We’re finally back in the thick of things after a two week break, and it’s interesting to see how the series is literally taking things as close to the cliff as possible. For the past few chapters now, we’ve been constantly teetering on the edge of what would likely be the significant development that changes the tide of the battle (or ends it), and this week continues this trend. What this means is some forward progress was made, but nothing of the significant variety. This chapter boils down to Gaara and Sakura working together to try and revive Naruto by bringing him to Minato (and vice versa in regards to Orochimaru/Karin& Co. with Sakuke), and it’s generally within expectations in the overall scheme. Madara’s awakening as the new Sage of the Six Paths is almost complete, and really, it’s just a matter of time before something big has to happen.

That said, there was one thing of particular note from this chapter, and it’s the fact that Naruto and Sasuke are actually both “dead” at this time. It’s pretty obvious that they won’t stay that way for long, but it’s still intriguing to think about from a story perspective because it’s quite unusual to have two of your biggest characters dead, even if it’s only temporary. Furthermore, it makes you wonder if this “on the precipice of death” moment may not be seized on by Kishimoto to stretch the coming of the climax even longer, and I’m hoping this doesn’t end up being the case. At least, I hope that if he does do some kind of otherworldly dialogue or what not, it’s nothing more than a chapter—because there’s such a thing as drawing out the suspense too long, and this part would be especially vulnerable to such an issue. Guess we’ll see.


  1. LOL. As shown by Madara…and Obito a while back, it seems like becoming the Sage of the Six Paths gives one automatically a custom tailored cloak and staff out of thin air. XD
    In this week’s chapter of Naruto…….

    Madara: ⋋_⋌ So this is the power of the Sage of the Six paths, not that it matters anyway, these Shinobi are Class A noobs…Now where’s my left eye? Oh yeah, with my pawn Obito. *teleports*

    Kakashi: ヽ(`Д´)ノ Oh Shit!…Obito! Madara is on his way here. Come help me use Kamui together to send him to another dimension! Or else it’s our ass!

    Obito: ಢ_ಢ It’s no use Kakashi, this world is done for. Rin….Rin…….forgive me.

    Black Zetsu: ლ(ಠ_ಠ ლ It’s been like 10 years dude, get over it.

    Killer Bee: ( ゚o゚) Yo Yo Yo,
    So you guys just forgot about me,
    I am still here inside the Juubi,
    You know I’m still the best Shinobi

    Sakura: (︶ε︶メ) Naruto, I will not you die, no matter what. Through any means necessary.
    Proceeds to give CPR/Kiss *NaruSaku fans go crazy**NaruHina fans rage*

    Karin: < ('o'<) I will save you Sasuke even though you tried to kill me twice!


    Neji: ఠ_ఠ So let me get this straight, I sacrificed myself for you and you ended up dying anyway?

    Naruto: (。・_・。) Heh Heh. Yeeeah… Teehee~

    Sasuke: Ծ_Ծ Hey guys I’m here too.

    ……….*,………`-,…)-,…………..,-* `…,-*….(`-,…

    RIP to Mishashi Kishimoto’s father, Kenji Kishimoto.

  2. I’m loving Sakura’s efforts to keep Naruto going until he’s back on his feet! 😀 She’s always complained about the things she can ever do for him are too small, but now she’s trying her hardest and then some with the little chakra she has left to make a difference in his life. This is why she’s #1on my top 5 fav kunoichi in Naruto.

    Jesus, Kishi already said he had trouble killing Madara and now he OP’s him even MORE. This is the only character I know that is FAR above the rest and still thinks he needs to be stronger. My guess is that foot next to Sasuke is Kabuto…I don’t know but it’s a possiblity. It can also be Karin, Suigetsu, or Juugo.

    This has to be my favorite chapter thus far. We have Sakura and Karin going in, Madara becoming more powerful than God and still wants more power, and Naruto, Sakura, and Gaara are approaching the same place where Madara will be….damn….DAMN!!

