OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「ebb and flow」 by Ray

「約束の日」 (Yakusoku no Hi)
“The Promised Day”

Well that preview was a red herring if I ever saw one.

After our eventful halfway point, I was definitely expecting a time skip of sorts, but when the preview flashed showing a still-young Miuna, I think most of us were fooled into thinking it was a pretty short one, maybe a few months to a couple of years. I’m sure there were plenty of people who predicted the time skip would be into the kids’ high school years, but even in that case, I think much fewer of us considered the effects of hibernation and the actual tragedy in and of itself into the timeskip. What we’re left with is essentially a surface world five years in the future that’s lost contact with everyone from the sea who didn’t manage to leave or escape the hibernation; that includes people like Akari, who chose to stay behind, and people like Chisaki, who had no choice.

Five years is a long time, so long in fact, that Chisaki and Tsumugu have graduated from high school and Akari’s had a baby-grown-toddler-devil. But five years is not enough to heal scars or to forget the painful events of the past, even if you’re moving along to some degree or another. Chisaki has it particularly bad; not only has she lost her family, but she’s also lost her precious friends and Hikari along with them. She’s been left behind, not abandoned but still lost to time, and she’s had to adjust to living with a new family and a new life with Tsumugu and his grandfather. Her already brittle state of being is further threatened by Ojii-chan’s hospitalization and the fact that the world seems to be racing on without her. She’s become a “lonely housewife,” forever waiting the return of something she has no guarantee ever will return. Her relationship with Tsumugu has certainly changed; she’s turned off the possibilities of being with him while Hikari takes up all the space in her heart, but for Tsumugu himself, he’s essentially grown up under the same roof with her now. He definitely cares about her, and it’s very likely that caring has developed towards romance since the incident.

Then there’s Miuna, another leading lady in her own right now that she’s grown to middle school age and another similarly affected individual. Like Chisaki, Miuna was left behind by her friends, less known but by no means less beloved, especially when it comes to Hikari. She’s grown enough to understand that she’s been in love with him the whole time, but that makes it no easier for her to forget and move on. She’s tied to the past, moored like Chisaki to her feelings, but somewhat less prepared to deal with what Chisaki has always known about Hikari and his feelings.

That is pretty straightforward writing as far as timeskips go, but it’s not until the final few minutes, during the Tomoebi, that things get even stranger and answer a question I put forward three episodes ago with respect to the hibernation; “would the sea kiddos have aged?”

The answer is, apparently not.

Hikari, magically arriving on the scene naked and disoriented, is exactly the same age he was when he and the others disappeared into the impenetrable depths of Shioshishio and the fourteen other sea villages of Japan. In fact, he thinks it’s the moment after Manaka disappeared, and much to Miuna’s horror, he has no idea who she is. In fact, all he’s worried about for a minute is Manaka before realizing that something is very very wrong.

That leaves us in a very sticky situation indeed. If the sea kiddos have not aged a bit, then Hikari, Kaname, and presumably Manaka (wherever she is) are now the same age as Miuna and Sayu, whereas Chisaki and Tsumugu have outgrown them all by five years. That complicates everything about our love relationship shape things (there’s way too many, it’s not even a pentagon anymore) as the kids come to terms with this new age discrepancy. Not only that, but considering the sea is still frozen over despite the sea god taking his sacrifice, something is still afoot on the global catastrophe scale, and something must be done. After all, I very much doubt Hikari managed to get out of the sea on his own.

Note: Apologies for the short delay, I’ve been battling with internet connection issues for a few days. It is possible some of the series I’m introducing for the new season may be a bit late while I try to fix things, but I’ll try to minimize the damage.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「三つ葉の結びめ」 (Mitsuba no Musubime) by やなぎ なぎ (Yanagi Nagi)



  1. No worries Kairi-chi. We understand if it is you. 🙂

    That complicates everything about our love relationship shape things (there’s way too many, it’s not even a pentagon anymore) as the kids come to terms with this new age discrepancy.

    I love this new kind of development. A complicated love rumble with time discrepancy.
    I like that.

