「デイリー・ライフ」 (Deirii Raifu)
“Daily Life”

Soap operas are dangerous!

Easing Us Back In

There are two ways to do the first episode of a sequel: 1) ease the viewer back into the series with a mostly stand-alone episode that reintroduces them to the world and its characters, or 2) ignore all that crap and just get on with the story. Date A Live II chose #1, and it mostly worked. I didn’t feel like I was being rushed as they reintroduced us to Date A Live’s whole schtick, and there were some laughs too. The one downside of this approach is that, like I mentioned in my post about the first episode of Love Live 2, it can leave you with an episode that feels like a waste of time. I was getting that feeling towards the end, but they saved it with some timely foreshadowing.


The whole drama with Tohka lacked punch because it was painfully obvious it would be resolved by the end of the episode. That hurt the first episode somewhat, but it was saved from being a waste of time by the discussion between Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott (Okiayu Ryotaro) and Ellen Mira Mathers (Itou Shizuka). If this cour had followed immediately from the first season perhaps we wouldn’t have had to waste time with an otherwise throw away episode, but it did introduce these two more smoothly. That plus Westcott bailing Tobiichi Origami (Togashi Misuzu) out and the discussion-with-herself by Tokisaki Kurumi (Sanada Asami) gave me elements to look forward to in what would have otherwise been a fairly light episode.

The Girls, The Laughs

When it comes to Date A Live though, I don’t watch it for the plot, though the plot can be pleasant at times. I’m really here for the girls and the laughs, and it did deliver those. Origami continues to be my favorite in how she pursues Spirit Tamer Itsuka Shidou (Shimazaki Nobunaga) in a…sidewise way, I guess I would say. She’s always coming at him from an angle he can’t deal with, and the deadpan way she heaps so much stress on him is hilarious! I’m also quite fond of Yatogami Tohka (Inoue Marina), but only when she’s being silly-cute, because she gets jealous and freaks out way too often, which just makes me feel bad for the much quieter Yoshino (Nomizu Iori). Sorry Yoshino, the squeaky wheel always gets the grease, or the daito in this case.

Bonus points: everything Itsuka Kotori (Taketatsu Ayana) says or does. My little sister can’t be this competent!

Looking Ahead

Ahhhh, the dream of so many men with more ero-power than good sense – twins. If the girls are the power behind Date A Live, adding two more in one go is liable to be fun to see, especially if Tohka nets some non-loli Spirit rivals for Shidou’s attention. I don’t plan on blogging this show any further, but I will be watching it, so check in on my twitter if you want to know my reactions to the latest episode. Until next time!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – A quick reintroduction to what this series about, followed by some foreshadowing to kick the season into high gear #date_a_live s2e1

Random thoughts:

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ED Sequence

ED: 「Day to Story」 by 佐土原かおり (Sadohara Kaori)



  1. Ahhh Kurumi, how I missed your deliciously psychotic antics. Too bad I don’t think I’ll be seeing too much of you… (Please be wrong!)


    Just from looking at this picture I can tell I’ll be liking this Tohka. I mean, I like Tohka already, but that look on her face. It gives me shivers. Look at me like I’m a disgusting, lowly insect more!

    Date a Live started getting much better after Kurumi was introduced (not just because of her, but the overall quality) so I’m hoping it rides that momentum and keeps going strong. I can’t say I liked this episode too much, but I got some good laughs out of it. Like was stated, it was pretty much just a way to ease the viewers back in so I’m not really upset about it. Too bad it’s only 10 eps this go-around…

    1. Just. Ten. Episodes?!

      *color failure*

      Can they cram three volumes’ worth of story (volumes 5, 6, and 7 from the looks of things) into 10 episodes? Because frankly, 12 episodes (or 11 episodes at least) would have allowed the anime adaptation to be more rounded out. (Just me, of course.)

