「水着の黙示録」 (Mizugi no Mokushiroku)
“The Swimsuit Apocalypse”

“At long last, the beach episode!” -Kanou Shinichi
“I agree!” -Stilts

Swimsuits Galore!

If I were a lesser writer I would say I lack the words to communicate the marvelous majesty that is Minori, Elbia, Myuseru, and Her Majesty in swimsuits, but I’m not, so I’m going to throw out all the words at once. Wonderful! Beautiful! Sexy! Boing boing! Praise worthy! The stuff of dreams! People would die for lesser treasures, and they would be right to do so! Truly it was a most bountiful harvest in this, the glorious beach episode!!

Pardon me while I save all of the pictures to my hard drives. And a new background. And, and, and—!

Stilts has crashed. Rebooting…

The Empress’ New Swimsuit

Perhaps I only say this because it’s late and I’m still rebooting, but I don’t remember Outbreak Company doing the super-hyper-serious-in-a-silly-situation bit before, but they did it here with great aplomb. I loved how they formed a brain trust to decide on the Empress’ swimsuit, where five old bearded dudes immediately had to grapple with their desire to put Petrarca in something fashionable she would like despite her, ahem, potential difficulties at keeping some kinds of swimsuits up. Then going into keeping the empress modest and not lowering her status and all these other silly considerations… Hah!

Perhaps my favorite thing was subtle, which was how the brain trust consisted entirely of old bearded men deciding something that should be decided by women. If such a thing were to happen in real life I would cry foul, but such is the power of well-formulated comedy, because here it was just hilarious!

Actually, no, I take that back–the best part was sukuuru mizugi guy, who was completely implacable in his desire to put Petrarca in a skuuru mizugi. He was ignored, ignored, ignored–and then they realize the awful (wonderful) truth, and he goes full keikaku doori!! That smug son of a bitch! If this were a lesser episode he would have stolen it right there.

Strength In Simplicity

As soon as Roic came running up and revealed that Romilda had gotten shocked, my first guess was that some JSDF people were guarding Shinichi & co. After all, they’re valuable VIPs, right? Plus tasers look markedly different than lightning magic probably would, so there’s that too. After a minute though I dismissed it as being too obvious.

And perhaps that’s the genius of Outbreak Company more than anything else. A lesser show couldn’t get away with such an obvious plot and come out the other side with people raving about it, but Outbreak can because it executes on everything so very well. And it takes them a step further, such as here with the peeping photos. Those delicious, delicious peeping photos.

Erh, what was I talking about?

As a matter of fact, even the fight had this. I don’t know if it was just because the protagonists could have lost and no one would have been hurt, but I actually found myself more griped by their short scuffle than I have in some shows that are focused entirely on the combat. The story is executed so well that everything else doesn’t have to be out-of-this-world amazing to make the show overall fantastic. And the funny thing? If the story were some stellar and innovative, they probably wouldn’t be able to execute to this level. It takes experience after all, and Sakaki-sensei has plenty of that.

Mea Culpa – Plot Time

I have one other thing to say about Sakaki-sensei’s storytelling, and it’s a mea culpa of sorts. I think I’ve made a grave error in some of my previous posts. I kept wondering when the plot was going to kick in, but when I think back on all the things that have happened since this show started, I realized something important. Its been going all along. The characters and their situation have changed so much since the story started, it just all happened quietly when we were focused on other things.

The thing is that Outbreak Company doesn’t have a stark demarcation between plot and not-plot like in so many other anime, and that’s because it’s written really, really well. It’s seamless, where the small events add up to great shifts without having to have a shift into high-plot gear. That can still happen and it would be okay, but it’s not necessary; what we’re getting is moving the story forward well, and it’s a damn treat to watch every. single. week. I can’t ask for more than that.

Shinichi x Myuseru Get-o!

What could have been all fluff and comedy, but we got a little romantic development as well. Shinichi earned serious points in my book for telling everyone to come back alive – he doesn’t consider himself any more important and wouldn’t want them to die for him, so well done – but best was him trying to save Myuseru to avoid seeing her hurt again. Sure he’s got the combat strength of a terminally ill green slime, but it’s the thought that counts, and when it ends teary grateful Myuseru…hnnng!! The Shinichi x Myuseru ship is sailing nicely!