  2. Question is will that was last time skip or just the first. Would be interesting (though kind of sad) if Hikari, Manaka, and Kaname all wake up at different times separated by years. That was a scenario they were worried about all along.

    1. I don’t think Kaname will wake up much later than Hikari, given how he looks like in the OP.

      I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if that’s what ends up happening to Manaka, though, as horribly sad as that thought is (this show is incredible at making the viewer emotionally attached to the characters). She was the one who was most worried about it, too.

    2. I’ve been thinking about this episode and now I must conclude, Okada-sensei is one big sadist. Look how she completely screwed over Chisaki’s life–lost her family, lost her best friend to sacrifice, lost her crush to…something that ate his clothes, lost the guy who crushed on her, then forced to grow up on her own for five years. And now her crush is back, but the best she can become is a shotacon.

      Before, I always thought that frigging love oxogon would ruin their friendship, like it happens in most dramas. But now I realize Okada had something even worse in mind: time. Because no matter what happens, they can never go back to that easy foursome they once were.

      That’s just cruel.

    1. Good news, brajt. Your wish came true!

      Now you won’t have anything to look forward to on your next birthday!


      But yeah, seriously, Hikari x Miuna OTP must happen. Manaka’s sleeping with the fishes(or in this case, the fish god), while Chisaki is Tsumugu’s lonely housewife.

      Seriously, best 2nd cour.

  3. I feel bad for Miuna because in the first half we got to explore Hikari feelings towards manaka and how it contributed to his overall development as a character. Sadly there is no way he will return her feelings and it really makes me sad for her in the end. I love the way this time skip has been handled it could have been so easy to ruin but alas they succeed. I’m excited to see where this goes and how Hikari will face all the changes around him and cope with figuring out what happened to manaka.

    I’m also interested to see how Tsumugu and Chisaki relationship develops (especially now that they have lived together for five years and have gotten to know each other really well) I really hope this let’s Tsumugu express himself because seriously his poker face is like a bomb waiting to go off. I feel like he has repressed so many feelings that its going to blow soon.

    1. Well even though Hikari has deep feelings for Manaka, but in the OP it looks like Miuna is gonna be on the attack and seems she doesn’t care if Hikari loves Manaka (despite Miuna’s initial shock when she found from Akari when she was still a kid). I think it will be good since it will add more drama and tension to win Hikari’s heart. When I mean tension I mean Miuna and Chisaki… if Chisaki is still in love with Hikari.

      1. Was Chisaki even in love with Hikari? From the impression of the first season, it seemed she mistook some kind of romantic admiration with romantic love. Kaname said she was blinded by Hikari’s light almost a parallel to Manaka’s realization she admires Tsumugu, the sun (light). Her confession to him seemed to give her closure: she loved the way he loved Manaka. It doesn’t really sound like someone who was actually in love with a guy. Meanwhile, Kaname acted jealous and knowing of Chisaki’s reactions to Tsumugu which were less of childish infatuation and more of growing teenage sexual tension. This episode also gives obvious clues Chisaki has a romantic longing for him but it’s muted by all the drama.

  4. So glad this anime is back and it came back in such an amazing way.

    The new opening, the new ending I love them both. The songs are so beautiful, I couldn’t get enough of hearing them.

    The time skip I’m not surprised about and I’m glad it happened. 5 years has definitely brought on a lot of different changes. Miuna and Sayu are all grown up now. I can only imagine how thats gonna turn out. I feel bad for Chisaki since she was without her friends all that time but at least she had Tsumugu, though its painfully obvious that ship will never happen :/

    I lost it at this scene https://randomc.net/image/Nagi%20no%20Asukara/Nagi%20no%20Asukara%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2012.jpg

    I was actually shocked at how Akari reacted when she found out she was pregnant but I loved how Miuna brought her down to her earth. Miuna character has definitely developed quite a bit. I couldn’t help but feel a little bad for that guy that was gonna ask her out but she is in love with her uncle after all >__>

    I’m honestly not surprised Hikari and the others havent aged at all though of course that make some things awkward. I can’t wait to see the next episode since Hikari will have so much to take in.

