「サムメンコを捕まえろ!」 (Samumenko o Tsukamaero!)
“Capture Samumenco!”

“She’s the best woman I could wish for.” … oh my god! Please have my babies ~
Seriously – I don’t know what makes Hidenori such a loveable character in my eyes. He’s not exactly the most exciting, but I think it’s because he’s so level-headed and confident… and it doesn’t hurt that he has a girlfriend. Let me tell you a little secret, sometimes knowing that a guy already has a girlfriend, makes him a little more attractive in others’ eyes. Of course, he also fits so well in a uniform and we all know that guys in uniform are sexy. Mari’s totally got that right.

Anyway, away from the topic of what makes Hidenori so attractive… I think something that most women like to hear (regardless of whether or not they’ll admit it) is that their boyfriends/husbands/significant others, are loyal to them. It’s sweet and all when you’re together, but it’s when you’re not together that your trust is tested. Hidenori has passed that test with flying colors and his girlfriend is terribly lucky to have him – whoever she is. On the other hand, Mari is clearly a flirtatious one isn’t she? With the outfits and the role-play, I wasn’t sure if this was awkward to watch or just plain funny because she looked so ready to attack him. I won’t judge what you like to do in the bedroom, but this reveals more about Mari than I’d ever dare to know. She’s quite kinky with her desire to be punished and possibly tied up and ravaged, but there’s possibly a little bit of that hidden fantasy in every woman.

This episode has got to be my favorite so far for Samurai Flamenco. I found it especially fun and humorous while still playing on the fact that Masayoshi’s popularity is soaring. I’ve mentioned before that when it comes to anime and comedy, I don’t usually get it. This week though, it was all about awkward humor and situational comedy which had me laughing out loud, and that’s always a good thing. The ending when Mari proclaimed that Masayoshi and Hidenori were clearly “inovlved”, was the best. It’s enjoyable to watch all the characters coming together – and the character dynamics amongst one another is hilarious (especially when Hidenori is involved). The show doesn’t take itself very seriously even though Masayoshi takes his mission seriously and this irony works because it delivers comedic moments while not being completely unrealistic.

Speaking of being unrealistic, Masayoshi actually has weapons now… stationary weapons! They’re created by Harazuka Jun (Ookawa Tooru) for Masayoshi to use and test in the midst of trouble. I can’t decide if it’s cheesy or creative, but either way, it leaves an impression and Samurai Flamenco is slowly getting stronger and becoming an actual “superhero”. He has the media and public after him; he has the gadgets and suit; he even has his own posse following him around, what more does he need? Each episode slowly adds to the development of his character and Samurai Flamenco is not only just Masayoshi in a costume anymore, but he’s more like an image to the city and what he stands for. I can appreciate how his appearance has actually materialized into something worthwhile because after all, that’s what his grandfather intended him to become. The story is slow to ramp up, but it’s getting there and it’s only when you look back at the first few episodes that you realize how far it’s come.

TL;DR – @RCCherrie: LOL! This week’s ep of #samumenco was hilarious! And I almost never laugh at anime out loud =X It was all awkward humor though…

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  1. yeah, from ep to ep, samumenco is much more fun to watch and intriguing. the show is evolving!

    I said it last week, and I stick to it even now – the characters parted ways but yet they are still tied together somehow.
    and they are interacting. this week we got quite two main events: first was the scene between Hindenori and Mari. it’s hard to be rejected, especially since we talk about an idol who always get what she wants. considering the fact she kicks asses of men…I fear for him, again.
    what I didn’t like is the way Mari tried to seduce him. I didn’t see her character as a “slut”, a bit harsh word but I couldn’t find a better way to tell her behavior.
    but it was funny attempt to put in him in uniform.
    and as expected of our beloved Hidenori, an honest man, a cop, he got himself out of this mess pretty well. even after the so called “fight” with his GF last week, he put this words. lovely, indeed. it proved that he is a man of honor and a cop (and our beloved character) not for nothing. he is the kind of characters that mostly silent, but when they speaks out..they really get to the point pretty well.
    although it was a direct refuse to Mari, he did it gracefully.

    the other scenario this ep involved Masayoshi. samumenco with gadgets (go go samumenco gadget #x LOL). yes, it’s bizarre, but was executed so well, it simply fitted to the show perfectly, ’cause he needs that, he is evolving as a superhero. even when he became samumenco-spider-man was sooo funny.
    what I love in Masayoshi is that he affect the show silently. he carry out the issues not with words, but with actions! he isn’t an idol(aka fancy and popular) or cop…he also isn’t all talking (*ahem* red-axe *ahem*), he simply goes out and do the job – saving people. exactly what a superhero should do.
    it’s also not from impulse or something..it just feels right.
    he is right character for superhero in this kind of show.

    I said this show is evolving, especially around Masayoshi. at first, Red-axe instructed him, now he has Gadgets.
    next..are we gonna to have a villian?maybe that reporter with money…?

    1. Slut? When I’ve been in the army, my girlfriend loved to role play with me in my uniform and I’d never think of her being slutty for that. I’d rather call it natural, that a girl wants to play this way, if she’s attracted to a police man.

    2. I wanted to stay away from the word “slutty” because it’s not like she’s hitting on ALL the guys, nor is she dressed provocatively all the time. I think it’s more like she’s very assertive and kinky when it comes to doing things in the bedroom. Girls have their own fantasies too, so if she sees something she likes, I’m not surprised that she’d go for it. Mari’s not a very shy character so I don’t think this will be the last that we see her behaving this way.

    3. as I said, not the optimal term to use.
      but she did seduce him. especially after he put on the uniform.
      maybe it was “light” and not that provocative, but she did go a bit far than I thought she would, even if she is an eccentric idol who always get what she wants and do what it takes for this. luckily, Hidenori saw right through her.

  2. Masayoshi seriously needs to find himself a bluetooth headset or something.
    Feel really awkward seeing him running around holding his phone like that.

    Also, while that tough actor guy doesn’t seem that dependable, look like training with him really does pay of.

    And even I’m not a big fan of pop idol song, the ending song seriously grows on me.

  3. I guess I’ll call it as early as now: Mari will get shot down by Hidenori (obviously) and will end up falling for Samumenco’s kindness or whatever she sees/will see in him. *Flies away*

    The Story You Don't Know
  4. I don’t really know what to feel about this show. As I was watching this episode, I sort of laughed to myself that this was the best show of the season. So it must be good. But then I think about the completely different direction the show started taking in the 2nd quarter… I felt they were leading us to a story about a super hero in the real world, where not even Batman-type vigilantes could exist… I thought there were gonna be sparks between Masayoshi and Mari, instead Mari is more psychotic then we thought and completely different. And we get this world that all of a sudden makes Mace/Taser/Pepperspraying magic wands possible… And it seems the issues that Goto had to deal with being a police officer having to deal with the complaints about his friend has all but disappeared, along with the potential narrative it brought…

    But then, I mindlessly mused that this was the best show of the season, anyways. Let’s get this story on the road.

    1. Totally agreed. I liked the fact that they put some life into such a minor character even though we’re likely never to see him again. In contrast to KnK’s Sakura, I felt that there are more benefit to this guy’s 2 min appearance, than there is to Sakura’s entire arc =S

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