「アイドル蹂躙」 (Aidoru Juurin)
“Idol Devastation”

So needless to say, I think Mari could be a bisexual. Crushing on a guy, yet kissing a girl? Well then… if this show ever wanted to catch my attention again, it’s got it. I always thought the ship would be a Mari x Masayoshi rather than Mari x Hidenori… but hey! Any romance that I can get is a plus (even if it ends up being girl on girl action – I do not discriminate!). Speaking of Mari, do people like or dislike her character? Flamenco Girl is actually a very good representation of Mari to me. She acts and behaves like how I would expect Mari to with her band members. Everything is over the top and exaggerated but she has good intentions and I can’t necessarily put her down for it. On the other hand, I think her methods of punishing criminals are debatable. Her weapon of choice is quite something – it’s sharp, it electrocutes people – not to mention that she kicks all the dudes in the balls afterwards, what’s up with that? I agree with her motives, but not her style of doing so.

There’s also the fact that she’s stolen the thunder from Samurai Flamenco – intentionally! Mari (as an idol too) looks like someone that loves the camera and she doesn’t mind the extra attention. Sad to say that Masayoshi has turned into a sidekick rather than a standalone hero. Somehow I don’t think he minds though because as long as the streets are being rid of petty crimes, he feels good to have a helping hand. I just wish Masayoshi had more of a backbone because it’s obviously tiring him out and it’s even put a strain on his relationship with Hidenori who wants him to stop. At some point, he has to realize that there are better ways to handle certain situations than getting yourself hurt. As amusing as it is to watch, I don’t think the relationship between Mari and Masayoshi will last very long. It seems like they’re already not seeing eye-to-eye which makes it difficult to work together (even if it’s for the same cause).

While this is all happening, I still find that Hidenori is the character that I’m watching out for the most. His life is not the most interesting and every day seems to be a repeat of the next, but that’s why I love watching his interactions with Masayoshi. Hidenori’s sarcasm gets me every time and even when he’s lecturing Masayoshi, it’s amusing! The fact that Hidenori is also in a long distance relationship, makes him feel more like an actual relatable person to me. He has his own life and priorities (which include his girlfriend) and somehow, he still makes it all work. I smile every time I read a text from his girlfriend because it’s something as simple as that that reveals a little more about Hidenori to the audience. Just the fact that she even left her umbrella in his house probably shows how close they are – possibly living together when she’s in town? The dynamics between the couple would be something I’d like to see in person. You never really know someone until you see how they treat others as well and I think character relationships are one of the selling features of this show.

TL;DR – @RCCherrie: #Samumenco is not just a hashtag! It’s actually a nickname! Mari is kinda crazy though… I dunno about her anymore…

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  1. Yeah the ball kicking punishment is going TOO far for sure. It’s hard not to cringe when you see that kind of thing even in anime (though it helps that the guys don’t react to getting kicked in the balls like a normal person lol).

    It’s actually nice to see Masayoshi be able to properly defend himself now though. Sucks that just as he gets better at fighting he’s forced fight like a wimp again by Mari =(.

    1. It’s all funny and cute when you a girl beating a guy even he has given up. I would like to see someone doing the opposite… I would like to see what he public reaction would be.

      1. I think it is right for a man to be treated worse than a woman in matters such as battery. On average, men are more physically equiped than women to inflict serious harm on their victims. Thus, it is only natural that they are treated in a more severe manner.

        I’m a guy and I think there is something wrong with guys who behave violently toward woman without any justification.


      2. Violent justification has double standards written all over it. I’m not that liberal a person to say it’s OK in any manner. I’ve seen too much of all fashions of it to try to justify such nonsense, especially when one party doesn’t want to continue or can’t continue.

        I just would go as far as to call it cute. Beating up on someone who can’t/won’t fight back is just annoying as hell when it comes down to it.

        Most anime tend to make girls stronger than guys anyway so it’s all up to perspective, context, & methods. Westerners have the (don’t dish/can’t deal) mannerism while Easterners have the (just take it) philosophy. It’s easier to understand why stuff like this is so prevalent in anime if you get the cultural contexts. However, anime twists it sometimes into receiving punishment period, as long as one party thinks it’s deserved (usually the girl) – in other words, just take it.

      3. Honestly, to be able to laugh at this is QUITE disturbing. Useless violence toward males in anime is just that. THEY even came up with phrases like “violent rebuttal…” & “slapstick” to give coherence to the nonsense. I have still yet to personally meet anyone that can genuinely find THIS stuff funny & I don’t think I want to.

      4. I didn’t mind the ball-busting because the anime was being pretty conscious about it. It walked a fine line between being played for laughs and being treated as serious because there’s no denying that Mari has severe issues with men. I’m guessing it’ll be explored in her backstory at some point.

        It’s the pointless slapfest from moe tsundere girls over moronic misunderstandings that annoys me. Hell, it’s an insult to both genders.

    2. My initial reaction to that is to think that Mari had some kind of experience with either sexual harassment or assault in her past that made her hate men. But she’s smart enough not to hate all men, just go overboard with those who she considers deserve it? Also might explain why she is bisexual?

    3. That kind of humor is terrible and unfortunately everyone defaults to it. Flippin nickelodeon has some new show that has the sister getting a pat on the head for her screw ups but the brother gets his ass kicked by his sister and everyone is like “oh, that cool, moving on”. If the guy a jackass who keeps doing annoying crap anyone of any either gender would get pissed at then it’s ok if the girl kicks his nuts…once in a while, not every damn time but japanese and american media love one sided female on male abuse.