      Ah, who am I kidding… Can’t wait to see the new Spirits! (And Kurumi, of course. *wink*)

      1. Well, you’re right; 12 episodes would have allowed more time and better coverage.

        But season 1 also did the same format, 4 arcs in 12 episodes with 3 episodes per arc. (the second arc, Yoshino’s was cut down to 2 episodes to fit the anime-original episode, but hers was, bluntly put, the least important of the 4 arcs)

        So season 2 will be the “filler” first episode (it still did introduce important stuff), then 3 episodes for 3 more arcs. (season 2 will be covering novel volumes 5-7, season 1 covered volumes 1-4)

      2. I guess that’s basically accurate, so let me rephrase:

        Season 1 was 12 episodes covering 4 volumes for 3 episodes per volume. Season 2 will cover 3 volumes in 9 more episodes for the same 3 episode sper volume.

  2. Well……….that has to be the most convenient channel that was conveniently timed that was also conveniently themed and conveniently lead to the entire plot this episode…………classic Date A Live.

    I still don’t like Origami and she should have been permanently suspended but hopefully she does something to redeem herself soon other than trolling Tohka which is part of the cause of this whole situation =/.

  3. From what I heard from the source readers, there was more to Origami’s hearing that gave a bigger introduction to Westcott and there was more with Kurumi.

    Aside from a few QUALITY scenes, a nice way to ease us back in, though I heard this is only going to be 10 episodes? x_x

    1. @HalfDemonInuyashaFrom what I heard from the source readers, there was more to Origami’s hearing that gave a bigger introduction to Westcott…

      FWIW, that much I can verify from memory and probably the same goes for Kurumi (can’t recall for sure). To the best of my recollection, I’d say at least 1/2 was anime only material for EP 01.

      Yep, scheduled for a 10 episode, 1-cour run.

    1. @MasterDragonKnight: Doesn’t your last sentence contain a spoiler? Read the LNs through volume 08 (bit behind on DAL), so doesn’t affect me, but might for some non-LN readers.

  4. I have to say, Yoshino sure is knowledgeable about a lot of adult things. I mean if you remember the first season it was her “hand puppet” that was talking about banging two sister at the same time. And we ALL know that Hand puppet is just an extension of Yoshino herself.

    I think I might like her subtle commentary the best.

    Other then that Tohka is as crazy as always and Oragami has no weak points when it comes to Shido. I wonder if Marshall is really a wizard or just a title like if there is magic in this world.

  5. @Stilts: “The one downside of this approach is that, like I mentioned in my post about the first episode of Love Live 2, it can leave you with an episode that feels like a waste of time. I was getting that feeling towards the end, but they saved it with some timely foreshadowing.”

    IMO, the foreshadowing, while a nice touch, didn’t keep me from considering EP 01 mostly a waste of time – something Date a Live Season 2 cannot afford to do with a truncated, 10 episode 1-cour run. As you note, there were two ways to go here, and it struck me as very odd that a show like Mushishi which had almost a decade between seasons went with the second approach (and I have yet to read any complaints about that – even by those who didn’t watch season one), while Date a Live went with the first one despite a much, much shorter lag between seasons combined with a shortened second season.

    Like Stilts, I’m in this for the girls/comedy so there is some leeway on the “plot” (maybe less so for the “PLOT” :P), but there still should be some effort towards a plot in general. The unexpected anime only material and (IMO) sub-par start has me a little concerned here. Yes, only the first episode, etc., etc., but considering that a similar show (e.g. one in which I was in it primarily for the girls + comedy) had, shall we say, a less than stellar second season *cough* Infinite Stratos 2 *cough*, the old adage “once bitten, twice shy” comes to mind.

    No plans to drop at this point. I’m just going to mentally dismiss EP 01 and look forward to EP 02 since the Yamai Tempest arc is one of my favorites for the series. I hope the anime can follow through with the adaptation.

    P.S: A happy Tohka is quite kawaii while a snarky Origami is hilarious.

    1. Yeah, I really hope they don’t go the IS 2 route (extremely little focus on plot and majority on pointless harem antics) or Maken-Ki! 2 route (series of what may as well have been OVA episodes that had nothing to do with plot at all)

      1. @HalfDemonInuyasha: I think next episode will be dispositive as to how this goes. If they pick up the LN material, and stick to it (outside of required cuts), then I think it’s safe to say no Maken-Ki S2 (dropped that after 2 3/4 episodes). Probably avoids IS S2 issues as well. If they keep deviating and substituting anime only material, then all bets are off as far as I’m concerned.

