「未完成」 (Mi Kansei)

The climactic fight between Satsuki and Ryuuko begins—finally giving us the fight we’ve expected for a awhile and packing quite a climactic punch while they’re at it. We have Satsuki using the Ryuuko’s former skills back against her, the latter using back some some “brute force” in return, and it’s all about the fitting flip of some of the things we’ve seen done previously. Combined with Mako finally getting the bigger role she was destined to play and the nice link made between Harime still using the scissors blade and the fact that this meant Ryuuko wasn’t completely converted, and generally, this episode ends up quite fun to watch.

Oddly though, despite the action-packed goodness we got this week, I also found this episode somewhat lacking. Considering that this episode gave us a lot of what we’ve been wanting (and expected to come for awhile now), it’s an ironic realization, and it all boils down to one thing for me: Ryuuko’s lack of proper development is holding back the series. There just hasn’t been enough development for me to buy into the whole “fall from grace” she’s had recently, and it made her a rather underwhelming antagonist in the face of Satsuki and Co. Yes, it set up some great moments—Ryuuko stripping off the sown on Junketsu was fabulous—but as with previous episodes, one wonders if things wouldn’t have developed better if things had gone a different way. The fact is, she only lasted three quarters of an episode as the antagonist, and it doesn’t do her any favors when considering how well (and long) Satsuki was set up initially in that same role.

It looks like things’ll revert to something of a norm now that Ryuuko’s managed to tear off Junketsu however, so in the end, I suppose things do work out. We’re at a point where things can now exclusively focus on the bigger topic at hand—see Ragyo and her flying planet—and at the very least, it should be an entertaining whirlwind of a finish over the final three episodes. That said, the Mako x Gamagoori ship’s still going strong and that’s really about it this week. It was quite the straight forward episode, so I’ll leave things here with a few full-lengths (see below).

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  1. Maybe the lack came from the production value used on this ep. I’m hoping they’re saving it up for the final confrontation, because the battle choreography in the ep was kind of…meh (considering it was supposed to be a big deal fight)

  2. As much as I’ve disagreed with Zephyr with this series thus far, I have to say I for once agree with that Ryuko doesn’t have much character development of any kind. If we look at the second half of the series so far, you see more character development from Mako, Satsuki and even the Elite four. This leads me to consider the possibility that maybe that Ryuko is a living decoy protagonist, or a byronic hero where as Satsuki is the real hero of the story. A real change over from the beginning of this series where there was some development, both with her interactions Mako and Senketsu. However whether it could of have been better, it’s difficult call to make since we’re only viewing it as viewers versus actually writing and producing it. That sort of difference which I’m very familiar with leads me to the conclusions that its better to enjoy it than waste time pointless lamenting what it could be.

    Still the episode was very enjoyable, though whole scene at the beginning of the episode caught me off guard honestly, though in due time it made a lot of sense. Though seeing that witch get kissed by Ryuko really put me over the edge. So seeing that witch get nailed to the wall at the end (both literally and figuratively) was immensely satisfying. Fingers crossed at seeing that witch getting her head clean cut off with the sword scissors.

    Some things to note did come up in the episode, that did make me ponder the ramifications of. Whether removing Junketsu is going to have immediate after effects on Ryuko, or ryuko is going to die in the series final after all. Given we are getting close to the finale, one has to consider the studio intends to end this journey. Are we going to see something in a similar vain as Evangelion or something similiar to TTGL? Are we going to see Ryuko sacrifice herself to rid the humanity of all life fibers, at the cost of her life or the lives of current members of nudist beach? Or do we see Satsuki sacrifice herself? These are questions that bother me, because as great as the adventure has been so far an ending can either spoil it or finalize it.

    1. I doubt Ryuuko will suffer any “major” setbacks. I’m sure with her life fiber body and senketsu, she can heal up. Now that Jenkentsu is ripped up in shreds, we’ll probably see a match between Ryuuko, Satsuki and their mom.

    2. I can’t tell if you’re trolling or being serious… Ryuko/Senketsu were the only characters in this series with actual development or character.. The Elite Four never had development just likable personalities and Mako’s development was crapped on and her character regressed to a poor plot device.. Satsuki never had a change either.. It was just a fake facade she put on in front of others not to mention her “development” was rushed.. Mostvofvthe series she stayed a effect Mary Sue character only noted for badssery

