Well, would you look at that. Suddenly it’s the original Sage of Six Paths, and he comes bearing gifts in terms of original creation myth. In ways, it ends up being a nice touch considering that Naruto is essentially in limbo at the moment, but the thing that made this chapter fun for me wasn’t so much the myth as it was their interactions. Because while it’s nice to get a bit more of the overall story (we’ve only gotten bits and pieces so far), there’s something to be said about how hilarious it was to seeing the Sage’s lines go right over Naruto’s head. The fact he tries to compensate for this and overdoes it just adds to the hilarity of this exchange, and it just goes to show the kind of person Naruto has been and continues to be.

To say the least, Naruto isn’t the smartest apple on the tree, and one of the big things in this series has been how effort (and willpower) can compensate for shortcomings in this regard. Furthermore, it’s been noted that the types of people that have involved themselves in key moments throughout history have all followed a repetitive pattern. Notably, this cycle has since been revealed to have gone back even farther back than we ever imagined, and it’s a very interesting concept to ponder when it’s all said and done. I mean, who’s not to say that we’re not “reincarnations” of someone in the past or something of the sort? Then again though, who’s to say we are? You can’t know either way, and it’s interesting how the series decides to interpret this in one particular way.

Ultimately, that’s about it really for this chapter. We get some nice full shots of the Sage, but aside from that and the aforementioned, there’s not much else here. Here’s to next week and the rest of the myth.


  1. Hm, that was interesting. Kind of sudden, but nice backstory. I suppose everyone can guess who the other brother has been reincarnated into. 😛 I wonder how long till we return to Guy and others. Hopefully not in July..

    1. More likely that Sakuse and Madara are both reincarnations of Indra. Since Madara and Hashirama pretty much fulfil the Indra/Asura confict too. Personally I’m guessing that the Sage’s brother was the origin of the rinnegan since he doesn’t seem to have much to do with the overall plot.

      1. I have a theory that points that Madara is the reincarnation of Indra and not Sasuke
        First off we need to look at the concept of reincarnation
        First we need the passing of the person (Ashura) and then the person he would reincarnate as. For now I’m assuming Hashirama as one of Ashura’s incarnations.
        Since Hashirama has passed on. It would make sense that Naruto is the the next incarnation of Ashura

        Now here is when things get tricky in my theory.
        With Indra’s passing. Madara becomes Indra’s incarnation.
        However Madara didn’t die completely.
        Part of his soul has remained in the world of the living in the form of Zetsu.

        With his “Will” (Madara’s soul) in a Zetsu clone. Madara is technically alive.

        It’s basically the “shoe in the door” trick. Though you are outside with your shoe in the house you are technically in the house as well. Majority of Madara’s soul is in Hades, but since a piece Madara’s soul is in the world of living he is technically alive.

        And reincarnation cannot take place if a person is ALIVE

        And thus Indra CANNOT reincarnate into another person.

        And since the Zetsu clone has existed since Sasuke’s birth and the Zetsu clone is Madara
        It is impossible for Sasuke to be the reincarnation of Indra.

        I hope I didn’t confuse you guys too much and like I said it is just a theory I thought up.

  2. What is it with Kishimoto and the whole brothers theme that he has going on for this series? Is this perhaps a reflection of his own life experiences with his brother and fellow Mangaka Seishi? If so then do they scream their names every time they have an argument or a fight?

  3. For the reincarnation, well it could be a metaphor and its more likely refering to the will of fire and the curse of hatred that Naruto being actually Ashura’s present life.

    Mostly because if it is so i would have dislike Harashima also being part of said life, heck Naruto despite not being a prodegy like Harashima worked hard and he seemed to do more that the first hokage ever did.

    For the brothe Indra everyone says Sasuke but stragly enough i hope its Madara instead mostly because of the current events so farand well despite Sasuke being the obvious choise(and kishimoto being predictable) i have to agree that Sasuke is Indra

  4. The most importante thing for me here is that they are all ALIENS :D.

    The mother came from somewhere to get a fruit from a tree, had horns and doesn’t look like a human and then the sons also have horns :P.

    The random alien tree goes crazy and starts fighting the other aliens to get its kids back.