    2. Like noted elsewhere, I think this is largely an off-shoot of planning to do three LN volumes with three episodes for each, which meant they sort of had an extra episode. We’ll see for sure next episode, though.

    1. Yes, but Origami is also the type of girl to tell all of her rivals for Shidou that they’re lovers every chance she got. There would be no “secret” relationship between them.

  6. Can’t wait for the twins to bring more plot the story….i was getting a little annoyed at the end of this episode. Classic Shido being very reactive to the unfortuante chain of events as opposed to being a proactive spirit lover. haha.

    I had a very good guess that DAL would open up the second series in this manner but near the end i was thinking to myself, “there’s got to be a limit……” As soon as the soap opera turned on, i literally paused, took a deep breath and just kept going. Watching Tohka freak out felt over done but i did enjoy DAL bringing us back to the moment where Shido’s life changed for the better or worse back in the first season: the kiss with Tohka. After they got this episode out of the way, I’m hoping there will be puns a plenty and more Yoshino.

    I’m also very excited to see how Tohka deals with the twins. Not to mention how Shido seals the deal with them 😉 Maybe both at once? or seperately? all i know is that i’m excited for the next episode.

  7. I came for Kurumi and I got Kurumi, all of her <3.

    No but seriously, I was shaking my head with that TV drama. I was yelling at the screen going "Oh god Tohka, that's not true!". The way it was played out fit too perfectly it was hilarious. Also adorable Yoshino, UGH I want to give her this big hug Dx.

    This is it, my anime I've been waiting almost a year for…IT'S HEEEEEEERRRRREEEEE!!!!!!!

    Jason Isenberg
  8. Only things I didn’t like in this episode were that the scene with Shido and Tohka in the park felt prolonged (someone mentioned in the comments that Origami’s hearing was shortened, we could’ve been given some of that) and how Shido is blamed for things that aren’t his fault (like him being scolded for Tohka’s freakout). The first one wasn’t that bad and the second one is much more worse in some series, so it’s okay though.

    More importantly, this episode introduced the old characters nicely, while hinting at new ones.
    And the jokes were funny, which I find an important part of this series. The setting is just too silly to not have comedy in it.
    I found the bread part extremely funny, it was such a good way to show how planning ahead in this series is useless 😀

      1. IS 2 was bad. Fillers everywhere and they didn’t go into the World Purge Arc even though they took bits of events from the same volume.

        Why can’t a studio just follow the fucking book?

  9. “and the discussion-with-herself by Tokisaki Kurumi”

    *sigh* This was the main problem I had with this episode, besides the lower-level animation. (which the next episode preview shows will be better)

    It’s poorly indicated, but Kurumi actually isn’t talking with herself. (she DOES say “Oh, it’s you” when she turns around) She’s talking with a certain character deeply centered in the DAL plot. This character is the one who told Kurumi about Shidou in the first place, and is also the one who turned Kotori into a Spirit. (the figure that we saw in the video footage that SHidou told Origami was someone else there in the fire five years earlier)

    This all would have been properly pointed out in this episode, had it been done like in the novels. In the novels, the character (who is only known as Phantom at the moment) actually has a conversation with Kurumi rather than just being a silent figure who we never even see like here in the anime. another mistake of doing this scene this way is that Phantom actually makes a comment that further hints at Kurumi’s true motives, but since he/she never talked here, the anime-only viewers never catch that either.

    On a side note, novel-chronology wise this scene should have happened at the end of episode 12 of season 1 instead of Kurumi just appearing to get some quick screentime before the end of the season.

  10. Missed this series a lot. Date A Live anime is back! Really Origami’s straightforwardness never ceases to amaze me. Just wondering if the season 1 OVA is just a what-if story or just happened within season 1. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. “So, Random Government official A, what have you done for World Peace?”
      “We’ve banned Yatogami Tohka from watching soap opera”
      “You get my vote”

      Something like that?

  11. this is completely unrelated in any way but don’t have anywhere better to ask.

    suddenly i felt reminiscent and remembered Divine, what ever happened after he left? i remember being excited to read his blog week after week in the past, not saying i don’t enjoy the blogs nowadays, they’re great to read. but it’s just hard to wrap my head around how Divine just disappeared completely.