Back to my point about strength in simplicity, I’ve may have said it a hundred times but I’m going to say it again – it’s the shows that are willing to use less that are going to excel, and to me nothing is better than the proper use of silence. They had almost a full ten seconds of no sound when Myuseru had her wardrobe malfunction (OH GODS Myuseru’s oppai oh man Shinichi you lucky doggg!!), all just to rub in the delightful awkwardness! Pile that onto how they were playing in the water so awkwardly earlier and theirs is just a delightfully pure new romance. It gives me diabetes every time I watch…and I love it!

Bonus points: Myuseru actually has enough respect for herself to get embarrassed and freak out when someone sees her naked unexpectedly. She really is starting to think less like she’s, well, lesser, and more like she’s a mortal with rights and dignity. That warms my heart to see.

Looking Ahead – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Petrarca

Mahou Shoujo Petrarca? Bring it. Bring it so hard I won’t know what to do with myself. This show is amazing every single week, seriously!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – “At long last, the beach episode!” I agree! Swimsuits & love & a hilariously serious brain trust, oh my! #ob_c 09

Random thoughts:

  • I love that justified Male Gaze (trope!). Finally I can lean back and ogle without guilt.
  • I wonder, did Minori ask Shinichi to put oil on her back because she wanted to see how Myuseru would react, or just because she wanted sunbathe? At first I was thinking the former, but that never developed, so she probably just needed some help. Notice I don’t mention anything about Shinichi going down the Minori route. I truly do not think that will happen, and if it ever does I’m prepared to be very, very disappointed. 2-3 girls is enough, there are plenty of other guys for Minori.
  • Myuseru you’re doing it wrong oh my. That’s adorable.
  • I’m surprised that chairman didn’t get shanked on the spot for trying to throw the others under the bus and then taking credit for their “accomplishment”. Once again I didn’t care though, because damn was it funny!

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  1. oh god, my stomach still hurts from laughing throughout this ep.

    great beach episode! one of the best ever!

    I can’t believe only 3 eps left… 🙁

    Stilts has crashed. Rebooting…

    same here.
    I think I need a blood transfusion from all these… *nosebleed*. again XD

    1. I love how he tried to get them to accept his suggestion, by masking it with other terms like Racing school mizugi. That expression that everyone else had when they heard ‘Racing’, before he revealed that its school mizugi.

      1. Esteban deserve it because if they took the school mizugi, there’s a chance the princess will take it as an insult that she’s a flat chested girl. Esteban will take most of the heat if that does happen, resulting in his execution.

  2. I really got nothing to say.. Myuceru in a swimsuit… Elbia in a swimsuit… Minori in a swimsuit… *Redscreen of nosebleeds*.

    My reaction pics for this episode


    Also guys. Romilda x Roic.

    1. i dunno about you, but i was pretty disappointed by the lack of Galius (or more specifically, the fact that he and Petrarca weren’t even on the beach). imagine the muscles… and the fangirling Minori…

    2. Fujoushi-mode Minori would have been funny, but we got such a feast I don’t know that adding more in was necessary. I’m still stuffed from what we got *rubs belly*

      Also, Romilda x Roic seconded. They will heal the rift between their races! (Not really they’re still like 10 but give them a few years).

    1. As with most things, they’ve been inching up to it. They were never enemies per say – they did all sit in the same classroom together – but their fighting has gotten less and less frequent, and the time elapsed since the last major one (the soccer tournament) makes this change logical. Now they’re classmates and fellow otaku – and, dare I say it, perhaps friends! – that squabble a fair amount more than enemies.

      That’s how rifts are healed, putting you around the other party until they slowly wear you down. And it works both ways. They may call each other elf or dwarf, but like all of their classmates, they’re not Romilda and Roic first and foremost.

  3. Remember when you stated that Shinichi was likely one of a rare breed of male leads that actually earned their harem? I think Shinichi is one of the only male leads in existence to deserve a beach episode as well. I think he’s winning me over for character of the year. Gomen ne, Hikigaya-san.

    1. I agree with both of you. He truly does deserve what he’s getting – including the misfortune, because come on, the bastard is still way too lucky! – and his reaction was exactly what I would expect from someone like him. A more, ahem, practiced chap may have taken a nice long look and then averted his eyes to be polite, but Shinichi is a bit too green for that. Plus it was way funnier this way!

