「号泣サラダ」 (Goukyuu sarada)
“Sob Salad”

I’m not sure if this is a friendship episode, the greatest osananijimi self-sabotage ever, the beginning of a OT3 or an opening to ship yuri, but I know I liked it! (Hint: It’s all of the above.)

Chubby Moe

Say what you will, most shows wouldn’t go as far as making their female leads chubby for a joke. Are fat girls moe now? (Don’t answer that, I don’t really care.) This bit didn’t work for me though. What was the point? It felt very divorced from the rest of the episode, they reverted to normal too quickly, and it really just seemed to be padding the runtime until we got to the meat of the episode. All that could have been fine, but it just wasn’t that funny. Ah well, it’s hit and miss with a comedy, eh?

Oh Yeah, That Idol Thing

To be perfectly honest, I forgot about that whole idol thing. This show has a bit of an Outbreak Company problem, in that they’re having so much fun with all the silly comedy bits that they’re neglecting the plot. This episode did a nice job of partially averting that criticism though, as it’s the first time since Episode 4 we’ve had anything a bit more substantial. By the way, was this the first time Ringo has openly admitted to being Kusakabe Yuka? I’ve been so lost in the comedy and melons that I can’t remember.

Farming is Serious Business. It Really Is.

When a comedy series goes into dramatic territory, it’s always a tossup as to whether it’s going to work. Here we got mixed results. For instance, when Kousaku and Ringo found southern blight on the soybeans, I thought it was simultaneously too dramatic and just right.

I know that didn’t make any sense. I’ll explain.

It was perfectly appropriate to treat the southern blight situation as series because it was serious – that’s a lot of time, effort, and money all up in smoke, and it could have spread to other crops and been an even bigger problem. Margins are thin enough in farming, so these kinds of things are a big deal, just as they were with the tomatoes later on. What didn’t work for me was how dramatic they were playing the whole thing. Most of the students will have experienced disasters like these before, so they should be used to them, and yet they painted the whole situation with more doom and gloom, not the annoyance + busy activity to rectify the problem I would have expected.

For the record, the tomato incident later on had exactly the right atmosphere, so well done on that one.

The Ringo Metaphor & Good Friends

But it wasn’t all about the crops, not really. It was about Ringo. I got the metaphor, but what I most liked was that bolstering Ringo’s spirit was exactly what Kei had in mind from the start. I love reliable and perceptive best friend characters like Kei – another example is Touji from Tokyo Ravens – and that moment was a warm one, even if Bio Suzuki had to barge in and screw it up. Stop cramping my pure bromance scenes, fujoushi!

Minoppio & Ringotchi!?

The best part of the episode was undoubtedly the end. What a whirlwind, going from some touching Ringo x Kousaku moments all the way to yuri shipping!? Oh man, I think I’m dizzy…

What I’m the most curious about is what possessed Minori to write to Ringo–erh, Kusakabe Yuka in Kousaku’s stead. There doesn’t seem to be a pay off. She claimed she did it so he wouldn’t come off as so creepy, but without him knowing until now she got no rabu-rabu points for that, and she ended up inviting a strong rival for Kousaku into her life. It defies logic, how she so thoroughly shot herself in the foot…which leaves the only answer as Minori is just a really, really nice girl. Am I so jaded that this boggles my mind? Yeah, probably. Fuck me!

In all seriousness, Ringo turning around and glomping Minori was great! She rightly realized that Minori was the one she enjoyed talking to, so it was her that she wanted to meet (and Kousaku too, but they’re already on good terms). Not sure what this means for their rivalry over Kousaku, but could this mean he’s out of the race? Or maybe we’ve got true OT3 (trope!) potential now. I don’t know, but that was one fun wrench in the works right there!

