「迷い事、定め事」 (Mayoigoto, Sadamegoto)
“Uncertainty, Destiny”

If Yuki’s attitude last week didn’t already piss you off, this week will definitely push you off the edge. Now, don’t get me wrong – I don’t want people to start justifying his actions because they think I have the wrong idea. I don’t dislike him because I think his behaviors are unjustified, but I simply just can’t tolerate his personality in the first place. True, Yuki is a typically teenage boy who has unfortunately passed away at an early age. His childhood was probably filled with misfortunes or abuse (I don’t want to spoil myself so I don’t know…) and he never got to live life like a normal teenager. So yes, in that sense, I can understand why he feels the need to rebel and gorge on food or even have a little fun. To me though, no matter how much anger you feel towards life, it still doesn’t justify the fact that you commit crimes and knowingly harm others. Yuki isn’t stupid. He knows that what he’s doing is wrong and he should know that he’s hurting others that are trying to help him… especially Hiyori in this case. I feel like he’s terribly selfish and conceited by running away from his problems and avoiding the people that care. Even worse, he doesn’t even try and understand anyone else’s point of view and what they’re going through and how his actions affect them. This might be because of his immaturity, but it’s also a result of his own personality and choices and that’s just something that I can’t forgive.

Hiyori and Yato are quite tolerant people in this case. They’re willing to put up with Yuki, despite all his faults and that’s not to say that Yato is wrong or right… but I don’t think Yato has done anything to deserve the attitude that Yuki gives him. Yato might not treat Yuki “like a person” but he doesn’t treat him like garbage either. I think Yato and Yuki misunderstand each other a lot and don’t have very solid communication which crumbles their relationship. On the other hand, I think Hiyori gives Yuki the benefit of the doubt too often. She’s quick to judge Yato for his behavior towards Yuki… but she doesn’t see that Yato’s actually putting up with a lot for Yuki’s sake. Even to the brink of death. So you tell me… how does this make Yato the bad person? I pity him for putting up with Yuki even when he shouldn’t have to.

I’m glad that Kazuma (Fukuyama Jun) has opened up Hiyori’s eyes to the dire situation. Maybe we can finally see some connection between the two of them that’s more than simply “companionship” (*nudge nudge). The relationship between “Nora” and Yato is quite interesting though. My theory is that Nora (or whoever she is) was used by Yato in the past to kill someone’s Shinki. Tenjin mentioned that Noras exist because Gods want tasks completed that are inappropriate for their own Shinki… I think Yato probably used Nora in this case to kill one of Bishamon’s Shinki. I don’t know how that makes Kazuma grateful for Yato; perhaps it was something that Kazuma asked of Yato to do? That would be an interesting twist, but I don’t see Kazuma being a bad person (I think that’s only because of my bias towards his seiyuu though…). Regardless, I look forward to hearing more about Yato’s past the most. Kazuma’s probably the only one that knows of Yato’s true intentions for killing Shinki.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Ooooh so that’s what a “Nora” is o.O Kind of hate Yuki enough to say that he deserves to die but that’d be mean =X #noragami




  1. Well, what can you expect from a 14 year old boy that has a chip on his shoulder, a rather down on his luck boss and has found out that he can get away with taking things that he wants without any punishment? Look at a dictionary and you’ll see a picture of one next to the entry for “self centered”.

    Nora seems as if she’s like a dark grimoire that corrupts those who use them. Look at what Yuki is doing to Yato with just petty thefts and imagine what effect Nora might have if continually used.

    1. @Bear: Nora seems as if she’s like a dark grimoire that corrupts those who use them. Look at what Yuki is doing to Yato with just petty thefts and imagine what effect Nora might have if continually used.

      Maybe, but if a Nora (it’s not a proper noun AFAIK) is some sort of “dark grimoire” it’s one the gods create and use by choice. The gods create Shinki and name them, but as we saw with Mayu, they can “un-name them” (release them from service) as well. So it is possible to avoid creating a Nora (unless I’m missing something here).

      Furthermore, my understanding is that Nora are used for “distasteful” work in which gods don’t want to “dirty” their normal Shinki. Yet Tenjin states that he has never used one. So my question is are Nora really necessary or something of convenience?

      Personally, I find the Nora situation pretty murky, and the gods don’t come across very favorably from what I can tell of it. They create Nora and use Nora of their own free will while all the time despising and looking down upon them. :/

  2. Yeah, I tried to give Yuki the benefit of the doubt early on, but it was really when he tries to lie his way out of or run away from (in this case) his wrongdoings when caught red-handed that I just can’t support him. Now, that doesn’t mean I necessarily support Yato either, but I’d definitely stand behind him far more than Yuki if I had to choose right now. Yato could’ve easily just ditched Yuki due to the attitude, and especially when it was clear that Yuki’s actions and mindset were slowly killing him, but he doesn’t. Even if Yato sees Yuki as a tool, he still chooses to believe in him, so I really applaud Yato’s patience.

