OP2 Sequence

Episode 2

「雨の公女」 (Ame no Kimijo)
“Princess of Rain”

Now that’s how you get out of a cage.

Watching Soraseka fills me with a sort of nostalgia; not just for anime, but for that genre of shoujo manga you don’t find much of these days. I feel like a child again, discovering those old-fashioned stories and epics we now consider classics or obsolete, and I get a real sense of joy when I’m watching this adaptation. Despite the fact that it’s not my favorite of the new season, it’s still the only series to get me to rewatch an episode so far.

That being said, now that we’re finally in manga territory, I feel more at ease with how this series is taking off. It’s always a bit unnerving to see a story that you like being adapted, but by the same token, it’s good to see that adaptation does not necessarily equal decay. In fact, there’s a lot that Pierrot is doing for Soreseka, especially in the world building and characterization departments. Essentially the same happens in this episode as in the first chapter of the manga, but there’s somewhat more life in it all when it’s animated. We see more of the world as a whole, and we learn from the characters’ various expressions. There’s a bit more nuance to the faction politics than in the manga, and even just seeing a bit of the servants in the palace gives the episode more color, so to speak. Livius and Nike are faithfully adapted, but even so, their relationship feels so nice on screen, whether serious or otherwise.

In fact, the one thing I didn’t like too much was Nike’s song; not because it was bad but because I suppose I expected something more mystical and, well, magical. People don’t normally get goosebumps from listening to a pop song (at least not in my experience), and it just doesn’t seem like it could summon something like the rain. That’s not to say it wasn’t nice (well, the Engrish not so much), just out of place. Other than that, everything else was quite good. Livius borders on trope sometimes, as the bratty but competent king, but his relationship with Nike is always lovely to watch progress. Nike’s rain can only be summoned once she’s developed a link with the one who wishes it summoned, and that she can save Livius’ life at the end only goes to show that something has sparked, if only the tiniest and possibly fraternal spark. It’s rather ironic that it’s Nike who shows Livius “that the world is still beautiful” rather than the other way around, but it’s certainly fitting nonetheless.

I don’t think Soreseka is the kind of anime that could make a big mark in this day and age, but it definitely has a charm that has all but essentially gone extinct in the last decade. It’s for that reason, and also because it’s rather damn good in it’s own right, that I’d like to see it succeed. I’m happy to say that so far, it’s doing very well.




  1. Honestly, if I was the king, I would have already made sure that Nike was mine for all eternity. While Nike isn’t the prettiest anime character ever, but she’s a very likable person with a lot of spunk and heart. She’s one of those anime characters that if you actually met in real life that you would love them just as much as you see them on screen. I love people like her, and that’s partly why I’m really enjoying this show. Her personality just skyrockets her appeal to me.

    For example, a lot of guys like tsundere characters, but if you met a cute tsundere in real life, would you actually like being around them? I don’t know if I would have the patience for someone like that. A girl like Nike though would be up alley because of how good she seems with people even if she has violent tendencies and is a little bit of tomboy. This point probably already got across to you guys, but man, Nike is freaking awesome.

    1. I know what you mean. Nike is definitely the kind of personality I find myself liking a lot in anime/manga girls. I guess, in ways, she’s a bit of a tomboy, you know?

      As for tsunderes, it would really depend on HOW MUCH of a tsundere the girl was. If it was a “light” tsundere, like someone who simply kept their feelings hidden behind a mask of indifference and all while letting it slip occasionally, I wouldn’t mind that.

      However, if it were “extreme” tsundere like Louise (Zero no Tsukaima) or others that tend to react quite violently to some of the littlest things, yeah, forget it. Good for comedy in anime/manga (if it’s meant to be comedic anyway), bad for real life.

      1. I didn’t think about a very light tsundere, but yeah, a girl who was a little bit tsundere would be adorable in real life. A major one would turn me off automatically in real life. Though, I don’t know how I would react if I met a girl like Senjougahara in real life. I love her, but I don’t know if I’d stick around for the long-haul with how… eccentric she is towards a lot of things.

      2. Well,you know how this works. The tsun and dere need to be well-balanced to make a likeable tsundere,or maybe even better,have her dere side surpass the tsun.

        And yea,Nike’s just awesome. I’d probably watch this show for her alone,even if it was weak in other departments(which it’s not).

  2. Good all round episode, not outstanding but also not bad. At this point it’s safe to say Utsukushii is Outbreak Company without the otaku nerd and multiverse travelling.

    Without question the princess steals the show; total tomboy without any of the ridiculousness often associated with other characters following the archetype, makes for some soft and nice humour in her verbal bouts with the prince.

