「天使炎上篇I」 (Tenshi Enjo Hen I)
“Angel in Flames I”

Here we go. It’s the start of a new arc, and what we get are false holy swords, busty spear-wielding women, angels, and Vatler. Oh my. You know things are going to be good when even Vatler’s intrigued—especially when he claims the newest enemy could easily kill our favorite perverted protagonist. In the meanwhile though, as things build their way up plot-wise, it’s Asagi who steals the show this week with her aggressive overtures on Akatsuki.

Indeed, she’s rockin’ the pink lingerie this week, and stripping off Akatsuki’s clothing while she’s at it too… for modeling, that is. To top things off, Himeragi’s observing the whole thing—what a convenient excuse!—and Kojou’s officially got two gals hot on his heels now. Or would it be more accurate to say three?

Either way, all of this has me wondering. Would it be a good thing if my friends are claiming I’m back to my normal self only when they find me doing perverted things? I mean, on one hand, you can say Kojou’s extremely lucky to have friends that accept him despite his supposed perverted nature. On the other hand though, it could just mean everyone’s nuts or plotting something… and it makes me wonder if it’s a good thing for Kojou or not. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter too much. You know, since we have all these cats. And people knocking down buildings while losing their spiritual centers. And people supposedly confessing to other people’s sisters.

But yeah, the general thing here is we get yet another solid episode of Strike the Blood. The series is as consistent as they come, and it’s great to see how easily they can dial up action toward each arc’s end, then bring it back right back down for the next arc’s start. Each arc in turn builds upon revelations of the previous one AND introduces another portion of the vast Strike the Blood universe, and it’s been a fun ride seeing Kojou slowly work into his role as the X-factor between the other Primogenitors and the conflicts involving them. Here’s to more impending awesomeness… and more Vatler. Because one can never have enough Vatler.

Author’s Note: Just a heads up. Next week’s Strike the Blood’s may not be posted until Sunday. I’ll try to get it out on Friday as usual, but as I’m planning to attend the late night Madoka Movie screening next weekend, this may not be possible.

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  1. Yukina sure has it though, a busty hacker, her best friend and to top it a crazy vampire are all competitors for Kojou´s affections. Talking about the blonde crazy vampire, I have the feeling he´s going to add rocket fuel to the fire and sit around eating pop corn watching the whole scene in fire with Kojou in the middle of that hell. XD

  2. People complain about the genericness of this show, but I disagree.
    There’s a lot of appealing worldbuilding elements introduced per arc/ep, and then there’s that looming 4th Progenitor backstory that nearly everyone seems to be connected to.

  3. I have to say, while I prefer this: http://puu.sh/5xkAj.jpg , Asagi’s underwear looks just as awesome… but if anime and LN illustration scales are accurate, Sayaka’s size is probably bigger…

    on a more serious note, one thing to add from the LN is that the busty lady in the beginning is actually a vampire and her weapon is more than just a normal spear.

      1. as far as I know, she is a minor character (aka not vatler)…
        the reason I mention her is that she is from the 3rd progenitor’s clan (each progenitor has kinda distinctive features, though that feature will be revealed in later episodes)

    1. Yaze’s father is a financial guru that has a lot of influence on the island, so when wealth clashes with power/politics, a lot of weird and twisted things happen 🙂 and He is one of the people involved with that backstory, so it is a little more complicated than that

  4. I’m a bit curious about the flashback, is that Nagisa with specs when Kujou accidentally walked in? And seriously, more Vatler = more awesomeness. I want to see Vatler in action for once!

    1. hmm… a lot of people have said Yukina, Nagisa, and that girl looks the same… I agree, it is the anime’s issue. In fact that was the flashback on how Kojo and Asagi met for the first time. Kojo came back from visiting Nagisa (who was in hospital due to the backstory “incident”), and Asagi’s mother was gravely ill at the time (or already passed away? I don’t remember exactly). That was their first interaction, which eventually led to their relationship today.

  5. I’ve noticed the English titles the Japanese give for each arc differ wildly from the Japanese language titles.

    JP Wiki confirms the Japanese title of this arc as ‘The Angel in Flames'(天使炎上),

    but the English title is ‘The Amphisbaena’. Why this difference, I wonder.

  6. Yukina, Sayaka, and now Asagi looks so darn cute… Dammit author Mikumo-sensei, stop making me friggin choose which ship to go on!

    The new blondie happens to be voiced by Arai Satomi, we should hopefully hear her going into her batshit insane Kuroko voice as she (and Vatler) trolls Kojou’s harem dillemma for the lulz.

  7. Asagi may look good in pink lace but I like them to be BLACK!

    Than again… I sense that the Touma is strong in him……

    Seriously… They should rename this show… Strike the Bloody Nose

  8. I’m starting to think Kojou is a siscon

    He was so worried like his cute little sis going to be stolen from him. XD

    I lol about Nagisa and Yukina’s fan club meeting about cursing him and it’s going to get
    added now that he’ll be more closer to Kanon.

    1. I have a feeling that nagisa and kojou aren’t related, I mean just look at the hair color
      and if I remember correctly he has white hair even before he became the fourth progenitor during one
      of the flashbacks

      1. lol… some people were speculating since the LN started… but the author’s explanation (implied) is that all those are genetics (Kojo inherited hair color from father and some other certain “feature” from his mom, where as Nagisa inherited other genes and stuff, hence the difference in look)
        but yeah, if they are not related, then there is a possibility of more contender as the blood queen… I would rather the series not go there though haha

  9. why can’t this be a normal boy meets girl story why have the harem aspect if it isn’t needed? seriously all the girls could be playing more interesting roles instead of vying for Kojou’s attention. Also I don’t like that look on Asagi’s face Yukina walks in as if she’s smugly saying “I won” what happened to Kojou’s flirtation with Yukina?

  10. Hmm….I like Nagisa.

    For an imouto character, Nagisa is quite unique in that she never called Koujou as “Oni-chan”.

    The way she calls her brother as “Koujou-kun” makes her sound more like a friend.


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