      Ryuko went from delinquent to avenger to hero over the course of the series.. Started the series solely for revenge and not making any friends until Mako came and it still took time for Ryuko to warm up to her.. Her relationship with Senketsu played a huge part in her development.. And her failure along with her victories shaped her character.. She was flawed with a shit life.. Her arrogance and anger player a huge part in the first half only out for revenge and letting Senketsu swallow her.. She put aside her personal issues to help out a fellow student(Nui in disguise) and went against Satsuki to end her siege in episode 15 stating she wouldn’t let her anger cloud her from the big picture and step over others.. She then agreed to finally bury her issues and help nudist beach save the world wanting to protect Mako and her family mostly after becoming attached.. In Episode 18 when she sees Nui.. She flares on anger but immediately calms down knowing her anger would get the best of her.. She backtracked in episodes 19-21 due to learning everything she didn’t need/want to know.. Her reactions were understandable and she resolved them quickly.. Satsuki never progressed not did the Elite Four.. In fact the back stories on all the elite four were lackluster at best and wasn’t in depth.. Uzu probably had the most development of them

      But yea saying Ryuko lacked development is as blatant a lie as her development

  3. What happened towards the end there made me realize that satsuki might not wield the other half of the scissors blade. That disappoints me a little considering how they put so much development into her and her divas.

  4. I dunno, Zephyr. I suppose I disagree with your assertion that they’ve mishandled Ryuuko’s development thus far because I think that the recent chain of events have been consistent with what we knew about her as a character. In the first place, Ryuuko came to the Academy not to get revenge for her father, but to find out more about him. She’s always cared about family, even though she obviously had a lot to learn about her relatives. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that this desire to be closer to her family would serve as the weakness Ragyo takes advantage of. Arguably, it’s the only weakness that she has, especially when you consider that the theme of “friends as a source of strength” has been flaunted in almost every episode up till now.

    1. Well, revenge was clearly stated as one of her initial goals. As it developed it turned out not to be so straight forward, but it doesn’t change the fact revenge was part of the reason.

      In that sense, yes, you can construe that as caring about family… but I don’t know about that. It’s always felt like more of an “out of duty” thing more than anything, because we never really see much depiction of her interactions with him, and we haven’t seen much to necessarily allude to them being “a happy family” in the typical sense of the word.

      Either way, for me… it’s not so much about that aspect as it is about the fact that she tossed away the friends she had so easily despite flaunting the “friends are a source of strength” theme for virtually the whole series. I had mentioned last week that her comments especially were disingenuous towards Senketsu… and yes, you can argue her age and family plays into this… but when you’re following some theme for the entire series and you use that theme as a reason for her getting this far in the first place, it shouldn’t be so easily thrown out either/replaced either.

      And ultimately, what this does for me is just makes her pales in comparison to Satsuki and Co. in terms of the developmental perspective. The latter is just superior in almost every way developmentally, ranging from consistency behind her actions to even the amount of flashbacks we get regarding her (and the Devas) past. I’d say a case can be made for Satsuki being the MC at this point (or at least, she should be), which runs counter to the fact that Ryuuko’s supposed to be the MC and doesn’t speak well to her development at all.

      1. I think the problem is more of the fact in individualistic countries such as the USA, we insist that someone’s the MC, or the ‘one calling the shots’ rather than a unified effort in which people come together to fight for what they think is right–particularly those who forcefully submit others against their will to their ideals (Ragyo and Nui essentially in this story).

        I think it’s unnecessary to dictate Ryuuko has to develop in a certain way more than Satsuki. They both have tragic flaws unique to them, but definitely share one that manifests itself throughout the show in amazing ways: Stubbornness.

        Kevin L.
      2. *particularly against those…. unique to themselves: Typing lazily on a iPhone is too easy.

        All in all, I think it’s totally fine thus far Satsuki has developed more. Too me it actually makes the story feel less contrived.

        And that’s not even going into things of the fact that Satsuki is older after all; Satsuki has high emotional intelligence while it can be very understandable how emotionally unstable Ryuuko is as a (16-year-old?) teenager.

        Kevin L.
      3. I think we’ll have to agree to disagree, but one last point: I think the fact that Ryuuko wasn’t close to her father is what motivates her to want a family in the first place. It’s not that she’s enjoyed a close relationship with him thus far, but the fact that she hasn’t that makes her so vulnerable to Ragyo’s manipulation. Ultimately, the “friends as a source of strength” theme is continued because only Mako can break through the illusion and talk some sense to her.

      4. I don’t think Ryuko has development problems as a character. Her actions in the last two episodes reflect really well with her overall atittude, it’s only normal when you don’t have a normal life to want one, and vice-versa.

        She wants to flee everything when she suddenly perceives she does not belong where she though was her place and take refuge in something that makes she feels happy even though it’s not her doing and she admits to be a slave. I think it reflects a lot of real people problems.

        Her main trait as a character is not to avenge his father or wanting a family, but the fact stated since the first few episodes: she is lonely, alone and want people to care about her. Family, friends and a talking clothing is just means to an end.

