「ふたりでワルツを」 (Futari de Warutsu o)
“The Two of Us Shall Waltz”

A celebratory party that simultaneously wraps up a few loose ends and foreshadows the next conflict.

Lenessia & Krusty

I love how Lenessia sees right through Krusty, but Krusty can read her mind. Hah! In all seriousness, it’s good to see Lenessia coming to Akihabara, because that means our lazy Hime won’t be going away anytime soon. The dynamic between her and Krusty is just too perfect to lose. Oh, so now you want to dance this time, Krusty? Ohoho!

But what I found the most interesting from them was Krusty’s comment about how Lenessia herself seems to have a habit of ruining her own life of self-indulgence. I think Krusty knows what we all find out as we get older…that slacking off is fun when you’re young, and it’s always fun for a while, but people like Lenessia don’t like to stand aside and let something stupid happen when they can jump in and try to help out. She’ll keep getting herself involved, no matter what she claims she wants to do.

Isuzu & Rudy

Isuzu joining Log Horizon is up there with Log Horizon itself being formed in the realm of things we all saw coming a mile away. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the moment, though. Shipping her and Rudy is a bit odd, since she frequently bursts into laughter at his gentlemanly nature and totally ruins the moment, but I think it’s clear that she feels some measure of responsibility for him, so she wants to be around to make sure he doesn’t do something stupid (again). He’s her baka Sorcerer, so she needs to be in the same guild, ne?

Nyanta & Serara

Better yet was how Serara decided not to join Log Horizon. Admittedly, I kind of wanted her to do it, but I’ve watched the opening sequence enough times to know we’d have no such luck. But then again, what’s it matter? There’s no rule that says she can’t group with Minori and the others, and the Crescent Moon Alliance and Log Horizon get together all the time, as the final scene of the episode shows.

But to me, the best part was Nyanta’s reaction to Serara’s decision. Now, Serara’s crush on Nyanta is totally one-sided, and will remain so – Nyanta is a true gentleman, and Serara has many years before she even has the chance to become the kind of refined woman he would consider entering into a relationship with. (Guys like Nyanta don’t date; that’s far too casual for a man like him.) No, it was how much of a gentleman he was about the whole situation. He praised Serara, then asked her to danced’aaawww! I don’t know if he realizes that she likes him, but he’s a gentleman bar none. I wish I could be that suave while slipping in the occasional nyan~. I’m not sure I could do either.

The Magic of Minami

Whelp, I was wrong – it looks like someone else figured out that adventurers can create new world-class magic far more quickly than I expected. This came from the city of Minami (second from the left), where The Demon Festival of Suzaku Gate (another world event) took place recently. It was mentioned that a certain (single) guild rules over Minami, and this has my interest thoroughly piqued. Here’s why: I’ve always been of the opinion that sentient mortals – humans, in other words, or near-humans, as opposed to monsters or demons or living gods – are the best antagonists. Great fiction happens when not only do the protagonists have something to lose, but the antagonists do as well, and humans are routinely capable of more horrifying, sickening, and debased acts of cruelty than even the most creative monsters can cook up. And with a single guild ruling the city of Minami, it sounds like they’ll in some way be opposed to the adventurers of Akihabara, even if they’re only opposed as much as Eastal was for a while there. I sense tension on the horizon, even if a war between adventurers would be stupid in the extreme. For them that is, them all being immortal and all that.

But more directly, someone else knows. I don’t know who this blonde woman is, but someone other than Shiroe, the newbies, and Regan apparently knows that Shiroe created a new kind of magic, and that’s another thing I didn’t expect to happen so quickly. It’s interesting though, so I’ll allow it. Carry on!

Public Relationships, Reputation, & Shiroe’s Only Weakness

Great characters are flawed characters, and sometimes Shiroe seems like he doesn’t have any. This episode explored what is Shiroe’s single greatest weakness – public relations. Shiroe is terrible at managing his own reputation! This may sound silly, but as a politician – and that’s what Shiroe is now, and a borderline tyrant too – you have to manage your reputation or others will define it for you. Shiroe is an introvert, and one who isn’t interested in becoming more comfortable in social situations. But he needs to be seen! For a public figure, if people don’t see you, they’ll say whatever they want about you. He needs to be visible so that maybe, just maybe, they’ll see the real Shiroe instead of the caricature they create in their minds. This is something Krusty knows well, even though he’s far more terrifying than Shiroe. Krusty knows how to play the social game, even if Shiroe is much better at the strategic one. Krusty understands people.

Why is this important? Because sometimes reputation can mean everything when it comes to getting your way. I’ve heard of big corporate mergers that quietly fell through when one party learned that the other company’s CEO has a terrible reputation, and I’ve seen people with great reputations leapfrog those who are more technically skilled. This might seem unfair, but it’s not – humans put great stock in being able to trust who they work with, and that’s what reputation is. The core people of the Round Table trust Shiroe, but what of everyone else? By not managing his own reputation, Shiroe leaves himself vulnerable to abandonment, because they first time Krusty and the others decide they disagree with Shiroe, he’ll have little ability to continue furthering his aims amount a skeptical general populace.

Minori Lov–

As far as Shiroe’s reputation goes, it looks like Minori realizes it’s in the gutter. That clearly bothers her, and I’m curious as to why in particular. I figure it’s one of two reasons: either 1) she’s afraid that Shiroe himself is getting beat down by the things people say about him, or 2) she doesn’t like how so many other people have the wrong opinion of him. I guess it really depends on why she almost told Shiroe she loves him up on the rooftop. (I assume that’s what she was going for, of course.) It could have been because of #1, and she wanted Shiroe to know that not everyone thought about him that way, or she could just flat out like him, whether romantically or not. (Or rather, whether romantically, because we know she likes Shiroe as a person, mentor, and friend.) I guess we’ll find out more from Minori next episode.

Shiroe & Akatsuki

Finally, Shiroe and Akatsuki. So HNG~! Akatsuki’s concerns about being useless to Shiroe did make me realize one thing, though…so far, Akatsuki is a fairly flat character. (Hur hur hur…not that way you goobers.) She’s loyal to Shiroe, she’s tiny, she’s quiet, but we haven’t gotten into a lot of her internal motivations, and she hasn’t gotten the development of characters like Lenessia, Rudy, Krusty, Minori…lots of them, to be honest. I hope she gets more utilized in further stories as she becomes more of a strong Log Horizon-style female character. For now though, seeing Shiroe thank her and then finally ask her to dance was very sweet. Too bad they didn’t show Shiroe fail-dancing though. I would have liked to see that!

Looking Ahead – The Scale Festival

Next week looks like it’s going to be a loveu-loveu time as Shiroe takes Minori and Akatsuki out for cakii. I’m so jealous!