    1. why would you think Chisaki x Tsumugu will never happen, it’s already pretty clear
      that both of them have feelings for each other, they just couldn’t spit it out yet.

      besides if Chisaki still have feelings for Hikari or Kaname by now, she’d be called
      a shotacon and that’s just weird lol

      1. Okay I was jumping the gun a bit when I said that but if that does happen then it wont be for a while but I’ll be really happy lol. She does still like Hikari of course but yeah the age thing just kills it. Though the flashbacks between Chisaki and Tsumugu definitely makes me want to see that happen even more now.

      2. “it’s already pretty clear that both of them have feelings for each other”
        Wut? lol Tsumugu..yes but chisaki? we’re still pretty clueless.. We just need to wait for her to see Kaname and Hikari before we can confirm if she really love tsumugu or she’s still hoping for Hikari

        I’m actually hoping that she is still in love w/ Hikari… I mean it’s interesting too see miuna vs chisaki and kaname vs tsumugu

        “besides if Chisaki still have feelings for Hikari or Kaname by now, she’d be called
        a shotacon”
        for now yes but after 5 years I don’t think age really matter (13-18 -> 18-23)

      3. @ricz

        wow you must really not been paying attention at all then,
        there’s plenty of hints throughout this episode showing Chisaki’s feelings towards

        first the “lonely housewife” comment, why would she react like that with a blush
        on her face if she have no interest towards Tsumugu?, because she clearly know what the
        guy meant by that comment.

        then there’s that scene when they were showing their high school uniform to the grandpa,
        why would she stare at Tsumugu that long without even blinking, clearly she’s stunned by
        how handsome he looks in that uniform, lol

        plus they’ve been together for five years already, it’s impossible for nothing to develop
        at all, and she probably already given up on Hikari with all that time passed.

        probably even more so after seeing Hikari not growing up one bit next episode,
        that and all kinds of hints prior to this episode as well

      4. Any girl will blush if they are being tease as a housewife…..it’s not bec. tsumugu but bec. the guy who teases him said she’s really HOT ;c

        About the staring…. I didn’t get any romantic stare there… It’s just a simple “oh that suits you very well Tsumugu”

        “plus they’ve been together for five years already, it’s impossible for nothing to develop
        at all, and she probably already given up on Hikari with all that time passed.”

        PROBABLY doesn’t mean it’s 100%

        Liek I said earlier it’s TOO EARLY to say that she really loves tsumugu NOW
        What we know is Chisaki thinks tsumugu(and his granpa) a family

        Heck saying thinks liek did you pack your underwear in the guy that you love(but not officially dating) is really…. lol

        The way I see it is… Chisaki is acting like a big sister for Tsumugu
        And when Tsumugu said that Chisaki is still waiting for a certain someone… you can feel that Tsumugu is really jealous(that’s the only hint..about tsumugu x chisaki episode 14 give)

        I watched it 3x(raw, 2x diff. subs) and I can’t really feel this “I’m in love w/ Tsumugu” from chisaki(compare to episode 13) lol

      5. let me tell you two pieces of information
        1.your in denial
        2.your’re a Chisaki x Hikari shipper

        1.It’s the opposite actually.. You’re the one in denial 😀
        2. Sorry to disappoint you but a I’m Hikari x Manaka(if she return if not then Miuna) fans…

        And I don’t really care what happens w/ the other… But saying they(TsuSaki) CLEARLY LOVE EACH OTHER is mehhh(for now)

        My bad it seems that you’re a TsuSaki shipper and hate the idea of Chisaki not being in love w/ Tsumugu…So I’m gonna stop now ;c

      6. actually the whole “lonely house wife” comment can be taken 2 ways :

        1) Referring to her waiting for Tsumugu who is off in Tokyo researching sea villages (but note he is actually in town now and not in Tokyo)

        2) Referring to her waiting on Hikari / the other guy since they are also gone with no definite return.