    Only real nitpick for me is the prince. By the looks of things he currently is only cold and heartless because of [insert tragic event that happened in the past] to him (needless to say a very common trope). Not to mention we are being told he conquered the majority of the world in the span of 3 years; even with magic involved it’s hard (at least for me) to suspend my disbelief to that large a degree. Diversifying his back story would have gone a long way to separating Utsukushii from the rest of the pack.

    1. Not gonna spoil anything regarding to the prince but this is a shoujo. The male love interest will develop the most of any character. If this is shounen the reverse is true; the main female love interest will be the most developed. It’s like romance 101. So just wait, there’s more to his character. 😉

      And Ty kairi for blogging this series. Not many series have this positive atmosphere without ecchi, slapstick humor, or moe baits. I think that alone makes this stand above the rest in this season.

  3. Either my suspension of disbelief is too long, or I don’t really find anything wrong about the king(yes, not a prince) conquering most of the world and ruling it despite his age. I blame my rusty memory of history lessons for not being able to remember names for this, but I knew it happened in real-world history.

    That being said, his relationship dynamics with Nike will be the star attraction for me in this show. I don’t see this much older woman-little boy pairings outside Otoyomegatari(for understandable reasons), and I’ll be keeping tabs of this soleley for that.

    1. And also, I don’t know how will people take this, but according to the Japanese wiki, Livi’s official age is 11. (Future chapters will actually get to discuss his age.) The manga’s scanlators, and possibly the anime screenwriters, cranked up his age to 15 probably to keep people from being grossed out.

      While it is understandable that this will turn people off, the most I could say that if the screenwriters stayed faithful to the source material, it won’t have any creepy shota fetishizing as these people would fear(like that ED, GOD).

      1. I know I’m glad for that. I’d hoped there’d be just a small age difference between them(Nike seems like 18+ while Livius about 14) but oh well,I won’t make a case out of it.

    2. He’s 11!? well that explains a lot…while watching the show I couldn’t help but think he’s hella short for a 15 yo character plus Nike’s reaction to seeing him for the 1st time in ep 1 makes better sense. I figure her character couldn’t be more then 18 so her intal reaction to him (who I thought was 15yo) seemed a bit over the top to me.

      This new info makes me a tad more uncomfortable with ending granted I don’t like the OP or ED enough to watch them each ep anyway.

  4. I really liked the song, despite it being a J-pop song. Still, it was very nice.

    Nice to see more of Nike x Livi, hope their relationship develops further in the upcoming episodes.

  5. Likin’ the series so far.
    I do think that the rain song could have left more to our imagination than
    it did, and it did feel a little out of place given the setting.

    Nike’s character has a strong appeal (to us guys) because her strength is
    expressed in a very feminine and protective way towards those she (is beginning to)
    cares about. Thought she drew the short straw being bested by her sisters
    to arrive here, she is the absolute master of her fate, and not the other way around —
    who wouldn’t want such an endearing companion?

    Hopefully, the series will continue to play and develop these strengths.

  6. Somehow this show feels like A Certain Pilot’s Love Song. I don’t mean the characters, or the setting. I meant the show as a whole. It has this limited adventure, SOL, fantasy feel too it. It’s not quite anything, yet it isn’t lacking.

  7. I’ll have to agree with Kairi that the form of the song just didn’t do it for me. I was expecting a more melodic song and especially no English inserts.

    I’m a big fan of the manga, so maybe I a just stuck on that. I just came across really cheesy to what should have been a more ‘mystical’ song.

  8. WHO CARES he’s still a kid, as log as he’s character is BADASS. If you’re still arguing whether age is a matter when it comes to LOVE then, you are the one whose IMMATURE. All hail Livi x Nike, let’s sail the ship!!

  9. It’s rather faithfully following the manga at the moment.
    No harem, no crazy out of place fanservice, romance with a pair which have great chemistry, strong leads, fantasy, mystical powers and adventure…totally loving it! 😀

  10. Really liking the show so far. I’m definitely becoming a big nike fan. Just such a interesting character.

    Also i totally agree about the song being kinda outta place. I enjoyed the song but i too was expecting something more epic or magical. Especially something that would fit her deep serious chanting she does to summon the wind cutters, you almost expect something like “elvish” (something like ar tonelico ost or Yuki Kajiura made up gibberish) or atleast a foreign latin song or something.

  11. Also speaking of the actual song used, it reminds me old final fantasy ballads or games like lunar in the 90’s. the show definitely gives off that classic nostalgic feeling of older shows and works. I didn’t mind the engrish because it gave off a more sweet cheesy 90’s JRPG anime vibe then annoying.

  12. This anime needs to be more about humor (which i actually find quite funny) because i really can’t get into where this show is headed right now. As is the obvious we are going to through the whole scenario where the heroine ends up changing the tragic villain for the better by the time things are all said and done. That’s great. There is nothing wrong with simple concepts. But when you deliver the story in a SIMPLE and not to mention CHEESY way that’s when i just start tuning out. There is nothing remotely interesting about the exchanges between Nike and the shota king. It’s pretty much the simple cliche “I see no value in anything” dialogue from the king and Nike is in layman’s terms refuting with “Na…..Nah uh! Look at this!”.

