「イミテイション・ゴールド」 (Imiteishon Gorudo)
“Imitation Gold”

In heaven’s stead, we smite clothing.

The final battle against Ragyo and the Original Life Fiber is here and it’s a chock full of action-packed goodness. We got our sisters wrecking havoc with their respective Kamui, Mako rocking power levels over 9000, and the Four Devas packing heat with their Supreme War Regalia too. With the S.S. Naked Sun turning into a literal blade and the return of almost the entire series’ cast to top things off, it’s pretty easy to say this was Kill la Kill’s best episode yet—making it quite literally the definition of “saving the best for last.”

I must say though, in the end, the highlights of the episode wasn’t so much the action scenes as it was the obvious uptick in art (and animation) they put in for this episode and the links it made with some of the previous ones. I mean, look at those full cast shots! Those are some fabulously crisp lines they have there. And what about the whole repeat of Satsuki being grabbed by the face again or the “of course you can’t understand us because we’re incomprehensible” bit? How about the return of all of Ryuuko’s previously defeated foes or the repeat of episode 22’s ending dual transformation sequence? Did I mention the bit where our favorite nudist pulls another one of his nude jibes? There’s just a boat load of nostalgic references all throughout the episode and it’s something that provides a little to everyone no matter who you’ve rooted for throughout the series’ run.

More importantly however, it sets up the final battle vibe this kind of ending (and show) needs to have. Things haven’t always been smooth developmentally with this series, but the fact is that these last few episodes look to end the series on a high note, and it’s something that does notably even out some of the short comings in the previous episodes. Needless to say, it’s these kinds of episodes that I love to watch in action-oriented series like these, and they’re really nice reprieves from weeks as busy as the one I’ve been having. It only helps that there’s an adrenaline rush inducing soundtrack here to keep you on your game too—how about that sudden Blumenkranz insert near the end?—and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it’s an OST (the second one comes out May 7th) that we’ll likely be talking about come the end of the year. That’s just Sawano Hiroyuki for you.

Looking forward, there’s really not much else to say. There is no phrase more fitting than “let’s just sit back and enjoy the ride” in this case, and it’s quite likely next week may actually trump even this week’s theatrics—which is just fine with me. Prep your Ultima Uniforms, because it’s time to take the damn academy back. Till then though, we have an awesome full-length for you guys below. It’s just one, but it summarizes everything about this episode in one shot.

Full-length images: 29.


  1. Plus, that Ragyo squeezing her breast while in ecstasy about how no one can defeat the life fibers. I wonder if Isshin / Soichiro had a fun time with her before he realize she gets it better with life fibers.

  2. So I’m assuming this is going to end better than Dead Space 3. I don’t want to see Ragyo killed, only to have a Life Fiber moon gobble the Earth up before anyone can even react.

  3. Despite of everything, as expected, Satsuki will be in the front line during the whole cast shot XDDD

    IDK, i feel like the previous episode was the best one for me. Anyway, Ragyo is definitely an alien with that Onmisilk. Is it me or that Nui gotten better in this episode (in the sense that she isnt that annoying compared to her first debut)?? I dont know what to expect from this anime anymore…theres no limit in their super power lol…XDD

    Anyway, what is the last episode for KLK? Is it 26?

    onion warrior
  4. I hope the last episode leaves more than 30 seconds for the epilogue. I generally don’t like series that ends abruptly without any sense of closure for majority of the main and supporting characters. I suppose some people like that type of ending though because it allows make up any scenario they want but I prefer a less ambiguous ending (unless there will be a sequel or movie!).

    1. I’d like to see a compilation movie series like Gurren Lagann where they cram as many clips of the show as they can in under two hours, then blow their budget on the last half hour in the hopes of being even more over-the-top than the show, and succeed so spectacularly that it’d be a fool’s effort to view the TV show as epic as it once was because the movies were too awesome for their own good.

      I mean, if you’ve seen Gurren Lagann, just look at these videos. The first one is from the show, and the second is from the movie. Marvel at the differences.

  5. “No. We owe our thanks to you four, who reforged it into two blades.” …… Satsuki is such a … WARM AND APPEALING CHARACTER NOW! ;______;

    I’ll tell you how. Give Mako most of the entertainment moments and a motivational boost, bring the whole villain gallery back on their side, Imoutu gets his eyes back, the Original Life Fiber is destroyed, and Nui interrupts the ED sequence!!!! Whoever dubs Nui in English will have one of the toughest roles in the show: she actually goes through A TON of complex emotions in only 12 episodes!

    I was seriously gasping and grinning through the ENTIRE THING!

  6. damn, hououmaru got eaten up quick. i was thinking she might play a bigger role in this episode or the next but it doesn’t look like it. it’s a shame because i did like her character design.

    i’m glad i was idling while the ED was playing this time, otherwise i would have missed nui steal the show!

  7. Harime Nui has a cute voice, even when shes being imposing at the end, she still sounds cute.

    Anyway personally I think we’ll get a Season 2 of Kill La Kill at some point. I just had a feeling when watching this that it’ll go on longer, perhaps it’s wishful thinking on my part.

  8. glad to say those death flags i saw were effectively cut down. i held my breath when ryuuko was cut in half but I found myself grinning with excitement when Mako powered the whole damn ship by herself. Mako tore the original life fiber a new one.

  9. It makes you wonder though how Mako ended up in Ryuuko’s arms after cutting through the core, even though she was deep inside the ship running inside the wheel just a few seconds before.

  10. Okay I’m not even gonna lie, while I always that the two felt similar in style and role, but Ragyou’s look while wearing Omnisilk Kouketsu is totally giving me Father Balder vibes (anyone who’s played the video game “Bayonetta” will know the guy as the Big Bad who’s just as fabulous at being a bad parent).

    From the fabulous stylish look and heavy makeup, to the bright regal appearance. Heck with her current look, they both have segmented designs on their respective robes with light peering through the lines. Add on the fact that they both absorbed a person into their chest as part of their transformation and the similarity becomes even more apparent.

    Not so much a crit mind you, but I thought it was an interesting observation.

    1. Some thoughts after i read of “Budget” in the Net..

      Well, what you expected? an TV Anime in a Quality of an OVA every Episode?

      Just ask yourself one important Question.

      Did you enjoy watching this Ride?

      If Yes, then they done it right, dont you think?


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