Whacha gonna do when they come for you? Tell me whacha gonna do when they come for you.

For those of you that don’t get the reference, that was the catch phrase of the classic Cops series that started in 1989. Basically, the show followed a bunch of law enforcement officers around the U.S. as they ran around arresting people, and I couldn’t help but find myself thinking about it after this chapter. Because with Six Sage Madara suddenly appearing at Kakashi/Minato/Naruto/Gaara/Sakura’s side and an unknown adversary appearing at Sasuke’s side too, it was a chapter that fit perfectly with the lyrics. It’s just this time, it’s not the Cops/good guys coming for the bad guys, but the bad guys doing it instead.

And all things considered, this makes the chapter pretty decent considering how not much direct progression occurs. The quick flashback to Minato’s past was also a nice touch that fit well with the chapter title, and it continued the thematic progression of how he’s finally being given a chance to make a difference in his son’s life after being missing for almost it’s entirety. The mysterious entity who’s gathered around Sasuke and is currently “doing who knows what” to him adds an layer of intrigue to things as well—considering that almost everyone introduced at this point seems to have already been accounted for in some fashion. It makes you wonder who exactly the mysterious figure could be and whether or not they’re actually an enemy, and whether or not they might just be related to the “new jitsu” taught to Sasuke (forbidden revival anyone?). Or… it could just be Kabuto. Who knows. Guess we’ll see soon enough, won’t we?


  1. There’s a good chance it could be Kabuto, or maybe it might be Anko or Yamato. It’s been way too long since we’ve last seen them, and I’m itching to see them back in action.

    Oh and first comment for this post!

    1. But wouldn’t Karin recognize Kabuto’s chakra?After all they both worked for Orochimaru.I think we can rule out everyone known to Karin since she doesn’t recognize the chakra.
      Btw, whose Yamato? 😛

  2. Since Kishi’s manga is heavily influenced with his life, I think this chapter was his way of giving tribute to his father who recently passed. Not as crazy as last chapter, definitely not as crazy, but that ending really made me facepalm. It’s not that it wasn’t bad, it’s just that things are just going from bad to worse, and from worse to “why bother?”

    When Madara spat out the tools of Haguromo, I think we all know what will eventually happen. Those tools will definitely play a part in Madara’s defeat. Though it was great that he literally spat on the “weaker fodder” Guy and Rock Lee (At least weak fodder in his eyes…they’re awesome to me.) XD

    Also, that Neji joke is still too soon to me…..

    1. Tossing aside the Sage of the Six Path’s tools just like that seemed a bit out of character for Madara. You’d think he’d at least check them out or destroy them so his enemies can’t make any use of them.

      1. True, I thought the same thing, but it was still pretty funny. I guess the power finally went to Madara’s head or something. Either that, or he doesn’t really understand the power of Hagoromo yet, which I doubt, considering he know’s about the origin of chakra and stuff.

  3. The two things I see are:

    It’s Sasuke. Maybe some izanagi like technique. We know Hashirama gave Sasuke some technique so anything is possible in that realm.

    It’s Izuna. Probably something to do with Sasuke since Hashirama likened Sasuke to Izuna. Probably not true but fun to consider.

  4. It does make me curious on, besides the Sennin’s tools, what else can be done. I mean, Naruto is pretty much all but “guaranteed” to die with Black Zetsu’s interception of the other half of Kurama’s chakra (which also leaves Minato himself severely underpowered), and now Madara himself there to get the other eye.

    I also have doubts on the other person being Kabuto. Karin said that the person’s chakra had a “very terrible feeling” to it, but Orochimaru already took back his chakra and the Sage chakra from Kabuto, which would only leave his own, and the only way he could escape Izanami would be if he comes to accept things outside of the infinite loop it put him in, so I don’t think it would have a “very terrible feeling” to it if he did.

    The only person I could think of would be Anko under the influence of her Curse Seal since Sasuke used Jugo on it in order to bring out Orochimaru and, IIRC, Karin did mention how dark Sasuke’s chakra was, and then it becoming even more terrible than when he used the Curse Seal after he got the Mangekyo.

    But I guess we’ll see soon, hopefully.

      1. I believe that portion of Kurama’s chakra was what Obito used (along with the portion of Gyuki’s tentacle that Bee left behind when he escaped Sasuke) in order to bring about the incomplete Jubi previously.

  5. All I’ll want to say is…why didn’t Minamoto do a flash teleport or something and bring them to a safer location to transfer the other Kyuubi half? That would be a smarter move. I know it’s urgent to do it immediately, but he’s the Yellow Flash (instant do, already done jutsu).

    random viewer
    1. The Hiraishin isn’t something Minato can just do whenever he wants on a whim. It requires him to use special seals placed in a location (which he usually did using special tri-pronged kunai, but could also place them onto people) where he wishes to end up when using it. Considering the war has been relatively isolated in one general area, it’s very unlikely that Minato had any of the seals placed outside that area at all.

  6. Does anyone believe that the person approaching Sasuke is the same person who saved Madara in the flashback fight between Madara and the first Hokage, because Madara should have died at the end of that battle according to the first Hokage.

    1. No, at the moment anyway, it’s just that Madara was simply lucky in surviving and Hashirama, more than likely completely exhausted (along with Mito, his wife, having Kurama sealed in her), probably didn’t notice Madara had barely clung to life, then waited for them to leave before staggering off into hiding.

  7. Just out of topic, if Naruto was somehow survived from this war, how many chance do you think that he will be called by his real name? Namikaze Naruto, anyone? Or is that name only for fanfic?