        I initially thought it was the first but now I think the second is making more sense. I think the idea is kinda like those wives whose husbands went off to war and haven’t returned. Now even if it is the second it doesn’t rule out Tsumugu in the end because it might also be about closure.

        I think the clear thing though is that Tsumugu thinks that she is waiting for Hikari and not him

  5. So, Miuna is the new main character this time around, huh… Kinda feels like Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance. Imouto (or neice) has secret love for unreachable onii-chan (or ojii-san).

    And, talk about a fresh new start for the 2nd cour. That OP & ED brought the feels needed, and I totally can’t wait for the next episode~

    Red HeartGold ZX
  6. I love it when Miuna was giving Hikari mouth-to-mouth and Tsumugu was like “I don’t think that will work on people of the sea” and Miuna is just like “That’s great, whatever. Can’t you see I’m busy over here?”

  7. The Opening piano sequence is totally my new ringtone 🙂

    I was a little shocked, like most people here, MAL, reddit and Animesuki to find out that the timeskip was 5 YEARS! And poor Chisaki, who lost everything. I think both her and Akari had it worst after the Ofunehiki. And I thought she had gotten together with Tsumugu. Apparently not. 🙂

    Best image: http://i.imgur.com/d4jtpcml.jpg

    1. I agree with you, in the pic Tsumugu is looking at Chisaki but she’s not looking back or anything, she’s just in her own thing; Miuna is staring at Hikari and Hikari is blushing (too cute), that’s a good hint to show that there’s going to be something going on between those two, andnot to mention how Sayu and Kaname are next to each other in lovey dovey way.

      (But honestly I wanted Chisaki X Hikari since the beginning, too bad it won’t be like that now)

  8. This is an amazing show. If P.A. Works can keep it up the rest of the way, I think it has the ability to compete for one of those best anime awards next year, and a top 10 poll spot.

    Atalla Wanderer
    1. I think that if it keeps on like this it might even reach a level such as Angel Beats! which many considered it the anime of the year in its time; I hope the same happens this this one, it totally deserves it!!!

      がんばって P.A Works!!!

      (Angel Beats! and Nagi No Asukara are my favorite P.A Works productions)

    1. Okada Mari has created a rather convenient solution.

      Have Manaka hook up with the Sea God, transcending her into a Goddess to watch over everyone.

      And then replacing her with the two grown up lolis, that leaves 3 boys and 3 girls, a perfect even number for a happy ending.

      Finally, the physical age difference between the woken boys and Chisaki would be decisive.

    1. What a load of horseshit.

      Chisaki already said she needed time to think of an appropriate response to Kaname, to which Kaname did not object. How is that being mean to him? And how was she to know that they would be seperated for 5 years?

      More importantly, even if she was, only a mean prick like you would have no sympathy for her.

      I noticed you are the same trollish Yozora with your hypocritical moral outrage bullshit back in the Monogatari series, so do us a favour and go fuck yourself.

      1. LOL, great smackdown, echykr.

        Only a megalomaniac would confuse bollocking with popularity. Enjoy the hate and downvotes as long as you’re here. So pay no more attention to him.

      2. Right back at you, impotent prick. Begging for people to fuck you all the time, yet unable to provide anything useful in return.

        The 12 downvotes you received so far is evident of your delusion.

        Yozora Is a Prick
  9. Damn, i was sooo not prepared for this episode! Too many sad things happen like multi-chain combo!

    When the OP starts rolling out, god i couldnt help but all feeeeeels for Chisaki and Hikari, smiling in bitterness, seeking somewhere for Manaka’s traces. Those two are the ones that really care for Manaka more than anything, and its sucks that whatever tangled in between them got them totally in a huge mess! A childhood sweetheart and a childhood best friend, “losing” Manaka is like a forever scar that even time couldnt heal. Thats how i see the OP. I dont like it, its totally like Anjou and Jinta to Menma ;______; <–seems like i care these trio more than anything right now…and hell, poor Chisaki!