    Also, the hype surrounding this chapter on Youtube is amazing right now! Even Saywer7mage and Forneverworld thought it was a great chapter. And we haven’t had that kind of hype from them in a while. XD

  3. As someone in the medical profession, it is painful to see Sakura’s attempted “life-sustaining” methods.

    I know this is a manga, but I’m sure that most people reading have seen CPR before, even if it’s just in fiction or television. It does not involve cutting someone open, grabbing their heart with your contaminated hands, and squeezing it with unmeasured force! You will more likely kill them faster that way!

    And she is supposed to be the best medical ninja out there? Do some research, Kishimoto!

    1. For once, I really did want to applaud Sakura’s efforts, but all I could think about was how now Naruto’s just going to die of a fucking infection. Because, you know, shoving your dirty hand in someone’s body works every time. Sigh.

    2. Failing to control the ABC’s taught in BLS is what will kill someone immediately: airway, breathing, circulation. Worrying about Naruto developing a horrible infection at this point is like worrying about how fucking ugly of a scar Sakura is leaving him with – both of those issues will develop down the line, can be dealt with appropriately when they develop, and should be dealt only with after his heart starts beating again. There is a role for resuscitative thoracotomy with open cardiac massage in the traumatic setting in order to maximize blood flow and given what just happened to Naruto, I believe it’s not unreasonable for her to be aggressive with resuscitating him that way. What I do have to criticize is her technique: Her hand is inserted transversely to the ribs, breaking them and potentially lacerating her own forearm; it’s unclear the path her hand takes, but it appears to go straight through the lung, potentially causing more injury than necessary.

      1. See MasterDragonKnight’s comments below. Risk of infection aside, I’m not convinced that reaching through Naruto’s lungs/ribcage to restore circulation would have been more effective than CPR. Obviously, this is a shounen manga that never claimed to be scientifically or medically accurate (they’re ninjas fighting a flipping ninja war), but I think Kishimoto undermined the drama of this life or death battle by employing this real-life technique incorrectly.

        We’ve all had to suspend our disbelief a lot lately as Madara has unveiled unfathomable ability after unfathomable ability, and mostly, I thought this scene with Sakura was just another good example of Kishimoto trying to push the shock factor of these chapters a bit too far.

      2. @randomly

        The thing with Madara is that, ever since the beginning, he’s been touted as being one of the most powerful shinobi of ALL time. A legend even among the legends of the same time period with Hashirama being the only one put at a slightly higher level, and that was when he was “normal” and alive. By that alone, it’s extremely easy to accept Madara kicking everyone’s ass with even more hax abilities, but add on the new facts of him getting Senju DNA, the Rinnegan, and the ability to fully utilize the Mokuton (through the DNA and possibly through whatever Kabuto did with the body) and it’s really even less of a surprise, lol.

        Compare that with some of the hax we’ve seen with more modern shinobi, who have, compared to the likes Hashirama, Madara, and Onoki, were raised in relatively peaceful times and it would be like nothing. The wars after the creation of the villages were much more organized, with more than just one clan against another one clan, whereas the Clan Wars were a virtual free for all outside of whoever was hired for missions, so they had to be at their absolute best at all times since they never knew who they’d fight next, or where or when.

      3. @HalfDemonInuyasha

        I see your point, but don’t believe that’s necessarily contradictory to what I’m saying. I just think Kishimoto’s just pushing the bill a little too far with the overpowered super villain and overdramatic life or death scene here. Like we get it, we’re approaching the climax of the series here—no need to have Sakura start literally reaching into people all of a sudden.

    3. So you’re saying this is bad because Kishimoto makes use of a documented emergency medical technique involving internal cardiac massage on the heart? and because you seemed to miss nearly two pages of Sakura covering not only her hand, but the entire area surrounding the wound with chakra before insertion (likely to prevent infection)?

      just had to point it out to clear any misunderstandings.

      1. Emergency thoracotomy is done in situations like controlling hemorrhages or releasing cardiac tamponades, where the blood accumulates in the pericardial space, restricting the heart from pumping properly. You have to open up the chest to relieve the pressure build-up. This is all fine and well, and believe me, I have done this procedure before.