    As mentioned, Hiyori doesn’t help the situation nor Yuki’s attitude by giving him an out (like when she embellished Yuki’s lie by saying she did buy the skateboard for him). Giving someone an out when they do something bad only sends a continuous message that it’s okay to keep doing bad things because you can simply keep using that person as a convenient cover to try to escape the consequences and taking responsibility.

  3. Yup, tried giving Yukine more time, but this episode does it. His personality is just horrible. Couldn’t agree more with the points you pointed out in this post. Also, Hiyori’s a nice character and all, but her overly favoritism towards Yukine is annoying to this point. Oh, Yukine might get punished? Boom, she rushes off right away to save him (Which is not bad on its own). Oh, Yato might die because of Yukine? Let’s keep quite and everything and lets just see how it will work out.
    Props to Yato of not just throwing Yukine away and still stick with him even though he was on the verge of almost dying for two episodes straight now. All he really needs is some better communication skills.
    Also, Bishamon’s not scoring any points either. Rather then putting her duty as top priority, the first thing she asks of is where is Yato?! Next, when she asks from someone to be friendly with her and share their opinions, she shuts them up the instant she doesn’t like them? That was borderline bitchy. I know we don’t know the whole story behind all this, but with all that’s been shown to us, I’m giving Yato the benefit of the doubt at this moment. All in all, the series is still pretty awesome. Plus, the music rocks!

  4. My lord Yukine literally almost ruins this anime for me. Yato can’t do everything he wants like afford food and nice things but he still protects and looks out for him when he gets involved with people he shouldn’t (like Nora). He should at least respect Yato for that much. But instead he’s STILL stealing from things like disaster relief funds even though he knows it’s hurts Yato. And Hiyori just spoils him. I hope someone slaps some sense into him.

    Maybe i’m a bit cynical but when you have a character act like a brat/douche for a long period of time it just makes me feel less and less sorry for them even IF they have a tragic backstory. And we already knew Yukine has a sad backstory ever since he was employed by Yato. Honestly though once you’ve seen one sad backstory you’ve seen them all. This scenario is dragging on for way to long. Hopefully this “Yukine acts like a spoiled child” arc finishes soon because i’m more interested in the interactions of the other characters than seeing him act like the world is entitled to him. I actually get the feeling he’s deliberately doing this stuff. He KNOWS Yato can tell when he’s doing something wrong. He might not know that his misdeeds are killing Yato but he knows for a fact that it hurts him.

    Oh and from what i can tell Nora is pretty much a Regalia prostitute lol.

    1. @leatherhead333: Pretty much posted the same thing below. TBH, I’m at the point to where I’m starting to root for Nora to rejoin with Yato and replace Yuki if that tells you anything.

      Frankly my vote is somehow (don’t care how at this point) for Yuki to “pass on” into the afterlife/heaven. Nice, happy ending for him, and Noragami viewers don’t have to put up with his crap anymore. IMO, it’s pure win for everyone. 😀 Then somehow either bring back a deliciously snarky and sarcastic Mayu, or have Yata find an anit-Yuki as his next Shinki.

      1. I’m sure a lot of people want to see Yato use Nora at least once 😛 I’m expecting it to happen eventually anyway.

        First of all,I want to know for sure what the side effects of using a Nora are. At the moment,we all assume that it’s the same as when a Regalia has ill thoughts & actions but we can’t be exactly sure. I’m saying that because I’m thinking that the same bound between a god & regalia doesn’t exist with a Nora so very rare use no contact whatsoever otherwise might not be that bad. Of course,there’s also the possibility that just one use has more negative side effects than everything Yukine’s caused to Yato up till now.

        I just hope that the only reason why Yato doesn’t use Nora isn’t a moral one and there are actually no side effects at all.

  5. Noras exist because Gods want tasks completed that are inappropriate for their own Shinki…

    Which is interesting if you put it in the context of Yato’s comments a few episodes back about how Gods can do anything – they have no internal concept of right or wrong – but it’s their Shinki that restrain them by providing human perspective. In which case, one would have to think you’d goto a Nora when you need to get something done with the limiter turned off. Raises the question: if Shinki are “pure” souls, what are Nora made of and/or what’s their mental state.