        She doesn’t want so save the world or beat Satsuki, Ragyo or whatever, she just started a brawl to know why her father left her alone for so much time, just to die when they finally reencounter.

        It’s silly, it’s been done before, you can see Gainax and Evangelion here and there in this series, but it’s something everyone of us has gone through, i don’t think that’s lack of development, its development itself.

    2. Zephyr is right though that Ryuuko is a pretty flat character. Most of what we know about her had to be gleaned through critical thought and retrospective memory, there’s not much in the way of actual detail given about her past until these past couple of episodes. It’s not necessarily bad considering the popcorn entertainment focus of KLK, but it does illuminate the main weakness of this show: imbalanced plot progression.

      Ideally hints about Ryuuko’s past and her Life Fibre makeup should have been dropped earlier, it wouldn’t have taken much to slim down some of the “filler” episodes in the first cour to make room for these teasers. Doing so would have gone a long way to rounding out Ryuuko and making her actions more understandable. Even Satsuki would have benefited from hints being dropped regarding her ulterior motives, it would have erased the slump around episode 13 and added a sense of suspense and “what comes next?” missing for some of us.

  5. When Mako started wearing Senketsu, I was half expecting her to be able to use him, with the explanation that she’s so stupid that wearing him properly is actually easy.

  6. Wherever i go, i get the feeling that I’m the only one that hopes Harime Nui actually survives it all. She’s one of my favorite characters in the show, as rare as that seems to be. But at the same time, i do suppose i can understand why people dislike her as well. But that’s probably just one more reason i like her so much.

  7. Yeah I am a bit disappointed that it was the “lowly under-achiever Class 0 student” who had to go and save Ryuko A-GAIN. Even though I know Mako is Love, and her dedication to her friend is unwavering. I’m just a bit offed how INVISIBLE she is! Is SHE supposed to be one of the more powerful characters in this show or not!?

    1. You’ve kinda misunderstood what happened there, as well as Mako’s character.

      Mako is called an “underachiever” by the Elite 4 and Satsuki because they have a different notion of what “achievement” is. Mako is not an underachiever at all, since we see her actively being a mediator and tension-diffuser for Ryuuko.

      Not to mention that that last scene was very important because Mako –DIDN’T– “save” Ryuuko. While Mako certainly got Ryuuko to snap out of it, Ryuuko finally did what no one else had done – she shut Mako up. Mako has never understood Ryuuko as well as everyone claims she does, and neither has Senketsu; and that’s why Ryuuko mentally cuts them off – to make mental silence and regain her senses.

      The scene is important because Mako finally gets told to shut up, and rather cuttingly too (ba dum tssh); and THAT is a giant leap in Ryuuko’s development.

      1. That’s an interpretation, I’d say she snapped out of it because Ryuuko herself cut the illusion in what it looked like a heavy injury to Senketsu. After the cut, time was stopped, blood covered everything and the dream ended. The trigger was Mako and Senketsu’s unrelenting interference. (Just my way of seeing things here :)) (It ressembled Kaiba, that scene)

        In another note, Mako’s face was priceless, like she thought she had been killed. A lot better than her passive style when she was kidnapped.

        And Mako IS one of the more powerful characters in the show, through words and expressions.

      2. I’d say that Mako represents the “fool”, the court jester, who prompts the noble to look at things differently. Jenketsu gave her an illusion of happiness and Mako’s actions caused Matoi to break her own delusion by “killing” Mako.

  8. Mako made this episode. First the struggle to get the “Hallelujah” out after hitting her head and then the flying door handle in the church nailing the husband caricature. Her slapstick comedy relief never grows old.

    1. I loved how her fists were closed during her “Hallelujah” moment because she didn’t want others to see the instructions from Satsuki.

      Also the mental image of Satsuki writing on Mako’s palms…. Too cute!!! \o/

  9. gotta say, that reference to evangelion’s leliiel in the way Ryuko rips off junketsu is just horrifying.

    and yep, i was right. satsuki did call ryuko “little sister” here.

  10. that ship sure is taking a beating from all sides.

    also was i the only one that was reminded of the cannon kill in gurren laggan when they used the cannon against ryuko?

  11. Whatever faults this show has, I’m having rather enough fun just enjoying the ride, and honestly, thats all I expected/wanted out of this show. It’s just a fabulous and rather entertaining good time.

  12. I’d say Mako is the every(wo)man we mundane people without superpower we can identify with, coming thru with combination of POWER OF FRIENDSHIP and DETERMINATOR tropes…
    And it is glorious.

  13. Though i really hope something harsher would put Ryuko to her senses just like how Noragami’s Yukine did, kinda meh seeing how easy it was for her to come back just like that. Well, at least we get to see Satsuki in tons of awesome actions XDD thats what im here for!

