「関白宣言」 (Kanpaku Sengen)
“The Chief Advisor’s Declaration”

Learning how to live and work together is one of the difficulties of marriage.

Getting used to marriage is tricky enough when it’s by love and consent, so it must be even more so for those in arranged marriages. Nike and Livi are not unhappy with one another, but it’s also true that they didn’t marry for love in the first place. For them, it’s a case of getting to know and understand one another while in the bond of marriage, and while they’re willing to try to make it work, that can be difficult. It doesn’t make it any easier with the age difference (Livi is twelve and Nike fifteen), though in older times it really wasn’t a big deal to have child marriages and ridiculous age differences. Three hears hardly counts as outlandinsh (my own parents have a thirteen year age difference and my grandparents a 10 year difference), but when you’re young, three years seems a whole lot longer than it does for an adult.

Livi is still a child, not even a teenager just yet but getting close, while Nike is in her mid-teens and grew up in a frugal and less extravagant setting. They’re also both stubborn and hot-headed, and while they definitely care for one another, they aren’t sure where the lines in their relationship lie emotionally yet. However, in some ways that’s a good thing. Nike refuses to be protected one-sidedly like a traditional wife, and Livi tries hard to overcome his age with his power and personality; but while they do tend to fight (and childishly), they each want to do something for the other. They want to be understood and recognized and loved for who they are, and in turn understand and protect the other. That, however, is a process, and it’s only overcome with time.

If that was all there was to it, it wouldn’t be as harsh. Livi has enemies and by extension Nike does as well. They may not be assassins this time, but the fact that Nike is poor and seemingly uncultured rubs some nobles the wrong way, especially so when some among them want to get rid of Livi. That’s why Nike’s presentation party is important (gotta love the line about “it’s his fault for being seduced”), even if Nike is reluctant to use her singing for “entertainment.” In acknowledging that helping Livi means having to deal with PR and all kinds of publicity, Nike moves a little closer to his world and towards protecting him in her own way, just as Livi comes to understand through Nike that the world truly is still beautiful despite all the strife. It’s a good place to start in an arranged marriage, and an even better place for a caring relationship. Let’s just not forget we’re still dealing with a mischievous (and spoiled to some extent) twelve year old boy and a headstrong fifteen year old girl.




  1. “but when you’re young, three years seems a whole lot longer than it does for an adult.”
    That’s because three years is a lot longer for someone young.
    For Livi, who’s 12, someone who is 3 years older has lived 25% longer than he has.
    Compare that to someone who’s 30, when 3 years is just 10% longer.

  2. I’m kind of interested in this show, especially after having read a little bit ahead in the manga. It’s a classic opposites attract situation, though in some ways Livi and Nike are quite similar. But is it known how many episodes or cours this anime will be? Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I agree about the song and I cringe a little every time I hear it. Also, whenever she summons the rain she also mysteriously summons an unseen band as an accompaniment.

      I’m a bit fan the manga and like the anime so this sounds very nitpicky (and it truly is) but the song dampens my enjoyment of the show considerably. The Engrish is just painful.

    2. I liked the song and the slight change in the lyrics to match the situation. It wasn’t targeted at anyone other than Livi anyway so it was appropriate IMO. Doesn’t hurt that I like it as an actual song too 😛

  3. This is just a thought, but coming from and growing up with cultures where arranged marriages are not exactly abnormal, people have told me and said that, “You guys marry the one you love, but we learn to love the one we marry.” What do you guys think of this statement and how it relates to Nike since it wasn’t exactly her choice to marry the Sun King?

    1. Honestly, if you spend enough time with someone you’ll probably end up learning to love them. Not romantically, perhaps, but as family, and that’s not bad at all.

      Not sure how this really relates to Nike and Livius, though. This is fiction we’re talking about. Anything can happen as long as it seems plausible and thought-out.

    2. I don’t see anything positive about arranged marriages. You are forced to marry someone you don’t know and your feelings don’t matter. I hate something like that.
      You either fall in love and everything is ok or you don’t fall in love and it sucks. Can be that your partner is nice and everything is ok, or your partner turns out to be an asshole and the marriage becomes hell.

      If you choose your partner for yourself, the chance that he/she turns out to be an asshole is still there, but it is then your own business. You were not forced to marry someone you don’t know or don’t like. It’s your own responsibility.

      Now to Nike and her situation.
      If she can fall in Love with Livi, and I’m sure they both will, everything is alright.

    3. If it succeeds (arranged marriages, that is) then it may lead to a fulfilling family. I don’t remember where I read it, but there have been studies on ‘love’ and the period and demographics before couples divorce. From what I remember, love dies away after marriage after some time and that it is replaced with other concerns like family. It also mentioned that the love is less about passion but more about understanding. If there is an understanding, couples would last longer but the magnitude of ‘love’ would surely be less than couples that passionately love each other but then fall apart as spectacularly.

    1. oh em gee really! I was thinking that one of the reasons I love this anime is the fact that it brings some old wind from Scrapped Princess, +1 for your comment because I feel the same!

  4. I have said this on several forums and many disagree and reject what I am saying here, but I’d like to say them here anyway.

    I’m a bit ambivalent on how they treated the whole child nudity scene. People have been reasoning to me about it being not what it seems and that Nike is fifteen and a child herself, but I and a good number of other viewers are not convinced that she’s not at least two years older(perhaps the character designs are to blame), and that’s why I can’t help but get a wee bit of skeeve/creep vibes over Livius’s show of prepubescent sexuality. I dunno, people have been also putting up the “but other shows had it worse!” card, but this is a show that has so far tried to reach out to a broader audience, so it just came completely out of left field for me.

