandedly wipes out Germany, Italy and Japan. But jokes aside, I really dislike how they removed what u said earlier. They made it really ‘simplistic’, when in the manga the Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Agree entirely with you about all the faction/sub-faction and plots/subplots. That complexity is a BIG reason I like the manga so much. All these “political” machinations remind me a bit of A Game of Thrones. So many plot threads that it’s hard to unravel which makes things (IMO) very interesting and hard to predict.

        As for your alternative analogy, I don’t see how leaving out both the USSR & UK is less extreme than leaving out Japan OR USSR from a WWII documentary. Seems more extreme to me if you remove two major players instead of “just” one. If I understand you correctly, your analogy does have a point about illustrating how in the anime far it’s I-401 vs. “everyone” type of scenario.

        As for your spoiler comment Show Spoiler ▼

  8. I’m not a manga reader, but I have taken a LOT of interest in this series. So if you say that the anime is diverging from what really happens in the manga, what do you advice?

    Should I read the manga while the anime is still fresh?

    Should I finish the anime and then read the whole manga for comparison?

    And lastly, are there sad parts here like a crew leaving/dying and what are the good parts? It’s okay to spoil me, I will click on those spoiler tags 🙂

    1. @pahlavi5312:

      My honest advice to you is watch the entire anime season first, THEN read the manga. You’ll get spoiled from the anime in terms of the manga, but on the whole, I still think you’ll really enjoy the manga whereas I’m definitely not sure if the opposite (read manga then watch anime) is true.

      In either case, I do NOT recommend clicking on all the spoilers – at least not those like the one I clearly marked “for up to date manga readers only.”

    2. Thanks for the reply. I’m actually thinking of doing that cause the disappointment will be less. That’s also what I did with Soul Eater and I got happy that the manga was better than the anime.

      Just to prepare myself, any sad event here? I have watched shows like Code Geass and some Gundam titles and I wish someone prepared me for the feels there.

      1. @pahlavi5312

        Seems like all I’ve done is post spoilers :<, but since this appears to be important to you:
        Show Spoiler ▼

  9. “In response to popular demand, both Zanibas (caps) and I (post itself) will be combining together to give Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova weekly coverage, and it really is as they say: two heads are better than one.”

    Now the we set sail officially and see how Gunzou becomes one great Admiral!

    Also Takao going deredere

  10. To be honest, I’m not at all surprised by the sheer amount of changes that were made to the original source material due to budget/time/whatever constraits. Despite this, I’ve decided to just accept this reality and move on by sitting back and enjoying the cruise from here on; it’s better to accept and appreciate this anime for what it is instead of what it isn’t. Doing that will just make the experience all the more enjoyable in the end. And who knows, if it does well enough to get a second season, we may still be able to see some of the material that had to be cut out, including Yamato’s character (if she doesn’t show up later on in the story).

  11. So, Iona gets more and more understanding of human world – and goes beyond kuudere “I’m only a weapon following orders.” Nice to see that she has taken protection of Chihaya as her goal in life. This seems to even impress the former Admiral…
    Meanwhile, on the Fog side, Takao’s dere has smacked down her tsun hard and she has head full of fantasies of Chihaya as her captain. Can’t wait to see their actual meeting. And Kongo sends two of her historically sister ships – Haruna and Kirishima to deal with I-401.
    Finally, on the land side of the things, faction distrustful of Iona and Chihaya makes its move. Of course this ends with Iona twisting their arms (gently) and our crew setting out to deal with incoming battlewagons of the Fog…

  12. Someone cited time and money issues about the series, and that’s correct. The amount of money to make a series completely in 3DCGI must be astronomical, and it’s no wonder that Arpeggio, even with an extended (and epic) manga, is only 13 eps. Having said that, and with the cuts already done, kudos for the anime staff, because this is clearly more orientated to people that haven’t read the manga. Obviously, we all have the advantage of the whole picture, but the series manages to be interesting stand alone, and that’s a major archivement up to now (eat more humble pie, Trigger, Sunrise and KyoAni!!)