    1. Very thoughtful comment. Although I don’t think that shinki are “pure” souls either… because Yuki is a great example of a shinki that has dark thoughts. I think some shinki choose to become Nora by making themselves readily available like that and in some way, they probably like that “way of life” more. Not to say it’s wrong or right, but I think Nora aren’t necessarily forced to be what they are.

      1. Yeah, looking back I think they’re only need to be pure in the sense that they haven’t been corrupted into a phantom. Which I guess brings things down to exactly why Yato is being blighted for Yuki’s actions: would it happen no matter what or only because Yuki’s conscience/morality comes into play to penalize Yato for Yuki’s misdeeds (how God’s learn restraint). If it’s the former, well, not sure how that plays out when you have a Nora. But, if it’s the latter, then is a Nora what you get if you either mentally break a shinki – push it to the limits of it’s morality somehow (probably extensive combat) – or convert someone lacking in conscience/morality.

        One reason I’m leaning towards the later though is that for a person, even if they are now a weapon, the Nora we’ve met so far seems rather eager to get back to work killing things. There’s a very subtly creepy vibe of: “you and I used to do great things together, why don’t we get back to that… ” going on from her.

  6. If I am Yato, I would serve any connection with Yuki and try to find another shinki. Sure you cant do jack against evil spirit while searching for a new shinki, but you are weakening continously at least. And Yuki wouldnt last long with out some body to protect his ass any way.

    1. Well, they did say that a Nora is a Regalia that has a contract with different people (and thus has different names). So if those characters DIDN’T mean that, then she wouldn’t even be a Nora.

  7. I’m rather curious as to how the relationship with Regalias and Gods work in regards to right and wrong, is there a particular standard for things Regalias can do that are considered sins?Or is it subjective?As in, if a Regalia does something ‘bad’, but the Regalia itself doesn’t see it as ‘bad’ would that negate any ill affects on the respective God or would it affect them anyway?

    As for Yukine, I didn’t find him to be particularly bad, somewhat annoying yes, but considering his age and circumstances, not hate-able.Even though he’s terribly unfair to Yato, from his perspective his actions didn’t seem entirely unreasonable, in fact, I’d presume that would be how most people would act if they were put in his shoes – keep in mind he didn’t have much of a choice in being made a Regalia and being used as such, and people usually tend to get angry if they’re used as tools for some purpose, especially when it’s against their will, which is probably why Yato is being patient with him, after all what else is he supposed to do, tell Yukine “I made you into a Regalia and intend to use you as a weapon, your choice and feelings on the matter are irrelevant, be grateful I don’t kick you out, in which case you’d probably end up dead…..again”?That’s probably not going to end well, from their own view points I think both Yato and Yukine are being reasonable, and for his part Yato is being quite mature – guess, that’s normal when you’re a God who lived for centuries.

    Just a theory, but I’ll put a spoiler tag anyway,
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. That theory might actually be true, making it a ‘do-what-must-be-done’ situation from Yato’s side but naturally incurring the wrath of Bishamon if it was a friend of hers (as people have a habit of defending their friends even if they know they’re wrong – I doubt gods are any different).

      As for Yukine, I’m not in the ‘hate his guts’ stage yet, if only because this episode makes it clear he considers himself worthless (‘I should’ve stayed dead’) and is probably deeply depressed. He has crossed the line though, yes, so someone should set him straight, and there’s only one person who can. While Hiyori may serve as an enabler of sorts to Yukine, she did have a good point in that Yato should just open his big freaking mouth for once. Because he is basically the semi-parental figure for Yuki, yet refuses to explain his past (which teriffies Yuki), doesn’t tell Yuki that his actions could cause his death (no, saying ‘it stings’ doesn’t qualify) and seems to hold no interest in his Shinki’s life. I mean, I see Yukine’s reaching out to the other god as a sign that he is willing to change his ways as long as he can ditch Yato, whom he has no faith in.

      At least next episode should probably provide us with some glimpses of Yuki’s past.

      Also, Kofuku and her Shinki are hilarious. Every interaction with those two was comedy gold here.

  8. hmmm interesting…
    It seems Kazuma owes something to Yato and respects him (see his polite bow at the end of previous fight). Maybe he was even his Regalia before entering service of Bishamon?
    BTW Bishamon’s fighting squad gathering was totally awesome. Made me remember Balalaika going off to war with Vysotniki…
    Nora on the ther hand seems to be a darker shadow of Yato’s past, a “dirty work” Regalia that was probably used to slay the Regalia of Bishamon, or maybe even more others (and possibly humans too…). She is definitely tempting Yato to use her to slay Yukine.
    Speaking of Yukine, could somebody tell him the dire troubles he is causing to Yato? Hiyori, i’m looking at YOU. Yukine likes and respects you as far as his little childish soul can, so
    go and make a serious talk with him.