  8. Ok, Im betting my money that Kishi is going to bring out the 2 brothers with Kyuubi chakra and they are going to give to naruto so he can live and shadow…its kabuto……..or maybe the new captain of team 7 who knows what his name is………

    1. I believe that portion of Kurama’s chakra (with Kinkaku and Ginkaku, the 2 walking plotholes) was what Obito used (along with the portion of Gyuki’s tentacle that Bee left behind when he escaped Sasuke) in order to bring about the incomplete Jubi previously.

    1. I doubt it’d be him alive, but I don’t count out the possibility of it being some sort of Force Ghost-like vision of him who will end up somehow magically saving Naruto and/or Sasuke.

  9. Enough drawing out the whole Naruto/Sasuke dying thing. We get it, and everyone knows they aren’t going to die for real, so just get to the fucking point already and get them back in the fight. It was bad enough that, for the sake of making money, the plot was stretched out so long that you just ended the whole Sasuke/Naruto fight that was looming overhead and basically driving the entire series without it happening. Same with the whole Sakura/Sasuke/Naruto triangle which never made much sense anyway. I always liked how Naruto didn’t just bounce from one villain to a new more powerful one like One Piece/Bleach/Dragonball/Fary Tail/so many other battle shounen. Yeah new villains popped up, but that was basically the one storyline just expanding and felt very natural and was done well. But then it hit that point of “gotta keep making money so we can’t let you end it or even progress the story at a natural pace” that some many Jump manga hit and it just starts getting annoying. There’s already so many characters that if you do the ending right you’ll have at least 2 volumes of chapters worth of epilogue if its done correctly. He needs to just end it, or at least progress the storyline faster like Fairy Tail does. Stop ruining what should be an all time great story.

  10. Could it be Jiraiya? He is the one person that was not brought back during the fight and the body was never recovered. Seems pretty obvious he would be making a showing somehow.

    It is getting annoying with the direction everything seems to be going. Most of this isn’t bringing any real drama, we know naruto is coming back and so is sasuke somehow. At the moment I really do not care who wins, I just want the manga to finally end.

  11. As I say, there is a clear line between “the Big Bad is really powerful” and “you might as well be fighting an earthquake or a tornado”.

    Guess where does Madara Uchiha fall?

    And the lame attempts at humour fall short. Playing Neji’s death for laughs? Fail, Hackimoto. Fail moar.

    Lily Nadesico
  12. Am I the only one(along with HalfDemonInuyasha) that saw what happened with Kurama’s Yin half, it was snatched away by the black zetsu and Naruto will end up dead if Minato doesn’t do something to get it back and return to His dying Son. Even ZEPHYR himself didn’t mention it in his summary instead everone is talking about the mystery man who has Sasuke(although an important matter). If you asked me I would say the mysterious character that has Sasuke is another surviving member of the Uchiha Clan and his name is Shisui Uchiha after a long absence He finally returns.

    K C M
      1. Minato was giving it to Naruto, but Black Zetsu popped up in front of him before it could reach Naruto and snatched it up.

        And Minato doesn’t need Kurama’s chakrs to live in his Edo Tensei body. Only way for him to die again would be for Madara to destroy him (as Sage powers, as shown by Obito, are capable of negating Edo Tensei’s regenerative effects), to get himself and/or his soul sealed, or for the Summoning itself to be undone by Orochimaru.

      2. Yes, Minato was about to give his 50% Black Kurama Chakra to Naruto, and Black Zetsu snatched it away. But there is still the other 50% inside Minato. This last 50% i was talking about

      3. …I think your math is off.

        Minato was giving the 50% of Kurama’s chakra he had inside himself to Naruto (who had his 50% extracted), which is what got intercepted by Black Zetsu, leaving NONE left in Minato.

      4. Dude, first off, that’s not Black Kurama. Black Kurama is the RTN alternative. This is just a different half of the Yin Yang chakra he has. Minato, who possessed the Yin half, had the “dark” essence of Kurama’s chakra, while Naruto had the light, or “Yang” half.

        Yin and Yang are two halves, bound to something mutual, being Kurama. If someone has Yin, that’s 50%, while the other person has Yang, another 50%. Naruto had Yang, 50%, Minato had Yin, 50%. They both lost their halves, only for it to be given to Madara, who will eventually be at 100%.

        Also, it’s as HalfDemonInuyasha said, he can’t lose his “life force” because he is bound to edo tensei, keeping his life force in place. He will be fine. He can rasengan his head off, but it’ll come back sooner or later. Madara was completely wiped out by his own meteor jutsu, yet came back. They won’t lose their life force, no matter the damage physically or mentally. The only way they might “die” is through the release of the jutsu, the sage abilities, or being sealed.

  13. Shisui commited suicide…
    I doubt it would be a mystery uchiha, that’s just overkill.
    In a way orochimaru was not surprised and had a poker face while karin desperately tries to be by sasuke’s side. So surely he has something planned though. But it is interesting how Karin mentioned it’s someone bad, which prompts us to think who could be worse then madara? lol.
    How does gai,tenten and rock lee play into this I wonder. I hope there is an underlying point in that then just showing, oh yes here they are they are ok and ready to fight again…

    It was a nice chapter in the way it made minato reflect and finally/hopefully make a difference to naruto’s life for the better. I personally loved Kushina being the lovely mother we only see glimpses of.

    But overall i would be impressed if someone ACTUALLY dies in all this *coughs*


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