      1. One of my favorite parts of Shinichi is that his awkward otaku thing actually makes him act too much rather than hesitate.

        It’s always such a thing with awkward harem leads to not be able to spit it out (when the girl looks good in a swimsuit, etc.). Shinichi DOES NOT have this problem. He spits it out, loudly and definitively. But without being an over-the-top pervert like the opposite kind of harem lead.

        He’s really just a wonderfully balanced character. Really the kind of harem lead that I think most people who watch harem anime have begged for for years.

  4. This show just keeps getting better and better. Period.
    All the gold moments, like Shinichi praying to Minori’s boobs without realising its Minori’s, and Myuseru’s favourite anime being Seitokai Yakuindomo and favourite character being Shino. But Myuseru please don’t be influenced by Shino!
    I really like how the beginning of the episode had Myuseru teaching the students instead of Shinichi. A half-elf maid teaching students, some of whom are from noble families. It would’ve been unthinkable prior to Shinichi’s arrival.

    And Elba sure likes to dig holes…….

  5. I love the sukuuru mizugi guy! His suggestions just keep cracking me up! And where the heck did they get those ‘reference’ magazines from anyway? Its so weird yet hilarious watching a bunch of old guys discussion what kind of swimsuit suits Petrarca the most.

  6. Great beach episode. School mizugi guy = awesome, even when ESTEBAN~ hijacked all the credit.

    Earlier, I’m pretty sure Minori gave Garius more BL books for him to…”study” as token of gratitude. And he sheepishly accepted. I am glad he did’nt join in the beach activities.

    Danny Zeto
  7. Zahar: “Don’t worry, we will gather 5 of the greatest minds Eldant has to offer, and have them spend all day looking at swimsuit magazines, to see if they can produce a swimsuit that will look good on Her Highness.”

    Excuse me while I change my major to politics & move to Eldant.

    Unlucky Star
    1. Excuse me while I assassinate Esteban (he has it coming!) and take over his place. Come talk to me when you get there, I’ll have room on my council. Now where’s my fake beard and gray hair dye…

      1. Excellent plan, Stilts! I’ll gladly take you up on that offer, my future boss!

        But, there’s no need to get your hands dirty. I’m sure one of the other four councilors has connections to people that can make it look like an accident, and would be more than happy to co-operate with you. Although, might I suggest you bring some additional research material with you as an incentive, just in case. :3

        Unlucky Star
  8. To me it was sad to see Petraca not actually join the gang after getting in her school mizugi. Had she joined, it probably would have added to the hilarity that was this episode.

    I also found it funny that the wardrobe malfunction + harem lead getting hit in reaction is a typical development in for beach episode, so Shinichi played that part perfectly 😛

  9. the swimsuit wardrobe malfunction trope was what really sealed the deal for me this week as a show that doesn’t ever stop being good.

    eight episodes ago, if this happened, she would have put up with being exposed amongst people of “higher” status and submit to her situation. i almost expect her this week to go something like “ah, it can’t be helped if my master wants to see my body…” but was instantly disappointed in MYSELF for not believing in the growth of her character. you don’t understand just how happy it makes me feel to know how she feels about herself in front of other people now. she is growing into such a fine individual. with a very fine pair of hooters.

  10. I knew Myuseru would look really good on a swimsuit, but Minori was unexpectedly hot. We all know how big she is given how her military uniform looks like it’s ready to burst open anytime, but still I was surprised when they actually showed it. On the other hand, it seems like Petrarca’s ship has fallen even lower while Myuseru’s ship is growing stronger and stronger. The only “generic” thing lacking in this beach episode was the “generic nosebleed”.

    Can’t believe it’s almost nearing the end.

    The Story You Don't Know
    1. “Unexpectedly”? Minori has always been hot, it was no surprise to me when she came out lookin’ fine! I also wasn’t surprised that she went for a bikini since she’s a Japanese woman and wouldn’t have any compunction about wearing one. Sure, she wasn’t wearing it for Shinichi or anything, but most women don’t wear bikinis for some jackass, they wear them for themselves. (Or both.)