    1. He’s managing the site AFAIK and being in contact with Stilts and the team, although it’s sad that we never hear of him. Well, at least he’s still around and maybe someone will be able to make him blog Gundam Unicorn ep. 7 or something. 😉

    2. Divine is still around, keeping the servers going and occasionally berating us when we do something stupid. (Mostly me…apparently “No Pants Fridays” weren’t an acceptable suggestion.) He’s mostly just hyper-busy at work (which is why he had to stop in the first place), so not much time for the animus.

    1. Thank you 😀

      For the confused:

      Bonus points: everything Itsuka Kotori (Taketatsu Ayana) says or does. My little sister can’t be this competent!

      Not especially clever or anything. One laugh is probably more than I deserved. I’ll take it! XD

  12. I really enjoyed the first season, but this was an all around disappointing episode with already seen plot and very lackluster animation for a first episode. There’s a lot of fixing to do for the bluray release.

  13. So here I am opening a bunch of RC pages to post my comments on the show.

    This isn’t a throwaway episode: Parts of it are from the novel itself. The studio retardedly decided to add filler to extend that part to ease newbies into the story. I suddenly got IS2 vibes.

    So I think I’ll give this a 3 episode rule. If it continues giving off IS 2 vibes I’ll drop this because I know that this no-name studio will definitely and ultimately fuck up.

    1. I’m not getting IS2 vibes yet. Like others commenters said, it’s mainly a matter of them having 10 episodes for 3 LNs worth of material, and at their usual 3 episodes per LN pace, that means they sort of had an extra episode. I would have rather them launched in and added in a silly OVA-esque episode somewhere in the middle, but I’m not ready to start calling it the next IS2 yet. We’ll find out about that next episode, mostly.

    2. Date A Live has been true to the comedy (and dating sim?)label so far…
      *Maybe a bit of the horror genre coming from Kurumi as well.
      The best bet you can have is to not set your expectations too high..

      One thing I can imply though, I’ve read the LNs so far, and if they stay faithful to it, the battles in this season of DAL 2 should be more interesting than whatever IS2 had to offer..
      More hints? Try remembering what’s been shown/foreshadowed in this first episode alone compared to the first season.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  14. The reason why I love Date A Live isnt simply for its interesting story about Spirits and how the MC has to date them and make them fall in love with him in order to save them. The reason one can love this series is because of the amazing personality each character has:

    1. Shido – maybe a typical harem main but unlike most of them he is among the few or rare harem leads that actually get to make the girls fall in love with him intentionally, lives together with them and gets to keep them all in love with him (unlike most harem leads that simply is too dense and the girls just fall in love with him for w/e reason). Also he gets to actually kiss the girls at least once (apart from Keima in TWGOK, Negi in Negima, Minato from Sekirei, Tora from ToraKiss, I dont know who else has.)

    2. Tohka – a genki girl, a jealous girl, an idiotic girl, a gluttonous girl and downright cute and lovable character, seriously what’s not to like about her.

    3. Yoshino – has to be the epitome of cuteness and moeness, has to be THE cutest girl in the series and perhaps I dare say even in any harem animes. It’s just hard not to like her.

    4. Origami – proactive girl, stalker girl, obsessive and has a tragic past, she has all the ingredients to be a yandere yet is actually a kuudere? or a cool type of girl who seemingly acts emotionless with a stoic face but is actually quite perverted for the guy she loves, heck I could never forget that moment in season where she says she sniffs the guy’s gym shorts lol. I always laugh at her interactions with Shido and Tohka.

    5. Kotori – the typical cute sister who loves her dear brother so much, yet the catch is that she’s actually bipolar and has another side that is sadistic (especially in her spirit form) and looks down on her brother, perhaps she’s just being tsundere and cant admit her feelings for her brother but did slip out once that she’s glad they are not blood related cuz then they can marry.

    6. Kurumi – the sexy, provocative and alluring, yandere that is Kurumi, seemingly acts nice on the outside and likes Shido, but so much to the extent that she wants to eat the guy, literally!

    It’s the characters for me, their personality, their skills and traits, character developments, and most of all their relationships and interactions are what makes a harem series amazing.


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