    The gap between the years really slipped out of her fingers like sands…its more than romantic feelings right now, its all about the longing of their loss. Growing up alone is not easy, Tsumugu and his grandpa were only the things that could keep her life occupied to forget about her pain for awhile. But now the Grandpa is in the hospital, Tsumugu busy with research…ohhh my poor-fav-girl, Chisaki! and soon, Hikari and Kaname gonna show up, wonder how she will deal with them later…huhuu

    btw, gosh why does Chisaki had to cut her hair =__= no wonder she looks kinda…off. hmmm

    onion warrior
  10. That was probably an amazing time skip. Doki Doki Imouto is really something special here. And now the opportunity seems so perfect, I’m riding on the Miuna x Hikari boat.

    Chisaki is probably the one hardest hit with losing everything – I wouldn’t blame her if she ever goes insane on that very instant.

  11. Could the fact that Hikari withheld from fasting be the reason why he woke up earlier than everyone else? Because if that’s true, it’s a pretty good indicator Kaname will be making an appearance soon since he also put off the fasting!!!!

  12. All this hibernation & timeskip theme-effect was so well predicted if Captain America was brought to one’s mind. I just wonder who gets mad at who next episode… Coz that’s what’s likely to happen.

  13. So glad to see our hot-headed, doli-loving, flag-waving protagonist back in action.

    Despite being trapped beneath the ice for five years, Hikari still managed to maintain a love triangle within what’s left of the shattered polygon. Now that’s the very definition of badass right there. Even with his body that hasn’t aged one day since the incident, he’s still more manly than any other male character, including Tsumugu.

    (Now wave that flag, Hikari, so no one ever gets lost finding their way, and bring Manaka back even if you have to do battle with the Sea God.)

  14. This new episode is a great way to start the year and whole series with their beautiful scenery and songs. The characters evolved beautifully esp Miuna and her friend :] Tsumugu is so handsome loved the part where the professor asked him why can’t he make a move on Chisaki and he answered that she has somebody she loved for years which means he actually wanted to but he can’t coz he thinks he’ll be rejected Kyaaaaa!!

    I cried at the part where they found Hikari the feelings of yearning in their faces made me cry it has been so long since an anime made me cry last one was Clannad i can’t wait for this emotional roller coaster of feelings i miss Manaka already :’]

    1. Same here, this episode totally had the feels, I didn’t even know what I was feeling; it was several feelings after another, a mix of emotions.

      (The last Anime that made me cry was Angel Beats! Also by P.A Works)

  15. Feels stacked upon feels.

    The timeskip was expected just as much as Sayu and Miuna getting cuter.

    Unexpected, I thought Hikari got out of the sea with Akari? How did he get stuck down there?

    Unexpected, Chisaki still loves Hikari, you know she doesn’t feel that way about Tsumugu when even he says it.

    Unexpected, Kaname lives!!! That’s like the only happy thing about this episode because there rest is just feels of sympathy. I even feel bad for that guy Miuna rejected, she shut him down so quick with an indifference, ouch.

    Unexpected, Akira is an awesome little toddler and he uses Kakashi’s favorite move.

    I think it’s time for me to start expecting the unexpected. I predict Uroko is going to troll everyone and say he was the Sea God all along and probably give Hikari, Kaname, and Manaka if she comes back, their proper time skipped bodies.

    It’s too cute!

    1. I hope you’re right, although it’s highly unlikely. I want them to be like they used to be, back together like when they were kids.

      I kind of don’t like the time difference but it’s acceptable; a great plot twister.

  16. https://randomc.net/image/Nagi%20no%20Asukara/Nagi%20no%20Asukara%20-%2014%20-%20Large%2015.jpg
    Miuna-chan! <3

    Thank you Okada Mari for fulfilling Miuna Shippers wish in making her a serious contender.

    Previous dismissed as a mere Loli Consolation, the Miuna Boat has now been upgraded to the magificent Miuna Ship with her own fleet. All aboard now, folks.

    As hinted in that poster weeks ago and the OP, Kaname is expected to return right after Hikari, and the newly furnished Sayu Ship will be ready as well.

