「たどりついたらいつも雨ふり」 (Tadoritsui Tara Itsumo Amefuri)
“Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”

Well, it’s a week later in our time, but a lot longer ends up passing in Kill la Kill. Needless to say, it’s going to take a little bit of getting used to, but everyone’s fighting for the Nude side of the equation now—which figures, considering there wasn’t really any other alternative left. I just wish they’d tone down the glowing private parts a bit. I say that half jokingly of course, but yeah, there’s a heck of a lot of shining going on. That said, is it odd that the first thing this makes me think of is how if this was a real-life movie, they really could’ve saved a lot of production costs during this part? No? Just me?

Jokes aside, it’s generally a straight forward progression here. Satsuki’s self-destruct leads to what’s essentially a Kill la Kill version of the apocalyptic zombie films we love so much, and the Mako x Gamagoori ship ends up stronger than ever before. In the meanwhile, it turns out that Soichirou was Isshin Matoi all along and Ryuuko wakes up with the declaration that she’ll no longer wear Senketsu due to the fact they’re both life fiber “monsters” now. The latter ends up a bit of a surprise in terms of how suddenly it happens—it literally happens in the last few seconds—but ultimately, it’s just another thing that progresses naturally from the previous episode. Of course, there’s nothing particularly wrong with this or the fact they decided to take things slower here… but there isn’t much to talk about in respect to the story as a result.

That said, perhaps the most interesting thing this week isn’t so much the aforementioned as it was the revelation that Satsuki was being kept alive intentionally—presumably to wear the ultimate Kamui and be used for Ragyo and the life fiber to take over the world with. One of the major questions we had last week was how Satsuki’s going to rebound from all of this considering her weaponless state, and it looks like we might’ve gotten our answer here. The ultimate kamui might just end up being the tool that brings everything back together—either with Satsuki using it against Ragyo somehow or falling under its influence and fighting Ryuuko as a result. There’s always a third option in Senketsu being worn by Satsuki instead—highly unlikely—but that would be an interesting twist considering how Ryuuko doesn’t seem to technically need him at the current time, and the great changes in the series’ dynamic that it would bring.

For now though, the big thing is they’ve gotten the necessary “developmental”/”calm before the storm” episode out of the way, and here’s hoping it’s full speed ahead from here. I just hope this show doesn’t start the disturbing trend of people stripping and/or lighting up their pants/private parts with glowing things…

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    1. Ahem.

      Gorgeous doctor like dude with great hair, killer body and a glowing dick and nipples is right in front of you, and you think a woman aint gonna stare?

      Didn’t think so. 😉

      Skins Thunderbomb
    1. Gamako is so obvious even Jakuzure comments on it.
      Between nudist elite four – erm, five including ex-teacher and rescued Mako I think we have enough of fanservice already… then Darth Ragyou happens with sekuhara towards Satsuki.
      Boy this series pulls absolutely no stops!

  1. Ryuuko has fallen into the slump that happened to Simon.

    However, soon she will realize her father is dead, he is not here anymore. But in her scissor blade, and in her heart, he lives on in Senketsu! Her Kamui is the one that will overthrow the rule of Life Fibers! Even if ends up being her grave, as long as she defeats Ragyou, it is her win! Who the hell do you think she is? She is Ryuuko! She is not a Life Fiber monster! She is herself! MATOI RYUUKO!!!

  2. Oh man the Fanservice this week has made me wet between the legs so to speak, and seeing Jaku, Sana, and Gama all in the patented nudist utility belt was a sight to behold. And the glowing nipples, going to have to add that my drinking game I’ve been developing for this anime.

    So this project that Satsuki was talking about, this what was the word… Shinra-Koketsu (シンラ-コテツ)project sounds ominous, and the translator I use isn’t giving me results so I’m at a lost if there’s any symbolism there. However from what we see and hear from the likes of the Nui and Ragyo, it seems like that it will, either involve a human sacrifice or something that likely involves a lot bloodshed. Your guess is as good as mine, but I’d wager a tiny sum of money that since it involves rage it seems likely this will be fight.

    Special mentions has to go to the rescue of Mako. When I saw at the start of the episode, Mako getting abducted by aliens (covers are aliens right?) I thought for sure she was either going to be getting a covers suit for her own, or she was going to die. But surprisingly she didn’t die, and the ship is still strong! I especially loved Jaku snarking and lampshading it in the background.

    And finally we see Ryuko out and about showing the world what sort of action girl she is, cranky and angsty to the max. From what she has been throughis completely in character of who she is, though given earlier comments by Ragyo I don’t think Ryuko is entirely herself so to speak, or is at least being manipulated subtly by Ragyo.

    All and all, a great episode, just wish we had more Jaku and Inu shipping but a girl can dream can’t she?

  3. If there was ever an inception for coming wave of glowing nipples and provocative poses involving the groin one needs not look farther than KLK. Tentacle r*pe? Who needs that when you have GLOWING NIPPLES!

  4. If this is any other anime, this episode would be pure fanservice (for both male and female).
    Alas, this is Kill la Kill. So it’s just another step towards the final battle.

    BTW, the after-credits scene shows that she is STILL NOT completely unarmed. Is she the next gender-flipped batman or what? Cause she is just as crazy prepared as her father was in his escape…

  5. Is it weird that, through all these depressing events, the one thing that made me want to shed tears was when Mako’s mom consoled a crying Senketsu and told him that if she were 20 years younger she would wear him, even if she can’t hear him say anything!? ;___; This is the best family ever.