  9. I spoiled myself u.u, went I read the manga chapters taht are out. Love it. Getting better and probabably next two episodes people will change their opinion on Yukine.

    For me it’s like one of the best shows so far.

    1. God dammit, so many errors… Oh well.

      And I’m also quite surprised that nobody is talking about the evil figure that was with Nora near the end. And that for me was the wtf moment in this ep.

  10. For all the Yuki hating, at least it looks like this problem will now be tackled head on in upcoming episodes. Although Yato must share some of the blame for not properly “training” Yuki in his role, there is a serious problem when Yuki not only steals money, but charity donations at that. It goes above and beyond simple teenage rebellion. Just now remains to be seen if Yato’s treatment is the altruism required to get Yuki to man the f*ck up and stop acting like a pouting, spoiled princess.

    On that note Noragami needs more Tenjin, I demand more old man harem sh*ts and giggles.

  11. I dont think Yato used Nora just once, i think he probably used her a lot back in the day. Yato is a god of calamity, and as such, he’s not that popular with the other gods or even shinki for that matter. I think back in the day, with no shinki by his side, he used to rely on Nora a lot and as such, Nora was thrilled to work with him most likely because of the grim stuff he would associate himself with. But i guess something happened which caused Yato to never want to use Nora again, even if it meant being defenseless; anything so he wont have to go back to the dark times of using Nora. Yato wants a clean slate, but now it seems that Nora has become obsessed with him and will do anything to get Yato to use her again.

    1. I agree with you. Nora wants Yato to use her. she is not hiding it or something and she is trying to find the right chance for this to happen. but Yato isn’t falling for it and refuse to use her. probably due to his past with her.
      and that past is interesting. whether he created her (or took her when she didn’t have a master) or intentionally took her she was already a stray (AKA “Nora”)? maybe she has become stray because of Yato? also, did he kill that Regalia using Nora?we don’t know for sure. though if the answer is yes (as we probably tend to think), so Bishamon would like to get her revenge on her too? not to mention that Nora was involved in last week battle between Bishamon and Yato, without anyone to notice…
      there were flashbacks in previous episodes, but for now nothing there hit me to understand something new.

      there was also that respected old-god,Tenjin, who avoided talk about it especially when Hiyori mentioned that specific Nora.

      so lots of questions. plus, the series title kinda revolves around Nora(gami)..

  12. @Cherrie: I have the same viewpoint as you when it comes to Yuki. He’s just not a likeable character IMO even if you do have some sympathy for him. Personally, I wish somehow Mayu had remained or returned as Yato’s Shinki. I find their interaction much more entertaining (LOL – “You lasted THREE months with Yato!? Amazing!”).

    TBH, this arc has gotten to the point to where Hiyori, who I liked from the start, is now annoying with her excessive coddling of Yuki. I agree with Bear’s comment above that Hiyori is “enabling” his bad behavior which does not help. As you point out, she gives Yuki far too much benefit of the doubt while not giving Yato enough. Kofuku is to blame for a lot of this due to her “offhand” remark about Yato killing a Shinki while withholding the details. Still, Hiyori by now should realize that Yato isn’t some heartless killer. If he was, he wouldn’t put up with Yuki’s crap.

    I like this series, but I wish they would just hurry up and resolve the “Yuki” arc, and frankly, I don’t care how at this point. His antics are reducing my enjoyment of what is on the whole a good show IMO. Fortunately, Bishamonten (who I like) has joined the cast which helps to off set some of Yuki’s crap, but not enough.

    That last scene was quite intriguing. Is there some sort of rebellious Shinki group out there? War between the gods and Shinki brewing? A Shinki union movement? OK, that last one’s a joke (XD), but a number of unanswered questions were promptly created those last few minutes. All the more reason IMO to finish up the Yuki arc ASAP and move on to better stuff.

    1. I wish they would just hurry up and resolve the “Yuki” arc

      well, but in the end of the day this season/cour revolves around it. and it’s not like they can adapt the following arc because it’s only 1 cour (if it was 2 cour, then yes. and it would be really awesome).
      so all that left is to resolve Yuki arc in 1-2 eps (could be 3). maybe that’s why BONES are pushing original character (yeah filler) – to stall Yuki arc and/or make it to 12 eps without starting next arc in the last 1-2 eps…?
      I am not sure what path this is going to take it eventually. but I’ll wait and see. BONES did lovely work so far. even though there were some changes here and there, they carried it out well. so I didn’t mind so far.

