「ソルトフィッシュ」 (Soruto Fisshu)
“Salt Fish”

Doing things for the sake of a loved one isn’t always healthy, literally.

It’s been fairly obvious for a while now that Anna isn’t quite what she’s pretended to be. Since she first appeared, she seemed too knowledgeable, too convenient a presence to simply be in on it for goodwill. It was made obvious last week that things would turn out this way (and there were plenty of small hints along the way), but even at the moment when it seemed best for her to reveal her colors, she’s decided to stick with the Ferrari girls. I think that’s the trope of developed affection acting up, but I think Anna always cared about Hozuki and her sisters to some extent. Her concern when the girls have been ill or hurt has always felt at least somewhat genuine, and though her role is that of spy and motivator for the girls to find the treasure, she’s definitely not keen on the idea of letting the girls die on her watch. In fact, I think that the thing that makes her happy has already begun to shift from her love for Roberto to protecting the descendants of Galileo, and not because they’re important historically.

For one thing, Anna’s reason for doing what she is doing now is unhealthy and I suspect a little too much for her moral consciousness. Loving someone with all your heart and doing anything for them is a romantic sentiment, but in real life, it’s not fair to oneself, nor healthy, to do so at the expense of other things that are important to you. It isn’t as fulfilling as people think to live fully for the sake of someone else, especially when something else they deem important is on the line. Anna, I think, really loves the girls, and no matter how much she wants to convince herself that her love for Roberto is more important, I don’t doubt she will eventually change her mind if they come under further danger.

On another note, I found Kazuki’s reasoning for giving away the hourglass more mature than the last time she wanted things to end. Whereas last time she just wanted to go home, the right thing to do be damned, this time she wants to protect her family, even if it means losing something as important as the hourglass. Thankfully Roberto decides to let them go (that could have easily been a disaster, he’s not a man of much mercy after all), but I think the girls all learn a little something from it anyway. Hazuki, at least, is not about to let the world get her down even if it’s beaten them with all it’s got, and though her optimism is a tad naive, it should definitely help them get somewhere. The hourglass may be gone, but there are still sketches to be found, and to Hozuki’s delight, Japan is the next stop on the map.


  1. “Doing things for the sake of a loved one isn’t always healthy, literally.”

    Anna is stupid lol

    “this time she wants to protect her family”

    I thought she just wanted to end their journey so she can meet her bf? -.-

    Hazuki, Hozuki and goldfish \m/

  2. Oh well, he who loses his hourglass/compass/whatever gizmo, can live on.
    He who gets shot dead nan not.
    Live to fight another day, even if it means crawling.
    Next stop, Japan!
    (Yes, I want an airship so I can fly to Japan!!!)

  3. I agree with you about Kazuki. she didn’t give up about the hourglass out of selfishness. she did for the sake of her sisters. for their safety.
    more than that, this episode managed to achieve balance with all 3 characters. each one got screentime for expressing her own uniqueness.

    I think you nailed what’s going on with Anna. and yes, something definitely in unhealthy there.
    she is indeed torn apart between sisters and Roberto. but she chose the sisters.
    yet, is it the end of story?I am not so sure. first, Roberto didn’t kill them. second, it sounded like the girls didn’t know she was in “Roberto’s team” (not to mention she loves him). it sounded like they thought she simply wanted to know about the treasure(aka energy resource).

    speaking of Roberto, once again he isn’t killing . which I find it inconsistent with his character. he isn’t a badass, he is suppose to be like a robot who wants to finish his mission, willing to kill everyone on his way. we saw last week how he killed people almost indiscriminately. that’s Roberto. he is a bad person. true, he was brainwashed and he is carrying a burden from the past.
    but nevermind the circumstances (or how lovely his Origami), he is a bad person. period. maybe not in the level of Squealer(SSY) in terms of hated. but the point is..it’s hard to love such man, no matter how/when/where he saved you. and I think Anna isn’t necessary in love with him. I think she is more in debt to him. and she wants to help to be happy.

    random thoughts:
    1. what’ with the Mom and Dad?okay, the Mom showed up in control of bad guys (possibly in disguise). and the Dad?nowhere to be seen?I guess there are waiting for the finale..why does it have to be so expected?
    2. Kazuki, come on, I am curious, who is the mysterious guy in the picture?
    3. once again the pirates aren’t here?what’s this – episode yes and episode no?if it’s like that we might not see them in the last ep…I guess it’s not gonna happen.
    4. next week Japan ha?I bet we’ll discover the Otaku side of Hozuki 😛
    5. goldfish – you are so funny.

    1. I would agree Kazuki’s heart is in the right place, but I think she is a bit naive about her situation. A real criminal organization would have ended their lives right then and there (to “tie up loose ends”), which Roberto very nearly did, an act or mercy I imagine he will come to regret later, not that he doesn’t deserve what’s coming to him.

  4. Well, i see the Light, and i load my Speculation Gun with the Bullet “the grand tesoro = Daiski”

    Hombres and Muleres, we have her a bit of “Faust” the Theater Act

    What great Goal did Faust found in the end?

  5. am i the only one who thinks Kazuki got “funny” personality here? when she said, dont talk about that during meal (the toilet jokes), i was like, lol…Kazuki, you’re really your mother’s daughter (except the fact about galileo’s heir)…

    What’s wrong with A1’s quality? i mean, is there no chance for the drawing to look better again like the 1st ep? or the budget just poof-off when they did the ep.1 in such quality?

    never get like Anna no matter what. Anego is funny though. Japan next!

    onion warrior
  6. I’m willing to bet that the hourglass is useless now that it has be drained of its energy, and that initially, it is an energy-holding device. Of course, w/o the specific energy needed to charge it, it is worthless(which Roberto and his old man will eventually find out), thus, restarting their pursuit of the girls, perhaps even using their mom to flush them out of hiding.


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