    Seeing how Ryuko punches Satsuki in a “Dragoon Ball” style, i was like wow…if that doesnt kill her, or at least injured her for few episodes, what actually kill them for real? hahaha XDDD

    Whatever it is, Satsuki okawari please~

    onion warrior
  14. Great, now i just wait how they animate the battles.. And if i was right, that the Skin of the Mother is a Kamui Godarmor, too. Because in the Bathtub, we saw on her neck the same thing needed to activate the Godarmor jenkestun….

    Now, i lean back and Enjoy the Show. Show me what you got, trigger

  15. Is it me or are they trying to keep Mako relevant by always having her save Ryuuko. Her antics and interruptions are becoming a bit annoying.
    Gamagoori hurry up and cover that mouth of hers with a big kiss. It’ll have more impact and keep her mouth shut for a while.

    The Atomic Dwarf
  16. Well, Mako ist the Anchor for Ryuuko. You not fin dit strange that in her current State (Kamui Jenketsu). She not attacking her, and listen to her Speech? Mako has burn deeply in the mind of Ryuuko, 2nd is Satsuki.. but this need time. Because the surprising that she is her Sister is a bit fresh

    1. ups, this should be a reply

      But then, only Ryuuko needs Senkestu to move on. Satsuki used only the moves she knows of the fights. Senkestu only know that what Ryuuko told him. so invention power is her Ryuuko, and she is in need of Senkestu

    2. It’s not the emotional connection that annoys me. I find that sweet and a bit heartwarming.
      It’s the Jar Jar Binks style comedic moments that Mako performs. Mesa tired of seeing them all the time…. And most of those in recent episodes actually got in the way of good character/relationship development.

      The Atomic Dwarf
  17. btw, i dont think Mui is that easy to kill.

    She is special

    She was born in a Lifefiber womb. So yeah since she was an embryo she is used to live with the Lifefiber

    The sisters, where born as Human in a human womb. they just came in contact with after birth

    Well, if you want to “kill” Mui, you must do it the harder way to “kill” an Immortal

    Or can she die because of blood lose, too?

    anyway, cut her limbs. and she is unable to move an inch. but this only works, if she not regenerate her limbs back, dear producer. Or do it Naruto Style. Buried the Head deep down in a hole, and the other parts in separate ones… i think they done it with an blood control some kind of bad guy

    1. Harime Nui is only killable via the Scissor blade. This is why Ryukos father was able to damage her eye quite easily. He was just too old/frail to kill her properly and was overpowered.

      She isn’t strong, certain conditions need to be met to kill her.

  18. huge shock for me when ryuuko just went ahead and cut mako and senketsu, they got her (mako’s) expression down perfectly. i don’t particularly understand how this brings ryuuko back to her senses but it looks like junketsu was just used as some sort of mind-control device than ryuuko actually undergoing some sort of transformation.

    while ryuuko doesn’t undergo any radical changes and it’s hard to call her a dynamic character, she’s shown a lot of sides to her throughout the series. her stubborn and obnoxious nature masks her lack of identity and purpose. how the recent episodes revealed her femininity and vulnerability as a parent-less child really connected with me and i felt pity for how ryuuko yearned for guidance and direction. yes, for the most part, ryuuko just goes with the flow and holds steadfast to whatever truth she meets first– but that doesn’t mean she is a strong and independent individual. i feel like ryuuko has always felt forced to be decisive, and, as Zephyr said, there is a sense of duty that she feels she must bind herself to.

    while it is obvious that ryuuko is the main character, i’m very much pleased with how satsuki and the four devas panned out. satsuki is very much a protagonist in this story as well, and the alternation of sides, while familiar, doesn’t fail to entertain.

    i feel like ryuuko may change in the following ways: she’ll become genuinely independent and exude a sort of confidence very similar to satsuki’s overwhelming faith in herself and her comrades. right now, the recent episodes have revealed her weakness, and so a transcendence of that would have to mean less desire to avenge her father, less inferiority complex, and more focus on the self and independence in making goals for herself.

    honestly, though, at this point, i’d be satisfied with more of the weird lesbian incestry, super bloody fight scenes, and those DON’T-LOSE-YOUR-WAY “FUCK YOU KIRYUUIN ____” moments. i think these and harime nui really make the show as fun and interesting to watch as it has been and there really is no need for anything too deep. ragyou’s death will be instantly gratifying to me, that’s for sure.

  19. I think Satsukis elite four will get some form of Goku uniform in the upcoming episodes, I’m not sure how but in their nudist beach outfits they aren’t much help, but are strong fighters with the Goku Uniforms. There are too many of those cover things around that Satsukis elite four cant be on the sidelines.

    I think Satsuki too will get a new outfit for her final fight. Shes too proud/awesome to have a fight in what she has now lol.


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