「果てしなき闇の彼方に」 (Hateshinaki Yami no Kanata ni)
“Beyond the Infinite Darkness”

The end of the winter season is upon us and Kill la Kill’s run comes to its ultimate conclusion. As expected, the series ends with a literal bang, and it was a Trigger show through and through. There’s something to be said about the uniquity of the series they create, and it’s quite clear that this series was one that fit the bill. All things considered though, I must say that the ending felt somewhat lacking considering the build up and developments of previous episodes.

Make no mistake, it was pretty fun to watch all the action-packed goodness we got this week. The Mako x Gamagoori moments in particular were nice and it was pretty cool seeing Ryuuko wearing all the Ultima Uniforms at once too. The thing for me however, was just how easily the Ragyo and the transmitter “went down” in the first half of the episode, and it just felt a bit convenient that she’d reveal her weakness right in time for Senketsu to plow through. Furthermore, the whole “I’m neither human or clothing” bit was nice in concept, but it felt like it might’ve taken away from the experience more than it added to it. It fit in with the whole “you’re so incomprehensible” bit from the last few weeks, but there’s a difference between being literally incomprehensible and being incomprehensible in the sense that you’d fight despite the odds being against you. Probably would’ve been better just having the “return humans to the way they once were” part rather than the whole claiming that you both are and aren’t and aren’t human/clothing, then saying that humans are humans and clothing and clothing…

In the end, they’re not exactly big issues and some of it does end up fitting some of the things they’ve tried to present here, but one just does wonder if it couldn’t have been done somewhat better overall. The general consensus does remain that it was a satisfactory ending however, so I suppose that’s all that really matters here. Otherwise, there’s not much to say here to be honest. It was pretty straight forward for the most part and generally as over the top as expected too. Some parts reminded me of the Third Impact from Evangelion and it was quite fun to see the DTR’s combine, but yeah, that’s really about it. The screen caps tell most of the story here this time around. You’ll find the final impressions below.

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Final Impressions:

In looking back at Kill la Kill, I’d have to say that this is probably one case where a lot of the hype may have actually worked against it. Many people expected something along the lines of TTGL or something of top tier story, execution, and action, and it’s something that inevitably led to disappointment for some. One could go into a whole essay discussing expectations, hype, and the like, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll just say that Kill la Kill at least ended up being great in terms of its action aspects. In this sense, as well as the sales and popularity it’s garnered during its run, it can be said that it was a successful overall, and it’s a notion that should help Trigger continue along as a studio that produces both unique and memorable series. It occasionally lacked in regards to execution and it didn’t quite “save anime” as some people wanted it to, but the fact remains that it was quite entertaining, and that’s arguably one of the more important factors to consider among many people who watch anime. I for one know that Kill la Kill’s entertainment value counters much of the issues I had with the series, and ultimately it was just a solid series worth tuning in for from week to week—even if it was filled with more ups and downs than I hoped it would.

Looking forward, it looks like the OVA (“Episode 25”) and Little Witch Academia 2 are next on the agenda, and time-willing, you’ll bet that I’ll cover those as well. Last but not least, I’d just like to say thanks again for those of you that come week in, week out to comment and read the posts we do here, and here’s hoping you’ll stick around (and enjoy) our coverage of the coming spring season as well.


  1. That Satsuki haircut at the end and blushing when getting her picture taken with Ryuko and Mako. I liked it when she ran out to break her little sister’s fall, and the fact that Ryuko said Nee-san at the end. Can’t wait in till next time to see the unaired episode in September.
    A side note, why was Mako’s family and Soroi naked at the end? Isn’t like they had life fibers on them. I guess they felt guilty for because others were.
    Preview of the unaired episode coming in September and it’s an epilogue

    1. didnt like the haircut but the blushing tho.
      thank god ryuko called satsuki nee-san instead of one-chan I mean could u really imagine ryuko saying one-chan? nee-san suits the character.
      unaired episode?
      gamagori x mako marriage so i can die happy

    2. Kill la Kill brought us a major nudefest ending. A fitting way to end this awesome anime.

      Everyone survives. Well except for the villains and Senketsu. RIP for all of them.