    1. And this brings in a very serious problem. Why must they insist on animating a series in 3DCGI if they know that they are going to run into money issues? Why can’t they do something similar to Girls Und Panzer or IS, where only the battles are CGI animated? If they followed GuP’s path then the insane cuts would most likely wouldn’t have happened, or the cuts would be less than before. Plus, judging by the opening, it seems like Gunzou’s next battle will not be shown at all. Its a key battle which shows how human Gunzou is, and how divided humanity truly is. And this irks me a lot, which didn’t help when I read that the director for this anime IS the director that butchered DeSU2 and Danganronpa . In all honesty, I’d rather Acta take over this show even if it means the possibility of having to wait weeks for the next episode. But the best chance would be probably a Strike Witches-esque scenario, where the (potential) Aoki Hagane season 2, or a reboot is taken over by a much much better animation studio and a director, preferably Railgun’s director.

      1. Actas or Ufotable for the animation, Tatsuyuki Nagai as the director. Yuki Kajiura or Hiroyuki Sawano for the OST. I think we can be prepared for an insane ride if that happens.

    2. Well, from my experience, anime companies have always used 3DCG when budgets were constrained, because once you make the models, you don’t need any more resources and can focus on animating, while conventional anime work by hand and computer as we know it.

      The character and ship models are already there for Arpeggio. Properly rigged, there is no need to make any changes to any of these models. The difficult thing, apart from animation, would be the background resources, of which there are a lot more, but I assume like with movies and games, they only render what is visible on camera and leave the rest as empty space. It’d be easy enough to split the work between different modelers and riggers. It might be a problem that, because full-3DCG isn’t often employed, there might be few qualified people for those positions.

      Overall, THE hardest part of making a 3DCG anime would be the animation, as there is always the clunkiness of software-based animation, especially in a deadline-focused environment. Animating itself isn’t hard, but animating well is difficult. It gets easier with practice, but there are always limitations, whether in personal skill or software. (Just take a look at RWBY, it’s being worked on by a great animation team but the software is restricting them, ridiculously so).

    3. I think your premise (“The amount of money to make a series completely in 3DCGI must be astronomical,”) is wrong: if you look at anime TV series in general, 3DCGI is often used for parts where traditional animation would be to expensive to use for the production company.

  13. Aside from everything else everyone mentioned, the other big change I’m disappointed by is the lack of the luminescent communication tribal markings that appear on the Mental Models’ faces as they communicate with one another. The Tea Room’s fine for general reflections, but darn it, I want to see them communicate like in the manga, further emphasizing their still relatively inhuman nature.

    1. Because i got Hooked.

      This Anime is Germanguy approved

      Me like it!!

      p.s. and the CG Anime Skin increase. Just Plain CG Skin is Render friendly, but they look like Puppets or Robots.

      Btw, is I402 like the real Submarine? I read they rebuild it, as “Support Submarine” (Wikipedia)

  14. glad the show gonna be covered weekly!

    i went ahead and read the manga..lol coulndt stop and read all the translkated chapters on 1 siting.. (like 4 hrs) .. gotta say they do seem to have done a LOT of editing for the anime adaptation.. even if we are just on the 3rd ep! hope they dont mess the adaptation . the original material (manga) is pretty nice.

  15. Iona: hmph!!
    Gunsou: what is it?
    Iona: they’re scanning me.
    Gunzou: Does it hurt?
    Iona: no. it just tickles.

    me grins.

    Iori: Iona, please open your belly
    Iona lifts shirt, I-401 aytomatically opens hull.

    me nearly falls to the floor laughing. gotta love those double entendres.

    would really be disappointed if they would cut the series short. the manga has rich material and i would love to see it whole in the anime.i am a bit worried now since hakugei was never mentioned.

