「悪霊にとりつかれた男」 (Akuryō ni Toritsukare ta Otoko)
“The Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit”

It’s been a long time coming, but the sequel to my personal pick for best 2013 action series is here, and it’s every bit as promising as its predecessor was initially. Welcome one and welcome all, back to the arena of manliness known as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. It’s a new age and a new generation of Jojo’s descendants now roam the Earth, but some things never change, and the return of DIIIIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO—in Jonathan Joestar’s body no less!—brings with it the awakening of powers known as Stands.

With that said, this first episode ends up being an introduction in more than one sense of the word. There’s actually no opening or ending theme this time around, and what we get instead is nearly 24 full minutes to get back into the thick of things. It needed every second of that to bring us into the new backdrop though—it’s the 80’s now!—so it was nice to see that there was more than adequate time here to both re-introduce Joseph Joestar, introduce us to his grandson in Jotaru Kujo, and also show us how the times have changed since we last visited this universe.

Ultimately, you’re not a Jojo unless you’re kicking some ass and flashing some great poses while you’re at it, and it’s quite clear that Jotaro’s a Jojo in every way. Judging from how he goes around crushing hooligans’ private parts, sits in a prison cell voluntarily while opening cans of beer with pens and reading shounen jump though, he’s clearly got his own brand of uniquity, and it’ll be interesting to see how he develops as the arc progresses.

Overall, it’s a pretty straight forward introduction that sets the foundation of the Stardust Crusaders’ arc. It took me a little bit to get back into things considering how long it’s been since the previous iteration (almost a year now), but once the middle of the episode rolled in, it was just classic Jojo through and through. Looking forward, there’s not much to say aside from the fact that it’s great to see this series returning with a new iteration, and it brings a whole new twist to the phrase TGIF.

Author’s Note: Coverage-wise, I have yet to determine whether or not to cover this on a weekly basis. This is one of those series where I feel as though I’ll get a lot more enjoyment just sitting back and watching rather than posting about it on a weekly basis, so it looks probable that it won’t get weekly coverage from my end. Sadly no one else is planning to watch it at the moment either… so it doesn’t look like anyone else will cover it either. If it turns out this doesn’t end up getting covered, I’d like to apologize beforehand because I know this is a series quite a few people would like to see covered. It’ll receive some kind of finale coverage—time willing—once the series over either way though.




  1. from what I can remember when I read the manga this arc was the one I enjoyed the most.

    They are all quite different but I thought this one to be the best, so you should be in for a treat.

  2. I find it hilarious that it costs 30.000 yen camera just to have Joseph activates his stand. The least conventional power of the bunch.

    Next time : Kakyoin. Yeeeeaahhh!

  3. The only very minor gripe ill have is getting used to Jotaro’s design since the first time I encountered this series was the Capcom fighting game, where JoJo’s uniform was dark bluish. But that gripe is easily forgotten since we finally have a proper TV adaptation of Stardust Crusaders. The ORAORAORAORA shouts never get old. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Actually, from what I understand, there have never been consistent color schemes for any of the JoJo’s characters as Araki always swaps between them. In fact, this color scheme that they are using now has been made into figure form ages ago.

      1. In colored pages, Hirohiko Araki seems to just color everything whatever he feels like, which can be awesome. Aside from that, I’m sure the characters actually do have established color schemes. In this case though, I’m sure Jotaro’s outfit is supposed to be black since, like you said, the figures are black.

        The reason for Zhinvu’s comment and other misunderstandings though is that in older print [and actually even today to a much less noticeable degree] and media, black was expensive/difficult to print [I forget which reason exactly. Maybe both.], so it was substituted with dark blue. Also to get depth on images. That’s why in older comics things like hair [and Batman’s entire outfit] are colored blue when they are supposed to be black. In the games, it was probably also easier to color sprites that way for more lighting and depth. I remember a lot of older PS and PS2 games having characters with black stuff that showed up as dark blue.

    2. Like I said it’s the fighting game that introduced me to the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, so I guess first impressions really last which is why Jotarou in the Capcom fighting game having a dark blue colored gakuen uniform stuck and that’s the color scheme I got used to. Actually that’s also I why I adjusted a little to Avdol in his debut here since in the games, he had a beige colored coat instead of the red that the animators used (and I think in the OVAs it was brown).

      @Actar – That’s interesting to hear. When you do see the colored covers, Araki does make unique use of different colors for his characters. Like I said, I was more familiar with the Capcom fighting game and read the manga later so I was not yet familiar with Araki’s style. Btw off topic but I like watching your figma reviews. Your enthusiasm for the figma characters really show in the energy and way you talk about them in the videos.

