「悲しみにつばをかけろ」 (Kanashimi ni Tsuba o Kakero)
“Spit Your Sadness Away”

The last episode of the year is here and what ends up happening is generally what we expected. As mentioned in the previous episode’s post as a possibility, Matoi does indeed go berserk, and ultimately forces even Satsuki into action. Mako ends up being the one that “saves the day”—that is, she prevents Matoi from having to either be put down by Satsuki or shot by Nudist Beach—but the significant developments here end up lying with the revelations before that, rather than the act of salvation itself. Because ultimately, the big things here are the confirmation that Harime Nui did indeed take the scissors initially—or at least, neither of them want to reveal who it is yet—and the fact that Satsuki’s been using this entire Naturals Election in order to finalize her academy take-over plans. Satsuki’s decision to get involved with Matoi’s berserk mode also ends up important, but it’s mostly par for the course considering her personality, the fact that she’s essentially the symbolic representation of order and responsibility, and the necessity of it to ensure something remains of the school so she can lead her conquest.

With that said, the aforementioned ends up bringing up one important question for me in particular, and that’s whether or not series predictability is a good thing. Because if there’s one thing the series tends to do, it’s that a lot of its future developments are made obvious before hand. Not only that, a lot of the “social commentary” and the “deeper elements” within this series aren’t exactly subtle either—with many of these aspects mentioned literally in the dialogue at some point in the episode. That’s not to say the show isn’t enjoyable—the action elements alone make it so—but like Guardian Enzo before me, I’m admittedly running out of things to say here regarding this series. I had been holding back on discussing this for a while in order to see how the series developed in this regard, but now that we’re at the mid-way point, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any significant changes in regards to the overall formula of how this series is going to be.

And so what’s the point? Well, the general thing is that I feel as though Kill la Kill isn’t quite as complex as it’s being made out to be by some. This doesn’t mean that feel there’s no complexity within this show or that I’ll drop coverage of the series (it may see reduced content per post, however), but I felt like it was high time for me to explain exactly why some of my posts for this show in particular have been either under par or less enthusiastic compared to the other shows I write posts for.

Serious topics aside, I could swear that Mako’s comment of “people die when they lose their blood” was a reference to Fate/stay night’s “people die when they are killed” quip. Of course, it’s not exactly confirm-able whether or not it was, but I have to say that the guys behind this show deserve a few claps if it was an intentional reference. Either way, you have to give the creators some props for getting your viewers intentionally looking for this stuff, and I guess that’s one reason why there are so many different opinions regarding this show. At least, that is one thing this series seems to do particularly well—even though it makes it a hell of a lot harder to blog. Guess we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Author’s Note: According to the broadcast schedule, episode 13 will not be aired until January 10th. Until then, keep an eye out for the Winter 2014 Preview (sometime between X-Mas and New Year’s) and RC’s annual AOTY post (sometime around when episode 13 airs).




  1. Well, this episode has completed the first half of the show. All of Imaishi’s first half tasks are complete: We know the setting, we know now about Isshin’s murder (in part). We know the characters and have sympathy even for Satsuki and her Big Four (and we know them much better than the villains of TTGL). We have plenty of hints about the outside world and Ragyo’s power.

    There’s not a lot else to do at Honnouji itself, so, expect the series to make its ‘big turn’ now. I expect Imaishi has designed it just this way, with the series ‘hinge’ at the New Year break.

    I don’t know whether Imaishi is going to play up the broader themes of the show in the second half the way he did in TTGL, but have have no doubt that things are going to get crazy in the second half.

  2. I actually had a feeling something was going to happen to Ryuko. I even said it in a video I did lol but I wasn’t expecting her to look that when Senketsu devoured her O_O That definitely caught me off guard but it was awesome to see a raging Ryuko but Nui as much as I want to hate her I like her >.> Though it was really awesome how that cuteness of hers went away when she lost her eye lol but even though Satsuki tried to stop Ryuko our hero of the day is definitely Mako. I’m liking her character more as this series goes on.

  3. >Serious topics aside, I could swear that Mako’s comment of “people die when they lose their blood” was a reference to Fate/stay night’s “people die when they are killed” quip.

    Tsss, not that again. So Daily reminder :

    It’s a Japanese expression. You know how there are people who seem so vigorous that it’s unthinkable they would ever die? In Japan they have an expression for it: people that won’t die even when they’re killed. That’s why it’s such a common and popular phrase among Japanese writers.