      1. @thedarktower: Thanks for the info.

        so all that left is to resolve Yuki arc in 1-2 eps (could be 3).

        Possibly three more episodes of this… :<. That would be tough for me. I'd rather get it over and done with next episode and have the remaining 4 episodes a filler arc. Hard to have good 1-2 episode "arc" anyway.

        I agree BONES has done a good job so far. The "Yuki" arc was a card they were dealt from the start, and they would have to rewrite a substantial part of the story to remove him. I can think of one adaptation where something similar was done, but I don't blame BONES for sticking with the material as much as they could. Is what it is as the saying goes.

  13. As much as I admire Yato’s tenacity for putting up with the crimes and the purposeful ill will Yukine has commited, it wouldn’t be this dire for Yato if they were to just talk it out or sort out the situation. Yukine is acting like a total douche, but I actually think it’s quite realistic. Most people his age act selfish and childish, I don’t find it terribly unreasonable for Yukine to feel some sort of angst at Yato because of his confusion and fear. His own perceived inability and lack of confidence, and even some feelings of jealousy sort of fuels his strong dislike for Yato, although it’s obviously unreasonable. I hope Yato finds a way to work this whole dilemnia out, but I’m sure Hiyori will act as a conductor to get the two back and compromise with each other.

  14. Looks like we have an upset Yukine enabler downvoting everybody because they don’t like Yukine anymore.

    Hate to say I told you so when it came to Yukine, but…

    Since Noragami is going anime original, they might just make Yukine even worse, let that simmer 🙂

  15. I’m getting pissed off by Yukine…but I really don’t think he knows exactly what he’s doing to Yato. Can someone please just give it to me him straight?! STOP YOU’RE KILLING YATO.

    Ash Leigh
  16. Ah , Hiyori. I wonder how much of this whole situation wouldn’t have happened if she’d allowed them both to stay at her house? I mean , part of her reason for taking Yukine was so he’d have a good place to sleep and get fed regularly(in other words she was trying to give him another childhood , a stable one).If Yato had been there , he would have kept Yukine in check and so things may not have spiralled out of control like this. I think.

  17. I suspect we’ll have two more episodes of the Yukine arc. I wish I had some sort of idea what the anime will go from there.

    **manga spoilers**
    Show Spoiler ▼

  18. Wow so much Yuki hate, lol. I don’t hate him that much actually, though I get annoyed by characters pretty easily. Maybe it’s because I already disliked him once reading the manga? For some reason, he’s a lot more likeable (or less hateable?)in the anime. In my opinion.

    And, well. I feel like Yato’s lack of explanation of anything is part of the problem. Yuki’s obviously distressed about how he’s being forced to kill while Yato comes off as nonchalant about the whole thing. It’s one thing when you think of them as monsters, but they used to be human. Yuki sees himself as similar to that little girl that they killed. When you factor in his (and our) lack of understanding of Yato’s shady past… I don’t blame him. That said, Hiyori’s methods are problematic too. She’s way too naive. Yuki is not as angelic as she thinks he is. Between her and Yato, I don’t know, they’re like models of bad parenting, haha. What Yuki needs is to be treated like an adult, instead of being ignored or babied. And maybe a couple smacks on the head afterwards.

  19. I think Yukine is a great character for this series BECAUSE he’s such a pain in the ass—it gives the show something very important to strive for: his development from a delinquent and strictly regalia to Yato’s friend and someone we want root for… and you know, especially so that Yato doesn’t DIE. I sincerely hope we get to see this. I will very happily switch my allegiance to “Yuki is a horrible asshole” if he stays that way through the end.

    I’m prepared for criticism, haha.

  20. Cherrie have you ever felt like you’re just being used and could easily be replaced? That’s how Yukine feels. He is also afraid that Yato could kill him. I have no idea why it bothers you so much. I understand why he does what he does. I don’t understand your pet hate with him tough.

    1. Unfortunately, everyone is replaceable – before someone misconstrues this, I am not talking about being replaced by someone exactly the same – i.e. a clone of yourself.
      If you are employed you are being ‘used’ and, chances are, you are replaceable; people come and go, and that’s how it always is. Just because someone is on the verge of being fired doesn’t mean that someone could go around committing crime and the sort.

  21. Wonder where all of Yukine’s white knights are now.

    A brat is a brat no matter justified or not. Glad to see someone had to put Hiyori in her place by telling her the consequences. Her naivete is annoying me just as much at this point. She was acting just like all of Yukine’s annoying white knights.


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