      @KazWisk – What you said also made sense, so I think you answered why Capcom decided to go for a dark blue color for Jotarou (which in turn made it stick that Jotaro’s default color is dark blue). If you think about it, black is the standard color for gakuen uniforms I think, so you could say David Productions here is being more accurate than ever since they colored Jotarou’s uniform exactly as it is supposed to be. Perhaps that is also the reason The King of Fighters’s Kyo Kusanagi’s gakuen uniform is colored a bit greenish instead of plain black in the earlier games. Interesting you also mentioned hair, since I think it’s pretty well-known that Araki deliberately made Jotarou’s hair and cap almost the same color that it looks like they’re just one thing.

  4. Even better than expected – it seems that David got a budget after all with those BD sales…

    I must admit, not blogging this seems a crime to me – it’s basically guaranteed to be among the year’s best – the third part of Jojo is the most popular and by far the most memetic (I mean, who hasn’t seen one of the thousands ZA WARUDO! videos?)

  5. Makes me kind of sad that they replaced Sugita as Joseph… I would imagine doing that voice he used for old Joseph in the final episode of the last series over the span of 20+ episodes would be a voice killer though and they gotta protect that voice sent to us from the heavens after all.

    Having not read the source, I’m going into this blind. Whenever JoJo is brought up, most of the time it’s either “ZA WARUDO!”, the poses or something to do with stands. I’d always see jokes about things resembling stands (Relius’ doll Ignis from BB coming immediately to mind) so I was really interested in seeing how the vaunted powers worked. I wasn’t disappointed. Can’t wait till it gets later in the series and the fights start getting more and more innovative with the usage of their powers, much like the first series.

    Makes me sad this probably won’t be blogged though. Someone should start an “Occupy RC” movement if it doesn’t. 😛

    1. Ah yes, I almost forgot. Wasn’t Dio’s coffin what Erina used to escape from the boat’s explosion? Kind of seems like a pretty big plot hole unless I’m mistaken.

      1. I heard that Dio’s coffin ending up in the bottom of the ocean is a well-known plot hole in Stardust Crusaders, because yes Erina Joestar did manage to stay afloat using the coffin. Different theories emerged, like maybe Erina was saved and the coffin was left behind or that Araki did not originally plan in bringing back Dio so the plot hole was just left as it is. I guess we’ll never know the real reason.

      2. In this episode they tried to cover it up by saying there was a second compartment in the coffin but I don’t think that’s canon because I don’t recall it being in the translation of the manga that I read. Either way it’s quite a stretch.

    2. There are actually quite a few subtle fixes to the manga errors in the anime: for instance, Jonathan didn’t have the birthmark in the manga, but now he does.
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Anyways, I think there were two major half-official explanations of this plothole in the spin-offs (both of which are extremely questionable, to the point of being fanfics):
      1. Part 3 DIO is a fake, the real Dio died along with Jonathan.
      2. DIO survived thanks to Erina’s kindness: he didn’t kill her in an act of good will, and she didn’t toss him out so he can protect her from dangers of the open sea.

  6. Not TOO bad, if you discount the fact that it didnt need to be made in the first place, OVAs are still fucking amazing, so what is the point of retreading the exact material with inferior budget ?

    1. There is definitely a point to it. As an anime series, more material will be covered and it’ll be a lot less condensed. A different and longer interpretation of an awesome arc like Stardust Crusaders is always good so I don’t exactly call it retreading. Most of the material that got left out in the OVAs will be all present here in the anime. It’ll be great and I’m sure a lot of fans are happy for this.

    2. Wow, you have got to be the only person I’ve read on the Internet with that opinion. Seriously BIZARRE. The OVA has nothing against this production team! Part 1 and 2 were amazing, part 3 will be even more so. The OVA was serious and lacked humor and did not truly represent the manga. The anime series does!


    Be different for once RandomC. You only cover cliche animes. JoJo is as far as it gets from cliche! The stylized animations! The poses! The dubstep soundtracks! THE GAR!

    1. To be fair, take a look at the lineup for basically every season of anime…
      If RC only covered more unique anime, they wouldn’t have much to post lol.

      Also, gotta agree with Zephyr, I would rather just watch the show rather than having to look for things to blog about. In fact, I’m always surprised Enzo always has something to say about HxH episodes. They’re good, and that’s about all I can really say about that show as well as JJBA.

  8. I just managed to finished the 2012 series of Jojo since I see so much hype about this whole series. It was so amazing and I am now officially a fan! The quality of this new episode is quite amazing really and Jotaru is badass! But of all the Jojos I have seen, I think Joseph is still the best :), he is hilarious!

  9. i see there is no….


    well at least for this moment and of course this a first episode! it’s well done but i need more on this…

    oh yeah next we see:
    Noriaki “The Emerald Pretty Boy” Kakyoin

    1. Sadly it doesn’t seem like I’ll have the time to do it. Already have two shows on my boat and I really, really don’t want to bring it up to three again. And it would likely be my second two-cour show, which means next season I’ll be toast too. -_-

      1. owww mann.. thats some bad news.. i really like your reviews and this last 3 episodes have been very good.. (DAT ending..) D: its alright though,i understand reviewers have a life too lol.. cheers!


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