      1. I missed out a word, it should have probably been “TOO hot”. I apologize for the blunder lol. I guess I was kind of focusing too much on the Myuseru, Petrarca, and Garius fan services that I made the sin of overlooking Minori since they almost always put her in that military uniform.

        The Story You Don't Know
  11. So, Minori-san was a mojo, huh? I suppose it’s because she was in a similar situation to Shinichi’s (judged for her hobbies, not her looks/personality/whatever), though in her case, it strikes me as slight escapism (“I wish I could meet a girl that shares my hobbies, but no one else is able to recognize her beauty because of it”). So yeah, either she’s hiding something, or it was just not important enough to think through. And the writing has been far too good so far for it to be the latter. And we’re getting delicious swimsuit shots in either case.

    1. I disagree. I don’t think Minori was necessarily judged for her hobbies and has some dark past, at least not with how she interacts with Shinichi. She strikes me more as someone who went to girls schools and never got to really meet guys, or who came into loving BL later on, or mostly just as someone who focuses too much on her job and not much on her dating life. I will be interested to see where they take Minori-san, but I still don’t think she’ll join the Shinichi harem. She’s too much of a sensible, reasonable, not-love-crazy Japanese woman with plenty of options (should she choose to exploit them) to go for the harem thang.

      1. Yeah, a girls-only school was an option I didn’t consider, that’d explain it all pretty well.

        As for her being a part of the harem, well, some people might consider her to already be in it simply because she’s a girl in a harem-ish show. Though I personally disagree with that, since that’d also make Elbia part of the harem, and ironically, she’s more of a pet for Shinichi right now. Anyways, I agree that Minori’s role is pretty much set in stone, and if she’s going to have any development, it’s not going to be anything major.

      2. Yeah I don’t think Minori will be in the harem, because from somewhere back in the early episodes I recall someone saying that Minori is like an “older sister” role to Shinichi.

      3. I dont know if this came across your mind in your analysis of Minori, but watching her actually kind of reminds me of Rika from Haganai; obviously she’s not as insane as Rika but they share a similar passion for boy-on-boy action; and if outbreak company is the meta-show i think it is, there could be a strong possibility that Minori indeed reflects Rika’s temperament in that she may have scared off a lot of people with her love for BL.

        Think about it: the guy who recruited Shinichi seems to be hiring those who are straight-up anime lovers and who might have perhaps had bad experiences or at least some sort of hard-time in society because of their love for the things they liked. And speaking of Minori being somewhat like Rika, remember that (ill put this in a spoiler for those who havent seen Haganai) Show Spoiler ▼

        That’s what i believe Minori’s situation to be but your all-girls school theory is also very plausible; i just feel like if that was the case, Minori might have a more defensive stance against males like we usually see in anime of girls who go to all girls schools.

  12. This is how you do a beach (or onsen) episode right. Straight up with no apologies, and the show did a great job integrating the fan service with comedy. Like others, I really like how Shinichi is completely open and honest in his reaction to seeing the girls in their swimsuits. Much better than the generic rambling excuse and shyly turning away response (Ichika – I’m looking at you). The result for me was some very funny scenes. Myuseru and Shnichi awkwardly trying to recreate the stereotypical manga “splash” scene was hilarious. (“No, after you please” ROLF). My only complaint is that I thought Elbia should have had more screen-time during that part. (*gives Elbia consoling head pat*)

    @Stilts: Very good review as usual. Still love the topic organization – very reader friendly. TBH, I disagree with you in part when it comes to plot progression. For me, part of the plot has stalled recently. Three(?) episodes ago, we had an ominous “high-five” between Petrarca and Myuseru. A simple act yet one with extreme societal hierarchy implications. After all, while the small “rebellion” failed, the clash of cultural values is still far from being resolved. I thought that scene was very well done (seamlessly integrated), and it left me with a “something bad is going to happen now” feeling – the proverbial other shoe ready to drop.

    I’m still waiting for that. IMO one of the biggest strengths of the show is how it does a fine job of integrating comedy, personal relationships/character development AND deeper, more serious sociological issues. In that aspect, Outbreak Company reminds me of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha (“Kotowaru” version) manga. Recently, however, that last part has disappeared with the show becoming more episodic in nature. I do NOT think that the Outbreak Company should, let alone even could, work well with a completely serious atmosphere. However, IMO that aspect shouldn’t be pushed completely into the background (or worse dropped altogether) either. JMO, but having a more serious story line makes the show better – elevating it to a higher level than if it was simply done as one long-running otaku joke.

