「忌むべき者」 (Imu Beki Mono)
“Regarded with Hate”

We’re in the last stretch for Noragami and with only two episodes left, we’re left with an anime original character and possibly an original ending? Having not read the manga myself, I don’t sense any bumps or plot holes in the story so far. From the introduction of Rabou, to the involvement of Nora, the execution of this season’s finale has had some great build-up and anticipation. The way that the writers have linked all the characters and weaved the plots together has been a fun ride and there hasn’t been any wasted time in the past 10 weeks. Everyone’s had a role and everything’s happened for a reason and very quickly, the audience has gotten a sense of what Yato is all about. For a one-cour show, I think timing is usually the key to delivering all the right plot points and conveying the message that you want the audience to perceive. In this case, Noragami has been very true to itself and it’s given me exactly what I expected it to be – which is an accomplishment in it of itself because so many anime don’t usually use up its 12 episode run effectively.

It was refreshing to see a little less drama in the first half of the episode. Yato is finally back to his “normal” self and before any of these events transpired, I never would’ve thought that he actually had friends (I probably wouldn’t even call them friends). Although Kofuku charged for her services and Tenjin never offered up a Shinki on his own accord, I would like to think that no one really wants to see Yato dead. That’s why, I believe secretly they’re all very relieved that he made it through and even kept Yuki (that’s a pretty inspirational story). Without a doubt, it was a well appreciated break from the tense atmosphere that Yuki previously created. It was even nice seeing Hiyori and her friends go to Tenjin’s temple for the New Year because I think it carries the message that people do pray to Gods and it’s the basis of this show. Pretty ironic since Hiyori can see the Gods herself and yet, she still goes through these activities. I guess that’s part of what makes her feel like a normal human being.

The biggest surprise this episode was obviously that cliffhanger. Why does anime torture me with cliffhangers all the time?! I wasn’t expecting Hiyori to lose her memory, but rather some form of ultimatum for her to choose between Yato and her life. This also brings up the question of how Nora was able to do it, and whether this means that Hiyori is cured of her “problem”? Nora probably severed Hiyori’s ties to Yato and now Yato’s probably going to be left with the decision to let her be… or be selfish and try and regain her memories back (or maybe that’s just the helpless romantic in me thinking). Regardless, Yato has a Rabou after him now and I can’t really tell if Rabou was impressed by Yato’s new Shinki, or left disappointed. Yato probably no longer identifies himself as the God of Calamity and that’s why Rabou’s appeared to fill that “need”. Or maybe someone out there really does hate Yato to that extent and wants him dead. The perfect ending would obviously be to kick Rabou’s a** out of there, but in this world, there will likely be some repercussions of Yato’s choices. Depending on how the next episode is carried out, I can see the ending headed in two ways. As an anime original ending, it might actually bring new fresh developments to the picture (and could even open it up for a second season)… but on the flip side, I can imagine the ending being left with tons of plot holes and empty feelings. Regardless, the next episode looks truly epic with the expected fights and resolution for Hiyori. Super excited, even though I’m sad to see it end.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Never really had great experiences with anime original characters but Rabo doesn’t seem so bad. Just hope he doesn’t ruin the finale. #ノラガミ




  1. I want her hoodie 0_0. (I forgot her name) but I’m hoping that the blonde god of war and her shinki have some form of role in this last arc. There’s something Bad As* about the fact that they all wear uniforms.

  2. These fight scenes are getting really repetitive.
    Yato’s spiel (done twice this week!) makes me feel like I’m watching something targeted for middle school kids…wait…maybe I am watching something targeted for middle school kids…

    1. Well,it still has that shounen label which probably wouldn’t even be regarded as such if it wasn’t those 😛 Not particularly fond of those either at this point but I just try not to mind them too much.

  3. It was definitely nice having the mixture of comedy and darkness back after so many episodes of the latter. Especially since this is one of those shows that balances funny and serious so well! I haven’t read the manga (…YET) but this is one of my favorites this season. I’m really hoping that BONES is going into anime original territory with the hopes of an eventual second season. I think there’s a lot of potential there if done right. And so far I’d say they’re doing a very good job of it. Gotta say that I couldn’t stop myself from screaming “NOOO!” the minute the episode ended XD Oh cliffhangers, why must you be so cruel??? I can’t wait for the final two episodes but I’ll be sad once it’s over. Holding out hope for season two :3

  4. even though half of it was filled with original material, Noragami is just so good that if you aren’t a really devout manga reader, it’s hard to notice any difference. and it’s all thanks to BONES because..well, they determine the right tone and touch for the series and its characters.

    the first half was actually non-filler at all. we still got implications from Yukine’s case. on the positive implications – Yukine started working (and even studying!) and is in good terms with Yato. something we’d kinda expect after the intense episode and its ending last week, but it’s important to made that point. I like it how their master-shinki relationship kinda hasn’t change completely. they understand each other way better and getting along. they fight together and Yato even compliment Yukine..it was good.
    as for negative implication – that Tenjin Shinki. this shows that it’s a thin ice there. it’s easy to suddenly cross that border (which isn’t so imaginary in Noragami’s reality) and I am sure that that Tenjin Shinki didn’t mean to. you know how it is, when something can arise a feeling inside you..it’s kinda tough world there. it showed to Yukine that it’s not like all is perfect know and we could feel he understand that very well. there is nothing he could do but at least to learn from it too.