By the way, a heads up: I have a friend coming in from out of town next weekend, so takaii has graciously agreed to take over and cover Episode 22 for me. Please treat him as kindly as you treat me, and I’ll be back the next week for Episode 23. Thanks for your understanding.

Wait, does this mean I don’t get to write about the Shiroe-taking-girls-out-for-cakii episode? Damn! I’m so jealous!!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – A celebratory dance that puts a bow on various relationships while introducing what’s to come #loghorizon 21

Random thoughts:

  • Forgot one thing – Naotsugu and the others had a good point about not taking out the Goblin King yet. You don’t want to take out the leader unless you want the enemy to be thrown into disarray. In this case it’s better for the goblins to be organized (and therefore easier to defeat en masse) rather than rampaging chaotically across the countryside.
  • Marie-san picked Naotsugu, ohoho~
  • I think Rudy is the first guy to ever be pet-zoned. So congrats? At least you found a new way of never advancing in a relationship.
  • These otaku adventurers. Seriously, those masks are creepy. Cut it out.
  • Shiroe was smart to spread the memory loss thing as a rumor. Once everyone hears it and comes to terms with it, it can be confirmed without a panic…though the Round Table’s (and Shiroe’s) reputation takes another hit. See what I mean?
  • Air megane!

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      1. Well, if i speak in…

        Because She knows so much, she had access to the server logs. or she had some stalking skills

        Well, she must has a Observation Spell working on Shrioe, without he noticed it

        Why, i write this special? Because like i said last time. for me it is a MMO Game in Fantasy Setting, and for others it is a Fanatsy World, with MMP Game rules

  1. Someone in Akiba should open up a fake glasses shop to profit off of everyone trying to look like a villain/strategist/badass but had the (mis?)fortune of having good vision.

    Shiroe staying in the shadows has not changed since they first established the Round Table. Was he ever publicly announced as a member? Otherwise, it would seem like he just showed up out of nowhere as a member and he’s always plotting something, so I’d be pretty suspicious of him if we weren’t watching things from his POV.

    On a different note, romaji of cake is more like keeki, not cakii. First syllable is the one that’s extended.

      1. Well yeah, but (it is assumed) he never actually come out in front of the public as a member of the round table. The ONLY time he give a speech in public makes him look like a douche that taking advantage of the princess.

    1. I didn’t check the source, but as far as I remembered, despite definitely need a glass in real life, Shiroe has a good vision after Apocalypse.
      He wear glass because 1.he is used to it 2.the glass is an equipment and provide benefit.

    2. Shiroe is definitely known to be part of the Round Table, but it’s more of a how-the-hell-did-that-guy-become-part-of-the-Round-Table situation. They’re unelected after all, but while the others all seem to have reasons to be there – they were known and respected as guild leaderes beforehand – Shiroe’s sudden emergence as a major player + his previous strategist reputation were fertile ground for some unpleasant opinions from the ill-informed.

  2. Shiroe is a real life tank! He is getting all the aggro from the Round Table… everything that’s “negative” about the city is Shiroe’s fault, making it easier for him to control from the shadows!

    His way of ruling is much like Saber’s (King Arthuria) from Fate Stay Night/Zero! Best way in my opinion !!!!


  3. Oh look, someone else knows, definitely did not guess that 😛
    Bragging aside, looks as though we have a good setup for the final arc, which I am going to guess is going to end in a cliffhanger. Looking like Shiroe has an intellectual and magic-level equal whose idea of fun lies more on the side of sadism than altruism. About time there is something threatening(the Goblin King might be a threat to the People of the Land, but not the Adventurers).

    And I’m going to go out on a limb, but I also guess Crusty has something to do with this guild of Minami.

  4. Shiroe is terrible at managing his own reputation! This may sound silly, but as a politician – and that’s what Shiroe is now, and a borderline tyrant too – you have to manage your reputation or others will define it for you

    as a Evil OverLord, Shiroe doesn’t need a good rep.

    Sometimes a bad rep is as good or better at getting things done as good rep.

    1. “The answer is that one would like to be both the one and the other; but because it is difficult to combine them, it is far safer to be feared than loved if you cannot be both.”
      Machiavelli’s The Prince

      1. But the Prince needs to be careful to not be feared to the point of hatred, which is very deleterious indeed. No, while it may be better to be feared than loved, it is better to be respected than either of those, and Shiroe is running the risk of too much distrust that could explode into hatred given a turn against him. A better reputation would inoculate him against that, even if I’m not sure that’ll ever come to pass.

  5. Now this is how you pull off a breather episode. The big conflict is solved and the characters can semi-relax for now, but safe they are not.

    I quite like how dire the consequences might be for Shiroe because of his lack of social skills. Rather than just being a generic trait that is easily overcome in other anime (usually in ways that piss me off), this could have some ugly results – he stands to lose everything. His nickname as ‘the villain in glasses’ seems a lot less funny now. Because his reputation is worsening by the minute, and while he still has plenty of allies now, who knows what the future holds? Because radical ideas, like the ones he’s pulled of before, are fine when they work…but far worse when they don’t. Like you said, if the council decided to turn against him, there’d be nothing he could do about it. Krusty’s the gallant knight, defender of the realm. Shiroe is just the shady guy pulling the strings behind the scenes. If something goes bad, it’s his head on the block, not Krusty’s, who’ll get the benefit of the doubt.

    His messing with the world laws had quicker repercussions than I was expecting as well. Because whoever that lady is, she’s bad news. It’s just stories for kids for now, but if she decided to mouth off to anyone with any actual power, things could go down the gutter real fast. I wonder if she’s acquainted with the shade mage somehow. Or maybe Minami?

    Minami in and of itself is a nice setup for future conflict too. These aren’t the anarchic thugs of Susukino – they managed to pull the same stunt Shiroe did, so it’s likely that their knowledge of the world is as good as his. Hell, they could be an evil counterpart to Akihabara in more than one way. For all we know, they didn’t make peace with the people of the land and turn one of them into an adventurer, but a monster instead. No reason why those couldn’t be as intelligent as a human either, now – especially since the event revolves around demons, not primitive goblins. Or maybe I’m way off track and they’re good guys, just in a different way, who knows. Time will tell.

    And yeah, Akatsuki is rather flat compared to the more developed female characters we got lately. I suppose that’s one of the problems with having such a large cast: some characters are inevitably going to be left in the dust. Still, the fact that the show actually acknowledged that she hadn’t taken a central role lately shows that they’re at least aware of it, in my opinion. Maybe next episode will answer some things. Same for Minori for that matter, wouldn’t surprise me if she’s grown a crush on Shiroe. The OP hints at it, anyway.