    On the other hand, I’m also loving how they’re developing the two leads. I’m actually relieved and amused that Livius DOES act his age from time to time, and not have him act like a miniature adult 24/7. And that Nike-hime is NO pushover and not treated like a butt-monkey. The show could be about anything, as long as we have these two interacting on screen.

    1. Until I found out their ages I assumed Nike was around 18-20 and Livius 13-14(or maybe more child-looking 15 year old). It’s not the 3 year age gap that I’d mind but I would’ve preferred if both of them were older like say,16-17 and 19-20. But I’ve been trying to get used to it though…I don’t want to let it take away too much from my enjoyment of the show. Especially since I barely watch any shoujo anime(not that I haven’t tried to) and this is one of the few I actually like.

      1. Same here. This is one of the rare anime with a strong and likeable female lead, and character dynamics that I haven’t seen since Hataraku Maou-sama(I miss that show). I guess I can overlook the age issue, since the story itself is worth it, from what I heard.

      1. The issue here is not the numerical age, but the way the characters look. I wouldn’t have a problem with the age difference if one was not drawn to look grossly young, and the other conspicuously older-looking. I mean, she towers over him. So no, the “girls age faster” argument won’t cut it for me.

    2. Culture thing. Showing little boys naked is viewed as cute, not creepy. Hence why shows like beelzebub will outright draw little dicks on baby boys but won’t do the same for girls.

  5. The personalities are different, but Nike’s and Levi’s appearances remind me somewhat of Sonsaku Hakufu and Shuuyu Koukin from Ikki Tousen (who are some sort of pair as well)…

  6. The ages of the characters do bother me a bit too, but I’ve gotten used to it already. Would be better if maybe the main characters were just a bit older, maybe 2 years? But I really like the manga/anime regardless.
    Still not used to the rain song here, I guess I’m still expecting it to sound more serene, but as someone said before above, I think the way they included the song in this episode was quite nice.
    About arranged marriages, I think it could work out well, but it depends on both parties willingness to get along with each other. I believe love can be nurtured. Personally I would not like an arranged marriage, because where I come from people don’t do that anymore, and me and my partner would probably be thinking of what could have been if we weren’t in this marriage, rather than accept it and get along. In places where this is still common, I guess people’s view on it might be different too, and I don’t think it’s wrong.
    That said, watching this ep beside my mother felt weird, and I didn’t dare to make it full screen, I tried explaining briefly what they show is about in an attempt to not have her think of me as some person who likes smaller boys =x

  7. The problem with Livius and Nike is that even if they are not that far apart in age they way they look gives a much different impression. In many shots Livius hardly even looks 11 while Nike looks very much like she could be between 18-20. It makes me think that they wanted to make a child/grown women love story but messed with the ages so it wouldn’t be as creepy and pedophileish.

    I’ve always hated it when shows try to dance around the issue like that. Sorry but it doesn’t matter if you say a character is 500 years old that doesn’t mean showing fifty nude shots of them is any less sickening at least to me.

    1. Thank you. This is basically what I’m trying to get across.

      The age difference wouldn’t be an issue for me if the two leads were drawn and designed to look and sound like they’re roughly the same age range, or if one of the involved parties was not drawn and designed to be grossly young. But I’m afraid these are the main issues that will stick out to me like a sore thumb in an otherwise perfectly enjoyable show.

      But bear in mind that this isn’t enough for me to drop the show, though. I’m still interested to see what happens, after what I’ve heard of the manga.

    1. I read your comment before I watched the episode, so I was curious to see what you were talking about… Damn, you’re right. It was such a simple moment, but it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

      1. You are right. They are not married yet. There is entire two arcs based on approvals from both sides.
        I read the manga, but just can’t get into the anime yet. Gonna give it a few more episodes. Nike’s voice really annoys me for some reason.

        I don’t get the age difference haters. Fanboy/girl favorite SAO had an age difference, and no one complained about that. And got the setting, age differences in arranged royal marriages are not uncommon. Nike was just so freaked out because of how much Livi has done in like two years. He is basically has conquered half the “world” and is only 12.

  8. I would have love this anime 100% if not for the recurring insert song. I like the song but I don’t like it every time Nike’s making rain. It just doesn’t fit. I hope they’ll shift to another song soon (and a fitting one for that matter).

    Pickled Cucumber
      1. Oooooh! I agree to that! A pop song would definitely have a good kick for that anime!

        Are you talking about the English part of the song? Well, you’re not alone. It does bother me since the mixture of the words ‘rain’ and ‘tender’ does not have a good note to it. But I like the song and the arrangements as a whole. Just that part is well, weird-sounding.

        Pickled Cucumber
  9. Hi KAIRI,

    I was wondering, will you ever get a chance to add Hitsugi no Chaika to random curiosity? I really like the anime. Im just very surprised that it has not been on here yet.

  10. I’m going out on a limb to say that this show has everything I would expect of a shoujo show – headstrong girl, handsome guy with an unexpected personality, nasty people badmouthing others etc.

    But I like it. 🙂

    The humor was a drawing point, but at some point I got engaged with the narrative and monologues that showed the characters’ inner thoughts. The fact that the whole show still seems light-hearted thus far is also a plus, with character interactions fun to watch.

    Gonna be following this more closely now.


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