    the second part (kinda…) started to set the plot of the final arc in motion. the whole Rabou is original material (and character too, though designed by the original author of the manga!). unlike with Bishamoten, I am not sure exactly what his motive here against Yato (maybe gods stuff or ranking or something?not sure) and it seems Nora is involved too. at this point it was kinda mishmash for me since the whole new year festival was during Yukine’s arc..so I got confused for a minute. anyway, you must admit, Nora is not an idiot and kinda smart – she knows that Hiyori is an important motive force for Yato (and Yukine too). I am not so sure what exactly she did to her – your guess of her severing Hiyori’s connections is legit since she is shinki and is capable I guess. though if it’s the case, I am not so sure it’s that easily reversible (and I guess it should be reversible since it’s original material we are talking about) so maybe she just took her memories (what’s with silver orb in the preview?). either way, the effect is clear…

    all in all, Noragami keeps being the lovely show we know. it’s kinda sad that this show isn’t 2cour. it could’ve been awesome. but they are doing everything so right – the characters, the atmosphere, the progress in story. I love it. and I was relieved to see that this episode was still good after the intense one of last week.
    I am not so sure how this is going to end exactly, but, despite it’s original material I’ll enjoy it till the end(although I already have some fears that they might mess with some stuff too much, but I trust BONES)

  5. Still loving this even though it’s not 100% faithful. I also see they switched up a few scenes from how it was in the manga.

    I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that Hiyori was attacked by Nora on New Years, that’s true, but this was when Yato was still blighted. Just before things really got bad.

    Hopefully this doesn’t end on plotholes. I hate when great shows end on a pitiful note.

    1. Also, it seems like Rabou was left unimpressed. If I’m not mistaken, Rabou is seen here in Yato’s dark past so it’s safe to assume Rabou knew him from back then and probably saw his “weakness” being the connection to Yukine and Hiyori. Yato was obviously much darker and colder back then so this is probably the reason.

      1. I’m not sure what his reaction was, but it does seem like Yato used to be more ruthless and scary in the past =X Maybe Rabou was still impressed that Yato could hold up his own? Without resorting to evil tactics and using Noras? I don’t know…

  6. Nothing up appeared to be happening this week. I know…. stuff really happened, but I guess I’m saying it was more slice-of-life.

    Yukine’s finally someone I would want to hang out with by this point, and I am SO relieved for that! 🙂 I’m proud of him.

  7. Seems it is correct that we will be getting an anime-only ending. Not a bad thing really considering they can tie this up nicely in two episodes and leave the manga readers largely unaffected.

    Going to have to wait on final sales data for a reasonable estimation if we can expect a future second cour.

  8. I cant believe, that Kofuku would actually charge Hiyori for that emergency rescue of a dear friend. (Especially so much ???)

    Since she became so serious with Bishamon, talking about hunting Yato, that doesnt even make sense that she would want to get paid for the situation they had to handle.

    Yato and Kofuku are supposedly pretty close friends too…… So that is very contradictory……I hope she was just joking lol !!

  9. I thought the Kofuku thing was funny o-o

    She is the God of Poverty though so she’ll probably do whatever she can to get money, lol.

    On another note it seems like the anime original route is going by okay. If this isn’t a filler arc I will be severely let down by BONES. There really was no reason to end this anime and make it so it couldn’t have a second season, because as far as I see it, it could of maybe had a few more episodes up it’s sleeves. It took 10 episodes to get like 15 chapters (which is an estimate off of the top of my head), and right now there’s 40.

    SO yeah. The point of that pointless rant was that there shouldn’t be a reason for this anime to have anything OTHER than an anime original ending, and more of an open ended one.

    Though for some reason I feel like it’ll have an abrupt ending only because Space Dandy has been hogging all of the BONES glory. (Well, at least only in America :3)

  10. while I like “new and improved” Yukine, and little bits of comedy during the “slice-of-life” part of the episode, I was appalled by leaving us in the dark about what exactly Nora did to Hiyori and what Rabou’s motives are. On the other hand the very fact that he seems to be a “slasher god” is enough for me to want him very dead. Yato, it is time you got into your war god business again?

  11. I was under the impression that Hiyori was pretending to have forgotten them??As a way of protecting Yato , considering all the things that Nora said to her. Maybe I just totally misinterpreted everything , but that is the idea I got.

      1. I feel like that’s possible too.

        Only because I don’t think Hiyori is the kind of person who would probably just calmly ask “who are you?” with no impending danger. I mean two random guys walked up to her and said her name. At the very least she would have started with “how do you know my name?”

        Of course the glass balls from the preview could also resemble her memories. It’s a pretty 50/50 split on how this can go.

      2. A who are you is a good enough answer. Dialogues are not written the way we ordinary people speak. We would surely ask few other questions like “why do you know my name” etc, but making Hiyori’s answer any longer would lessen the dramatic effect, which is a higher aim for directors and story writers.

  12. I’m hoping this will cut off cleanly to allow it to go back to the Manga’s storyline. I have a feeling it will from being a manga reader but they’ve got a few more eps to screw things up in yet.

    Kurisu Vi Britannia

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