    Last, but certainly by no means least, that is one suprisingly busty half-elf meido waifu. Do want.

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear the organization helps you readers too. It’s a really big help to me writing, but I’d quit it in a second if it worsened the reading experience. If it’s doing the opposite, wins all around!

      As for your point on the plot, I go back and forth on that by the day. Part of it is, in the afterglow of a hilarious episode, I’m content…but a few days later when I’m thinking back, I do wish for more of those meaty plot points to sink my teeth into. If the season ends without something else it will be quite odd, so hopefully they have more in store for us. I guess we’ll see.

  13. The single best part was at the end when Myuseru lost her top in joy and the Duh–Duh Duh Duh kicks in. I have never laughed so hard at something so obscenely stereotypical. That and the odd man out on the Supreme Ruler Fitting Clothes Council. It becomes even more funny when you realize his face looks very VERY similar to that of the freakish pretty boy spider Chimera Ant in Hunter x Hunter (you should know the one). Outbreak Company has officially set the bar for me in terms of how you tastefully handle both the Otaku tropes and fan service.

    As for any actual plot it’s clear now it’s nonexistent. OC has built itself as a show of discovery and reflection using comedy and gag tropes as the medium. And there’s nothing wrong with that because of how well it’s put together. Like Non Non Biyori it has become one of my favourites this year just for that fact alone.

  14. as usual since this is a typical harem series with only small differences the boring MC is the only male allowed to enjoy the hot girls, those other guys can’t even have pics of the ladies they want to eff but never will get to outside of doujins and the obvious love interest of the MC decides it’s a wonderful idea to attack the guy she loves when she wants him to see her nude.
    never change japan (lying, please at least try a few different comedic ideas)

    1. By pictures, do you mean the ones the creepy stalkers in the bushes took? Because I’m pretty sure Japan isn’t the only place where that’s not ok.

      And seriously, why complain about this on the 9th episode of a 12/13 episode series? If you didn’t like it, why didn’t you stop somewhere before 80% of the way through?

      1. the one point I will give you is Myusel attacking Shinichi for him seeing her boobs accidentally. As a one-off I don’t care because this has never been that kind of a show and the moment was funny, but in general I HATE female anime characters that do the whole ‘I attack you for every complete accident that happens’ thing. Not attractive.

  15. “there are plenty of other guys for Minori.”

    Like? The only person close to her age would probably be Gaius, but we all know that ship won’t happen (she wouldn’t want it to happen either for…reasons). The other guys are old men.

    1. I think his point is there are other guys IN THE WORLD for Minori, not necessarily in the show. As a competent, hot, stacked woman she really should be beating them off with a stick.

      And even if her romance is never talked about again, is that so bad? Do you really want her to join the harem in a show where she doesn’t even have a chance? Myusel basically has it locked down, with really only Petrarca as a (very unlikely) come from behind candidate. Even Elbia got dropped as a real possibility within about 15 minutes of her first appearance.

      Which I’m fine with; overly large harems tend to annoy me because they leave so many characters with no functional chance of winning, even if they’re better than the ‘main’ heroine (Infinite Stratos).

      1. Yeah, I meant in the world. I don’t think every character needs a romantic interest just because they’re there and people want to do some friendly shipping. She’s fine being single and quietly nabbing a partner off screen after the story is concluded. Or with a character that hasn’t been introduced yet, who knows.

    1. erm… i once walked on my SISTER when she ws changing.. damn that scream make my ears ring for like 1 hr!

      ..so .. a girl screaming and freaking out cus someone saw her naked is actually the .. normal and common reaction, not really surprised her powers manifested too.. lol was funny watching her fretting over Shinichi after she calmed down.

      1. I once caught my cousin coming out of the shower in the morning. It actually went a lot like this. I was walking up the stairs to see if she was awake, turned to look past the edge of the staircase, and there she was standing, completely naked, looking at me.