    My favourite coupling remains Krusty and Lenessia though. Those two are hilarious together, and they’re some of the most interesting characters to boot. Glad she’s sticking around, anyway. Because Krusty’s right – as much of a lazy bum she wants to be, that’s not really who she is inside. I’m looking forward to seeing more of her, anyway.

    1. “if the council decided to turn against him, there’d be nothing he could do about it”

      I think this is where his control over the core facilities (banks, guild options etc) comes into use. Freezing people’s assets are always great fun…

      1. @millie10468

        For all that people like to keep repeating that Shiroe turned over ownership of the guild building, I’ve never seen an actual source for that claim. So I’m inclined to take it as one more false rumor until proved otherwise.

      2. I’ve never heard of Shiroe turning that power over, and moreover he would be stupid to. Krusty already has a lot of power as leader of D.D.D., so if he were to add the power to freeze assets via the guild bank, he would become all to terrifying of a tyrant over night. Shiroe, on the other hand, has A) already proven that he won’t abuse it, and B) he can be the bad cop to Krusty’s good cop by holding the axe over people’s heads.

      3. @Stilts

        It’s a claim I usually see come up when people start talking about how Shiroe can abuse his power, or start talking about how ridiculously powerful that control makes him. Like I said, I can’t find any actual evidence to support it, so I suspect it’s just one more false rumor cropping up around the series. This one most likely by people trying to downplay Shiroe before he starts getting heavily tagged as a Gary Stu.

    2. Shiroe is actually not in a bad situation reputation-wise. The Council will not turn on him because the Council members are already friends with him or personally know of his capabilities; they know why he acts in certain ways. It is the ignorant who were not in the leadership or witness to his actions that are whispering behind his back (e.g. People of the Land). If there is any legitimate threat to Shiroe’s position it will be from outside the Council and will be dealt with by the Council before ever reaching him. Although largely fantasized overall, the politics for this example are actually quite realistic. This is the reason some politicians can stay in power even when it appears everyone is against them.

      The woman is interesting because that was not just a story she told, it was meant for Shiroe to overhear (that smirk of hers wasn’t there because she likes reading to kids). Shiroe was never the only one capable of such feats, but now he knows the implications of these feats. Not too hard to forge yourself a little empire by manipulating game mechanics to suit your own ends. What is going to be interesting is who the woman and the new threat are, how Shiroe has to combat them, and what ties they have to the Apocalypse.

      1. Shiroe’s reputation among the People of the Land are actually BETTER than his reputation with the adventurers of Akihabara, what with his role-playing as the “good guy” during the war council(With Michitaka playing as the “bad guy” and Krusty maintaining neutrality).

      2. (I’ll focus on the blonde woman with the braided hair)

        It was naive of Shiroe to let her leave just like that. He is in a position to protect the interests of his city. It is his job to seek out ll potential threats or concerns which may implicate his city. Mentioning the entire sequence of events is surely more than mere coincidence, yet Shiroe did not or could not think of acting on that premise.

        It was a situation where akatsuki could be put to use as well as all her skills are meant for reconnaissance and spying… (and inadvertently get some screen-time)

      3. I think the major problem is that all the things they being said are…TECHNICALLY correct. (The best kind of correct.) The technicality comes from the intent. He schemes from the shadows (the purchasing of the guild hall proper, bank and all comes to mind), withholds information, and did have a hand in goading the princess onto the battle field. All these things are true, but he did it with the best of intentions. That is his saving grace. He takes action based on what needs to be done in order to benefit everyone; to make the overall situation of being stuck in a strange world enjoyable. It was stated in the show that he doesn’t seem to realize just how fine a line he’s walking in terms of the necessary evils he commits and the moniker of ‘Villain in Glasses’ is really starting to bite him as someone else mentioned. I don’t know how he would run a PR campaign, but it would have to run by the friendly faces; i.e. Krusty and Marie. If they go on the offensive while Shiroe actively makes an effort to be slightly more transparent, then he should be fine. Or he could just party with a bunch of people. Everyone who’s been in a party with him knows how good a person he is and its widely known how brilliant he is at his job class. Finally, he should limit his alone time with Regan. When people envision Shiroe these days they’re basically thinking of a guy like Regan: pale, gloomy, hooded man with a sinister aura (his presence did wilt all the flora in an appreciable radius) who sits in dimly lit archives surrounded by tomes of magicks and historical accounts and schemes all sorts of machinations while giving anyone who stumbles in only the absolute tip of the massive iceberg of knowledge he has available. Don’t become that guy Shiroe. Exercise caution.

        tl;dr – The rumors are true yet false in their actual intent and meaning. Shiroe needs to step out from the shadows more and avoid spending Regan Quality Time.

        The Walker
    3. The council won’t turn on Shiroe because they know his intentions. Some even figure out that he sometimes acts like a bad guy to get a specific reaction. All the members on the round table already know that Shiroe wants to do good, but that he does not understand the ramifications of his action, as in, how they look form the outside.

      1. True, I was speaking hypothetically. But people can change, friendships can break down and enough power can corrupt anyone. And Shiroe’s thus in quite the vulnerable position when compared to some other members of the guild.

      2. The others would never want to turn against Shiroe, but they’re playing in the court of public opinion now, and that might force them to do exactly that. Probably not, but it does leave him more vulnerable.

    1. Wasn’t she voiced by Chiwa Saito? The way she pronounced some of the words reminded me of her

      And now I’m half-expecting her to start dancing according to disco version of Tooshi Dooka and have tiny sign frame barriers protect her from damage…

  6. Got setup for the next arc.

    One hole, though, the woman who was story-telling to the children…
    …seemed to be unknown to Shiroe.

    But the children apparently knew and trusted her. So, the children
    could have been a source of intelligence for Shiroe, or every adult
    is always trusted. Just a small plot-point…

    Shiroe & Akatsuki — annoying, not on her part, but on his. We need
    more Anime male leads like Yuuta. Just sayin’

    Can’t wait to see what’s next…

  7. These otaku adventurers. Seriously, those masks are creepy. Cut it out.

    Yeah your right, at last she is a Ambassador of the People of the Land, and a Princess on top of that. Also they should behave accordingly. Or they have a crush for an NPC Princess. It is just the point in how they now see the world

  8. Question: Is the anime diverging from the source material? I dont remember reading about anyone pulling off a game breaking magic other than Shiroe. I also dont remember the blonde woman/foxtail enchanter showing up at this point

      1. That’s not what I ment. I was asking if we can expect an anime only ending, seeing how someone in Minami just pulled of a world changing magic and one of the most prominent characters in the future makes a subtle appearance

      2. Ah I get you, no I don’t think there will be an anime original ending as everything still fits and there is enough time to finish in 4 episodes.
        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. @Ginobi47:

      I’d be surprised if we got an anime only ending. Have to wrap up a lot of stuff in five episodes to do it. I think the anime is more likely to stick (mostly) with the LN and finish volume 05 with the thought/set up for a second season.