    As Sayama puts it, Chisaki has grown into a fine young "housewife". Can't really blame him and Tsumugu's professor for mistaking that. LOL

    With the physical age difference in the way, Chisaki might find herself drifting away from Hikari to Tsumugu at last. And with Manaka now upgraded to goddess, we now have 3 neat pairs of couples.

    1. I was about to think all the OPs/EDs depicting Manaka as always alone, meant she might wake up the latest.

      Now thinking who is the youngest among the kids would be Miuna’s little bro….

  17. Well, after another anime that shall not be named, I did not stare at my computer screen in confusion with this time skip. 😉 It was handled well.

    Couples I am rooting for:
    1.) Hikari and Manaka (once they find her, wherever she is)! They are (probably) the same age too which makes things less confusing. >_< Also, Manaka finally noticed that, yes, Hikari has matured into a young man which is nice. I think Manaka does love Tsumugu– I think her love isn't really romantic as it is admiration, curiosity, wonder and respect.

    2.) Kaname and Sayu! For Kaname, he was the most romantically aware out of all of them, yet was still rejected by the one he loves. At least with Kaname, I don't see him trying to force his feelings on Chisaki and moving on at this point. Although I doubt Sayu would admit it, she has a respect and bit of a crush on Kaname. I hope they notice each other, work together and fall in love with each other. Also, I'm loving how independent Sayu is! She definitely would not bore Kaname 😉

    3.)Tsumugu and Chisaki. Tsumugu has so much mystery surrounding him– I have no idea what is going on with him. What's up with his relationship (or lack thereof) with his mom? Thank God, Tsumugu is doing his best to help everyone– ie. studying oceanography and researching the phenomena that happened 5 years ago. He is not allowing his emotions to rule over him, yet we haven't seen much range of his emotions expressed either… And Chisaki… Goodness. She doesn't want things to change, yet SHE HAS CHANGED in comparison to everyone else. She stayed behind and aged the past 5 years while all the other sea students slept. Dang. While I'm glad she opened up to Tsumugu's grandfather, I don't really like how she is tip-toeing around Tsumugu. Ugh, she seems the most emotionally immature out of the cast and it's kinda making me want to cry. Please just make up your mind and be honest about your confusion with Tsumugu. PLEASE!!! I can see him totally marrying her, but the gal is still stuck in emotional blah. ;_;

    I'm sorry, but Miuna needs to stop. HE IS YOUR UNCLE. Since she discovered Hikari's feelings from early on (she was still a kid), I think 5 years should have given her enough time TO CHOOSE to move on from her crush. And once again, I repeat: HE IS YOUR UNCLE. Shoot, Miuna– you even encouraged Hikari's sister to marry your father. You were truly happy with that! Now, you even have a cute baby brother! If Miuna tries to push her feelings on Hikari, I will be very upset and disappointed. Hikari has gone through enough already. Sheesh.

    Needless to say with my long post, I am loving this show. It's the best show I am currently watching this season <3

    1. FYI, Hikari is Miuna’s STEP uncle, and he probably won’t feel that he’s that old to be called uncle anyway.

      This isn’t the first anime that dealt with romantic feelings between relations far more incestuous than between Miuna and Hikari, who aren’t even related by blood, and it certainly will not be the last.

      So don’t be such a moral fag and make such a big deal out of nothing please.

  18. Oh my goodness!!

    I really didn’t expect that Sayu would grow up like that.
    Gawd. She’s cuter and that’s what a real tsundere looks like! XD
    And and Chisaki!!! So much goodness, dear!!
    She looks like the housewife of Tsumugu. Dang!
    I also want a wife like her. I liked her from the very start of the season.
    Yep. more that Manaka and I also liked Sayu more than Miuna even if Sayu’s really naughty when she was a little girl.

    Darker pls
  19. oh my, the timeskip and the drama…
    Chisaki, still waiting for Hikari…
    Miuna, rejecting a boy’s confession over her feelings for Hikari too…
    Tsumugu, trying to understand the mystery of the sea…
    And Hikari, now miraculously returned, but not aged a day since 5 years ago.
    prepare lots of handkerchiefs, I feel like tears will flow soon.