      I like the SoL epilogue but two things bother me:

      1. Why did Satsuki-sama cut her hair? Is it to forget all the chaotic things that have occurred throughout her life? To start a new life? Whatever it is, she still looks pretty. And I am going to miss her and her awesome leadership. She will always be my favorite person of this show.

      2. Why was Mako with Ryuko and Satsuki-sama? She already has Gama and they should be dating. I do not want anyone getting in the way of my yuri incest OTP the Matoi/Kiryuin sisters’ private date quality time together. They deserve to have a good lone time with each other.

      Well that is it for now. And thank you so much for the joy ride, Trigger.

      John Hayabusa
      1. idk, part of me wants the leadership satsuki back. why cant she control the world or at least japan with her new perspective bout whats good and bad. a normal satsuki doesnt work for me.

    3. Everyone in the world was naked, though I didn’t catch exactly when they became naked, but they were wearing the special ceremonial suits and got trapped before.
      Their clothes might not be Goku uniforms, but still had life fibers in them

  2. Man, the TTGL homage when Gamagori went full Gurren on us, the Gamagori X Mako moments, the end song sequences, Gamagori all dressed up and looking like he’s preparing to give flowers to Mako(!!!!!) Satsuki’s and Ryukou’s sisterly moment……

    This episode had everything. Awesome ending. Wish we can get a slice of life sequel to this so we can see how all the characters end up in the future.

  3. So does Ryuko still fused with life fibers or did they go with Senketsu? If not she is still superhuman. I do have to say inanimate objects that gain sentience tend to die rather noble deaths in anime lately, first Chamber and now Senketsu. Overall I enjoyed the ending and the series in general. I looked forward to each episode every week. I wonder if the OVA episode is an epilogue or is just a side story to the events in the series thus far. Looking forward to Little Witches Academy and whatever else Trigger has in store.

    1. It’s an epilogue that seems to be centered around graduation or so it says from the translation of the PV.

      Ryuko has her life fibers. It’s part of her and nothing was taken away.

  4. Good end to a fun 24 weeks, every bit over the top as expected. Barring how rushed it felt, the ending here at least provides a good sense of closure and leaves just enough left unanswered to promote rerunning the entire season.

    I agree that the hype is probably the reason KLK is seen as somewhat flawed. Everyone expected TTGL no. 2 based on the director and studio. Instead we got a leaner TTGL without the stronger emotional impact and extensive character development (Ryuuko being made of Life Fibers is nowhere near as powerful as Kamina’s death, likewise Ryuuko’s development doesn’t hold a match to Simon’s). If KLK had been made by a different studio then these complaints may never have come to fruition.

    Overall KLK gets a good 7/10 from me. Although the action and story were great, the smaller structural faults took away from it being “great”. The story had the needed twist at the end, but it sort of came rushing in at the last minute without a good consistent build up. There wasn’t enough foreshadowing (largely for Satsuki) nor enough character development for Ryuuko to give a better sense of impact in regards to the reveals in these past few episodes. Is it worth it to see? Yes. Could it have been better? Definitely. For all the nitpicking possible, KLK was still one heck of a fun ride.

    1. Not to be too rude here but you sort of sound like your just emulating vague critical statements without going into any detail. Nearly every episode built up to its eventual relevant revelation. It was all pretty meticulously handled behind the scenes when the creators mapped-out the action of the show. The only kind of pacing problem I could see with the show was that it was fast all around, in every way – all the time… but thats not really a problem as much as its a style choice. This show was up front about what it was within the first 2 minutes of the first episode. I kind of wish someone would help me see the real flaws (in context, give examples, etc.) and how they were detrimental to either the larger story at hand or the emotional impact that the creators wanted us to experience. That would be some valid criticism.