      That being said, AFA I can tell, the story-telling by the blond women sitting under tree which hinted about what Shiroe had done was pure anime only material. I certainly didn’t expect that. Regan “witnessing” Shiroe’s world changing magic was also anime only material AFAIK, but I took that as visually reinforcing the idea that what Shiroe did = world changing magic.

      With this episode’s anime added material, I’m more hesitant to blindly assume the anime will be by the book – literally and figuratively (LN). WHY the anime decided to insert both scenes – especially this episode’s scene with the tattle-tale blonde woman is a something I’d like to know. Was that done for a reason (i.e. anime will start to deviate), or was it simply “change for the sake of change”?

      1. “Was that done for a reason?” Yes, because flashbacks in pure description can get boring and foreshadowing with just a single line only works in text format, not in animated form. So by adding these scenes, where talking with Regan does occur at some point anyway, they’re building up the foreshadowing in a way that works better in the visual format.

        Michael Chandra
      2. @Michael Chandra: I get your point about adaptation methodology, except what you have here, to the best of my knowledge of the source material, is NEW, ANIME ONLY material. I don’t recall either the scenes with Ri-gan (or Re-gun – not sure what’s the “official” TL), or with the mysterious blonde in the LN. As presented in the anime, neither are those three scenes flashbacks nor are they done for the sake of adapting source material which is what you suggest. Again AFAIK, this is new material which does, IMO, impact the story in a material way. In other words, my question is one of content, not method of presentation. What is the rationale for altering the story by adding this new material?

        Shiroe’s actions in saving Rudy last episode already sparked a huge discussion about the potential implications of what happened – from breaking credibility (i.e. how can this contract spell-thing actually work?) to opening up a can of hypothetical worms such as limitations on what can be achieved (e.g. what’s to stop Adventurers from gaining infinite HP/MP or other god-like abilities?) or projected wide spread usage of turning PotL into adventurers.

        It’s a MAJOR turning point in the story having far reaching consequences without adding fuel to the fires of debate – particularly due to the mysterious blonde spreading a highly detailed “fairy tale” account of what happened amongst the PotL. Kids or not, it is quite reasonable to assume at least some would tell such a fantastic story to their parents – noble parents, who I suspect would then wonder where and why they would have heard such a strange, previously untold tale. In short, IMO it needlessly introduces more hypothetical questions/potential issues into the story which the original author astutely avoided.

        Furthermore, if it was clear to viewers that the mysterious blonde’s story was really talking about what happened with Rudy, I find it hard to believe that a character as sharp as Shiroe would shrug it off as mere coincidence. It goes against his character and in-setting credibility/consistency as such.

        I gave Ri-gan’s added scenes a pass because they explicitly explain what happened and Ri-gan didn’t know the exact details. Frankly, I question whether those scenes were even necessary (give the viewer some credit for intelligence). IMO you could take out those two Ri-gan scenes without any harm. Viewers can figure out easily enough that Shiroe did something big – literally game changing. As for the mysterious blonde, that definitely could have been handled per LN which has been followed for the vast majority of the anime.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. Cough. “adding these scenes”. Note that I said ADDING, and said why that was a good idea in my opinion: “foreshadowing with just a single line only works in text format, not in animated form.”

        I can understand you disagree with my opinion. But please actually READ what I say and don’t twist it just so you can criticize it as wrong rather than as a difference of opinion.

        Michael Chandra
  9. I’m actually a bit surprised Minori was about to confess to liking Shiroe. I always thought that she had a fondness for him in the way a student looks up to their master but i never imagined she thought of him romantically like that. I can’t say it’s a welcome feature in my opinion (because it just creates an unnecessary love triangle) but I don’t think something like that will be to distracting to my enjoyment of the show so far. I keep forgetting that peoples avatars in this game don’t represent their actual ages xD.

    1. Actually, the LNs explain very early on that their models DO in fact reflect their real bodies so long as it doesn’t interfere with hard-coded qualities of the avatar. So their race, height, and so on is from the game but their exact facial features are basically their own. This is pointed out about NYANTA of all people, so if it happens to the cat, the others look pretty close to dead-on.

      And even as far as they don’t, it doesn’t effect Minori (I think). I assume you’re talking about how young she looks, and that IS accurate. Tohya and Minori are explicitly middle-schoolers as far as we’ve been told, so somewhere between 12 and 15. Shiroe is a graduate student on the other hand, making him about 22-23 at the youngest and possibly a little older. It’s creepy. I’m not a fan. Any crush Minori has on Shiroe should be treated no differently than Serara’s crush on Nyanta. Both are a girl that is WAY too young for the guy she’s crushing on. Statutory rape laws actually exist for this exact situation. It’s pretty much the only thing in this show I’m not a fan of.

      1. I agree to the extent that they are way too young. I just don’t understand where the statutory rape comes in. Firstly, there is no rape. Secondly, if a one sided crush constitutes rape, then I’m sure probably a fair proportion of the world’s population would be in gaol.

      2. @mac65: she is very clearly being presented as a rival to Akatsuki, a girl who IS Shiroe’s age, she’s just short. If it turns out that she’s not actually ‘in love’ with him, then I’ll be the first person to say that’s fine. I’m well aware I’m guessing based on what we’ve seen, but it seems pretty open and shut.

        @Actus: you don’t seem to understand what statutory rape is then. It is not ‘rape’ as in non-consensual sex. Normal rape laws cover that just fine even for children. Statutory rape is a law that says EVEN IF a child consents, they CAN’T. It doesn’t matter if the child/adolescent SAYS they’re in love with the older person. They’re not allowed to.

        It is a law that exists specifically for situations like this. When a young boy or girl thinks they love an older person because they’re impressed with them. And that older man or woman doesn’t immediately shoot the younger person down. And that is what creeps me out about this.

        Minori should not in any way shape or form be a rival to Akatsuki unless Shiroe is a huge creep. He should put her down gently the same way Nyanta did with Serara (which was handled amazing well as Stilts said). If Serara had been treated as an actual love interest for Nyanta, it would have been creepy. But it wasn’t, it was handled with kindness and tact. The Minori thing (so far, I fully know I could be wrong, and I hope I am) HAS been treated more like an actual love interest. And that is not okay. I don’t want to see something like that in any media, and especially not in a show I like as much as this.

      3. @KayleRyan

        I’ll make this short.