  20. Manaka was missing on the Op during the title show. It means she will wake last? And in the end she nas no face…i think the next episodes will be very very good. This show will be fantastic in the glory of 1080P ^_^

    NaruSaku forever!!!!
  21. Just noticed something that’s probably unintentionally funny:

    At the end, when Hikari found the world engulfed in an ice age, he was not aware that he was still naked when he stood up, and right in front of Miuna to boot as the jacket Tsumugu used to cover him slowly slid off. LOL

  22. I am so glad this show is back, and wow how things have changed.

    Personally I think that Chisaki does have feelings for Tsumugu and the other way around. But she didn’t have any closure with Hikari and the past is hunting her, this is also the case with Tsumugu ( but a bit different ). They are bot quite damaged people and I think that Chisaki has locked her heart away for romance for now ( hopefully not forever ! ). As you can see the situation with Tsumugu’s grandfather she is quite unstable ( which is logical ). I really hope that with Hikari’s return she can close the chapter with him and open up her heart for Tsumugu !
    I think they would be a wonderful couple, they fit better than I first thought ( the age aside ).

    Muina and Sayu have grown up so beautiful ! And I don’t mean just their looks but their personalities to ! My heart just melted when Muina said such lovely words to Akari. I really wonder how things will develop between her and Hikari, she definitely likes him lots but he ? I am rooting for this couple but I am worried, Chisaki and Tsumugu had 5 years to process everything and Hikari just stranded. Will he ever be ready to see Muina that way ?

    So much romance, problems and amazing story.
    I wish it was thursday already !

  23. I admit I missed Nagi. This might also have to do with the fact that this was a pretty damn good episode to start off the 2nd-cour. It complicated things sure but…it makes everything more interesting 😛

    I can’t say for sure whether the time-skip was a good or bad idea but for now,I’m more curious than ever to see how things will play out when,especially when everyone comes out of the sea and try to settle down.

  24. amusing how 13 episodes ago, we all waited for nagi no asukara to become our requisite Okada disaster for last year, yet it has now grown into one of the best dramas this season. time flies indeed 🙂

  25. Chisaki but maybe you do not want to declare tsugumu because it is convinced that the people who are close to you or proof that the affection is always something happening, like his grandfather

  26. This episode was just pure emotion-so many things to think about! But the moments that got to me the most were the parts showing Chisaki’s life with Tsumugu and his grandfather. I am not really hoping for any particular pairings , but Chisaki and Tsumugu is one I would like if it happened.
    And am I the only one who saw something both helpless and protective about the way Tsumugu was standing outside Chisaki’s room in that flashback where she was crying?

  27. not sure if i love or hate this anime right now. But what makes it great is that i persist in fucking the audience up. I regret watching it, cuz now i can’t wait what the hell happens next @__@ mixed up-ed emotions

  28. The ED makes me worry that Manaka, who most of us are probably assuming is in deep hibernation as well, won’t awaken until a much much later time – perhaps after all of her friends have aged and have had children or something.

    And if we’re going with the idea that a big environmental catastrophe is getting ready to happen, Manaka probably won’t emerge from the sea until after it happens.

    I suppose after what happened mid-season, I’m just paying more attention to the subtle imagery in the ED sequence. Lovely imagery, but I do miss hearing those “hii hii” sounds as the end of an episode leads into “Aqua Terrarium” xD

  29. I love this show but I am absolutely against Miuna X Hikari because it is just to weird! What happens if they get married?! Her new mother becomes her sister in law/ mother and her dad becomes her brother in law/ father. And then her uncle is her husband?! That’s only gonna confuse her cute little brother so much.

    1. Agreed. It’s too confusing it would be hard for their child though i could imagine their child being teased. It could totally happen between them but knowing Hikari he can’t return her feelings for him unless there’s a big turn of event where he magically forget about Manaka and starts to love Miuna but yeah Miuna x Hikari is a big cluster fuck.


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