      Its not so much that I loved the show so I don’t like hearing negative things about it so much as I feel like everyone is a critic and they spout off sentences and ideas that hold no real water especially in light of what the show actually intends to be. Thats a problem of expectations which is a problem on the viewers side not the creators’. In a general way, it makes me feel like people can’t enjoy themselves because they just have to rate everything as good or bad based on some random criteria that is most likely genre-specific. Then people criss-cross genre expectations and mismatch and fumble on the things they are supposed to be seeing and feeling. People like that will hate Kill la Kill *and Space Dandy* ultimately because those shows are just oozing so much personality and subsequent flaw that some can’t see past the fact that they are supposed to be just raw fun.

      Pancake, I think you said it best in your final sentence – an indication that you actually enjoyed this show which was oddly enough the key to enjoying this show.

    2. I can’t tell if you’re trolling or being serious… Ryuko/Senketsu were the only characters in this series with actual development or character.. The Elite Four never had development just likable personalities and Mako’s development was crapped on and her character regressed to a poor plot device.. Satsuki never had a change either.. It was just a fake facade she put on in front of others not to mention her “development” was rushed.. Mostvofvthe series she stayed a effect Mary Sue character only noted for badssery

      Ryuko went from delinquent to avenger to hero over the course of the series.. Started the series solely for revenge and not making any friends until Mako came and it still took time for Ryuko to warm up to her.. Her relationship with Senketsu played a huge part in her development.. And her failure along with her victories shaped her character.. She was flawed with a shit life.. Her arrogance and anger player a huge part in the first half only out for revenge and letting Senketsu swallow her.. She put aside her personal issues to help out a fellow student(Nui in disguise) and went against Satsuki to end her siege in episode 15 stating she wouldn’t let her anger cloud her from the big picture and step over others.. She then agreed to finally bury her issues and help nudist beach save the world wanting to protect Mako and her family mostly after becoming attached.. In Episode 18 when she sees Nui.. She flares on anger but immediately calms down knowing her anger would get the best of her.. She backtracked in episodes 19-21 due to learning everything she didn’t need/want to know.. Her reactions were understandable and she resolved them quickly.. Satsuki never progressed not did the Elite Four.. In fact the back stories on all the elite four were lackluster at best and wasn’t in depth.. Uzu probably had the most development of them

      But yea saying Ryuko lacked development is as blatant a lie as her development

  5. Bleh, why bother compare it to TTGL when it and KlK ended up rather quite different (homages aside).

    It was one crazy roller-coaster of an old-school art style action series. Crazy good.

  6. Man what a crazy, action packed ending. Definitely really made a great impression on me through it’s run in the seasons, and I have to admit, this was one series I was originally hesitant to start and only started because of all the hype around it, but once I picked it up, I knew I made the right choice, aside from a couple of minor errors in terms of directing, the over plot and animation were both superb and this show really gets me pumped for my weekend to come and over all I would have to say it lived up to it’s hype and expectation despite some small short comings. Really looking forward to the OVA now :3

  7. The episode probably would have benefited from an extra three minutes like the Gurren Lagann finale. Maybe they’ll make a compilation movie series and flesh out certain scenes. I at least wanted Nui to suffer right up to the very end; I guess I’m just sick like that. Other than that, I’d say that the end to this series was very…




  8. the final battle is awesome as it is, but the final confrontation between ryuko and ragyo feels bery cliched, what with our heroine receiving that last minute powerup. also, the last scene between mother and daughter could have work if only we knew what ragyo’s motivations really was or why she is very obsessed with life fibers. the series never bothered explaining that except that she is bad, period.

    the series also somewhat lacked the genuineness of TTGL. mako undercutting almost every important scene with her “hallelujah” monologue can be4 very annoying, especially for those scenes that it shouldn’t be in.

    but i must say that i love the epilogue. short haired satsuki in those girly clothes is just damned too cute to resist. 🙂

  9. The show was fun overall, but seemed to have lost steam near the end.

    We probably could have cut some of the earlier episodes out too, now that I look back on it.

    I guess this means anime still needs to be saved?