    Shirou’s use of the line was actually meant to be a clever way of turning the expression upside down, but the end result was something so blatantly obvious, so completely silly, it became unintentionally hilarious.

  4. Agree with the predictability, not getting good feels from this episode going forward as it has basically trashed all the expected (desired) plot analysis so far. Still the chance Satsuki’s dear old Rainbow Mom will be the main antagonist, but doubt has been introduced in that a school conquering blitz is all that is really promised for the immediate future. I do hope that’s not all there is to Kill la Kill plot wise, or else it will be (yet another) squandered opportunity this season, this time by dragging what is then really a superficial plot out. I’ll still hold out hope for a miracle though.

    Ryuuko’s transformation also reminded me of Greymon’s Digivolution into SkullGreymon from the second Digimon season, especially in the going berserk and destroying everything in your path part.

  5. It is a little surprising to know that Nui Harime is actually voiced by the seiyuu of Nanoha Takamichi. Ryuko’s berserker mode really crept me out. Everyone tried to stop her but it was Mako who saved the day and she slapped some senses out of her. I guess that is the power of yuri friendship for you. Got to give Mako even more respect. And I kind of feel sorry for Nui, especially when Isshin slashed her left eye.

    John Hayabusa
  6. I love the show, but they could have easily made this a single cour and it still would have been awesome. Then they could ‘given’ it to a show that actually could really use a second cour.

    Regardless, I’m looking forward to more of the insanity and action that I’ve come to expect from this show.

  7. Predictable…maybe. Not that deep…probably. But this is a series that is obviously more about style, flair and fun than anything else. And when you do what I do, and play this bad boy on a big screen with a Roku and have Sawano surround sound. You can’t help giving the biggest grin.

  8. So I guess Matoi’s father didn’t go down without a fight. That’s cool.

    You know what the biggest weakness of this show is? I think It’s the fact that I just don’t give a damn what happens. So Satsuki wants to take over the world? So what? This show has given me absolutely no reason to care about what happens to everyone if that happens. They’re not exactly living underground and being oppressed like in Gurren Lagann. In fact this show portrays everyone else as kind of terrible and not worth saving. Mako’s father practically bleeds people to death and sells their blood. Am I really supposed to care about people like that?

    1. Are you serious? Practically the entire cast has been a blast! Also, the best plots aren’t always the ones that involve galactic battles or absolute oppression. Not to mention, you haven’t really asked the question to why Satsuki wants to take over the world. Does she seem like the type who wants everything? She’s clearly after something, but it clearly isn’t simply wanting.

    2. ….so what you’re saying is that you don’t like the show because it hasn’t completely spelled out the goals of the villains for the audience?…

      …I’m sorry, but that’s the most assbackwards way of complaining about a shows writing I’ve seen in a while.

      Yeah, you can be annoyed that they haven’t given complete reasons, but a show needs mystery/intrigue to keep going. It’s not enough that all the flashbacks of the Elite Four show that Satsuki has clearly been plotting this whole world takeover from a young age? And ‘everyone as terrible and not worth saving’? Did we watch the same show here? :/

  9. I get the feeling Satsuki was taunting Ryuko at the end basically to distract her, she doesn’t want her chasing after Harime Nui.

    In the end, I think she wants to recruit her to help against her mother, whether through manipulation or otherwise. There are already several indications that she is the real antagonist of the story.

  10. I dont like characters like Harime Nui. She’s like forcing the audience to hate her with that nonchalant faces n irritating tone. Nonon is way better than her. :/

    that one aside, Satsuki was like trying hard to control the situation, by provoking Ryuko again…which she knows her plan is not ready yet, neither does Ryuko in joining her. Huhh! Lol’ed at Mako when she swam to berserk-Ryuko…hahaha

    onion warrior
  11. “Well, the general thing is that I feel as though Kill la Kill isn’t quite as complex as it’s being made out to be by some.”

    Wait, what? Are you referring to the people who used to mention how Kill la Kill was about female empowerment? To be honest, I think most are enjoying Kill la Kill for what it is: a fun, ridiculous, and over-the-top show. Not for how complex it is, or whatever deeper themes lie within, I guess.

  12. Man! I can only watch till here after letting it pile since October 😛

    Intense battles and epicness 🙂
    Nui reminds me of Pretty Cure and Senketsu Berserk reminds me of Madoka Magica.

    Had a glimpse of some spoilers (well, I’m still at episode 12) and it looks good 😛


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