  6. Man, I’m just ticked that Ryuko’s being a jerk to Senketsu, who’s only been eating his own kind and nearly dying and dragging her unconscious butt around and waiting patiently for her to wake up. You know, nothing big. Point is: why she even upset? She wanted power, right? Well there you go. You have power and you can heal, and unless she’s fighting a sudden urge to eat people, the only monstrous thing about her is her appalling attitude.

    1. Its rather hard knowing who to trust when you find your long lost mother has infused herself and an alien species, wears said alien species, and then rips out your heart to reveal that you’re the type of being she is, all the while you were wearing said alien species to defeat said alien species. Ryuuko is completely in the dark about everything, so its understandable that she has this angsty, I dont need you cause I’m a freak like you, attitude. Remember from day 1 all she did was try to convince herself that she was normal and simply wanted to know who killed her dad, and now she has all this going on? even finding out that she’s far from regular human? I dont approve of her turning on senketsu, but put yourself in her shoes and see if you can wrap your brain around all that and still stay sane.

  7. Oh man that was glorious!

    Mako’s mom staring at Sensei’s ‘shiny thing’, Gama seeing Mako naked then saying ‘uh I can’t move right now’ (bon3r lol), and Satsuki getting spankings for being a naughty girl. Comedy gold.

  8. Very interested to see how all this would end. I thought I had a good grasp of what the writers wanted to do with the show, but the last 4 episodes has proven me wrong. Starting to really enjoy my weekly dose of Kill la Kill.

    Nonon looks a lot hotter as a nudist than anything the animators had her wear so far! I approve :D.

      1. I read the Baby Whisperer but I didn’t agree with most of it. Thanks for the kind words though, me and Leen are holding up fine in whatever fictional situation we appear to be in.

  9. I KNEW IT. I called it last week when they dropped the announcement. I said “Till they show Soichiro’s death on screen, and explicitly state that it’s him, and not some body double or something, Isshin and Soichiro are the same person.” (Although in my post here I had said “Grandfather maybe?” because I was still a bit hung up on what looked like the age difference, but, the whole time I was thinking the above)

    Feels good to call a “twist” myself every now and then :p

    1. 5 crewman of the GamagoorixMako ship is struggling with all their might to take down the all powerful first girl Yuri flagship of the RyuukoxMako, without realizing that their ship has sailed and is sinking faster than the Titanic! The power of Unrequited and Indifferent feelings is JUSTICE! Gamagoori will be forever alone!

  10. I think Ryuko is just angry and confused all at the same time. I think she will wear Senketsu again pretty soon, someone will snap her out of her state of mind and old Ryuko will return.

    Anyway I think the next few episodes will have Satsuki possessed by the life fibers vs Ryuko/Or her elite four. The finale will likely be 2 battles, Ryuko vs Ragyo and then Ryuko + Satsuki vs powered up Ragyo(i.e merged with that life fiber core thing). I think the Ragyo situation will be solved by Episode 23 and Episode 24 will be one of those what happened next episodes with some sense of normality returned to the academy.

    1. I agree with you in your first part. a close friend, will know that she is confused with the Truth. And the 2nd part, this sounds logical. i am curious, too. Who has to wear the “evil” Kamui, that they are making?. Perhaps the Mother itself

  11. This episode was really Mikisugi sensei’s time to shine…

    *ahem* I loved how Gamagori just kept getting increasingly bigger and bigger for every scene. And how he deflated when Mako’s father threatened to sue him XD

  12. Despite how absolutely ridiculous it would be , a part of me thinks there is going to be another flip and we find out that Aikuro is Soichirou as well. Soichirou has already shown a habit of weird and awkward disguises. I find it highly suspicious that Aikuro also like to disguise himself as an old dude, is also a scientist, AND has a similar chin line as Soichirou. It could be a “teacher passing on traits to student” type thing, but it still pretty suspicious.

  13. uwahhh…lol at Gamagori and Mako…hahhh!!! Its now official man!!! XDDDDD

    and now im waiting for Nonon and Inumuta’s moment!

    poor Satsuki…damn her mom is something, does she needs to harass her all over? though i like it but thats her mother…a bit disturbing there…

    anyway love Nonon’s nudist beach’s outfit…XDDD

    onion warrior
  14. Nui is my favorite character, but I’m really annoyed that she’s still alive >_> That fight between her and ryuuko shouldnt of randomly ended. At this point her antics have run its course and now she’s just that annoying side villain that just wont die

    1. I was late discovering this show, can you imagine if Sensei’s coat was really and being in clinical and all the sudden your coat start to slow fall down.
      he doesn’t even try to pull it back.

  15. Sooo tsundere Gamagoori, when’s the wedding?

    Also, I really wanna see Mako try on one of the Godrobes. If she made an alien zombie suit so strong imagine what she could do with the power of Senketsu lol.

    The Atomic Dwarf
  16. Kinda sucks that the 4 Diva’s upgrade didn’t do jack crap.

    And Gaamagori, u might as well propose for marriage to Mako at this point.

    Senketsu, he looks like a sad lost puppy.

    And why the heck is this going to webrip only and out of TV airing? Is it more “money” issue with this new company?

    1. From the sound of it, the upgrades did as advertised. The only issue is that with the Sewing Club taken over and the Nudist Beach hideout lacking any proper facilities to work with Goku Uniforms, those uniforms receive no maintenance and were bound to fail quickly due to constant usage.

      Which they did. That is why ultimately, the side that wins is the side that has the most efficient logistics (and Nudist Beach has next to none, especially for Goku Uniforms).


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