  10. I love this anime, good characters, music, animation, story, action, comedy what else could you ask?

    Definitely felt like a DBZ episode with everyone putting their power in Ryuko and i loved every second of it, some might complain about the story but the show never took itself too seriously, it was all about having fun with it and i really hope for a sequel.

    Oh, and Satsuki new haircut reminds me of Akane from Ranma 1/2

  11. I cannot explain the experience watching Kill La Kill. In a sense I can describe it was going through the same emotions as I had with Gurren Lagaan, but here, it’s a lot more frantic and the moods whiplash much faster. I thank TRIGGER for making this as their first anime TV show, and I hope their next one (a more conventional adaptation of a light novel, without the same director and animation director) won’t be too routine. I would like to see them continue expressing the studio’s individuality.

  12. Meh, even if the ending wasn’t super amazing I can at least say this.

    It was a hell of a lot better than another show’s (can that even really be called an ending?) that aired on the same day.

    I got some laughs out of quite a few scenes and it was exciting to say the least, so it did it’s job rather nicely.

    Some highlights.

    -Gamagoori proves he’s a man amongst gar woman. That stomach face beam made me have to pause the video from laughing too hard. (Gamagoori x Mako confirmed too?)

    -Ragyo’s scream when she “wore” Nui. That must have been the best orgasm ever.

    -I never thought I’d feel so bad over clothing destruction. Generally it’s a joyous occasion with lots of squealing and some blood… what? Senketsu T_T *salutes* (I actually really liked this scene though. The whole “Sailor uniforms are meant to be grown out of thing was really sweet.)

    -Satsuki had her Nee-san powers activate when she was running to catch Ryuko. Usain Bolt, eat your heart out.

    In the end, the show was kind of dragged down a teensy bit by the usual shonen tropes but it’s still a solid 8/10 for me.

  13. Kill la Kill. Breaking record in Most Nude Bodies Shown in A Series category.


    I must say that the ending felt somewhat lacking considering the build up and developments of previous episodes.

    Can’t agree more with this. It looks to me that they cram too many scenes in that 24 minutes. Hence each and every scene feels truncated, and doesn’t rise to reach “oomph” level. Maybe if Trigger was allowed, say, 3-8 more minutes, they could have extended many scenes by several seconds and gain more impact.

    And for an over the top action series, it’s somehow missing the one-final-blow scene. TTGL has that Matroshka Doll final attack. No such thing as memorable as that one to “close” the series here.

    But …

    I for one know that Kill la Kill’s entertainment value counters much of the issues I had with the series, and ultimately it was just a solid series worth tuning in for from week to week—even if it was filled with more ups and downs than I hoped it would.

    Also agree with this. I had a blast. ^^

  14. Though she didn’t participate in the final battle with Ragyou, Satsuki still had a badass moment of awesomeness when she broke her little sister’s fall(with everyone’s help), and speaking of that scene.
    Gamagori was so big that you can only see his hands and part of his head. I’d have to say that because it’s from the same people that did Gurren-Lagann, I too was expecting something just as epic. However, for me it would be unfair to compare it TTGL since that was mainly a mecha show. On its own merits, Kill La Kill had its absurdly awesome plot/theme of man vs clothes, memorable characters, and over the top fights, and that makes it epic as it is.

    1. i noticed how “small” everyone is compared to Satsuki over there…(except for Gama and Sanageyama)lol…its like Nonon and Mako are children compared to Satsuki…XDD

      my favorite moment ^^

      onion warrior
  15. Gotta love that for all the trolling she pulled, Harime Nui’s fate in the climax boils down to her merging with the original Life Fiber to fully charge up Ragyou’s Kouketsu; literally clothing her one and only mistress. Instead of some karmic death, her role basically ends in the most troll-tastic way. And why is that? Because she’s one fab little monster, that’s why. You just gotta love her for it.

  16. I’ve wanted to chime in with this for a while, but did anyone notice that the 4 Devas at any one time during the series resembled various Marvel Comics characters? This episode made it very apparent with Inumuta being modeled after Spider-Man.