Looking Ahead

Zanibas got swamped this week, so he’ll be back to yak at you next week. Thanks for bearing with me on this one. Until next time!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Chubby moe gives way to farming drama, friendship, & (for me) OT3 shipping! Minoppio & Ringotchi banzai! #nourin 07

Random thoughts:

  • Tsundere Woodman kind of…actually works. Somehow. Is that weird? That’s weird. But it works!
  • Why does it seem like every series I touch this season turns to yuri?

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    1. Then really nobody is interested to read your negative unnecessary comment as the first one. Simply why express yourself in such a way just to get the most attention, that you dont like the show for whatever reason. I also know that sometimes even bloggers get tired of this kind of people. People like you are not good for blogs. Just a nuisance.

      There I had all that fun with this episode and I am glad to see that Zanibas enjoys the show so far too and we are getting an enthusiastic article to read, but I am sure that no one does want to see such a louzy not objective opinion.

      Seriously if it was at least a productive comment…alright fine. But since all you did, is complain for no justified reason and just piss the people off, which like to relax with animes and like to forget every once in a while the damn reality they have to deal with every single day.

      Animes are for fun, for entertainment. And if you dont feel entertained stop bombarding others who do with all this (non productive) bothersome crap.

      And this is for everyone out there who has nothing better to do, than complain all the damn time and just not understand the most simple things about entertainment.

      1. Sorry, I meant Stilts of course (not like Zanibas doesnt count). And you guys totally caught me off guard with that sudden switch of yours, lol.
        I noticed the different type of writing style way too late!

      2. Wow you must be butt hurt to be reply with what looks like an essay. Good job. Next time when someone writes some thing that you don’t like don’t read it.

        “Then really nobody is interested to read your negative unnecessary comment as the first one”

        says that but does the opposite of what was written… =.=*

    2. He was complaining? Seemed more like a comment regarding what he disliked about the show. If J had begun slandering and cursing everyone who enjoyed Nourin while tearing it down systematically then there would be a basis for your remark, but he didn’t. IMO the bigger issue is with blog sties structured similar to Random Curiosity becoming echo chambers that do not tolerate dissenting opinions.

      Like most things, if you don’t like it just ignore it. The only problem is when people begin the ad hominem attacks and personal tear downs.

  1. Maybe i’m wrong, but i got the impression from what Ringo said that the vegetables meant more to her than the communication. Without actually knowing what was said specifically, i think Minori said something about just writing about the school and the students and life there. That said, with such relatively harmless communication, any feelings Ringo might develop for the person she’s talking to would be heavily influenced by the vegetables sent to her more than anything else. And she’ll probably realize that, so i don’t think we are going to see a Yuri situation. But hell, i could be wrong. It’s a zany anime after all.

  2. This show has a bit of an Outbreak Company problem, in that they’re having so much fun with all the silly comedy bits that they’re neglecting the plot

    you’re right. but in Nourin, sometimes the problem is much more apparent because in OBC Shinchi was always troubled by funny stuff here and there, yet in Nourin we have Ringo who is indifferent, so the problem is much more apparent (despite having Kousaku).

    fortunately, it wasn’t like that this episode, since this time it was so much fun and didn’t forget the plot.
    once again, Nourin bring out its potential (like episode #4 with the dead soil) via farming. this is really serious and tough business. and sometimes it can be very tough. some bad-luck events may occur and ruin everything. it can be some real pain-in-the-ass weather that can utterly damage the crops(not necessary rain in the tomato case but even a strong unexpected blizzard or something) or just a bad luck with the southern blight. it was indeed a tough and dramatic events, but I like it because it brings Nourin’s true colors as it reflects that tough situation in field to the characters, especially Ringo. but seeing this unique group so united and caring whether it’s about crops of friends. this was lovely. this time, they didn’t forget to combine some of Ringo’s past. it was pretty obvious that Ringo was moved by Kousaku unique presents (I want someone to send my fresh fruits too! is that even possible LOL). although it turned out quite a surprise with Minori, LOL. I love it when the comic element combines perfectly, like this time.

    random thoughts:
    1. are you telling me that now Minori and Ringo are BFF??
    2. OP3 or just yuri from now on?either way, Stilts, you are being haunted by the yuri…

  3. Yeah, so what I also dont understand is how Ringo obviously admitted for the first time that she was that idol Yuka, but with no responding uproar or anything. Their reaction was so plain that they almost expected it, but honestly they should have still reacted at least appropriate somewhat.