        You’re mixing up rape (as probably one of the most misconstrued and abused word) with the meaning of rape in law. Now, I don’t know the rape laws in that jurisdiction for one (if i have to take it that far) but as far as I know, at least in some other jurisdictions, rape has a very narrow meaning. See section 1 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 for an example of the definition of rape within the UK (particularly note that s1(1)(a)-(c) are ALL conditions that have to be met. They are NOT alternatives)

        Now, on to what I said. I KNOW normal rape laws cover just fine for children. I’m NOT saying just because they’re in love, etc, that Nyanta or Shiroe won’t commit rape. What I AM saying is that there is NO EVIDENCE of there being any sexual contact (in any form, from time to time). All I’ve seen is them dancing and with an apparent crush on the part of the female. No more, no less.

        There is a difference between ‘affection’ on the one hand (which may or may not involve ANY physical contact) and ‘rape’ on the other which involves a very specific definition, at least in some jurisdictions, and which physical contact is a necessity.

      4. I think the crux of the matter is that you appear to be calling characters out on actions the have not taken. I too am not a fan of romances that happen between a consenting adult and a minor; especially when they are barely out of grade school. But, Nyanta is treating Serara delicately as a gentleman should, and Shiroe has done…nothing that would warrant any warning flags, let alone an accusation of statutory rape. Ignoring the fact that Shiroe while may be inadvertently some bad things, he’s not that type of person, I don’t believe that this is that kind of show. I won’t say that I haven’t been wrong before, however: Show Spoiler ▼

        For now, I’m going to assume that Minori will have to come back in 8-10 years and take a number behind Akatsuki and maybe Henrietta.

        The Walker
      5. Kale, you’re wrong in this instance. Minori has a crush on Shiroe, yes, but how many other girls have similar crushes on men whom have either paid them some attention when no one else would or they see as being inherently powerful (e.g. celebrities)? How many of these crushes ever come to fruition? Nothing will happen regarding this, especially considering Shiroe only sees Minori as a student and a pupil (heck close to a sister/daughter based on how he coached her during the dungeon run). It would take some significant deus ex machina to twist Shiroe’s introverted and likely moral personality into one willing to reciprocally crush on Minori and take advantage of her infatuation. Not to mention Log Horizon’s target audience will prevent any such fan-fiction level shenanigans.

        I fully expect Shiroe to treat Minori in the same capacity that Nyanta responded to Serara’s confession of love.

      6. I think you are fussing WAY too much about nothing. Some points;

        1) It’s not clear from the Anime that game appearance = reality, especially considering that Akatsuki had to modify her appearance using a special item to fit her real appearance. If you know better from the LN then you will know how this pans out so I’m not sure what you are fussing about.

        2) There is nothing wrong with a girl having a crush on an older guy. It happens all the time. Of course there is a problem if an older guy takes advantage of this but there is no evidence that Shiroe would do that sort of thing. It would have to involve some major break in his character.

        3) This is not the sort of show that will have some involved love triangle and CERTAINLY will not have any sexual content. It’s the wrong target audience.

      7. A couple things to add to this discussion here.

        First, the world they are in does not have any statutory rape laws. Theoretically some place in it might, but those laws would not apply to adventurers. Theoretically they could have made some for themselves, but in all they have to do, I would expect thinking of such things would have to be low on their list. Especially given the problems of enforcing it, seeing as for the adventurers a “young girl” could easily be a 30 year old man, and a “30 year old man” could easily be a young girl.

        Second, while the anime omitted it, the novel did mention Lenessia’s age when she made her debut. She’s 15, so not much older than Minori. So essentially all concerns people have about a Minori relationship would apply to Lenessia as well.

        Third, Minori’s age would only truly be a problem if they returned to earth. The odds of that are pretty poor seeing as that obviously not the story the author is interested in telling, and of the characters, none of them seems to have a strong interest in returning. Otherwise they remain in a world where Minori may technically already have an adult body, would only need the right potion to increase her height and bust size, and she might live for centuries unaging.

      8. Eh, I wouldn’t fuss over it. She’s not being presented as a legitimate rival, she just likes Shiroe a lot, and whether that’s romantically or simple from admiration doesn’t matter ’cause he won’t touch the girl. Nothing he’s ever done has indicated anything else, such the same as with Nyanta and Serara. Shiroe is a gentleman as well.

      9. In a feudal society, woman as young as 12 are considered okay for marriage. Lenessia is a noble, so she could wait a bit longer, but otherwise a 15+ yr old girl would be considered ‘Christmas cake’ by medieval standard already.

    2. Me thinks, that this is more admiration feelings then Love. It is just, that she is to young to understand it right now. The admiration to her mentor/teacher.

      Some kids, admire their Teacher in school or not? Dont misunderstand it with Love. As i said, they dont know what Love is so far. Only the Love of their Parents she knows so far. perhaps siblings love bond, too

      But the Love, as we adults know, it is not. Well, it radical change if they became at that Age, you know. the Age where boys become stupid, and girls freaky… well the time where puberty kicks in…

      But i see here just a Admiration of a Pupil to her mentor/master. So keep the tide down

      1. if you want to say, there is more to this. then perhaps your mind is to mixed with to much Doujins Mangas. They took this harmless feelings, admiration or siblings bond. Boost them with dark doujins Fantasy, and voila. The fans have something to buy..

        So, please check yourself if your mind is not corrupted with to many Manags. Your barrier of fantasy and Real clean conscience, is not there anymore. You should take a step back of your mind drugs

  10. What an awesome chapter! (I feel like all of my posts about this series start in this manner, which is awesome in itself)

    A really well-done break from all the serious stuff (without throwing all of it into gutter, which is good). The events here were expanded quite a lot from the LNs, which works in the anime version’s favor greatly, partly because we got some great interaction and partly because anime as a form of media needs more breaks than LNs (in my opinion, anyways)

    Can’t wait for Libra Festival and CAKE!
    (Stilts, you are so going to regret not being able to blog that episode!)

  11. To be quite honest, I was dreading this episode since I thought it was going to be a filler and would not be at par to the previous two amazing episodes. And how wrong I was. This episode has everything that I want; nice conclusion to the current arc, tidbits and foreshadowing for the next arc, focus on Akihabara and the Round Table, and most importantly, multiple OTPs. Take that, harem-type anime!

  12. Guys, you have no idea what’s coming. Holy shit, this next arc is gonna kick some MAJOR ass. Man, there better be a second season, because let me tell you, there’s some shit about the royal knights that’s gonna blow your mind.

    1. Maybe in 2 years time. There still need to be 3 more volumes before they can start developing a full second season, by the time they’re done with that there might even be 2 volumes more out already. So if we’re lucky, 2 years until the next season. Maybe 3.