    I can already see the ending… The tree homeworld was attacked and it escaped to earth as the only survivor and then the bad aliens came looking for it, kidnap and eat its kid and eventually they “kill” it.

    The Tree aka 10 tails was the good guy all along 😀 😀

  5. Yes,yes,more important figures to represent Sasuke & Naruto(or the other way around),as if we didn’t have enough already.

    Can we get back to Gai,Kakashi & Minato now?

  6. ” you really remind me of Ashura”
    I really like to see Ashura’s childhood, so he was the same as naruto in a comical sense?

    Anyway, I really do hope that Sasuke and Naruto will come into terms with who will become Hokage. I have a chill in seeing the 6th hokage is the next key as to start a war between the two.

  7. I just wish to see minato with all two arms and fight madara at his full undead strength after gai does and see his genius in action. Kishimoto sensei make it happen!

  8. i wonder myself, that i would use this.. but what came into my mind, after reading this… is asspull…what will come next? the background stories of all hokage since beginning? to stretch the manga telling line?

    now he see the old geezer of six path. how convenient…

  9. Just like time travel, I hate the usage of ressurection in storytelling (because it’s always used in a crappy manner, like here). C’mon, was it really necessary to introduce ANOTHER parallel to Naruto and Sasuke??

    Stupid chapter. Where is Bleach analysis? At least Kenpachi can give me some time without the need of drama or eternal cycles or any bullshit whatsoever.

    1. Well, technically, it’s not resurrection, but reincarnation. The soul or spirit may be the same, but the people themselves are still their own person albeit with some physical and/or mental similarities.

      Like Kagome from Inuyasha. She is the reincarnation of Kikyo’s soul, but the only similarities she has is a slight physical resemblance and strong spiritual power (once she learned to use it anyway), but Kagome is otherwise nothing like Kikyo.

      My problem with the use of reincarnation/overlapping of characters here is that they keep making them SO similar overall right down to the whole “genius, but stray path” use with Indra to Orochimaru to Sasuke and the “dumb dead last, but gets better” use with Ashura to Jiraiya to Naruto where they may as well have just used the originals rather than Naruto and Sasuke as the only real differences are aesthetics.

      1. Well, the Rikudo Sennin backstory in general is fine.

        I just wish it was done on its own time in a different way and not done in a way that is completely interrupting the flow of what was looking to be a cool fight, but, so far, is only doing even MORE Naruto/Sasuke and important person X/important person Y overlapping.

        It just really gives off the impression that it’s being done solely to extend the manga and not for any real important plot.

    2. Regardless of if you like it or not, it was a nice start to a Sage of the Six Paths backstory and general explanation that you know will have so many twists and turns before he’s done explaining lol

      1. Wrong reply link…please delete the previous one.

        Well, the Rikudo Sennin backstory in general is fine.

        I just wish it was done on its own time in a different way and not done in a way that is completely interrupting the flow of what was looking to be a cool fight, but, so far, is only doing even MORE Naruto/Sasuke and important person X/important person Y overlapping.

        It just really gives off the impression that it’s being done solely to extend the manga and not for any real important plot.

  10. He is telling that one Son is on the White Side, and the other on the Black Side.

    And ongoing he is comparing Naruto with his Son on the White side, and of course we know how is the one on the Black Side…

    But, i dont think that Sasuke is that Black…

    So this “story Piece” fill really out of Place. Sorry dear Mangaka

    1. ..and he never saw a Picture or drawing of the Sage of the Six Paths, only stories. So inside his Mind a Person appears out of his memories. Is Naruto’s mind connected with Streetpass from 3DS? 🙂

      1. That’s where things get complicated. It’s the whole reincarnation past life stuff. Basically if Naruto is the next incarnation of Ashura he should have some kind of memory in his mind about him.

      2. @Lyfe

        Okay…. now we add some Spiritual thing, to the Ninjustsu Magic and such…
        and i wont be surprised, if the Mother of this old Men is a offspring of a human and a Oni

  11. I think they should do a filler arc Anime about the beginning featuring the Sage of the Six Paths and his two Sons and how the curse of the two brothers have been pass down to the present.

    K C M

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