    They couldn’t reduce this setup to a more mundane level if they tried. Maybe some interesting dialogue was skipped for the sake of time but this is definitely a step down from the opening episode. And judging from the next episode our shota king is going back to his “I’m a meany” ways. Honestly if the king wasn’t such a cardboard cutout character this show would be on the top of my list this season for sure. His motivation so far doesn’t even make much sense. His mother died so he wants to take over the world so he can fill the void? Give me a break………
    Yes i realize this will be elaborated later most likely but it still made my eyes roll a bit.

    Also can can someone please tell me what exactly is bad about what the shota king is doing? From what I’ve seen he isn’t being a tyrant or an abusive dictator. He is popular with many of the citizens and has given them everything they need even without rain. I don’t get why the show is painting him as some tragic villains when he hasn’t even done anything evil as far as i’m concerned. It’s hard to feel bad for him when there is NOTHING to feel bad about. Just because he has a bleak outlook on life doesn’t make him a bad person. When you’ve been in a leadership position like that for a while your bound to feel that way at some point in your life. I mean you aren’t going to conquer/unite the world by being nice all the time. In fact I’m convinced that it’s literally impossible. People will always be selfish, people will always kill etc. If this anime is perpetuating the silly naive notion that you can rule the world with kindness without giving us some thought provoking dialogue I’ll probably end up becoming even more detached.

    I really don’t know if this is supposed to be a love story or if she’s just going to go through the “The world isn’t so bad!” route that will eventually make him kind again but so far it has only lead to exponentially cheesy dialogue.

      1. He isn’t the main villain or anything yes but the show continually tries to paint him as a bad guy with some of his actions when aside from a couple things we’ve seen aren’t even bad. It’s simply not very convincing.

  13. For others, the song may not have done it for them…

    It did for me. It made the episode. Not enough shows fully incorporate music in them to enhance the multimedia experience. I had my issues with certain other shows in the past but the music enforcing the mood in certain scenes will totally have me re-watching them over and over.
    And I truly got chills when they did her song. It was so suited to what was going on. I don’t know whether you like J-pop or engrish but I loved the song because it was suited to the issue at hand.

    1. Well said. It is the one moment that seals the epic feeling that the show hints it has. I really don’t find the song out of place at all. The melody chosen totally fits the scene. Someone mentioned King and I. The sequence feels more like something from a musical which when done right can be epic.

  14. Just watched it.

    I don’t think the song stands out TOO badly. I had assumed it was simply a pop song that played underneath the action and that no characters would hear it….. only to watch the ep and discover it’s actually the rain spell itself, and that Nike is SINGING it! – ___ – So….. yeeeeah NOW I see how it can grate on all your nerves. I do think that rather than including a more traditional chant for this time period, they went with a song aimed at the target demographic, which I do not mind. The scene still managed to move me and sent a chill up my spine!!! XD … as that the same singer as the one who sung the ED?

  15. I liked the contents of this episode, but I felt it was rushed, and could of been split into two episodes. The king and Nike had some interesting interactions, and all of a sudden, she gets shot by a failed assassination attempt. Then she’s escorted out, and then the castle goes on fire. It just seemed way too fast for me to savor everything the episode was trying to convey. However, Nike proved herself to be an awesome protagonist, and I do see a lot of potential in her relationship dynamics with the king.

    1. I know a lot of people had been complaining about this being “rushed”, but honestly speaking, I thought its pacing was okay. I’m actually glad that they got to the heart of the matter instead of just dragging it out for unnecessary drama. Or maybe I’ve been watching too much shows that do this.

  16. I cringed during the Rain song. I’m not very good with badly sung english. I also cringed when rain somehow put out a fire inside a building. And despite all this, I still teared up during that scene. Guess I’m a sucker for panning airborne camera angles and seeing a protagonist’s hardened shell crack.

    1. Sigh, rain doesn’t always fall exactly perpendicular to the ground … wind makes rain fall at an angle .. so it could easily go through the window … what Nike summoned felt more like a small storm rather than just rain.

  17. The song actually probably works better for some japanese just because of the fact that its in a different language and therefore sufficiently “different.”

    That said, I like nike. I especially like how the outright say shes not supposed to be a super attractive girl, and how she just blindly charges ahead at every moment. You are supposed to like her for who she is and nothing more. I have to admit im curious how Nike got back to town and climbed that tower so fast, though.

  18. “Watching Soraseka fills me with a sort of nostalgia; not just for anime, but for that genre of shoujo manga you don’t find much of these days.” > yes totally agree. I went to read the manga instantly I watched the second episode of Soreseka


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