      Michael Chandra
  13. Serara putting responsibilities over her personal desires, she is a good girl indeed.

    other good stuff
    -manga meat
    -Marie’s ears
    -round table council has an emblem
    -side characters are still not forgotten

    1. “Serara putting responsibilities over her personal desires, she is a good girl indeed.”

      I was expecting Serara to join Log Horizon after that scene of her watching Isuzu doing just that, so it was great to see that she place responsibility over personal desire.

      Also, just to put things into perspective, Serara has been with Crescent Moon even before the Apocalypse while Isuzu only joined CM after being rescued from Hamelin. The difference of their emotional attachment to their guild is being nicely done in this episode.

    2. I’m always a little thrown when they actually show Marie’s ears. They almost never do it, and she’s just so not ‘elf-like’ that I get kind of confused when she suddenly looks like an elf once in a while.

  14. Shiroe’s bad reputation makes me wonder if he will turn into someone like Lord Vetinari – loathed by the general public but yet have their begrudging respect for basically being indispensable.

    1. Shiroe and Krusty together could just about maybe go toe-to-toe with Vetinari for a while. Vetinari would still win, though. And add in Vimes…well, whoever Vimes reasons is just will take it in a heartbeat XD

    1. The arc has already started :p, sort of. Well, the first chapter of the volume of the novel this arc adapts from was more of a prologue of sorts and this episode covered most of the material. It is cleverly presented in a very different way, since they combined it with a heavily modified/expanded version of the epilogue in the previous volume, and I think I actually like the way they presented things in this episode much better than the epilogue+prologue in the novel ^^;.Show Spoiler ▼

      I’d expect the next episode to cover most of what was missed from that chapter in this episode (along with material from the second chapter of the volume). I have a feeling that this arc might also be presented in a slightly different way from the novel (maybe even including more details, hints and whatnots). Should be interesting.

  15. Shiroe isn’t bad at managing his reputation, it’s likely he’s purposefully allowing the leaked information to cast him in a negative light.

    The adventurers need to trust in the round table, they can’t go believing that they would withhold vital information from the populace. That’s where Shiroe comes in, he’s influential around but not a member of the round table so people can believe that he would have enough access to thr round table but not enough of an official presence within it to actually reflect the actual members.

    Shiroe doesn’t care what others think about him as long as those immediately around him know the truth. He’s willing to take a hit to his public image as long as it keeps the round table clean.

    1. It’s not the leaked information (memory loss upon death) that is casting him in a negative light, it’s his lack of social astuteness. As you mentioned, Shiroe purposely leaked part of the memory loss upon death revelation to prevent a large push back against the Council once it (inevitably) comes to light on its own accord. The Council can claim ignorance and profess to only being aware itself from the rumours; this can be said to be smart of Shiroe.

      The problem is Shiroe does care what others think of him, or else he would not be embarrassed over attending a social ball and excusing himself from making an appearance (social awkwardness, the sign of the introvert). For landed aristocracy this is a severe affront where social standing is determined by who attends whose party; refusing to attend (or not being invited) sends a message to everyone that you think you’re better than them. Crusty implicitly understands this, it’s why he is another person entirely when with the Princess. If Shiroe had shown up, danced once or twice, and said a few words there would not be the questioning of his legitimacy as occurred with the People of the Land this episode (and he would have gotten another Akatsuki flag to boot). Instead Shiroe unknowingly came across as snobbish and elitist. In the world of politics that is something which can kill you, fast.

    2. I think you’re both right to some extent.

      I agree with Pancakes that Shiroe does care about what people think. I also agree that at times his lack of social experience works against him – especially with women. At times, he simply doesn’t understand why people react the way the do and/or to the extent they do.

      However, that’s only part of the time and in some of the situations. I agree with qwert that in that other times Shiroe is “taking one for the team”. Consider the dialog in this episode. “Tonight, the star is Krusty.” That can be interpreted either as Shiroe and Krusty are playing roles (and I don’t mean Guardian or Enchanter), or simply a metaphor. Even if it’s the latter, Shiroe goes on to say “I’d just make things awkward and tire people.” He understands the situation, and is sacrificing his potential enjoyment of the party for the sake of others. If he was truly oblivious, he wouldn’t have said that – he’d just go down and wonder why people are starring at him.

      Shiroe’s reputation “problem” isn’t really with PotL – it’s with Adventurers.

    3. The problem is not that Shiroe cares about his reputation – he demonstrably does not – but that he’s wrong not to care. It’s important, even if it may never bite him in the ass as much as it could.

      1. But he’s an edgy emo teen. That’s what edgy emo teens do these days:

        “I don’t care about myself as long as I can protect my friends in the shadows.”

        So edgy, these kids these days.

  16. Wow Loved it. This episode lays out situations that could add a huge amount to the story line as we can now assume lots of things going on with players elsewhere. First Japan then neighbor countries then the world.

    Regan to me has always seamed shady, I wonder if he has visited other great wizards to give them the deep background needed to discover world class magic, now Regan does not have to be evil but just out to discover what can be done by planting seeds for his research to advance but Regan to me always seams to give of the shady vibes, not to mention the plants dying when he showed up.

  17. Some thoughts about the episode:

    Shoryuu looks good in a suit.

    Poor Akatsuki, starting to feel that she is not up to par with Shiroe and the other raiders… and Rudy Pet-zoned again. Golden Retriever <3 xD

    Krusty is so good at diplomacy. Me lieks. Also the way he hooked Lenessia. "3 times a day of free food and lazying around" would get me too. LOL

    The fact that they laid the groundwork about Minami and Westelande earlier is a good way of not info dumping plot in the last episode. Regan was a great way to do this.

    And of course the festival. The preview shows Shiroe with a hoodie sweatshirt. I wonder if modern fashions will become used more in the fantasy world? xP

    Also continuing onto the discussion of governance in Elder Tales, If people do not like the relatively free system established in Akiba, why not embrace the anarchy of Susukino?

    There has to be some sort of governance structure defining the bounds of adventurers actions. As was mentioned in the episode, Minami and Westelande it seems is ruled by a single guild. One can infer that it has a lot more concentrated power structure, that the diffused Round Table Council composed of several guilds.

    Adventurers typically have a choice on where they wanna go, they might complain about the RTC, but don't folks in today's society complain about their governance structure also?

    Still, to be honest Shiroe, if inadvertently, appears to be a villain, it works out in the end, as they can play the good cop, bad cop routine with Krusty. All of the RTC leaders know how Shiroe really is in the end so its fine for him to be lurking in the backgrounds.

    1. All of the RTC leaders know how Shiroe really is in the end so its fine for him to be lurking in the backgrounds.

      For the most part that’s true. Lurking is fine, but lurking implies that others are unaware of you, and people ARE aware of Shiroe so his reputation does matter at some point. A problem arises if enough Adventurers don’t want Shiroe in the RTC. Adventurers voluntarily follow the RTC “orders”. If there’s someone that the majority doesn’t like, it will cause problems.