        But simply for the purpose of pumping the heart to provide oxygen to the brain while in transit to a hospital or operating room, regular CPR is enough and will reduce other potential complications.

        In this case, Naruto does not have any indication for performing a thoracotomy. He just needs to survive long enough to reach his destination. What Sakura should be doing is regular CPR, not surgery in a non-sterile environment, chakra coating or not.

      2. You’ve made your point, but I have to wonder at the context. What you’ve said is under the assumption that said complications will occur and from your own words, under relatively (to this situation) more contained circumstances and environments. If it’s within the ability of the surgeon and complications can be minimized with whatever magic chakra is available, I would assume the tradeoff against indirect compressions (and the potential complications that come with this) would be preferable (assuming we’re not running into that lung-breaking that Valdor mentioned).

      1. Yes, I do. And I also know when internal cardiac massages are indicated, and when they do more harm than good.

        Doctors follow the creed, do no harm. If you know the risks outweigh the benefits, or if there are safer procedures available, you do not go forward. This is the reason some of the more drastic surgical procedures have been removed from practice and why we do not start cutting into every patient that walks in the emergency department.

  4. I don’t get why Madara (or even Obito) assume the looks of the rikudou sennin only after they absorb the juubi. Weren’t the sage’s traits due to his rinnegan?, and the juubi isn’t just a massive form of nature chakra? Anyway I find it hard to believe how Madara manages to quickly control such monster in a matter of seconds, AND with just one eye.

    1. When it comes to Madara, you shouldn’t question it. You’ll only hurt yourself. I know from experience. The only way I can answer it is because Madara is an Uchiha, a relative clan of Hagoromo (The Sage) Since they absorbed the Juubi and obtained the Rinnegan somehow, they were able to get some of his characteristics since the rinnegan and the Uchiha are related to him in someway. Madara just obtains a more “precise” form because he has all the Bijuu, unlike Obito who only had the chakra of the final 2, Kurama and Gyuki.

      Also, unlike Obito, Madara hasn’t wavered once in his goal, so I don’t think the Juubi would overtake him at all. Obito just kept hesitating trying to find his light in Naruto somehow by being a broken record for 40 chapters.

      1. The Uchiha are the direct descendants of the elder son of the Sennin, who was given “his eyes and chakra”, and was passed over in favor of the younger son due to the elder’s belief in power being the answer in maintaining peace as opposed to the younger’s (whose direct descendants are the Senju) belief in it being love (and inheriting the Sennin’s “spirit” and such).

        I also did have a belief that the Rikudo Sennin possibly got the Rinnegan as a result of becoming the Jinchuriki of the Jubi (its eye is like a Rinnegan with Sharingan tomoes) rather than already having it, unless his mother had it already or gained it after eating the fruit from the Shinju, then passed it down to him when he was born (of which we’re not sure).

        I mean, after all, it’s been implied by Sasuke and Itachi during their fight that Kurama’s chakra has had something to do with the Sharingan (the blindness from the Mangekyo Sharingan being “the cost of controlling the Kyubi’s power”), which could also explain why Kurama seems to be much more susceptible to it than the other Biju it feels like. After all, Sasuke was easily able to use the Sharingan to suppress Kurama’s chakra when first re-encountering Naruto, yet he never tries to do anything similar with Bee when fighting him.

        So who’s to say that a lot of kekkei genkai in the Naruverse doesn’t lead back to one of the Biju at some point in history?

  5. From this view, I guess Orochimaru may have changed, 100%. Like how Sasuke had first used the Lion’s Barrage, if this was the same evil Orochimaru he would have that evil look in his eye as he saw Madara. But it seems Orochimaru did change.

    I am curious on why Sasuke didn’t use Susanno, before Madara stabbed him. I really thought he had a plan, but I guess I was a bit misled.

  6. -The first impression of the Sage of the Six Paths from Obito was much better. Is it because he was shirtless? Madara’s version lost some pizzazz or something for me.
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