    1. Ohhh yeah, most definitely. It’s no secret that Trigger isn’t shy of adopting elements/ideas from Marvel characters (I too saw Inumuta pulling the Spider-Man web pose which made me chuckle). Their work on Inferno Cop is enough indication of their love for it (Ghost Rider, Scarlet Witch, etc.)

    1. What a finale, KLK is surely one of those roller-coaster rides .. you really shouldn’t keep analyzing it or trying criticize it, you just take the whole package or you leave it, anything in between is a waste of time for everyone, it surely resemebles TTGL in that aspect .. so did Furi-Kuri and Die Buster/GunBuster 2 (all Gainax series), it also reminded me of one hell of a roller coaster ride called Godannar .. it was crazy, messed up and over the top in everything to the point of ridiculousness but it was one hell of ride just like KLK is.

      It terms of Epicness it’s hard to touch TTGL (after all it was the fate of existence hanging in the balance with epic space battles and galaxy sized robots, and all that started with a man and a boy digging tunnels in a village underground) but KLK manages to generate as much entertainment and fun and that’s all i care about .. like some said .. TTGL is TTGL and KLK is KLK XD

      I enjoyed every aspect of this show, the impressive cinematography, the zany 4th wall breaking antics, the animation style, the music (oh the music and songs, after all it’s the composer of Attack on Titans), the themes and symbolism, the numerous references to anime and otaku/nerd culture in general and the shameless but self-aware fanservice (both female and male too XD) … all this more than makes up for any shortcomings in story or characterization .. obviously these aren’t meant to be the focus of the series .. that said the characters are endearing and memorable due to their colorful attitudes and unique designs … i have a soft spot for Ryuuko becasue she is almost a combination of Simon and Nono (Nono is the main character from the criminally under-appreciated GunBuster 2 or DieBuster).

      In fact let me spend a few seconds to point out why Ryuuko is like Nono and why you should watch DieBuster.

      The similarities between the two shows start with Ryuuko’s scarf, her final transformation which resembles Nono’s final form in a lot of ways specially the hair and color scheme, the rest is a little spoilery so here is a spoiler tag.

      Show Spoiler ▼


      In short KLK pays homage to DieBuster which is a plus for me becasue i love both series, oh .. and go watch GunBuster (one of the oldest and best Gainax series) and then watch DieBuster ^_^

      I will really miss Kill la Kill .. it was pure unadulterated fun romp with unmatched guts and spirit .. and that’s all that matters to me 😉

  17. Gotta love that word of god RyuukoxMako OTP. First thing Mako does after Ryuuko is saved by everyone is ask her out on a date! A DATE-O! Satsuki is allowed to play the third wheel. Mako once again sinking people’s battleships and showing her Yuri Power!

    Senketsu pulled a Chamber :(.

    1. Lol, I knew someone was gonna say this.

      Unfortunately, girls consider going shopping together as dates. It’s called a shopping date. I’ve had to tag along on a few of those… it’s not very fun.

  18. Heard that the final episode was today/yesterday, so I took a much needed break from work and marathoned the entire series (from episode 5) in a single day to catch up.

    What an epic series it was. Though, it was not the epic that hooked me on this series but the colorful characters, awesome interactions, designs, story and fight sequences. In that regard, I think enjoyed it much more than TTGL (the blasphemy!). For TTGL, I think it got so epic in scope and scale that much of the meaning of what they were doing got lost within it, but this series balanced it well.

    Also, if you look at it from a another perspective, this series was also the perfect otaku-pandering show, as much as some of you would hate to admit that. No blatant “moe-blobs”, but gratuitous nakedness, pantyshots, fighting girls (more mecha musume than mahou shoujo) and sailor uniforms. Truly, an otaku’s dream and I’m happy to say that I enjoyed every minute of it. (^.^)

  19. Gonna miss Kill La Kill for the following reason

    – Action…. lots and lots of action
    – Mako
    – And lastly, this anime has the greatest recap episode EVA!