      Krusty and other guild leaders might offset some of Shiroe’s bad rep just by continuing to work with him. “Well, I trust Krusty, and he is willing to work with Shiroe so I guess the guy isn’t too bad” type of thinking. Of course, a few complementary words by the other RTC members about Shiroe and how much he’s helped the RTC would go a long way as well.

      Still there’s a limit to that. People may start to question those backing Shiroe along with Shiroe himself if Shiroe’s reputation gets bad enough. Not only that, if a large percentage of Adventurers don’t like Shiroe, they might refuse to take orders from him, or even be involved in the same activity in which he participates. He doesn’t need to be the most popular guy around, but Shiroe’s reputation amongst Akiba Adventurers does matter.

  18. Stilts, not to be jerk or anything but it’s not supposed to be called Scale Festival but as Libra Festival. Before the Apocalypse, there’s always a major game event in October in Earth. It’s like Valentine’s event in February and Christmas event in December. But since Game Masters/Moderators can no longer manage to run “Elder Tale”, Round Table Council decided they will be the one hosting it.

    I may be wrong though since I didn’t read the material in its original format (Japanese).

    Btw those who didn’t get why it’s supposed to be Libra Festival, October = Libra Constellation.

    1. I wouldn’t even have considered you were being a jerk if you hadn’t mentioned it first. As for the festival name, you may be right, my Japanese is just shifty so I depended on a translation. It may very well have been wrong..

    2. ugh, yea. this was the shipping episode, but all i could think about was how they got that name wrong in the translation >.<

      "Scale Festival" is a stupid name
      "Libra Festival" makes so much more sense since it takes place in October (9/23-10/22)

  19. -Flustered Akatsuki asking about going to party… take the hint Shiroe! (he eventually did!)
    -Krusty and Lenessia are so well made for each other that they can actually read the mind of the counterpart, or close to.
    -Nyanta is epitome of Gentleman Adventurer. Nyan! Serara still has to drink juice… But give her a few years and she will become a fine lady, I hope. Until then, the ship is dry-docked.
    -It seems keeping the new kind of magic created secret was a futile task as more and more persons message Shiroe they know what he did last month. Who the heck is the blonde storyteller?
    -Isuzu has completely domesticated Rudy – if you know what I mean…
    -Naotsugu, similarily, has come completely under the sway of Marie…
    -It seems Akatsuki and Minori will be taking Shiroe out for cake-date next episode!
    Rival ships spottted in one bay! Prepare for combat!

  20. The mysterious blonde storyteller seemed to vanish into some sort of warp gate as she left, but we know from episode one that all warp gates were deactivated.

    Perhaps she is a mage from Minami, and has managed to construct a replacement for the old warp gates? That would certainly account for the newly created magic. In addition, if she has been using the spell to jaunt around the Log Horizon world, she could well have been keeping tabs on the Akihabara adventurers and thus know of Shiroe’s innovation. Her story might have been her way of introducing herself to him. He’s so introverted he may not perceive that others perceive him as exceptional, but any other mage who had succeeded in creating new magic would obviously want to learn as much about Shiroe as possible – which is just as Shiroe is now feeling towards him/her.

    Too bad Akatsuki wasn’t there, she could have tried to follow the storyteller.

    (Note – I haven’t read the novels, so this is just speculation.)

    1. Perhaps the Apocalypse, is a result of a Big Database crash/poising (MySQLinjection if you know what i mean). Perhaps some Hackers tried to hack some GM Ability Powers for them (cheaters, hackers, exploiters. call what you want), and as a side effect the whole Game Database mad a jump to the bad side.

      Random players, have now GM powers without knowing. Warp gates deactivated. perhaps she is the only one in game that can use the Warp gates of GM’s

      If they are about to make a big Flashback in the end, how the Apocalypse happen. Then a Social fishing attack of some Big DEV or GM Employer, is the culprit. That explain why the Game providers, still not taking action. They are lockout of the Server and their Password where all changed of deactivate. So, only solution to end this is to power down the Servers, but then mix in a bit SAO “hijacking mind technology” and you have a perfect excuse, while there are no external RealLife action so far

      This is just a piece of my Mind, for a “how to explain the readers the base Background of a MMO Game”

      1. or, in Geek Words:

        Someone knows the PC Game “System Shock”?. Modify it a bit to fit into this MMO Game, and your have a 2nd Shodan 🙂

        Well, someone deactivated some Security Programs of an AI, and as a Result. The AI… (Wikipedia is your friend)… Spoiler protection active

      2. I’ll be blunt: It’s not a database. Anyone treating it as such makes the same mistake as so many of the bad guys. It’s real.

        This kind of detail, and ~100m full personalities with years of memories and more, is not something any database can contain in 2018 where we don’t even have Virtual Reality. This isn’t SAO or .//hack, where the people are still in their bodies and can access their memories, while AI is limited. The detail presented is impossible in a normal database. Even if we somehow manage to map the capacity of human brains, we’re talking about a system which has the same storage space as the rest of the world has combined. Anything less can’t contain all the brains of the Landers. And we’re not even getting into the world details there, without a polygon count, just full resolution.

        When the entire storage space of the world can solely handle the brains and not the actual ‘game’ world, it’s impossible to consider it a game anymore. It is their reality now.

        Michael Chandra
      3. Well, this is a Real World not a game? Then how you explain the “offline” friends? they are deceased? “Back when this was a game..” you cannot ignore this little hints here and there.(i am a master in see them)

        but i think, this line here, is the Magic of this anime. for ones this is a fantasy MMO Story, for others this is a world with rules they known of rpgs MMOs

        so i still doubt, that Log horizon is a world of its own

        Perhaps we should say this is a “TRON” MMO World. Where programs has their own personality

        well, if you want to see this. i use my inspiration mixed with sci-fi. They all are on beard of an lifeboat traveling in cryostat. where some Computer keep the Brain activities alive with this MMO World.. take some basic rules of Matrix, and you get a good mix

    2. Pretty sure the warp gates aren’t deactivated, it’s just unknown where they connect to at any given time since no one can check on the internet any more. It’s not that they can’t use them, but they choose not to since it’s not worth the risk.

      1. No, you’re thinking about Fairy Rings.
        As far as we’ve been told, Elder Tales has three forms of teleportation:
        1. Call of Home, a spell that teleports the adventurer to the adventurer city they last visited (this works normally but is very limited)
        2. Warp Gates that connect the Adventurer cities together, making travelling between major areas normally easy (these don’t work anymore)
        3. Fairy Rings, that are randomized (to what extent isn’t specified) and normally require internet guide for effective use. Their schedules (or something) is being researched by RTC.

