With each passing chapter, I find myself going “Darn, they should’ve gotten to Madara earlier!” Because truth be told, Naruto in general has done a lot better as a series with him in the picture than without. Whether it’s his priceless faces/expressions or his just kick-ass “I don’t give a darn about you guys” demeanor, he’s just a guy who comes in and steals the show—arguably making more of an impact in the last few chapters than Obito did during the entirety of his fight as the new Sage of Six Paths. But, I guess it goes to show just how awesome Madara is to be even beyond the epicness that should’ve been the Six Paths, and it’s something that shows itself this week in particular.

Looking back, a lot of people questioned the logic behind Madara returning to an actual body, and it’s safe to say that we now know the exact reason why. His powers are just that much more powerful in an actual body than it was without—AND he gets to be with his beloved Senju—and it’s just hilarious how he can sit there tanking the attacks of a Kage and not one, but all of the darn Bijuu in one shot. What makes this even more ridiculous is how he’s been essentially doing all of this without his eyes, and it’s just like, holy crap how much more can he do now that he’s gotten back his Rinnegan?

I suppose though, that’s why Madara’s own comment ends up being the best (and most fitting) of them all:

Now, the real fun begins!

Because there are few phrases as accurate as that regarding the future of this series, and it makes you wonder what else he’s got up his sleeve. He’s already thrown around meteors for fun. What’s next? Modifying the orbit of the planet and sending it toward another? Chopping up people and reattaching them together? Oh, the limitless possibilities! Talk about just sitting back and enjoying the show—though Naruto and Co. probably won’t be doing much of that for the near future.


    1. This is the Rinnegan, it is not easy to put it in the standards of regular eyes.

      I am curious if Hashirama has any sort of technique to help the tailed beasts. I mean Madara is able to give Kurama a suit of armor. Now Hashirama has all 9 tailed beasts on his side. He should be able to give them a boost of power of some sort.

    2. No, you are wrong.
      sasuke didnt get his own eyes transplated, he got Itachi eyes transplanted the first time.
      He had to get used to it.
      But Madara got back his own eyes, well his bothers actually, but he used that before a lot, so his body was used to it. It have nothing or not much to do with the Senju abilities.

    1. Because he’s Madara in boss mode? I honestly don’t think there’s a better explanation since it’s established it’s one of the three eye techniques of mangekyou Sharingan… which he doesn’t have at the moment.

    2. The same way he survived that serious beating, and same way that eyeball be plopped back in magically started working. i.e. taking advantage of an author who doesn’t really know how to write.

      1. Personally, I dont think all their power is linked to their eyes. Of course Genjutsu and other stuff do, but the hokages said, when an Uchiha experience the loss of his/her love changes happening in their brain. And these changes proof show is their changed pupils.
        So maybe he cant use Amaterasu because he need to lock the target with his eye, but Susano dont need anything like that. You could say, he would be able to use even with closed eyes.

    3. I think the way to explain this is when the fight of Itachi and Sasuke. Itachi became blind in the end of the fight but still using the Susanoo (incomplete/weaker susanoo) before dying.
      http://static4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091224151530/naruto/images/e/e6/Last_Smile.PNG The same way as Madara when he use the incomplete susanoo. I think an experience and higher tier Uchiha can do this. He survived the tailed beast attacks because of his susanoo, hashirama cells (healing abilities) and his experience (agility and suchs).
      He is Uchiha Madara and he can do many shits.

  1. Apparently the Sharingan also comes with the awesome power of plug and play!

    The chapter was rather underwhelming though; Madara charged in head first, got shot, then turned into a human ping pong ball. Here’s a hint, taijutsu’s probably not the best way to take on the tailed beasts. Maybe use Hashirama’s woody goodness you just picked up? The biju tail slap also disappointed, if ever there was a time for massive overkill energy attacks it’s when Madara can’t absorb them! The pacing simple felt off; what’s the point of blind Madara if he gets an eye this fast? Also, I’m calling BS on how he used Susanoo without any eyes!

    1. I can understand that feeling.

      Though, I feel it was a bit more to show the typical “underestimate the opponent” situation in terms of the Biju and the army (and Sasuke came off as a bit too sure of their victory when he brings up how Madara can now be killed with giving up Edo Tensei), as well as Madara’s whole “test my body” bit.

  2. Is there a doctor or someone in the house? How do eye transplants actually work? Surely just… yanking it out and shoving it back in another socket doesn’t work, does it? What about connecting the retina and the nerves?

  3. We also can’t forget that this is just ONE Rinnegan eye that Madara got back. Black Zetsu, with Obito’s body, still has the left eye.

    Still, as Zephyr mentions, I am one of those readers described who is now MUCH more interested and invested now that Madara is actually more front and center as opposed to the huge potholes that were Obito/Kabuto/etc. And it’s also nice that he’s clearly NOT one of those people who will go down the otherwise all-powerful Talk no Jutsu, meaning that Madara will, as if he hasn’t already, demonstrate the sheer difference between himself and Naruto/Sasuke/etc, so unless Kishi REALLY pulls out some sort of BS hax with Naruto and/or Sasuke or whoever, there is just no way anyone will be able to win on their own. I’d hazard to say that even Hashirama would lose at this point given Madara’s huge power boosts.

    Though, I do admit to being a bit “WTF?!” when Madara used Susano’o with no eyes, and when he just sticks his eye back in and it works. Then again, Obito seemed like he might’ve done the same thing when he took the eyes from Nagato and put in the left eye and was shown with it at the end of the chapter, IIRC.

  4. lol @ Madara getting ping-ponged by all the tailed beasts and was barely fazed.

    Getting tail whipped by all of them only chopped an arm off, which he just re-attached without giving a damn. And now he got the rinnegan back, yeah, shit is getting real.

    Guess he’s the true final boss after all.

  5. Can’t tell if it’s epic or hilarious how the Bijuu just starting hitting Madara like it’s a DBZ soccer game. I guess it’s both, also kinda nostalgic because I like I haven’t such shonen shenanigans in a long time.

    The Truth is in the Axe
  6. Damn the situation is getting more dangerous, Madara has been know & fear by all but after seeing this episode this guy is dead dangerous & a great tactical plans even the beast have problems with him.

    I hope the guys will be oky it going a heck a battle an army against one guy…..


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