  20. “sailor uniforms are meant to be grown out of” made me tear up. Goddamn Senketsu, why are you so fucking cool???

    loved how everything was all DBZ in the end. what with the, “EVERYONE, LEND ME YOUR POWER” line, and the palette chosen for her new outfit (resembling super saiyan and super saiyan god). ragyou foretelling the return of the life fibers was so fucking raditz. i wouldn’t be surprised in the least if a movie is being planned.

    1. Senketsu can easily get one of the “best non-human character” for this year, he was quite badass, caring and interesting (never thought i’d say that about a sailor school uniform one day XD).

      Also, pretty much every Gainix series get a movie a year or so after they finished airing so i suppose Trigger are going to continue this tradition with KLK .. if not a movie at least an OVA.

  21. Feels like the studio was either lacking people or lacking fund by the end of the show. The last couple of eps didnt have much well drawn action scenes as well as the use of stills and mako inserts to kill time and cut budget. Which might also explain the rushed pace of the last ep, I think it was planned to be a two ep but cut into one. Other than that, this anime was a great mix of fun and hot blood action. I mean cmon, NUUUUDISTO BEAAAACH did save anime.

    Just A Random Guy
    1. GAINAX used to be known for running out of budget by the end of their shows. I suppose that a lot of those people still continue that, in spirit, when they founded TRIGGER, though not to severe levels.

  22. I hope I’m not the only one that wasn’t all that excited about the ending. As others have mentioned, I felt it was too rushed especially the last couple episodes. Also felt like they were trying to stuff in some themes towards the ending that didn’t really fit and just said, “Ah F**k it who cares anymore?”

    The sexual innuendo was interesting but not sure if they threw it there for nothing or if there’s actual meaning? Like the barrier (condom?) breaking then bursting?

    Still not sure what’s Ragyo’s motivation? Just pure evil?

    Senketsu’s end seemed so abrupt and out of nowhere, not sure what his death meant for the series and there wasn’t anytime to mourn for him though I liked Matoi’s last words to him.

    When Gamagouri “died” I keeled over laughing at the hilarity of it all. Maybe it was abrupt, unexpected but I found it to be funny. He was probably my favorite character in this series.

    Action was great, art was great, but reflecting back I have mixed feelings on this show.

    1. Mid way through the series I kinda decided I shouldn’t try to find any deeper meaning to the references other than your standard shonen moral/messages.

      Trigger usually just tosses references and whatnot to their brand of humor. I just went with references, parallels to fiction, other shows, mythology, themes etc. as nothing more than aesthetic choice, design choice, or stuff they just found funny/interesting to use. Once I flipped that switch and freed myself from expecting more then what they intended it was fine.

  23. You should see Ryuuko fan page on Facebook, everyone was going “SENKETSU NOOOOO!!!!” and replying with pictures of Mako crying like a river. So many explosions so much epic and dat casual Satsuki! Loved this show so much and it’s sad it’s over, but hey lets just hope Trigger doesn’t get greedy and make a second season because it doesn’t need to have one xD

    Jason Isenberg
  24. I’m glad we got the first ED theme (was it full length?), I prefer it to the second one.
    The final standoff between Ragyo and Ryuuko reminded me a little of the last battle in Vividred Operation (possibly the colour scheme and everyone punching each other in space?), not that I’d ever admit to watching that.
    Finally, what was all this about Kill La Kill saving anime anyway? Is it just an expression or did people acutally expect one show to somehow change how all anime is created for the better? Because that would be world-class magic along the lines of World Fraction.

    1. It surely didn’t save anime .. but it’s a high doze of hot-bloodied action and over-the-top craziness and fun .. everyone should consider it a a breath of fresh air that anime needs from time to time.

      And nice work there sneaking a Log Horizon reference there XD

  25. I certainly enjoyed this series as well as the presentation. Tongue and cheek here, but as far as I’m concerned, people noting that this seemed rushed at times is like going to the drag races and saying ‘You know, I really enjoyed that, the noise, the equipment, the personalities, but it was all so rushed . . .!!!’