  21. So many speculations on the mysterious lady. While now we can only guess who or what she is, I’m pleased with how her appearance and her words left an impression on most of us non-LN readers to speculate and attempt to make out her identity. Personally I feel if there are players, there are most certainly also the GMs. Just throwing it out there.

    Nice episode with a good change of pace. Everyone’s relaxing, yet there are signs that troubles are far from over with the inserted parts on Susukino, Minami and Shiroe’s reputation. It’s a party and all, but in essence it’s just a breather for our intrepid adventurers. (It’s nice to know Shiroe and the Round Table do think about Susukino and attempt to do something for them). Shiroe’s reputation, though, does remind me of a certain Hachiman-kun in a certain high school series, though not quite as bad. The man has some learning from Krusty to do if he wants to be more effective IMO.

    What perked my interest for the next big story development would be how the Demon Festival turns out. What’s it about? What will the autocratically ruled city of adventurers do about it? Knowing Log Horizon, I think a point of contention between Akihabara and Minami could very well be politics, i.e. how the city is governed, how they see the People of the Land etc. And I’m quite excited to see what happens there when the two groups finally meet.

    On a lighter note, it was a really fun episode. A little snippet of MariexNao to satisfy us shippers, with bits of ShiroexAka and ShiroexMinori as well as NyantaxSera. KrustyxLena remains the strongest ship still, as their interactions never fail to bring a smile to my face. Was a little disappointed they didn’t show Seta Soujiro though. Heh.

    Looks like another humor-filled episode next week. Don’t know about you, but the way Log Horizon is going it looks set to be one of the best shows this season with it’s balance and pacing.

  22. So vol. 5 is getting covered after all based on episode preview. The anime seems to mix some of its original content, but so far doesn’t contradict the novel yet. Better to have vol. 5 here than start of season 2 IMO.

    Even though I said that this arc is more relaxing which is good and all, this arc may end up creating some haters, splitting some fanbase, and a major disillusionment for some people. Mark my word!

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Too bad Stilts won’t be around to spice things up when it happen, but good thing Takaii will be his stand-in blogger for next week. It’s just so happen that next episode content should suit Takaii’s forte just as much.lol

    1. @viss: Good post. Agree for the most part. The anime hasn’t contradicted anything AFAIK, but it has added some things along with cutting some material, etc. Overall, I think it’s pretty faithful to the source.

      Even though I said that this arc is more relaxing which is good and all, this arc may end up creating some haters, splitting some fanbase, and a major disillusionment for some people. Mark my word!

      Interesting statement. I’ve read the LN so I think I know what you’re implying, but not 100% sure for all of it – particularly the “haters” part. The disillusionment aspect I can definitely see.

      1. And that’s why I prefer vol. 5 to be adapted here than next season. Starting this arc right at the beginning of season 2 may give new viewers, who haven’t watched the 1st season but try out 2nd season, to get the wrong impression regarding the target audiences of the show. If anything, I don’t want that to happened.

        @KaleRylan post bellow

        Not sure what to say to make you feel better, but I hope it wasn’t as bad as you pictured it.

      2. @Viss: And that’s why I prefer vol. 5 to be adapted here than next season.

        IDK – cuts both ways IMO. Given that the anime cut some of the LN out, I think they could have made the anime 24 episodes covering LN volumes 1-4 without much, if any, filler needed. By stopping at LN volume 04, keeping the “honeymoon” phase as you put it. IMO, that is as good a stopping point as any for the first season.

        OTOH, covering LN volume 05 gives more of a “cliffhanger” ending which in turn might create more demand for a season two (IMO). Plus, the pacing worked well enough with a 5 episodes per LN volume approach. Finally, LN volume 05 is kind of self contained (i.e. a “single arc”) so works as a decent stopping point.

        Guess we will just have to see how the anime adapts the LN and the corresponding viewer reaction. Some may be put off, but hopefully not too many or too much.

    2. I read your spoiler and frankly, if everything you say is true, then it’s entirely possible the honeymoon will be over for me. Since all the things you say are specifically why I LIKE this show so much. This makes me sad.

      I really hope it doesn’t go as far as you say.

      1. @KaleRylan: JMO, but I’d wait and see how things develops before planning to end the “honeymoon” and “file for divorce”.

        I’ll put this in spoiler though nothing really “spoilerish” IMO.Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Just tossing this out there, but Japan’s age of consent is 13. Don’t know what country you’re from, by I’m going to guess it’s higher. That said, your values don’t necessarily translate – sure the person will be labeled a lolicon, but he/she is technically not breaking the law.

      3. Nope, I’d say the events of volume 5 would fall more of the lines of ship-teasing. It is necessary for the setting up of Akatsuki’s character development in volume 6 Show Spoiler ▼

        So I’d still say there’s a lot of good story to wait for.

      4. Nope, I’d say the events of volume 5 would fall more of the lines of ship-teasing. It is necessary for the setting up of Akatsuki’s character development in volume 6 Show Spoiler ▼

        So I’d still say there’s a lot of good story to wait for.

  23. I may be reading to much into this but, looks like my favorite character, princess Lenessia, has got her self in a little political hot water.

    Having saved all their asses by appealing to the adventures to fight for them, it appears that the people of the land nobles are less than grateful and even envious. I think her father may be trying to saving her butt by sending her to be a embassy to the akibara (spelling?) adventures to keep her out of harms way

  24. Air Guitar, air dancing, and now there is air glasses! What will they think up next?

    Is this starting to remind anybody of Final Fantasy Tactics? Shiroe is getting a bad reputation, Krusty is accepted by the people of the land and the princess likes him, we got the missing Izumo Knights (Templar Knights lol), foreshadowing of evil and lots of things going on.

    Krusty will be the final boss, he’s going to go Full Delita, I’m calling it now.

  25. Anime history shows that, when someone knows everything that happened miles and miles away, without being there, there is a high probability that he’s the last/second last villain/boss or a good guy (lol that embraces everyone but whatever), but I believe he’s the first option.

  26. so if I understand this right, volume 5 is mostly a kick back slice of mmo life and shipping volume before more craziness begins? this bothers me not at all (especially if we get rudy x isuzu). I think we could use some fun times and so could the characters. And someone explain to me why minori having a crush on shiroe bothers anyone? I can think of 1 trillion harem anime that pull that trope, ditch it in 5 chapters, and no one at all complains. Besides, Shiroe is essentially a good person, so I feel like we’re safe

  27. Ep 22:

    I should look out, what i am here writing.. Admiration feelings, Princess Lenessia as NPC. All what i wrote here. or, i have nearly the same thoughts as the lead writer


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