  2. SF’s nickname (aka samumenco) is awesome. better than the original LOL

    I like Mari’s energetic and crazy side. but it is out of control when she fights. electrifying people? it’s too dangerous. it is very very brutal use of force. besides, any hero should have the compassion even for the bad guys. so she isn’t a true hero like Masayoshi. she is more a vigilante. which is a needed term for that show. come in time

    this episode was kinda in a hurry. not really a bad thing, but unusual pace for SF.
    think about it – a lot happened this time – samumenco was forced to cooperate with flamenco girl, he was tired the hell of his actions (and they should have developed that part even more, especially with his manager shouting at him), they harmed Hidenori and then quickly over night they returned to apologize.

    but there are 2 problems here, especially within the last part:
    1. hidenori cancel a date with his girlfriend (whom he had not seen for a long time). and it’s only because of those 2 acting like “heroes”?it’s unlikely for him. it comes in contrast to his character which is based on his indifference and his will to be uninvolved as much as possible with those issues of heroes. I mean..it’s nice to have more active, but I don’t see what made him act like that?it couldn’t wait for morning?especially after the date?
    2. Masayoshi hadn’t enough backbone to turn falmenco girl down (even after she exhausted him and cause dangerous stuff to them), yet he was able to gather himself up and bring her to apologize??
    the good point out of it is that he really cherish his friendship with Hidenori (and Hidenori is like that too). but his character is flawed now. especially after the previous episode when he faced red-axe.

    it was a funny and lovely episode of SF. brought up more interesting issues!
    it is definitely one of the most anticipated anime of all those shows in “crazy thursday”.

    random thoughts:
    1. samumenco! what a great name! now we need another one like that..famumenco girl?damn I can’t come up with a nickname to her right now…anyone?
    2. kiss scene between 2 girls?awesome. didn’t see that coming.
    3. who are you Hidenori’s girlfriend?pay attention: you have a rival. and she is an Idol. you’d better show up 😛
    4. well now what?will we ship Mari X Masayoshi or Mari X Hidenori? the latter probably won’t happen. usually I am with the underdogs..but this time Mari X Masayoshi would fit better.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with the problem you pointed out:

      Goto canceled the date because he worried with Masayoshi. They are now considered by the police as potentially dangerous and that’s a serious thing he need to told Masa ASAP. Remember on how he rush from police box to Masayoshi’s aid despite only having ‘telephone box’ as the lead. He may not approve what Masayoshi’s doing, but he cares about his well being.

      On Masayoshi having guts to to drag Mari to apologize, I think it is perfectly make sense. He can’t muster will to stand up to Mari for his owns sake, but he can do it because he pissed off after seeing Mari went to far and hurt his friend. Even them, he still can’t do it right there and then when Goto got shocked but only the day after after probably some retrospection on his part. I think the way he act is quite natural.

      Also, Samumenco is a shitty name. -_-

      1. I understand that. I really do. as I said – it is the effect of their friendship, which is indeed a good thing. yet, for Hidenori to act like that..from impulse, it’s simply unlikely to happen. and again, he has a date. he didn’t see his GF who knows for how long. he couldn’t call?it couldn’t wait? if he really is in long distant-relationship, you will try to use every single chance you have in order to meet the one you love.
        moreover, at the end, his act of running after them was for nothing. he didn’t even prevent anything. the bad guys were beaten up and were electrified. he got himself quite a ‘shock’ as well.

        Masayoshi’s act of dragging Mari was right decision. yet again it was quite in a hurry this episode. I think they should have let see more of what exactly made him do so. and how he did that. after all he was helpless the entire episode..suddenly she got dragged? I am not saying it doesn’t making any sense. it does. but this could wait for the next ep. it would made things more interesting IMHO

        what so bad with samumenco?I couldn’t stop laughing when she say that name!
        how she discovered it was him so easily. LOL
        she must have a nickname! flamenco girl isn’t fluent enough.

      1. Masayoshi can be endearing but still obnoxious too. I definitely don’t want to be kicked in the jewels or tasered. But I also don’t want some clown harassing me for taking out trash on the wrong day. Both their actions are undesirable, but obviously Mari is more dangerous.

  3. Japanese Kickass confirmed!

    I see what you did there Oyakata-sama!

    This was a really good episode. Hazama is getting stronger and finally able to defend himself to a certain degree. He still has a lot to learn though like watching his surroundings more lol.

    Mari is just unpredictable and almost as brutal as Hit Girl. I honestly did not expect that yuri kiss and to learn that she’s been doing that for a while (with a shorter duration) was just wow. She is obviously a showboater and likes being in charge. Custom made gadgets and a pink hummer.

    Hazama needs to be more assertive and Mari needs to stop killing future children!

    Goto trips flags without even trying, badass.

  4. Is it just me or is this show starting to feel alot like that TV show “Arrow”
    Obviously not that dark but the girl vigilante using rather extreme methods and the dude trying to solve it without killing anyone? shuld be on the same side but end up not looking eye-to-eye on their respective methods.

  5. I have a feeling that Goto’s gf is one of those girls in Mari’s idol group, particularly Mizuki Masawa. Because Goto hardly gets to see her because she’s most likely very busy, the girly umbrella at his apartment, and they way how his gf acts in the texts he receives have an idol’ish feel.

    Plus if his gf is Masawa and if she were to catch Mari x Goto in some misunderstanding, she would think Goto has been cheating on her with Mari this whole time. Goto cancelling their dates (but to investigate Masayoshi and Mari), while Mari has been strangely missing the group meetings (to fight crime) and acting different.

  6. Writing 50 songs overnight, super hyper conversations, all her colleagues worrying about her, going apeshit on the bad guys, then can’t get out of bed while her voicemail fills up… Mari’s not bisexual, she’s bipolar.

  7. Wow, I dunno why but I feel bad for Masayoshi. I was already getting aboard the Mari-Masayoshi ship and then she happens to fall for Hidenori? I guess the trip is cancelled.

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