        We both just kind of stared at each other, totally dumbstruck, for about 10 seconds, then rushed in opposite directions as fast as we could and have never spoken of it again.

        In hindsight it was pretty funny though.

  16. awesome episode. just awesome.

    those bikinis! Minori!

    Also .. THAT FACE! omg anyone knows the name of that “racing school swimsuit” (haha) dude?
    omg so funny!

    PS: really? only 3 more eps? x.x.x.x.x.x.x

  17. Actually the whole situation of old bearded guys deciding something a women should decide themselves already happens in real life. In the US, the politicians most against abortion tend to be old white guys. In Saudi Arabia and other Mid East Muslim countries, old male clerics tend to be the ones most against equal rights for women, including even driving!

    Wolfgang Maximus
    1. If such a thing were to happen in real life I would cry foul, but…

      I agree : ) Like I said, if they were being serious about it I would have been in a frothing rage, but as satire it was hilarious because it poked fun at something that very much does happen.

  18. No offense, but is this what Outbreak Company is now? I kinda want to see more episodes like the first three. Him slowly changing their world. I was intrigued when he wanted to bring an educational institution for all classes and did’t like the feudal system that was implemented in the world. Now it feels like rainbows and sunshines. Unless, we’re meant to expect an incredibly dark storm in the future.

    1. The employer has been pretty suspicious. There’s been foreshadowing regarding his reasons for inserting otaku culture in Eldrant. If I remember correctly, the initial explanation that he told Shinichi was that he wanted to establish a strong bond with Eldrant, and eventually try to assimilate Eldrant into their(Japan’s) rule.

      I’m led to think he’ll try an aggressive tactic in the climax of this story, and Shinichi, being part of Japan, will need to choose whether to side with Eldrant or Japan.

      1. I’d guess that the whole otaku bit was more about trying to make peaceful contact with the citizens of Eldrant, then using it to keep them all distracted and oblivious to their plans. However, Shinichi’s use of it is only bringing the citizens closer together by eliminating racial and class boundaries bit by bit (I highly doubt an elf would run around in a panic looking for help over a dwarf being attacked before).

        By keeping the groups separate and hating eachother, it would be easier to take them down individually, but if they were to work together…

  19. The 5 man covenant of scholars was saikou…

    That scene was inserted perfectly, great change of pace every time that scene showed up, and it kept building up my grin until I gave a heartily chuckle when they came up with the conclusion.

    I am really missing those 10 yr old dwarves. They should really have that arrow indicating the bearded dwarves are actually 10 yr old every scene those guys show up. They’re just hilarious.

  20. SO……{ack..head still hurts}

    I thought I would give this one a shot to see where this goes. Thought that it would be just stupid…seriously an OTAKU going to another word to teach anime to the denizens of a medieval period….what a joke.

    I marathon the whole damn thing the other day…..I could not stop laughting with this series from start to current.There are quite a number of other anime series that I love but this one takes the cake or comes pretty damn close. As a guy we are taught never to cry cause boys don’t cry…..wow I was choking back a tear and a lump in the throat when Myucel did what she did in eps 3. So far this series had me on a rollercoster ride of emotions and I loved it.

    As d.Beaureguard (thats demon cause he’s not a big D.(DEMON)), would tell his students, “your heads are full of mush”. And he would be correct at this point both of them are – insert innuendo . Cause lets face it, you have 1) Minori with her endowed bazookas(look I love girls, I love guns, I love girls with guns but Minori in the OTS with that freek’n rocket launcher…..hnnnnnnnng…..baaazzzoooooookkas). She’d have to drop the BL though(not that theres anything wrong with that. Yes Garius in the apron was funny, sexy and scary at the same time – i’m so conflicted…..lol where’s Admiral Achbar?). 2) Petralka the Supreme Lap-Loli – yeah enough said. 3) Myucel “waifu” Pro Maid – again enough said. and finally 4) Erbia “Hey man, its part of the party? Yippie yi yp – You put a woman in front and man behind – Who let the dogs out- who, who, who who who.”

    I don’t know if I can handle anymore in this series, especially combined with the others in my ideal dream harem(Mito the Silver Wolf, Iona my loli sub, Akatsuki uber ninja, Big sis Mexiah, magane wearing Mirai – i’m a sucker for glasses)


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