  16. Damn straight! I’m excited to see this on the site now! Totally needed to be on here xD. I’m amped for next week, two battleships against I-401! This is going to be a treat!

    Jason Isenberg
  17. The anime is making Iona cuter than the manga depicted, which is a welcome change.

    I don’t like them leaving out so much story though.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  18. Just a Question.

    Say their Engine is something with Gravitation or not?

    They could theoretical Fly in the Sky. Well, the Submarines are more Suitable for this, in terms of Speed. Water Residents is nearly the same like Wind Residents

    It’s like “Gargantia” Thin can :). And, if they would let the Battleship hover or Fly in the Sky, they just need to Turn up side down, to Shoot their Guns to Earth direction… There is no Human Crew on Board…

    Well, in case of Submarine Weapons, the Battleships is of cover in advantage when it comes to Firepower on Air. Torpedoes dont like to Fly 🙂 You saw how accurate this Torpedo-rocket was in Episode 1 flying 🙂 or I-401 has captured some Air Rockets from Loot

    1. if you say, “the Weight Stress is to much on the Ships/Submarines Body, it will break!”. Then why they dont break in a Dry Dock? 🙂 Of course you must take the G Force into Account… They where build to hold against Water Pressure, not G Forces

      1. Gain Speed, Crash/Emergency Emerge, switch somehow the Center above the Body more to the Nose, lunatic Engine drive (You overload your Engine with more then 100% lets say 120% in short time), Crash Dive

    2. Of course, if you do that Tactic with a Real Life Submarine, you get the risk, that your boat will tear apart after reentry (When the Nose will come down). So, you should not do that at Home Kids, let this be in Anime World. Perhaps the Klein field, can play the Shock Absorber here..

      This is just a “Piece of my Mind”, how they can put i-401 into a Flying Fish for a Battle surprise tactic

  19. I’m liking how they chose to adapt the series, but I do miss the SD aspects from the manga. IN particular, how the mental models multi-tasked by creating “mini-me”s of themselves. It’s nothing particularly significant, it just added another degree of cuteness to the series.

  20. Man… im seriously sad at the way it’s going right now. Mind you, i still love the animation and all that stuff, but the signs of source-material-butchering is always unpleasant to see.

    I’m VERY concerned at the next episode. They left out a LOT of important events that could potentially cripple this show.

  21. I’ve had some time to digest what I saw and re-read the chapters it covered, and I have to say I’m disappointed with the direction they are taking. Here is a small list of the changes that were made that are troublesome.

    -Supreme Flagship Yamato is omitted completely. Considering that one of her mental models is directly related to Gunzou’s past AND is a major player pulling the strings behind the plot, this means many further storylines will have to be altered.
    -There was no mention of the Hakugei III, Maruri, Uragami, or Kamikage. This means it will be the 401 solo against the two battleships, which means FAR less tactics than in the manga. Hell, Iona didn’t even leave behind a Corrosive Torpedo that is used in the fight as a trump card.
    -The Vibration Warhead was completely forgotten about.
    -Iona never left the 401, which means she wasn’t at the dinner. She was never called a monster, and she did not attack Kita’s men. In fact…
    -Kita never threatened them at all. He never had his men draw guns on them, and he let them leave after talking a bit. He never once called Iona a monster and never implied that he left that Gunzou was incapable of handling the 401. In the anime, he’s more of a blunt force person than a keen strategist he is in the manga. He comes across as a cartoon villain.
    -Makie was completely changed. I’m incredibly concerned they are going to gloss over her importance to the plot. She is incredibly important to many different sections and this change has far reaching consequences.

    This feels like World War Z’s movie was to the book. It might be a good action anime, but it’s sacrificing a lot of the incredibly well written plot to do so. And the plot was what brought me to this series in the first place…

      1. you not curios, what the Anime has on Secrets for the Manga Fans?

        Seems like you found some of them. You just wanted a spoiled Animated Manga, or you want to see a curios Anime that base on the Manga?


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