  26. In contrast to most people, I originally had NO expectations about this series. I never actually looked it up in the previews and only focused on the anime that I seemed familiar with, due them being either manga or light novels. However, I got bored with most and decided to check out the ones I wasn’t too informed about. Then, I came across Kill la Kill and watched it a it and automatically got hooked. However, even with the little expectations, I will admit that it did have some flaws, with it feeling a bit rushed. Best example would have been in the school trip episode, where Ryuko collected all the pieces immediately. Regardless, this series was still a barrel of fun and convinced me to watch every episode without making me bored. I often skip scenes because of boredom, but in my case, I did it because I couldn’t stand seeing Ragyou and her lack of personal space for her daughters. It wasn’t the best thing, but it was one of the better series I’ve watched.

  27. huhu…Kill la Kill is finally over. ;___; i sooo gonna miss everything i love about this series.

    The fate of all hime-cut princesses in every anime i love. It was Hitagi first, then Koko Hekmatyar and now, Satsuki. WHY MUST YOU CUT YOUR HAIR?!!!!

    That moment when Satsuki ran out and catch Ryuko…soo hngggg!!! And when everyone joined in, i was like…hahh…the power of togetherness (and nudity)! Looks like we finally hear Ryuko calling Satsuki “Onee-san”…and as for Ragyou, if it werent for her pride, she maybe could live normally with her two girls but sadly…her heart wasnt human after all.

    Glad to see them wearing their own fashion style. I like how Ryuko dresses. As for Satsuki, i was hoping her to wear some button-collar clothes and some jeans, but that one is good enough for her grace XDD and Mako is being Mako.

    I think RyukoXMako shippers won this one XDDD Gamagori may have feelings for Mako and even sacrificed for her; but at the end, it was Mako that asked Ryuko for a date XDDD heee..too bad no InumutaXNonon’s moment at all…:/

    All in all, it was a great experience watching this one. Kill la Kill will be one of the great anime that i can never forget.

    onion warrior
  28. I had a smile on my face the entire episode. You know what? I think at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters. I really can’t judge this show any other way.

  29. For some reason, no one mentioned the best scene of the episode – that is, Gamagoori laughing and falling just like in episode 1.

    I feel like KlK turned out to be weaker than TTGL simply because its message is not clearly visible throughout the series, if there even is one. When you watch the last episode of TTGL, you see the culmination of motives and ideas that have been building up from the very first episode. KlK, however, is a bit all over the place, preferring straight action to symbolism. Not like there is anything wrong about that.

    I do agree that Nui and Ragyo got it easy in the end: it kinda sucks when the characters the audience is supposed to hate the most kill themselves before getting their just desserts.

  30. it was okay….to me this show failed on multiple levels by simply not living up to its potential. you had a great theme “clothing”. yet instead they went the generic alien invasion route with excruciatingly Hollow characters with zero depth, ESPECIALLY THE VILLIANS..i still dont know what was the point of any of their evil plans. there were soo many hollow aspects to this show like nothing really mattered. and thats sad.. wish they would have put this in the hands of someone with imagination…..dont get me wrong it had its moments..but they were far too few of them…..ultimately forgettable. a shame

    BROOKLYN otaku
  31. my only question to this right now,

    what happened to that one time use anti-clothing bullet that was so powerful that they had to seal it and afraid of using it? i meant since it was emphasized to be so powerful that it might kill the user along with the cloths, they never used it. then… i was kinda expecting them to use that on Ragyo…

  32. So…this is the end huh…I personally enjoy it even the artwork is kinda bit old school and comical

    the ending is quite…physically inappropriate…but nonetheless is worth it!

    Oh wait there an extra episode on september…it could be an Epilogue…or sort!

  33. Woah! Is this the show with the most nakedness?

    I would like to see Romi Park while she does the dubbing 😛
    Crazy euphoria sounds.

    An epic ending but not enough to give me the goosebumps like TTGL.
    But overall its satisfying.

    The characters are all very unique and impressionable.

    Looking forward to episode 25 and whatever Trigger comes up with in the future!


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