    If they already knew it earlier and Ringo knew also that they know who she was, then why hide it for so long??? Cant even use the word hide on that one.
    I was actually looking forward to this big reveal, but it turned out be no big deal at all. And now that Kousaku is hanging with her regularly it seems like he lost a lot of his fanboyism for Yuka.

    It was probably the inner frustration which made him become down to earth, as some of us might experienced it how it feels to be turned down by a girl you asked out, but shes like still around a lot and you have to deal with her and that frustrating situation at a regular basis, until its only a question of time that your interest gets lost and the inner frustration you couldnt really ever let out, slowly retreats.

    1. To be fair, I don’t think she (or they) were ever hiding it. They figured it out quickly and they just never really confirmed it, so when she more openly admitted it they were just like “Thought so,” and moved on. They could have actually said that, which would have seemed appropriate to me, but it wasn’t a big enough deal for me to be put off about it personally.

  4. By the way, was this the first time Ringo has openly admitted to being Kusakabe Yuka? I’ve been so lost in the comedy and melons that I can’t remember.

    From what I remember since the first episode, Ringo didn’t really confirm or deny that she was in fact Yuka. Ringo giving big hints like how she eats Kousaku’s vegetables when she’s feeling down at her idol work came outta nowhere that I can only assume she confirmed her identity off screen.

    And speaking of Woodman, since his debut he reminded me a bit of Kill la Kill’s Sanageyama Uzu. Aside from both being voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama, they’re both hot-blooded, and part of an Elite Four(Five), and that’s where the similarity ends on account of Woodman’s tsundere tendencies.

  5. Concerning the chubby part, it was not for moe but for some new type of comedy, although many funny parts are deleted in anime. Also it is a crucial foreshadow for future plot development so it has to be put in somehow. I’m looking forward to a coverage of vol. 4 of the LN now.

  6. YURI FLAG has been set… so i would say but whatever… anyway, GOD DAMN, finally i am given the story i need and longing ever since episode 4. and quite educating too. i’m hoping that nourin would keep now that balanced comedy, educating and seriousness now until the final episode but given how the next episode is titled, it seems its another comedy only episode or maybe im wrong.

    anyway i’m hoping goldcut will see this as he/she only the one who manage to read the LN and thoughtfully answer my queries, Show Spoiler ▼

    i havent read the LN definitely since i’m asking someone who have read it so i have a right to do a wild guess: ringo would go back to being an idol (for sure… plots in manga that has idols quitting due to stress and such often comes back). and if the romance is ringoXkousaku, the issue would be status quo between the two. a farmer and a famous national idol? that’s like heaven and earth of difference. unless, there is no romance in the story LOL.

    1. Are we getting near to serious parts? The LN gets more serious each volume (with exception) so yes but still, intervals apply.
      By the way you seemed to misunderstand me..this episode is in the very beginning of vol 3. I meant I hoped this season could finish vol 4.
      For you wild guess..nobody knows now.

    2. OK I just watched episode 8..they did some serious change to the order, some previously left out contents are brought back ans next week seems to go directly into vol 4..and it seems there would not be any serious part.

      1. thanks so much for answering… i cant find any translated novel of nourin in the net and i cant read kanji letters. so i’m hoping for someone to stop me from being impatient and quence my thirst for a plot and not just comedy on one of my fave anime… lol 😀

        on nourin “serious plot” i kinda already expect the return to the comedy only plots prolly until episode 9 or 10 since they have already done it last episode 4. which i think would place the serious plots on the last 2 or 3 episodes unless, there would be a second season in the future (or will be announced by the end of the anime) because the LN is not, as of now, concluded.


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